Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gloom, but Nary a Drop of Doom

Captured - the fleeting sun

Welcome to 'Thursdays with Jayme - the Early Edition'
I'm at the Central Library, here in good ole Merrillville, Indiana.
Meeting my friend Marilee here to discuss creative ideas.
Big snow storm coming, freezing rain, and all of that splendor, so I thought I might make my trip to town a bit earlier this week.

I've packed an Asian Chicken Salad - complete with placemats, plates, and chopsticks.  Marilee brought a Rustic Apple Pie.
We'll have a delightful lunch in the vending machine area. If the weather delivers what it's promised, we may need to ration it and sleep here for a day or two. 
I honestly can't think of anything I'd rather have happen - to get stuck at the library for a few days.
Well - ok - maybe a few things - but still - it would be a bit of a dream!
written Monday January 17th
I write this to you on Monday morning, about 9am.
I’m feeling a bit off. I don’t feel good, I don’t feel bad. I feel ‘eh’.
No motivation, no spark, no energy.
I can’t remember the last time the sun was shining in NW Indiana, and perhaps that has a bit to do with it. Even the chickens seem lethargic.
So last week I was all up in the house loving not having the internet.
This week – not so much.
I miss it.
I miss you.
I miss recipes, and Facebook, and Weather.com.
I miss Googling my obscure and various symptoms and diagnosing myself.
 I feel really isolated.
I’m no Thoreau after all.
I thrive on human interaction.
 No Internet and limited minutes on my cellphone?
 I’ve become one that holds up the grocery line talking to the cashier about the weather and her grandkids. Oh yeah, I’m that lady.
I’m jonesing for jibber jabber.
One week down. How many to go? Time will tell.
I’ve turned down a jewelry party, a Pampered Chef party, an invitation to breakfast, two lunches and one dinner.
I’m that much closer to freedom.
July 4th is my goal – and I’m hoping to make it sooner than that.
I might even get a part time job to hasten the process. I might be selling chicken note cards and biscotti, and my bike, and whatever else I can find around here! The day I become completely debt free, I’m going to the best BBQ place I can find and eating a slab of ribs.
 Then I’m turning the a/c on.
Then I’m planning a fall trip to Vermont.
 I’ve never been to Vermont, but I like the sounds of it, and I want to see New England in the fall.
I think it would be a fitting reward.
Good news on the dental front! It was just fillings my friends – just fillings.
I had such a gay ole time at the dentist that I’ve begun brushing my teeth with buttercream frosting and rinsing with Co-Cola. I adore my dentist and his staff, and I must say, the nitrous was extra special this time, and I hadn’t a care in the world. “Ohhhhh, he’s getting ready to put a big horse shot in my mouth.....ohhh, ok....ohhhh, he’s drilling a hole in my head now......that’s nice.”
 I’m pretty sure I called the dentist ‘Honey’.
You’ll also be happy to know that I’ve already made my six month check-up appointment, realizing that preventative dental work is more cost effective than emergency maintenance.
Nancy left me this comment....

As much as I can appreciate your commitment to frugal living, I do have one issue with it. The "poverty" name you've chosen. You live in a beautiful home, have a nice car, food aplenty and money. Self imposed or not I think it's a bit insulting to the poor people out there that really are living at or below the poverty line in this country. Just sayin'.....

and I must say, it did strike a chord within my soul, and I can see where there is a negative connotation stating ‘self imposed poverty’, and how it could offend those that are poverty striken by no choice of their own, and I apologize to any and all that may have offended.
 I don’t feel ‘poverty’ at all – I feel rich beyond measure that I’m able to stay home and pursue the things I love.
How is that poverty?
 I’m going to re-coin my ‘catch phrase’ and I’m not sure yet to what – but so far I have
‘volunteer simplicity’
 ‘choosing simplicity’
 ‘bi-polar impulses’
 Which do you think is the best?
I also wanted to add here that if I were still carrying a mortgage that was years from paying off, I wouldn’t be as hardcore as I am now. I doubt very much that I would have disconnected the internet. I am quite sure I would have axed the TV, cause I’m giving Directv $40 a month for a garbage package. It’s not worth it.
Knowing that I’m just a few months away from financial freedom, gave me the impetus to shed every weight that was prolonging my pain.  (That and being impulsive is like a huge symptom of Adult ADHD, seriously, just Google it) It’s temporary, and I can live with that. So – I suppose I’ve said all of this, to say to you – please don’t feel like I’m ADVOCATING that you should get rid of the Internet, ok?
 I am advocating that you spend less time on it.
That I will stand up and shout from the rooftops.
It's a time robber, and a sneaky one at that.
A minute here, an hour there, next thing you know your husband's home and you are still in your nightgown and the bed unmade - not that I would know anything about that personally.

You see, this Pink Chicken Revolution isn't just about being frugal with money.
It's about being frugal with your time, your attention, your affection, etc.
It's about spending your money, time, attention and affection in a way that is focused - maximizing your life's enjoyment.  Living life in a conscious manner.
There are all differents shades of pink my friends,
I just happen to be hot pink at the moment.

Thank you all - from the bottom of my heart for all of your fun, sweet, kind and challenging comments.
How I wish I could sit and talk with each of you face to face.
Remember to Think Pink this week!


  1. I absolutely adore your chickens and wish I could have some. Unfortunately I don't think my condo neighbors would appreciate that. Dang it!! As for the self Imposed, "poverty," line...Use it. I'm pretty tired of people being Politically Correct now a days. We all know what you mean and we also all know you aren't impoverished. So to everyone that complained about your choice of words, Get Over Yourselves! Thanks for the pictures and your drawings. They are FABULOUS!

  2. Jayme,

    You have wonderful and inspiring intentions. I am heading for one of those shades of pink you spoke about...

    When you sell your chicken art, please do let me know. I'd love some note cards (part of my own revolution - to begin sending out hand written notes).

    You are doing awesome!


  3. I hear that storm that's brewin may be a doozie. Planning for Hoosier Hunker Down Time... I only love snow at Christmas... and when I can be snowed in.

    Do your chickens act goofy before a storm? When I was a kid... ours would prowl around and whine... all mysterious... much like they acted when a tom cat was stalking them... and then with the first boom of thunder... off they'd scurry and squawk! Quite entertaining...

  4. Oh Jayme, you will so love Vermont in the fall and you may actually never want to come back. Well, that is until it starts to snow and doesn't stop for many months! lol I grew up in a small town in central NH. What a wonderful childhood I had in an 1800's farmhouse on 7 acres of land backing up to miles and miles of forest. My parents were very frugal: we heated with wood purchased from the logger who would off load the truck in our driveway where it awaited cutting, splitting and stacking. They never even had a credit card! Love your blog!

  5. I think Vermont in the fall sounds like the most delicious vacation imaginable!!!!!!!!!!! Can I ride in your suitcase?

  6. Please tell me that second picture with Miss Marilee is NOT at the library! Really? That's just a bit too cozy. You'll never turn the internet back on!!! Here in CA, with the budget cuts, we get the "bare bones" treatment at our library - in fact, it's only open 3 days a week now! Can you believe it? BUT, make no mistake about it, if the politicians will PROMISE not to spend more than what comes in and KEEP their promises, then I'll happily make that sacrifice.

  7. Bipolar for sure...lol. Just kidding. Loving it!!!

  8. I beg to differ with the comment that your poverty posts might be a bit insulting to those poor people out there who don't have food on the table or a house to call their own...just how would those poor people have the time or the computer to read such offending posts??? We've had to pinch our pennies many a time in 40 years and there was no internet, cell phone or cable involved. Just sayin'...

  9. Jayme,You are truly so fun!I wish you the best of luck on your living simply! I have to admire you for that. I still think you should start marketing your chicken drawings into cards. They are so darn cute! Traci

  10. I am thinking pink and have tried to adopt this philosophy a little too. I am not buying senseless stuff. I am saving for something better. I am not sure what yet, but still who needs more shoes?? Miss ya girl! Kiss the chickens for me!!

  11. I have been asking for a trip to Maine for a few years now. But Vermont might be just the ticket too. Glad your having a great day at the Library!

  12. Amen sister, amen!

    Many Pink Blessings,

  13. Ode to the Coop-girl! Is there any more fairer in the land? Great blog, once again.

    My report (I feel like I've adopted you as my mother, or maybe my warden, who knows...)...

    1. I made a menu for two weeks and then pulled out my coupons and my sales flyer made my grocery list. I bought my two weeks of groceries and but nary a thing extra in the buggy. Wooo Hoo! (Which I regretted later when I missed my Reeses Peanut Butter Cup- but oh well).

    2. I was doing a little checking and found out that I owned a small chunk of change from a company that I used to work for. They are sending me a check which we plan on paying down debt with!!

    3. I cut down my Facebook time by 2/3 and used the time today to organize meals for our church. One was already delivered and the recipient will be here after work to pick up their lovely dinner! (Which smells delish, by the way!).

    4. I took on a school-pick up for a friend for an extra $25 a week. I already go to the school to pick up my own child. Cha-ching!!!

    I hope to have plenty more next week!

    Stay warm my friend!

  14. You know I care for you deeply....very deeply. And you don't have to apologize for what you say...b/c it's your blog after all!! You have convictions and they are good...and you are doing what you are led to do...and I commend you for following your convictions!

    You know I care for you deeply! ;)

    And I miss you!


  15. We miss you too! I was relatively new to your blog when you pinked out. I miss you already. Come back to the dark side of frivolous internet spending, won't you? I need chicken advice pronto. Well not really but does it get you motivated? I want to know if you know about these norwegen or swedish or Nordic chickens that tolerate the cold really well and are really really pretty.. like white with black ruffled edges on their feathers. How cool!

  16. Well, I knew immediately WHAT you meant when it came to saying self-imposed poverty...I am so sick and tired of people weighing and measuring every word that comes out of one's mouth...some things are just said in the moment...just because. AND...deviating from the way you WERE living it is a TYPE of poverty for you. Sheeesh...okay..I am getting down off my soap box for my friend, Jayme now.

    Anyway, I have to tell you that I had a dream about YOU last night and there were a couple of other bloggers there and my brother-in-law...and by cracky, I am going to make a blog post of it because it was hysterical. WHY have you penetrated my inner sleep sanctum...that's what I want to know!

    So, keep watch..cuz I will give your blog a little plug too...I have to, ya know? lol

    Hugs- Hang in there..July 4th will roll around before you know it...and if it ends sooner all the better. Hugs, Chicken Girl- xxoo Diana

  17. I love you, your chickens, your pink theory and everything you write ... and I miss you but have the utmost respect for your decisions, bipolar or not. I do, however, have to say that you made my laugh out loud hysterical and my husband questions my sanity when I read to him what I found so funny: "I had such a gay ole time at the dentist that I’ve begun brushing my teeth with buttercream frosting and rinsing with Co-Cola."

    ROFL! That is just beautiful, decadent prose right there, my friend. Thank you for handing me joyful abandon on a platter!

  18. Jayme, hang in there-I am sure it is harder this week. The weather being gloomy and the blahs can make one want to take to the internet. That’s what I do and I spend too much time on it as you say. I love your lunch at the library. It looks like a fine restaurant. I wish I could come :(
    Stay warm friend, Amy

  19. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit...only 14 or so left for you....and you can do ANYTHING for six months...

  20. Jayme, Please don't change a thing you write. It's very refreshing to read your blogs. I'm so tired of having to watch every word we say for fear of offending someone. People need to grow up and get over themselves.

    Good luck with your new savings plan you've give me some very good ideas. I'm gonna go pink also, there is a ton of stuff I can cut back on.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog..

    In Washington.

  21. Jayme ~

    You are so fun!

    As far as your trip to Vermont in the fall ~ I offer another suggestion ~ coastal NH and Maine. I am in the seacoast area of NH and you really must pair the beautiful fall colors with the ocean.
    Two beautiful (pink) birds with one (sea-polished) stone :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  22. Love the bright pink background, Ms. Pink Chicken!! Oh so chic! Mmkay, will think pink... just NOT as pink as you! :-)
    <3 Shari

  23. Oh, to have held that chopstick in my hand, that salad in my mouth...

    I like the pink background.

    I like your reaction to Nancy's comment. (I'll bet it was my Mama...) Not.

    I like it all. And you're right about this fool thing being a time robber. Fo Shiz.

  24. Jayme, I for one love your honesty! I love reading your blog! I can just imagine you getting snowed in at the Library and loving it!!! :)

  25. I bet your dentist would be disappointed if you didn't call him honey. Did you give him a hug, too?
    So, you're having a little internet withdrawel? I wonder if that will get better with time? I'll tell you what, it's weird knowing you're not there. And then today, I feel like a friend stopped by the house, but I wasn't home. A friend I really wanted to see!

  26. When I am sick of thinking about my own life I think about somebody else's. This morning you popped into my mind and I thought to myself "she could get a part time job and get the debt paid off faster"...I even had a momentary wish that I was you. It was just a moment because I really love my life but I would REALLY love to be mortgage free. That is my goal. So I was very happy to see your early post when I got home and found out that you were contemplating job to make this all happen faster. I have been away from blog world for 8 months and you are the most reliable blog to make me think, make me feel that I am not alone and ALWAYS make me laugh. The moral of the story? I want you to have internet so I can have my fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. well now Miss Jayme how about what I refer to at work for this project instead of calling them the Polar Bear Express I refer to them as The Bipolar Express. This should do instead of poverty. Oh how we miss thee let me count the ways....nancy settel

  28. Hang in there Jayme! They say the cravings always ease after two weeks! ;-) We got the ice storm and I too loved it. All the critters snug, me walkin bout in my flannel jammies n two coats checking in on them... Comin in to soup on the stove... But stuck at the library would be heaven!
    Must say. I've found that almost anywhere besides at the Mac makes me happy. It's just so addictive for us readers/life long learners! It's amazing what I can actually *do*, locked up in my craft room.,, And the energy I get from it sure beats the bigger butt that I get from the Mac! ;-0
    Go Pink Chicken Go!

  29. Keep setting up shop like that at the library and you may have patrons standing in line to buy lunch!

    I'm thinking this self imposed poverty (yeah, I said it) would have been much easier on you in the summer when you are outside all day anyways.....but I do like your Independence Day goal.

    Anytime you need someone to google your symptoms for a diagnosis - I'm here. In fact, with all the cookies on my computer it might just go right to what you need without much effort on my part.

  30. I loved your comments. You're right. There are families out there that are living in the face of poverty by no choice of their own. Regardless, I love your self-imposed pinkdom. I only wish for more hot pink people in the world today. I would consider myself in the deep mauve state, myself. Hang in there. I'm sure there'll be some valleys and hills of getting use to no internet.

  31. i love reading you, because you speak honesty and wisdom and you still have me bustin' a gut with your humor.

    go on with your pink self! i love it all.

    ps i have the verysamebook! in your first picture! that one!

    pps take me with you to vermont.

  32. Wow! That is some library! Ours still loans video tapes! lol Jayme, I didn't mean to upset your followers with my comment. It's funny actually, referring to me as PC! I'm about the most un-politically correct person you could find! No filters on this girls mouth I'll tell ya. I just happen to feel there are SO many people in this country that have no choice and you and I do, (poor people do have access to the internet folks!)and there are such cute names to call it! You've come up with good ones! I've written in the past how you helped me through a difficult time when I lost my mom, even using part of what you said in her eulogy. I love you and your blogging and again, I'm sorry if I upset your other followers....

  33. Love that you are hanging in there and especially in the winter. I can't seem to do anything about our finances right now, but I am following your lead and not letting the internet rob as much of my time. Try to limit it, especially on the weekends. I find my self reading all about everyone else's sewing projects, while mine gather dust. No more of that! I gota grandbaby on the way and he needs a quilt! Love you, wish you lived in Texas with me.

  34. marytylermotorheadJanuary 19, 2011 at 4:43 PM

    Yes,,,,market the chicken cards.

  35. I'm cheering here. You go, girl!

  36. Thanks so much for your fabulous posts. I appreciate your desire for simple living. I love your little chicken drawings. They make me smile. You are a "hoot" Jayme and you bring a little bit of laughter and inspiration to my day. Keep it up! :)

  37. Boo on this snow storm today Jayme. I wish I was gathering my knitting right now in anticipation of visiting you.

    Love your pink simplicity. You really do inspire me. Today I am going to be creative and that is not going to include the computer.

  38. Hot pink background... MY EYES, MY EYES. MY EYES. It's like having an atomic bomb go off right in front of my eyes... LOL


  39. I would buy some Biscotti!

    The dentist part had me cracking up.

    And I love 'ol Benjamin over there...and the quote...gotta remember that!

  40. Anytime you all want to come up to the pristine state of Vermont, just let me know!!!
    I will give you the down home tour, complete with fresh maple syrup pancakes, kayaking in our crystal clear waters and some rather frenzied cow tipping at sunset....
    Love the map, but St Johnsbury is very distorted.
    Come visit the herd:

  41. I love love love your blog. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us...especially those of us who wish we could have one like it. :)

  42. I wanted to say or I wanted to get on my soap box and yell but NanaDiana said it for me. I am sick and tried of people taking what people say or post and ripping it apart. You are allowed to call it anything you wish, Keep it "Self Imposed Poverty", dang its your blog and you can .... grrrrr..... I am all for being sensitive to many situations, subjects, and people and not offending anyone but good grief, its not like you...... Oh... enough said.

    You will love Vermont, We were in Stowe several years back to see some snow. It was the first week in December and I wanted to have a horse drawn sleigh ride but no snow. The town folks said it was unusual not to have snow. It finally snowed the night before we were to leave that following morning. But, we enjoyed the week we were there. I was not prepared for the sun to start setting at 4:00 PM and be dark by 5:00 PM... That threw me out of sorts.

    Love your blog, I am reading page by page. Good Read...


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