Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Excitement

More excitement.
See - here you thought you wouldn't hear from me, and I'm up on the InterWeb being a bloggin' fool.
Perhaps it's cause I know me days are numbered.

Don't you love it when you wake up excited about life?

I woke up wishing I were Italian today - I know that sounds crazy.
I'm Irish/German.
Do you Italian friends ever wake up feeling Irish?  Do you ever wake up hankering to make Colcannan and watch Riverdance?

I want to listen to Andrea Bocelli, simmer sauce, and make biscotti.

I have to tell you - I'm feeling really excited about this 'Pink Chicken Revolution' that we are starting.
Whether you go hardcore, like I am for now - or whether you just pause for a moment before you purchase something that's truly not necessary - please join the revolution.
Please know that my 'self imposed poverty' isn't about living without - or suffering - it's just about getting priorities straight - not spending yourself on yourself - and make wise choices.

I just thought of this song.  It's how I feel right now - I know there are a lot of people reading this that probably think I'm insane, or lazy.  Do any of you think I should just go get a job?  Are you one that thinks 'Hey Nerd, put the knitting needles down and join the ranks of the employed!"?
It only makes sense, right?  You want to get out of debt - make more money!  Well - since my debt at the moment is pretty minimal, I'm more excited to cut more spending than to make more money.  I don't know if you are like me - but when I'm working - I have such a great tendency to spend so much more - I justify it by saying I deserve it, or I need it - or I'm just tired and not really spending consciously.  Plus, being home for me is so important right now - I want to be available for Aaron - should he need anything at all - I want to available to my friends, if they need anything. 
I want to be:

And today -

But, that's neither here nor there -
My beloved John Lennon says it best.


  1. A pink chicken? Is this where Easter eggs come from? :)

    Yes, everyone wishes they were Irish at least one day a year.

  2. I'm Irish but would much rather eat Italian. I think you have encouraged me to turn my dvr in and go back to basic cable and internet. I already play the low thermostat in an old cold house game. I don't have any debt and live modestly but should put more in savings for emergencies.

  3. A to the men girl! I say cut back, use what we have and only buy if we really need it. I went shopping on way home with sister and only got stuff for my pregnant daughter to wear at hospital with baby and a couple of baby gifts for her and my niece. Nothing for me b/c I
    1. don't need it
    2. don't want to walk around house thinking where am I putting this, wishing I hadn't bought it
    3. no more clothes b/c I don't want to go anywhere so where am I wearing it. Jammies for me daily!

    I like this plan girl, but I hate that I won't be in constant communicato with ya! Do you text? haha

  4. No one thinks you're crazy or lazy for not just getting a job. If they do, they're not listening. You are following your heart and living your dream. You GO girl!

    The Pink Chicken Revolution ... I wish it would catch on. Some women work because they LOVE their jobs and are passionate about what they do. Then they have children and wish they had more time at home with them ...but what would people think if they quit their jobs? What would the family do ...or have to do without ...if they became a one wage earner family? The pressure to keep working, the guilt attached to NOT working. Those aren't good reasons to keep a job.

    God bless you for following your heart. Let the Pink Chicken Revolution begin!

    We need bumper stickers ...and t-shirts ...don't you think?

  5. I am not one of the people who think you should be at work. And lazy?! You are anything but! That's crazy talk! You are right where you need to be, home taking care of your family, friends, and home. And telling ourselves "No" is a gift, just like it is to our children when we tell them "No". Sacrifice gives us a closer relationship with God. That's my opinion, some may not agree. Besides, this is your life! You and your husband have come together and made a decision. What we all think shouldn't matter. I just wanted to give you a pat on the back.

    From the Quad Cities, IL

  6. If we could afford for me to stay home, I'd be there! My house would be in much better shape. Housekeeping IS a full time job!

  7. Coop.........Your startingto concern
    Now ya wanna be

  8. I'm Italian, German and Irish... and I can say I never wake up feeling particularly any one thing. But I do love my sunday sauce, my corned beef and cabbage, and apple strudel something fierce.

  9. this chicken is yellow.....I thought you were pink. lol love ya, I've been crunching numbers, off to shop for the week.

  10. There is an artist lurking within you! I am not kidding. The pink stove is fabulous. Just remember that I said it here first when those drawings are worth millions. Can I get mine now???

  11. Another Watching the Wheels go Round and Round!
    why you may ask:Because we Americans need to learn : Live to Work~~NOT~~ Work to Live ~~( which I understand is a saying from Australia...)

  12. Dearest Jayme, my hubby may be cursing the day I 'met' you in blogland.. lol!! I just announced this morning that in March we will drop DISH network like a hot potato. We have until then to find and install the proper antenna for our neck of the woods. We will receive several PBS stations (love!) as well as the regular networks. I mean really, it should be a no-brainer. That is just one change we will make. I've already made, or will be making, more. You are awesome, girlfriend! :) Here's to a fabulous Pink Chicken year. -Tammy

  13. Want to JOIN~~Support Jayme on The
    Frugal Highway ~~POST Video On Your Blog~~I DID!! John Lennon song can be the Mantra for those who want to Live Simply~~To Simply Live...
    Sisters of Pink Chicken UNITE
    Michigan Winter wonderland!

  14. Just wanna say this is your best chicken drawing yet, love it!

  15. I don't think getting a job is always the right money-related answer. I know I could be happier/healthier/less-stressed if I didn't work, but I kinda feel like I should work since I don't have kids to stay home with... I worry about people thinking I'd not be carrying my fair share, contributing to society or something. I've compromised by only working 30hrs/wk for now, and that seems to be working. Do what you gotta do - God'll lead you to a job if that's where you (and He) needs you to be.

  16. Jayme.
    If you don't make your chicken art into cards and prints I don't know why.

    I would buy them. I am sure your other friends would too. Your are coming into your own and now is the time to do something with it.

    Go to ETSY, start an account, link from your side bar to your account. (Don't forget your FB Pages!!!) Post your art as note cards and/or prints. Then print them up as the orders come in.

    Am I serious? YOU BET! Even Bob thinks you would make money at this.

    Viva la Pink Chicken Revolution!

  17. I love John Lennon also. And I LOVE this song. I am hoping to help get some things done around here over the next couple of years and then I can be available to. I only work part time but I cannot believe how that part time job gets in the way. Too funny about you being Irish/German. I am also. Do you see red when you get mad? My mom is Irish my dads family Pennsylvania Dutch which sums up to German. Love the Pink stove today! You go girl.

  18. Today I took our DVR box into Comcast to be replaced, and in the process.... got my bill lowered by putting what I already had in a 'new bundle"... we are talking 55 dollars a month savings! I thought of you instantly! Pretty soon, I am going to get a new cel phone, and I just may downgrade, and plan to only use it for emergencies... rather then the frivolous way I used so much by checking out facebook and or/unlimited texts. Hmmm.. you definatley have me thinking!

  19. Ooh, I love the kitty peeking in the window! I agree with you Jayme, I always say give the job to someone who really needs it. I can't wait to see how you make out and make do. You're such a sunny, positive personality.

  20. We have lived in our home for 20 years and never had cable. People are so shocked when they find this out. We love PBS and also have netfix - more than enough for us. Our 16 yr. old daughter has grown up just fine. I also agree with you that the computer is a huge distraction...I am trying to limit myself on that front.

  21. To those that think you are lazy or crazy...I say - Oh Chicken work harder than most people I know. It is not EASY to be frugal!

    And that song? I hadn't heard that in years...and I always loved John Lennon...don't you wonder what all he would have accomplished in his life-had it been his to live... Hugs-Diana

  22. Two out of three ain't bad, is it? I simmer sauce and I listen to Andrea Bocelli.

    Get a job? Bite your tongue, Girl!!


  23. I think your ideas are good, and worth some thought. We are trying to simplify too, at our place, and do more for ourselves. It burns me up to pay cellphone and cable bills, so that's worth some thought. Glad I found your blog and your thoughts are inspiring!

  24. think pink! like it even more. ah, yes... there's NOTHING better than waking up and going to bed feeling EXCITED about life. good work.

  25. I just want to thank you for expressing (or publishing) publicly your personal budget cuts. I am a single mother of 2 small children, and I work 3 jobs. You have inspired me! I just want thank you.
    Jess@The Rented Cottage Life
    Also, thanks for all the humor as well.

  26. I've been reading your blog for a bit now but never commented. This week I couldn't resist.

    I am totally on board with the Pink Chicken Revolution! People are always making fun of me for being extremely frugal when necessary and everyday frugal all the time.

    In case you haven't read it already, when you are at the library one day see if they have a copy of this book

    That book and a Dave Ramsey class totally changed the way I think about our family spending habits.

    Good luck to you on your journey to being debt free once again!

  27. Please don't listen to anyone who would tell you that you need to get a job. Anyone who said that didn't read your blog. You are not drowning in debt like so many people are today. You just want to get totally debt free again and it sounds like it won't take you very much time. I had lowered our house temp to 65o but my hubby was too cold. Boy menopause has sure changed things around here! Also had to laugh when you were blogging about burning your garbage... my best friend lives in the country and has laughed and said that she is truly wealthy because she owns 5 burn barrels! Keep up your good work and I too would love for you to sell you pink chicken cards! love you, Mary Beth

  28. this pink chicken movement is fantastic.

    and i wake most days with a hankering to be irish, though i'd settle for scottish if need be.

  29. Your choice of John Lennon's song is so apropos!! Love it! Sing it to the moon each night... You're doing something that feels right for you - that's courageous and fabulous! Go Jayme!!

  30. I forgot to add - I am in complete agreement with all of those saying your drawings are wonderful! They're a hoot! (and a cackle too)!

  31. I'm just stopping by to say...I LOVE the profile picture here! Such a great shot of you. AND...I wanted to tell you that I grabbed your button for my blog! Feel privileged, Sweet Lady. Yours is the only one on there! I told you I'm SO with you on this thing!


  32. So, I began writing a comment, but it was too long. Led to a post on my own blog... So, check it out! Frugal folks unite!

    Love, MK



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