Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Pink Chicken

I'm prefacing this post by stating the fact.
I am 'unwell'.
That's what my female relatives called it when they were 'menstrual'.

So I've been thinkin' and thinkin'.
And then.

Last night I penned
 'Twas the night before me menses and all through me brain - the thoughts they be racin' like a crazy steam train."

I want to talk to you today about something I've begun.
It started with a trickle, and now it's become a mighty force to be reckoned with.

I call it -
Self Imposed Poverty.

Now, before y'all start sending donations to my cause - please rest assured that I have plenty to eat, my bills are paid and I'm warm at times here in this drafty old barn of a house.

Let me explain.

For those new readers that may not know - I lost my job in Sept. of 2009.
Then - Glen's hours were cut almost in half.

It was ok.  We had the house and all other bills paid off.
It was discussed among Glenco and I that I wouldn't go back to work unless it was an absolute neccesity.  We were really enjoying the quality of life we had with me here at home. (translation - nice meals, clean house, clean underwear and a happy wife)
Then - due to some seen and unforeseen circumstances - we had to take out a small home equity loan.

I 'thought' I'd done everything to cut the budget.
I thought I was being all pious and frugal.
I thought.

And then the other night I had this dream, this dream so vivid and real that it's stuck with me still.  I was swimmng in an ocean, and the current was so strong, that I could barely make headway.  I kept ending up at the wrong destination.  I felt exhausted.

Last night, as I was lying awake in bed - thinking about that stinkin' dream - I realize what the current was.
It was the way of life that most of us lead.
Things that have become normal.
The way we spend our money.
The debt we incur.
The comfort level we've been accustomed to.
The things we think we need, or deserve.
Our addictions.

I feel quite compelled to fight the current.
I feel quite compelled to be a 'pink chicken' in a world of yellow ones.

Why do I feel this way, you ask?

Cause as of Feb 9th my Directv is no more (date my contract is up)
I'm cancelling my home phone tomorrow - only because I can't cancel my cellphone until June.
I turn down the thermostat to 60 at night and 65 during the day.
(in this old brick house - you have no idea how cold that feels - although cause I'm active during the day, I'm fine - and I realize I sleep better at 60!)
I have no credit cards.
I budget $50 a week for groceries.
I leave the house twice a week for errands to save on gas.
I cancelled the trash pick up (three months without it - don't miss it - email for more info if you are wondering how I do it)
I renewed no magazine subscriptions this year.
I make my own laundry soap.
I don't eat out.

As of Monday this week - I've decided to stop thrifting until my debt is paid.
I've decided no more yarn until my debt is paid.
If it's not ESSENTIAL to life itself, it shant be purchased.
Until the debt is paid.
Now, last week, I truly believed that thrifting and yarn purchases were indeed essential!
But this is the big one.
Drum roll please.

I'm cancelling my internet service this weekend.

Can we have a moment of silence please?

Thank you.

I'll go to the library once a week for the afternoon and blog - and answer emails.
$40 a month savings.

I know.  It seems so piddly, doesn't it?
It's just $40.
But $40 x 6 months is $240, and that's 4.6% of my debt.

This isn't forever.  It's just for about six months.
That's my best calculations of how long it will take to get completely debt free again.
Then I shall enter the land of milk and honey, and have the internet again, and I'll go on a fabulous tropical vacation.

My friends - if you've experienced the feeling of owing no one anything - you will understand it when I say - there is no other way to live.

I'm sick of spending money needlessly and letting that debt just drag on.
I want it ended, and I want it ended now.
Oh, I could say - Jayme, Jayme - don't be so hardcore!  Keep your internet and your phones and your tv, just pay off your debt in a year or so.
But I want to be a pink chicken.

I have romantic visions of me driving to the library with my laptop in a cute quilted cover, with my lunch packed.
Those romantic visions are often tempered with visions of  me in the corner, sucking my thumb rocking back and forth with my eyes and fingers twitching, trying to form aluminum foil into a wi fi receptor.

Call me crazy - but it's so Dave Ramsey hardcore crazy that I love it!

As I close this blog today, I realize how important you've all become to me - and how much I value your opinion, and even thought I don't want to admit it - I worry some about what you think.

I hope you'll support me in my journey to financial freedom, and perhaps some of you will join me.
I'll be posting regularly about my progress.
It ain't easy being pink.

6:00pm CST update - y'all are the best!  Never fear - my plan was to prepare blogs at home - and then at the library, schedule them to post - a few a week - you ain't gettin' rid of me that easy!!
THANK YOU!  I feel empowered and encouraged.


  1. We haven't had the feeling of "owing no one anything," but we have eliminated all debt aside from a mortgage. It makes you feel much wealthier to be debt free. I respect and admire you for being able to live simply... it's a very freeing feeling!

  2. Love it... but hey... you may ask a friendly neighbor for their wifi code key in exchange for some chicken eggs... just sayin. That'd save ya gas... I know an ahem... Bumble person who exchanges brew for

  3. Oh wow, to have your courage. I am going to let my hubs read this, and we just may have to do the Dave Ramsey with you. It is God's way, you know. What blessings will come. You have inspired me more than you know.
    I'm just glad you have the Library.
    Becky C

  4. I really admire you, the pink chicken! I know from experience it's hard work to be debt free but such a wonderful goal while you're young enough to enjoy it!

    Until we purchased the "peach palace" we too were debt free. No car payments, home mortgage, credit cards, etc. We put our daughter through 4 years of university and our son through 2 years of jr college all with CASH.

    We're only 46 and 47 so even with the new debt on our "peach palace" investment we are in a better place than most. We plan to pay that debt off in the next 3-5 years. My husband wants to quit the computer/IT world that he's worked in for 27 years and become a full time farmer? builder? lawn mower?

    It feels good, even if you have to make a few sacrifices along the way!


  5. Jayme, you are just awesome and honestly--I need to figure out how to be a pink chicken--at least a peachy colored one. I think about all the things you are doing and then talk myself out of it and why I shouldn’t do it but woman--you are doing it and I am impressed. I would say financial freedom, ability to stay at home and enjoy your life is worth every minute of television but it’s just pulling the plug. I can’t wait to hear how you do on your journey. My very best to you lady!!

  6. Oh yes! It is SO exhilirating! We only owe on our house. It feels great and am behind you! So, DO you do the trash thing when trash has been canceled?
    Marianne N.

  7. I think you are wise to do whatever it takes to become debt free! Who knows when the next 'unforeseen circumstances' will happen so if you are debt free, you won't worry as much! My hubby and I owe nothing exept our monthly bills for taxes utilities etc and we have money in the bank and it feels great.We are not rich but we don't owe and that is the best feeling ever!! I commend you!

  8. Jayme,
    Will you please post your "recipe" for laundry soap?

  9. You Rock Girl Friend!
    Your the Bomb, Your the Glitzy Pink Chicken!!!
    and I'm with Taking Heart, Barter!
    I'm a dog groomer and run a small business out of my home. I barter with as many clients as are willing.. I get Beef, Sentsy Candles, Eggs and some antiques, Barn Wood ect....
    Anything to save a buck and have some luxuries too! I do how ever understand the pull to be debt free. We are close, just the mortgage left! Whoot Whoot!
    I'll support you, I'll keep watchin' for your post!

  10. I completely admire you for this! I will be praying for God to fill your days with much pleasure, and the time will fly by quickly.

  11. There's an analogy I use at times like this.

    I'm either busy saving money or busy making money.

    Have you thought to growing your blog and opening it up to sponsors? Creating an Etsy Store and selling stuff? Writing and photographing for gardening mags? Cranking out recipes and being the next Pioneer Woman?

    While the internet appears to be an expense now, it has the potential to turn into a paying career in your passion of choice!

    Aside from that, I commend you on your decision. VERY much so. I just pray that you aren't also removing a passion that you immensely enjoy when there could be another way around it. That accounts for something too.

    If any of this info tweaks your interest, I suggest to look into the BlogHer advertising campaign. It's a widget that sits on your blog face. And yes, payment is involved. What's expected from you in return? Blogging interesting content at least twice a week.

    I've blogged about BlogHer here:


  12. Oh my you are wiser than most. One thing at a time here. I cannot give up everything at once and I am on a diet for the next 3 months. If that does not go well I may have to go on a shopping spree!

  13. Well, you know I support you girl. We're digging ourselves out slowly, and can't wait to be debt free.

    Does this mean I get more phone calls from you? Since I won't be able to wait a whole week to 'chat' with you.

    And pink suits ya. :)

  14. Welcome aboard! (Umm you were 99% there already...)

    You'll be surprised how easy it will be. Sometimes I get a wee bit frustrated at my budget limitations...then I remember that I'm the one that is choosing to not work, to not have debt and to enjoy life without needing to consume.

    Being pink is the new black...or yellow, or green.

  15. WHAT!???

    OK, I support you.
    OK, I understand.

    No seriously Jayme, I do understand. Being debt free in this day and age is a blessing, and almost unheard of.

    But of course now you will be getting cards and letters from the Farmlet instead of Posts and FB notes!

    How quaint...

  16. crap I love this blog! I support you, sort of........LOL

  17. Hi Jayme,

    Oh girl, we are so there. We are doing Dave Ramsey this year. I'm sick of living in financial bondage. As I have gone through my closets and drawers this past week and thrown stuff out or donated to Goodwill, I realized what a terrible steward I've been of what God's given me. I salute you wholeheartedly!


  18. I think what you're doing is fantastic. Hubby and I are trying to stick to a budget and cut back b/c we are borrowing from his retirement for invitro. We've prayed and prayed and feel like this is what we're supposed to do right now. God's been opening some doors to make things possible, but we're having to take a big leap of faith that he's going to be with us throughout. Good Luck with your debt free quest. I'll be following along.

  19. Did you know that a lot of appliance use just as much electricity turned off as they do on? I had a friend who would unplug everything unessential and saw her electric bills go down dramatically. She got tired of unplugging and just switched them off at the circuit box each night and back on in the morning. :)

  20. A suggestion (?) for saving on the heating bill. I noticed out here in Cornville....people using hay around their homes, I'm assuming to block the wind? Not loose hay or bales...but like big squares of hay. Basically blocking basement windows (I think). I don't know if you'd want to try that & it is late in the season for hay....but maybe along the backside of your home at least? Okay, I gotta google this.

  21. You are brave.
    I support you, although it made me swoon with dizziness when I read the No Internet part, but that was the greed in me floating to the top and getting all panicky that we wouldn't get to read your blog anymore. Once a week is better than nothin'.
    We've done lots of those thing here (no magazines. low thermostat. $100 on groceries but we have 2 teenagers) but not the cable/internet thing.
    You are an inspiration!!! I have complete faith that this is all gonna be AMAZING.

  22. Hooray for you...this takes serious guts...i wish i would have had this vision 5 years ago...wouldn't be where i am today...but it's never too late, right? blessings to you as you walk in obedience...and Dave would be so proud!

  23. Hi Jamye,
    I am in complete agreement with Donna. Your blog is very popular, and you should make money doing something you like doing! I wouldn't mind seeing a few ads as long as you are posting a few times a week! And I am still waiting to hear about your journey to being debt free.

  24. $50 a week for groceries???? Making your own LAUNDRY SOAP????? 60 degrees at night??? Woman, you are making me look really bad.

    You go girl. I just...ain't going with ya :-)

    I sure hope you'll keep us posted.

  25. Honey, I am unwell too and it is messy me up this month. So I completely understand.

    And it sounds like you have a great plan going. Please still check in when you can!

  26. Coop, I know how you are feeling. It is OK to feel that way...It is responsible. You are a strong girl. I have faith that you will be fine and the little things will make a big dif.
    BTW.....I love your chicken drawings..They make me laugh...
    No wonder they look like you are shaking when you do them though.....Your heat is down to 60 degrees.....gheeeesh....hehehe

  27. Wow! I am impressed and inspired! I will be here whether you post 8 times a day or 8 times a year...I am here! I can't wait to see how this goes! I am wishing you the absolute best!! ;)

  28. I love PINK chickens and Dave Ramsey.

  29. May you feel better than you deserve. Run from the Cheetah. You can do it! You will be a beautiful pink chicken.

  30. jaimie i so understand! I will miss you not posting as often! I have been thinking about your cute chicken pics you need to come up with some cute way to market those into a franchise item! It could be a gold mine!Think about it! It's not that crazy! Hugs Traci

  31. Dave Ramsey strikes again! Well, you go with your pink self! :)

  32. Jayme,
    I wish I could be supportive here, but the truth is, I am selfish! I hated your blogging absence and just don't know if I can do the one week thing! Okay, I am being honest here, but I have a solution. If you will print your address, all of us will mail you $1 each month. I KNOW this will work. Would I pay $1 each month for your genius? Oh, yes, I would. And, I know others would, too! I seriously hope that others read this!!! Come on and post that address - PLEEEEEEZZZZ!

  33. As much as I will miss go girl! I'll be right here waiting on you when your debt is paid off!

  34. Maybe you'll start a pink chicken movement. I'm like you Jayme, no debt is good debt. The only debt I have now is a mortgage and a very cheap student loan. Many years ago I was in debt, not too big, but enough to know that I was never going to be in debt again. And I haven't. Your blogger following will miss your more frequent posts, but hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. We'll be here, supporting you and admiring you, which we do already anyway. So we'll just wait until your flush. We're not going anywhere.

  35. You Go Girl!!!! I mean... You Go Pink Chick! Freedom is just 4 months away!

    Now, time to look at my own budget again...

  36. I really admire you for doing this. I have done SOME of what you list, but not nearly as much as what I could do. It may come to that if my part-time job gives out like I think its going to. I have always turned the thermostat down to 62 at night (how my dad raised me) and you DO sleep better. You are so fortunate not to have credit cards. I have 4 with healthy balances on 3 of them. I'm working very hard to get them paid off. Good Luck and God Bless. You may be able to get some free wireless near a coffee shop. I don't have wireless so I don't know how it works.

  37. We are pink chickens.... only a mortgage and that's it. Better to be pink now than a sad blue chicken later.

    Good luck!!


  38. Go you! I'm a Dave Ramey fan too, so I get it. I look forward to your weekly posts. And I bet you won't go back to everything you're letting go of.

    Tiffany Clarke
    in Quad Cities, IL

  39. Jayme- I think more of you now than I ever have. It is hard to fight the ghosts of "what will people think" is much easier to go with the flow (ah..there's that dreaded word-sorry it just popped out) and put off paying until tomorrow what you can use today. I have been in your shoes..kinda...and it is NOT easy...and it will NOT be an easy transition..and you may not want to do it for as long as you think you are going to. You need to give yourself permission to NOT live that way if it is too hard on your soul...and then not feel guilty for setting a goal that may not be obtainable.

    That being said, I think you are made of pretty strong stuff...and you may fool even yourself with how much inner strength you have.

    Go for it- give it all you've got and see where life in the finacially free world can take you. We are all just an email away to support and cheer you on! Hugs- Your WI friend-Diana

  40. me and ask what my profession is.

  41. I rarely comment but I faithfully read your posts. I commend you for stepping out on faith and doing the right thing regardless of what anyone else says!

    Please, please please update us during your library visits as your resolution is SO inspiring! You never know just how many lives will be bettered for following suit...

    Many Blessings,

  42. Wow. If that doesn't inspire, I don't know what does. I wish you simple luxuries never imagined during the next six months ... and I wish myself your courage and stamina! This post is funny timing ... long story short, there is a nearby neighbor family that is struggling ... we can't even imagine. My sister and I gathered up boxes of food today, items for the children and a few simple things for the parents. And it hit me: we have soooo much and don't even realize it. So much that we take for granted. When we think we're struggling, we're not. We're safe and warm and well-cared for; so many are not. Lessons being learned all over today. Thanks for inspiring others to be better people! God bless you!

  43. Hi Jayme,
    You look good in pink! <3

  44. You are a true hero to us all! Conquer that debt girl! Please give us all your tips along the way, we are all hungry to follow in your footsteps!

  45. I love pink! I know you will succeed at this like you do everything else you tackle. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. law.

  46. I will miss your posts, but look forward to the library ones...very interesting vibs at the library. I like my library all kinds of people who look so interesting are on the internet there..but no Pink Chicks.. Wishing you the best, K in Park City, UT

  47. Hey Jayme! This is Jennifer (Captain's Wife - Jennifer) I was too lazy to log in. :) Anyway, I totally get this post. We got debt free with Dave Ramsey and the mere thought of incurring ANY debt makes my nauseaous. In fact, we are planning to save up even more this year because even though we have no debt, we did pay cash and splurge on things last year - carpet, furniture, a new bed, a TV, a car for my daughter - and now that my hubby is laid off for the winter as usual, we are nipping in the emergency fund and I am not happy with how low is getting! Was all that stuff worth the nervousness I feel now? Probably not! We'll be fine and it isn't THAT low...seems that having a fat emergency fund really does put my mind at ease. Kudos to you to kick that debt to the curb and to be willing to make sacrafices to get there! That is the only way to do it!!! :)

  48. You are amazing! I have thought about doing the same sort of thing, but my husband was a no go on the whole idea. We only owe on our house anbd car(which will be paid off soon) so he doesnt see the need to live so frugally. I am trying to be better about spending willy nilly. I have decided to give myself an allowance to spend on thrifting and misc wants, and when that is gone, I have no more. I'm making plans to start an etsy store, so I can profit from my thrifting habit. I know you will succeed with flying colors and you'll have so much to share with all of us. You go girl!

  49. Oh, you be keepin' secrets, springing this on me! I got to the Internets part and my eyes sprung wider'n saucers! NOOOOOOOO!

    OK, fine. I support you.

    And you KNOW how I feel about all of this! Yes, you're pink and I'm just kinda peachy, but I agree with all that you've said. There be no better feeling.

    We have lived w/o trash pick up ever since we lived here. It'll make for a funny story, one day...


  50. Well how 'bout you? I was waitin' for you to say you were going to swim to Africa or something crazy like that! Ha! how do I get a hold of you? I think I have your cell number upstairs, but before you loose your internet connection, email it to me, K?

    And btw...if you want to stop in when you come my way to do your shopping, you know you're welcome! You can even do your blog posts from my house and we'll both get a bonus from your visit!

    love ya galpal...all pink and all!

  51. I kinda sorts totally think you are awesome Jayme! You are one fearless chick! I admire what you are doing very much. But the yarn? I don't know about that part!

    I will be sure and bundle up for my visit. That is 3 whole degrees colder than I'm used to! ;)

  52. pink is one of my favorite colors-just sayin. Check out my last blog post...oh my pinkness. I think we are on the same wave link with pink chicks:) Pink chicks are cheap <3

  53. YAY! For you being so brave and doing the right thing! Worry about what we might think?? Why I admire you and I love Dave Ramsey!! He has an awesome program that has basically allowed my daughters to be Stay at Home Moms!

    Will look forward to your weekly posts!!!

  54. I get it girl. Yous gotta do what yous gotta do. I just got internet about a year ago! I am cutting back to. Giving instead of receiving... oh yeah! xoxo
    PS We have a wood boiler and heat the shop/house with wood.The woodstove and smoke stay outside. Great b/c it is 74 in my big ol' farmhouse. Bring your flipflops when you come visit!!

  55. Sounds like a great plan to me!
    We dropped our Dtv also.
    Enjoy your free time and trips to the library.
    Love your art work, Jayme!

  56. Fantastic. I wish I was so brave.

    Looking forward to blogs from the library.


  57. I love it! I too, have had one of these come-to-Jesus moments in just the last few months! You can do it, and you have 100% support and admiration from me. You go girl, and praise Jesus for Ramsey.

  58. Will this recession ever end? It took a toll on our family too, it took away a 14 year business from one family member, it stole a house from another, and it has changed lives forever for many. The Pink Chickens of the world don't give up, they don't lay down and say "Poor Me!" They cut back, they scrimp and they figure it out. I'm not surprised you are a pink Chicken Jayme, I've known others like you who weren't afraid to do without to make change for the better. Yesterday one of the great one's passed on, Don Tyson. He guided our company through many rough waters and he will be missed for his strength and his vision. Along the way he made many friends and helped with encouraging words. It's the Pink Fowl of the world that make life so good for all of the rest of us. Love you sweetie!

  59. Have you thought about sending this post to Dave as an encouraging advertisment??? You should - he'd get a real kick out of it... some pink Chicken love.

    Jayme. This is awesome. And... I've been/we've been right there, with you. It takes being like this to make a difference ... a real sense of empowering difference.

    Live like no one else, so later you can live like no one else.

    I loved this post. I may have to bookmark it to "encourage" others in my circle who facing similiar challenges. That is, if you don't mind?

  60. Pink is the new green! Being debt free has been our saving grace...and probably why we are the only builders left standing in this part of Arizona...We do still have our internet and I justify it by selling on e-bay...sometimes just enough to pay the bill and sometimes to pay all the utilities! You might think about could do thrifting and internet and still be good! I think we are the only people left that has never had a cell phone or cable TV!..what you never had you never miss! You can do ANYTHING for six months...that I know for sure!

  61. debt free too! jan

  62. Your post really struck a cord with me today. Our daughter goes off to college in one year and we have been looking at ways to cut cost (is it me or is everyting, and I mean EVERYTHING, ridiculously expensive!) We are getting ready to say good bye to our phone. - bye-bye AT&T! Anyway, so admire your commitment and look forward to hearing about your tips for handling the changes. Thanks for your inspiration!

  63. I wish I had your courage. We have too much debt and it worries me. But I am too chicken to deal with it. Who is this Dave Ramsey? Gonna have to google him up.

  64. power to the pink!! good plan. look forward to hearing about the journey. inspiring also.

  65. We try to stay dept free, also. I do keep a small balance on my business credit card, but that's only because I use it so often that there is always something in the temporary authorizations column that I can't pay because it hasn't hit. And - most of my labs require me to keep a credit card on file, so I have to keep that one going. My personal card rarrely gets used at all and when it does I pay it online before the statement comes. Debt is probably the one thing I'm afraid of.

    But - I have to have my phone line and internet for business purposes. I could easily do without the TV, but I don't think my husband could, so we're keeping it. And - we keep our house pretty cool, too. However, I have a heated mattress pad (dual controls) which keeps my bed warm on cold winter nights. It also prevents morning stiffness. Next winter.... when you're out of dept and have a little extra cash you should get one. Or - ask for it for Christmas!

  66. Hi Jayme. Love your blog and am a regular reader. I find you creative and funny, but may I be honest and say . . . this is hard . . . a bit impulsive at times? Are you sure this just isn't your hormones talking? Of course I applaud anyone working themselves out of debt, but do you have to be so extreme? Hopefully, there's no reconnect fee for that phone of yours!
    Best of luck. Mary

  67. Go Jayme (but stay, puleeze)! We're at 50 degrees some awful morns when I come down to stoke the woodstove. Usually we don't break 64! It's actually not bad at all tho w/electric mattress pads to prewarm the beds(we turn off once sleeping). I'm wearing my down coat as I type. (But thats also cause of my Reynaud's and I just came inside)... I get it all and applaud. But I'm so with Donna about your income off the net. Even from the library... You have so much talent. Don't hide it. I realize that emails will now be about impossible for you to keep up with but I'll try sending one more... With my phone number. I so want you to bring the Squirrel for a cooking class. Ching ching! Really!
    Stay snug,

  68. hi jayme,

    greaaat pink chicken post! greaat! i am doing much the same thing as you are since i'm not working. i soo love not working outside the home that i am willing to give up most anything to be able to stay home. i am constantly editing what i think i "need" and finding that less is soo, soo much more! it is a greaat feeling to live with less! sometimes i can feel sorry for myself when i know i can't buy something i really want, but thanx to my short attention span my pity party passes and i'm excited again about my frugality! i gave up my cell phone for a tracphone ($48/month) and now sponsor a young boy in uganda thru compassion ($38/month.) life changing is what that was!!! one of the best things i've ever ever done! happy day and happy 2011! it's gonna be a greaat year...

    love ya,


  69. I've been avoiding Damn Ramsey for too long. The pink chicken has inspired me to at least hear him out.

    Looking forward to weekly posts from the local library. If yours is anything like mine - this could get very interesting! I was hit on by a George Jones look-a-like not too long ago. Complete with a thick gold chain and unbottoned shirt down to his navel, exposing all of his gray chest hairs. Ohhhhhh....I can't WAIT for the stories!


  70. This post has planted a seed, time will tell what sprouts from that seed. It just needs a little water and sunshine.

  71. Hi Jayme -
    Finally had time to read a few blogs since I started my 'part time job'. I start at noon, work till 5pm, rush home and that 40 minute drive can last me over an hour some evenings! I was unemployed (economy) for 2 years, and this job was the only one I could get, despite years of experience. I enjoyed staying home, but have been constantly worried about bills, etc, because unemployment assistance ran out in November 2010 for me. I'm still not making enough, plus I spend a lot for the daily drive to a job that pays less than I really need to make! I admire you for the team effort you and your hubby are making, the "pink Chicken" act you're pulling off, and I wish you success! I wish my hubby could give up a few luxuries. We don't have a paid off mortgage - we have even a 2nd mortgage - but no credit cards, no car payments. Just the normal stuff like car ins., house, utilities, trash, and electric. Heating the house with wood and corn helps save on the LP gas bill, for sure! Maybe hubby will want to try it the pink chicken way sometime - I'll have to talk to him about it! **hugs**

  72. Oh Jayme, I have so much I could say about this....but I'll spare ya. I've been called "cheap" by family members for not having all the latest and greatest. I'm the Bumble lady who barters! Thanks TH. I think what you are doing is great. But I do want to say this, I have found out that since I've bartered, I spend way too much time on my computer. There, I've said it. I would love to go on about how I'm not cleaning as much, or how I just have a pathway in my basment from thrift shopping, but I'll stop here, I promise!

    Cindy Bee

  73. When DH and I first moved to the west coast we owed no one anything for the first time in our marriage. Best. Feeling. EVER. We even got to write a cheque to buy the car we needed. It was exhilarating! Loved it! We've also recently cancelled cable - I'm loving the new lifestyle... and will likely write about it soon. I just find we have so much more time to do better things - craft, write, home projects, play games, etc... Loving it. Life is good.

  74. Jayme! I love being pink, although at times it is hard for this not so reformed people pleaser. We too are doing Dave Ramsey and when people ask why I make my detergent, wash cloth diapers, don't have cable or only have one car I try to contain myself so that I don't scare them off! It is the best thing and it has started a revolution in my own heart about simplicity, time to "soak" things in and enjoy. It scares me how much of what you post resonates deep within me, but it's nice to know there are other "pink chickens' out there in all different shades of pink.

  75. I'm there, too! We've eliminated the cable, cut the cell phone bill down by 40%, got rid of the land line and I'm staying home more and lowering fuel expenses. I absolutely ADMIRE you for what you are doing. ACTION!!! So many sit back and feel sorry for themselves. I look around and see a nice warm home (even with thermostat lowered) and plenty of yarn (stashed from better times) and what more could I want?
    We must look at the positive and not the negative. You are pink but there's a few out here that are pink, too!
    Marilyn in NM

  76. Yes, to pink!! We too took the plunge to be debt free and it is wonder FULL! No newspapers, no cable or whatever T.V., we heated forever with wood, etc. etc. I too make my own laundry soap, bird suet, vanilla, and anything else I can think of. I love to crochet, and am going to teach myself to knit. Life is good and God is even better when we take the time to stretch ourselves. It really begins to be fun. You have inspired me and I am now baking more bread and even grinding my own wheat. Keep up the good work and we will all celebrate with you.

  77. I can’t wait to hear how you do on your journey. My very best to you lady!!
    Rental Dumpsters

  78. I love you for this! My husband and I started on this journey about 7 months ago. (We were about 9 months into our marriage and I had just found out about one MORE of his credit cards)
    We went to a minister in our church that is also a financial advisor and he helped us set up a budget. Everything except our car is paid off (and that almost is) It's so exciting! No TV, more creativity! No home phone, less voicemails to keep up with! Homemade bread and desserts are so much yummier and healthier anyways! It's been a blessing to our marriage! And I admire you for starting this journey too!

  79. And one more thing! I want to know how you make your laundry soap! I make carpet cleaner and glass cleaner and I want to learn how to make so much more!


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