Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm Baaaaaacccckkkkk......

photo from a Google search
Happy New Year!
A big thank you for not forgetting me whilst I took my blogging break.
Nay, you forgot me not - and I even added a few followers.
Thank you.

I have to warn you.
I'm back with a bit of a vengeance.
I feel so full that I'm only assuming that I have a month's worth of drivel that needs spewing, and spewing quick.  I feel that my body is about ready to burst at the seams with good things like hope, joy, contentment, peace and maybe a bit too much cream cheese.

But that's neither here nor there.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am that this New Year has actually BEGUN.

Please know that the Christmas decorations are safely stowed in the attic, and have been since Dec. 27th.  I had big hopes for December - and I have to tell you - for the most part they were dashed.  I had visions of cozy chair time, reading, watching the tinsel glisten in the tree lights, with Christmas music playing in the background.  I experienced it here and there - but most of the month was spent in a bit of frenzy, in my flannel nightgown, hair askew, finishing my Christmas gifts and signing for semi-truck load deliveries of cream cheese.  At least that's what it felt like.

In spite of myself - I did have a most wonderful holiday.
I gave up worry in December - and there's no looking back.  I'll share that journey with you soon.
I watched 'Cranford', and 'Return to Cranford'.
I'm in love with Judy Dench, and would really appreciate it if you called me Dame Jaym from here on out.
I learned to make mittens.
We had chicken carnage - I'll spare you the details for now.
I've hopelessly neglected my emails.
I started drawing silly chickens drawings like this:

I have so many ideas floating in my head I can't sleep.

As I type this I'm sitting at my loom, ready to weave a rug for the new year, all the while my heart is ripe with the realization that we are all beginning a new weaving of our own - the year 2011.

Ladies and Gentlemen - start your looms.


  1. Happy return to blogging Jayme! You have been sorely missed. Your attitude is contagious. I feeling it too!

  2. Yay, she's back!
    One question. If we don't have a loom, can we start our ovens? Because I have made every single recipe you have posted and they've all been hits. I'm hoping you'll be sharing equal time between your loom and your oven.
    Commence the 2011 drivel.....I can't wait!

  3. Looking forward to seeing all your creations from the loom and the oven!! Happy New Year.

  4. Welcome back Dame Jaym!

    Many Blessings,

  5. YEA for the loom!! Go get it girl!! See you when I come out from under this pile!! ;)

  6. Happy New Year! I'm a big Cranford movie fan as to read the books!

  7. Dame wouldn't ever be the same without ya! Let's get this partay started!!!

  8. Dame Jayme, It just wasn't right when you were away. Glad you're back and can't wait to hear all your news!

  9. I'm so with you on the cream cheese overload! But ain't it delish! Your mention of chicken carnage has me worried!

  10. Yeah Jayme is back! I had way too much cream cheese also,and chocolate and creamy cheesy potatoes and more. I have started pitching as much as I can and giving anything out to anyone without a weight problem to consume. I have made a pact with the husband. Going to work on weight loss between now and April 1st, hoping for 20 pounds. He is suppose to try and quit smoking yet again. Happy New Year Jayme!

  11. Welcome back! Missed you. HAppy New Year!~

  12. I'm so glad you're back! I've missed you and your "drivel"...
    Hopefully 2011 will be a great year for all of us, your positive attitude is definitely contagious!
    I can't wait to see the rug you're making, you gotta show us pictures of you working on your loom.
    So sorry about the chicken carnage. :-(
    Happy new year to you and yours!!

  13. Hey Dame Jaym - Glad you're back. But I've just sold my loom!!! I bought a table top a few months ago and decided I'd never do it, so I sold it (snap) just like that! Oh well....I'm busy just now putting my Christmas decorations away today anyway. I usually have it done before now, but I was slow getting things out this year so I enjoyed them a little longer. I'm tired of putting time deadlines on myself!

    Happy New Year

  14. I'm laughing cuz I just stuffed (and that is the right word) the last four homemade carmels in mouth and called it the official end to sugar overload. I am in love with the possibilities that this year holds, too. My thought for the year is to discover ME! Not the me everyone wants or sees but the me of my dreams. Happy, Happy New Year friend. Many blessings (and thanks for listening to my endless whining). little blogging break didn't necessarily make me more productive, so I, too am back with a vengeance. Just have to remember one little word...BALANCE. :)

  15. Hello, friend! I've missed you :)
    Can't wait to read all that we've missed ... and I'm in love with the fact that you're in love with Judy Dench. My favorite movie of all time ... Pride & Prejudice (the version with Keira Knightley & Judy Dench). Cranford ... have only seen bits and pieces. I'm adding it to Netflix.
    Happy New Year!!

  16. Dearest Dame Jaym,
    Blogland has truly been a bore since you left us in December. We're quite excited that you will be back in civilized society for the rest of the "social season". While there are no balls or galas scheduled at the moment, we do have some wonderful readings planned at various blog estates that will generate stimulating discussions among the blogging "class". We are so sorry to hear about the terrible upset in the chicken coop, but hopefully all has been righted and peace now prevails. I certainly hope you have not been the victim of cows falling in lye pits or cats devouring rare and costly antique lace as some have been known to experience over in Cranford Village. Such a sad state of affairs in their community!
    We anxiously await your next post!
    Dame Amy

  17. So glad you're back Jayme ...I mean Dame Jaym!

    Now I can give up the worry that you will decide you don't NEED to blog and we would be forced to live without your drivel. Oh what a relief!

    Happy New Year and all your chicken chillies!

    : )

  18. oh Dame Jaym so glad you are back you have been missed. I thought I was the only one who had to attend cream cheese meetings for a while, didn't know it was possible to over dose on cream cheese but I am thinkin you can. I have had so many carbs tonight on the way home from Va. (junkin another overdose thing)I had to stop right then and there and get some lettuce I needed something green besides mint chip ice cream. I am hopeless. nancy settel

  19. It's a good thing you took a break, I'd never have got everything done if I'd been lolly-gagging up at the Coop! My trees are all still up, but we did get the outside stuff stowed away this week. I give myself permission to enjoy the sparkly lights for as long as I want! Tomorrow's the day though, it all goes back to the attic! Missed your shennanigans, let loose and tell us all the dirt!

  20. I was JUST thinking about you this morning and thought "ENOUGH OF THIS BLOGGING BREAK!!!" I need some Jayme Drivel and I need it now!!!!!! :)

  21. I'm feeling the same way...but sheesh girl you know how to spin a post. :)

    And you know how you feel about avacados? I feel like that about cream cheese, so envisioning a truckload of it made me want to....well, do the same thing you want to do when approached with the green flesh of avacados.

    Just sayin.

  22. WOW--is all I can say!!
    and people don't leave you comments--I think they write you books!!!!
    Happy New Year--
    Hugs, di and miss gracie

  23. You have been missed, gal! Love that you are back...and let me tell you- there is nothing like a loon at a loom...speaking of myself, of course! Hugs- Diana

  24. Whew! You wore me out!

    I'll try to recoup and absorb some of your energy. I don't have a loom but I'm more than ready to fire up my spinning wheel and knitting needles!

    Welcome to 2011, Dame Jame!

  25. Yay! And I love the silly chicken drawing! Missed ya, ma'am!

  26. I feel like the world is back in balance. It's just been a bit off kilter without you around, DJ.
    I've missed you!!!!
    I've seen Cranford, but not the return, so I must get on that. I agree, Dame Judy is pretty darn awesome.
    I'm looking forward to all the nuggets you've got for us in the new year, little missy!

  27. Isn't Cranford just wonderful?!! Me thinks I need to watch it again!

    Happy New Year Dame Jaym! : )


  28. So glad to see that you're back!!


  29. Welcome back you've been missed!

  30. Well said, my friend! Are those chickens of yours staying warm? If not, best move them in the house with you guys!

  31. Loom. Did you say LOOM? ohhhh. I can't wait to see what you produce. And MITTENS!!! You made mittens?! Show me!!! Socks next, right?


  32. Dame Aibie Mart: You be back with a vengeance. Loom and all.

    No more threats about walking away, please. Can't you see you're needed here?

  33. Welcome back. More drivel please! Sad to hear bout the carnage tho... I just kicked out my final holiday guests (they were lovely) and am ready now to de-Christmas. Maybe. After tomorrow spent NOT cleaning. in my jammies. Watching Waltons w/kiddos in my lap. Never really found enough of those times. Enough sugar tho!
    Weave on Dame Jaym!

  34. Oooh Nooo, Dame Jaym, not chicken carnage??

    No loom here, I'm starting camera. Yeah, that's it.

  35. You loom, too? I don't... but I love people who do.

    Welcome back. I like your chicken drawing, by the way.

  36. Welcome Back Jayme! Hope you enjoyed your time away! :)

  37. Well it's about time, Damn Jaym, err, I mean Dame Jaym. Looking forward to reading all your 2011 posts!

    Happy New Year!

    Your Friend,

  38. So glad you’re back. You’ve been missed greatly Dame Jayme. Love the chicken pic you drew and I am ready to start my loom with you (well not a real loom for me but my symbolic loom) :)
    Happy 2011!

  39. Welcome back Dame Jaym.
    So, what is on your list?

    Happy New Year Friend,

    White Spray Paint

  40. Blogland wasn't the same without you! Happy New Year!

  41. You're an artist, too?? Is there anything you can't do? I see greeting cards in your future. I hope the chicken carnage doesn't mean what I think it means.

  42. Dame Jaym, Just so glad to have you back. I've missed your humor, your wit, and your inspiration. I look forward to the unravelling of your stories.

  43. You have so many talents, Dame Jayme! I'm enjoying your illustrations tremendously! Have you ever read the blog HYPERBOLE? She uses illustrations rather than photographs for her adventures.

    Thanks for the movie recommendation. I love Dame Judy Dench and look forward to CRANFORD, et al.

    Welcome BAAAACK!

  44. Jayme!!! You're back! We missed you so while you were off living life off the blogging grid. I've decided that you're part mother hen and part pinball machine ... and I love every minute of it. Deeply sorry about the chickens, and the chicken doodle is the cutest.

    You make me smile.

  45. OHHHH... how I have missed you and your blogs!!! Please don't ever leave me again... December was so long w/o u!! You make my days brighter, I am new to your blog but have read every word you have wrote! We truly do have so much in common and I just adore you and Arron- I wish u 2 were my family!!!!
    Thanks for returning and I luv luv luv ur lil chicken doodle!
    I am still trying to figure out how to follow your blog- I finally got it on my yahoo- do u not facebook??

  46. Welcome back Jayme, I wish you could give us classes on how to use a loom I would love to learn. Looking forward to your exploits this year!. I am sorry about your chickens ,I had a massacre a couple of weeks ago a fox killed nine of my ten chooks, left me with one silky bantam. Happy New Year hugs Evelyn

  47. I just LOVE Cranford!!! It is my all time favorite PBS movie. We also check out "Monarch of the Glenn" (one n or 2?) at the library. It was a TV series on PBS. There are 7 seasons and the first 4 or 5 are the best, but love them all. Happy New Year and welcome back!


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