Friday, January 7, 2011

The Richest Chicken in Town

It's come to my attention that some hormonal, radical Dave Ramsey fanatic has hacked into my blog, and talked about things like 'no eating out' and 'no internet'.
My apologies.
The same hacker showed up around here last winter talking about not buying Ziploc bags and paper towels.

Ahhhh - I'm sorry folks - I'm that hacker, and 'tis true, 'tis true.
Last night, after reading all of your comments for the umpteenth time, and the sweet emails that you sent to me - I went to bed with the image of George Bailey being toasted by his brother Harry as 'the richest man in town'.
Truly - that is how I felt.
Well, that and a bit twitchy thinking of not having the Internet.
One of my readers - Mary - thinks I'm being impulsive - and yes Mary - you are SO right, I'm being ridiculously impulsive.  I fight my 'impulsitivity' alllllll the time.

But, I can't help to think that I need to be right now.
Glenco and I are in complete agreement (even though I keep finding him turning up the furnace to 67)
We feel so excited that barring any emergencies, we could be completely debt free in a few months.

I feel that going to the library, one of my favorite places in the world - will help me to focus on the task at hand - answering emails, which I'm HORRIBLE at doing now - blogging - and then the rest of my time at home, will be spent on things here.  I still find myself horribly distracted by the computer during every waking moment.

I have a pile of unfinished projects, two dresser drawers of yarn, loom materials galore, a basement that I've been threatening to clean out for years, and a few friends that could really use an extra pair of hands for a while.
  The quilt I started 23 years ago will be finished!

 I'm quite loving the idea of Thursday morning, after dropping Aaron off at school (he spends Wednesday nights with me) I can hop over to the library, with my Curious George lunchbox packed - and get all my blogging (I'm planning on doing a few, and scheduling the posts so that they'll post throughout the week - see!  I haven't forsaken you!) 

TV - I shall not miss you.
We are keeping our Netflix account.
Is that cheating?
I have my queue loaded to the gills baby.
It's $9 a month, compared to the $40 I was paying Directv for a horrible selection of channels.
Even when we were debt free, I had a difficult time paying for television.
Am I the only one that can't find something to watch when I have 300 channels?
I truly think that we have 'too much' to choose from in life these days.

Home phone - I'm going to miss your unlimited local and long distance minutes.
I'll be limited to 1000 minutes a month, and for my blabbermouth - that's not much.
Law - I may feel like a monk that's taken an oath of silence.

T Mobile cell phone - I can't wait to be rid of you on June 10th.
I hate your contracts and the $50 a month you've cost me for nearly four years.
1000 minutes a month and I've only used about 100 a month.
I'll finally get my money out of you for the next five months!

After the debt is gone - I'll have a home phone, and a cell that is only used for emergencies.
For me to be spending $100 a month for phones - like I have the last several years - is maddening.

I'm adjusting well to the heat change in house - and have even begun to sleep with fewer covers.  We just pop the electric blanket on for an hour before bed, and then turn it off. I actually have been sleeping better now that the heat is turned down.

Allied Waste Service - I miss you not.  I like being responsible for my garbage.  It's too easy to be a consumer, and fill the trash cans unconsciously when you come and pick up my waste.  3/4 of our trash was paper and/or recyclables.  Glen burns the paper and cardboard.  The remaining one small bag a week that we generate is thrown in the dumpster where Glenco works, with permission from his employer.

I'm beginning to live with eyes wide open.
Slowing down and being conscious.
The 'oh, it's only $30 a month for this - and for that - and this - etc.....adds up my friends.
I'm not willing to get up and leave my home everyday, to work a job, to pay for fluff.
I'm not willing to give up my nights and weekends with my husband and friends, just to work a job to pay for fluff!  I can save as much as I make, by staying home and being frugal.
And who knows - maybe one day I WILL sell my chicken drawings! Ha!

Oh, I'm not suffering folks - not by any stretch of the imagination.  I sit here now with a Life is Good hoodie on - sweet, fuzzy fleece stockings, covered in a hand crocheted afghan on a soft cozy chair, in my cozy paid for house - eating a slice of homemade cherry pie, cherries from my very own tree, and a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.
That we all would suffer so!

I'm very excited to share this journey with you.
I'll have the Internet through the weekend, to my knowledge it'll be turned off on Monday.
I'm going to make a gallant effort at cleaning out emails by then.
I can do this.
I'll be sharing fun tales of frugality.
I'll video tape the fit that Aaron will have when he comes here Wednesday and finds no wi-fi.
I'll share menu plans and recipes with you that help me stay in the $50/$60 a week range.
I'll show you the house projects I'm getting done with things I have about the house already.
(the upstairs bedroom is almost done!)
I'll keep you abreast of my debt reduction.
And I'll draw a heck of a lot of chicken pictures.


  1. Whatta woman!! I'll be watching for those recipes....however I draw the line at spinning my own thread to sew feedsack underpants.

  2. Your last post sure got me thinking of where we could cut back.I'm looking forward to your future frugal posts.I need all the help I can get! You go girl !!!!

  3. You go Jayme Mae! I so admire you and you are such a treat. Much to learn from you at my age.

  4. You go girl!! Can't wait to hear all about your progress! I'm starting my own journey to Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey in February through my church. I've done fairly well in the past, but know I could be doing so much better.
    You are a great example for all of us--debt just because we want to have "stuff" is bad.
    Even though I've been taking a *long* hiatus from blogging, I'm not sure if I'd have your willpower to give up my home Internet. Power to ya sista!
    Oh, love your chicken are you creating them?

  5. Dave always encourages his listeners to get 'gazelle intense' about getting rid of their debt. Your goal of being debt-free again is in sight and that just makes it that much easier to stay intense Good for you and Glenco!

  6. Only you could put the words frugal and fun in the same sentence! Looking forward to your menu plans. $50.00 a week for groceries! How?
    Here's to lots of fun frugality, and wish you best of luck (and no emergencies!!)

  7. Jayme,

    M O D E R A T I O N is the how you obtain balance in all things.
    Good luck on this journey, I will be here when you post! Check your email. I responded to yours.


  8. When I saw the title of your post I instantly hoped that it meant you and Glenco were the ones who had purchased the million dollar winning ticket at the Hen. Wouldn't that have been ironic (you write a chicken blog and had won at the Hen). Sorry it wasn't you! Wish I had half of your strength. Best wishes! I know that you will survive and thrive!

  9. You are so wonderfully hilarious. I love your label "self imposed poverty"...I so so agree with what you are doing, Jayme. Just think, you may be starting a revolution here! What shall we call it? The Chicken Revolution?


  10. You are indeed a very rich chicken...and you've had me thinking ever since I read your post yesterday...thank you.

  11. You have great courage and I think it's great that you are taking the adventure of your life. Giving up the things that are fluff is a good thing.. Getting out of debt is a wonderful life. We finally have the farm paid for,, we owe nothing on our credit cards. I do need to learn how to buy better for groceries.. I know I could save more by shopping at Aldi's or Wallmart.. My brother bought a Vornado room heater and he said he is saving big time on his heating bill and the Vornado takes pennies to run.. Have a tiggeriffic day..ta ta for now in Iowa

  12. You go girl--I am with you all the way--and can't wait to see what you do to inspire the rest of us!!!
    I do wonder at times about the amount I spend on internet/phone=$62 a month--but I do not have tv or any other of the electronic thingy's --
    and I am home alot as I do not drive any more because of health issues--my thing with the Internet is that I learn sooo much each night that I am on here and now have soo many good true friends from it--that ?????
    I do not have "fluff" nor do I want any--(except my fabric stash!!!)--so the very best to you and I applaud your courage!

  13. I have been loving your chicken pictures! I can never find anything on the tv either. But hubs works from home and need the very quick internet for the 200-300 e-mails he can get in one day and the unlimited long distance land line for the long winded conference calls that come across the states. He watches the ballgames on the tv and I think he does deserve that because he really has quite a stressful job. I am with you I could manage with net flex because I mostly watch movies myself. And what is it lately with all the horror movies. I end up watching the Turner Classic channel the most. Maybe next year I will buy a 2012 calendar with your chicken drawings on each month? Have a good weekend, I will be looking for your blog updates!

  14. We got rid of DirecTV 2 years ago and don't miss it....thank goodness for Netflix!

    We got rid of the landline 2 years ago and use our cell phones great for us!

    We do still have DSL....hubby works from home many evenings during the week and needs to remote into work (he is the IT guy).

    We shop at Aldi and it has helped our grocery budget stretch tremendously....

    I have found that there are a lot of things that I don't miss at all and I like having that money go towards debt or savings.

    I'm looking forward to following you on this journey and love your recipes so bring on some new ideas!

    Best wishes!

  15. Since you promise to post I am going to simmer down. I was going to tell you to blog to me via snail mail. I need my coop keeper fix.
    I think you are cutting out the fluff and I have always been a fan of living within your means. I drove an old car and did everything I could to save bucks so I could stay at home with my girls. We bought a trailer park when they were little and now it is paid off and they are grown. Stu farms and we own part of a concrete plant with his brother. Life is easier and money is not as tight but I still prefer thrifting,Big Lots and TJ Maxx. I refuse to pay those mall prices.
    Those junk pieces I bought at all those auctions all those years ago b/c I couldn't afford the furniture store are worth some pretty good $ now. I like your thinking chicken woman. You are one smart banty! xoxo

  16. Well kid, I wish you the best. just thinking of the internet and TV gets me clammy..
    I can tell your serious about this though...

  17. You go girl! You are such a good influence on me.

  18. Self imposed poverty can still feel very very blessed! Now hand over that homemade ice cream!
    No way I'm touching $50/week groceries tho... Do tell!

  19. I am so excited about this I can barely contain myself. I am going to make myself make some cahnges along the way while you are on your journey. I hope that I can report something back to you each time you give us a report! Our son had some serious eye health issues come up about a year and a half ago. We are covered in medical bills, etc. I am ready to break free! Glory be! let's go girl!

  20. I cannot wait to see what all you are going to teach me! Keep on keepin on!

  21. I can't wait to read the weekly reports and updates.
    Your refreshing honesty is an inspiration.

    Now for a silly technical question.
    How do you post something you've drawn?
    Do you scan it?


  22. I'm so looking forward to all of your frugal, future posts! We do live with most of those luxury items you have given up... except we do have an old house with oil for heat. I've been keeping us at 60 at night and 64 in the day. Wool sox and hoodies are the usual around here.

  23. Wow, Jayme... You are one tough cookie!! Just when I'm feeling pretty frugal myself, couponing and all, look at you!! Way to go on all counts. I'm chomping at the bit to get rid of DISH network, and perhaps just have one of those newer antennas that will pull in all the FREE channels around us. Why not, I say? And Netflix is good too. We're living on much less than we used to, but still more adjustments need to be made. Thanks for the inspiration, as always! Good to see you back :) -Tammy

  24. Jayme,
    I think you hacked my brain! All except for the eating cherry pie from your own tree and the paid for house part and your Glenco and Aaron of course.. We still have the internet and land line and we heat with wood so it's warm. All that aside though, scary.

  25. Hurray for you and Glen! The bill I HATE paying the most is our trash bill. We recycle and compost everything that doesn't move, and yet we still end up with trash. I wish there was a way we could take it somewhere like Glen's work. Just paid the bill for 3 months: $74!!!! That is just NUTS! We pay the minimum you can do cause our can is never more than half full. Any suggestions?

  26. I can't wait to hear all about your change. Since yesterday I have also been thinking how to save in areas. Thanks for the inspiration ! I can't wait to hear about the meal plans !! It is just the ol hubby and me in our household...

  27. You are such a tough "chicken" Jayme that you will do exactly what you set out to do and be the better for it!! What a relief to be able to throw all that stuff off your shoulders.
    I'm so sick of TV, but hubby likes the sports...after the superbowl it goes!!!!
    We only do garbage every other week. I compost a lot and the school takes labels and cardboard as a fundraiser. My heat is at 59 at night and 63 during the day, although we do run the fireplace a lot!!
    I only ad shop at the store as I buy in bulk, on sale and have my pantry and freezers full. I do want to eat out of those for awhile and just buy fresh at the store. I spend about 300.00 a month and that includes Costco. I can a lot from the garden and that really helps.
    Macy's kills me!!! Man they have good sales!! I just need to stay away!! I hit the school thrift store every other week and always find something I don't need. It's so addicting.
    I'm excited for you and to read your posts!
    I work for the library and wish you were coming into the one here!!! I'd do lunch with you!!!

    Stay cozy!! Spring's a comin'!

  28. You are right there, Jayme. You got the guts of the thing down. I can't wait to see you apply it to your life and I know that you will come out a winner.

    I sent you a follow-up email and hope you got it- I know how you are about replying....bwhahahahaha-

    You go for it, girl. I think you are going to find that even though you feel "poorer" in some aspects you are gonna be so much richer all the way around! Hugs- Diana

  29. How was your talk at the library? i have had no cable for 20 years. Am just going to try it starting next week!! I want the History Channel. Maybe you should start giving seminars at the library...write a book on how to go debt free...but you know, not many would be willing to give up wifi...jan

  30. I am especially interested to know how you will be able to keep your grocery bill so low. Does that only include food or does it include other household items as well? You've made me start thinking about spending too. I've challenged myself not to get groceries next week (with the exception of 3 or 4 necessities) to make do with what we already have in the house. Also, I'm trying to be more aware of frivolous running around and wasting gas and I'm also going to try to knit from my yarn stash. Mostly. That part is the most difficult for me. The knitting is crazy around here. Plus now Maddie is addicted to so I am buying yarn for 3 of us. What have I done?

  31. Oh please video Aaron's reaction, as he's a celebrity around these parts too!

  32. You go girl! I too would love to see the video fit Aaron will throw....with 2 teen boys of my own, I can imagine!!

  33. Well, amen and pass the ammunition. I mean the electric blanket.

    Have I ever told you we're 64 at night? And for whatever reason, it usually stays there until right about 2, when the kids go down and I slow down enough to realize that I'm chilly. Then I hike it up to 67.

    Have I ever told you how good a slice of cherry pie w/ ice cream sounds?

    Have I ever told you that I love yoU?

    ps - Season 5 is in the books. Law.

  34. I can't wait to follow your journey, we have been talking about doing some of the same things. But, for now it is just talk, maybe, this will help push us further along. I'm really interested in those recipes.

  35. You go girl. Sounds like you have successfully created a buzz and got us all thinking. I too want to see how you do groceries for $50/wk! Bring it on. We so are cheering you on.
    I say we throw a DEBT FREE party later this year when we all get there. We will be once the FL house sells!!! Yippie.


  36. LOVE you Jayme! you are an inspirational motivator!! all that "quiet" in December revived all the vision and priorities of life in you! may this beautiful journey of yours help lead us all to great places of peace and simplicity and community!

  37. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear how things are going!

    Many Blessings,

  38. You're an inspiration! Look forward to your frugality posts.
    Pink Chickens Rock

  39. Oooh, like the Chicken Calendar idea and the Debt Free party idea too! I might even drive over for that one! And that, as you well know, is saying a lot!


  40. I think I've found my kindred spirit! Now, if I could only give up the computer...

    But it's a 45 minute drive to the library!!!

  41. I love it! And please do share recipes that help keep your grocery bill down. I would love some more ideas. You totally made me hungry for cherry pie and ice cream. sigh.

  42. Hi..My name is Regina..I love your post..Sounds like we have alot in common..You will definaly be one of my favorite blogs to visit..

  43. I just LOVE YOU!!!!
    I'm a new farm wife after 25 years of schlepping around the world with my USAF husband...10 Ohio acres and 120 yr old farm house with lots of 'character'...too many drawers of STUFF, too much yarn, wool, fabric, STUFF...I want to grow up and be just like you!!! Thanks for your brutal honesty and awakening in us a new found dream to be free of stuff and distractions!! Going to go turn the thermostat down to 60 now!!

  44. Jayme, we are doing some of the same things. Planning to turn off our phone land line but thinking maybe Magic Jack is the way to go. Twenty dollars a year (plus $20 to purchase) verses $52 a month. We aren't giving up internet or cable TV. Keeping the heat very low at night (flannel sheets and cuddling are good) and low during the day (we wear warm scarves around our necks). Having meals like soup and tuna noodle casserole. I would go to work part time if I could find anything. We'll see if my leads work out. Good luck on your economy measures! Nancy

  45. Sometimes you just have to jump in with both feet. We usually go overboard by impulse, figure out we're in over our head, and find some meaningful balance in the end. But had we not jumped in to begin with, had we decided to just dip our toes in, we might have thought the water too cold and decided, instead, to leave things as they were. What a shame that would have been!

    Keep up the great blog and thanks for stopping by ours!


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