Sunday, October 3, 2010

Suckin' Up the Free Wi Fi

Sitting here in the parking lot of the Super 8 in Marshall, Illinois.
Sucking up the free wi-fi.
I may or may not be addicted to the internet.
Wanted to give ya'll the update on the camping trip.
Weather is holding up well - only rained for three hours yesterday.
We are eating like kings and pigs - like king pigs.
Found another state park in the area that looks like a dream to camp at.

Taking Benadryl at night to sleep, but it's causing odd dreams.
Slept with the curtains open last night to see the sunrise this morning.
Benadryl induced visions of lime green floating extension cords outside the camper window...
Playing musical heater with Glenco - on, off, on, off - he's hot, I'm not.
So far, I haven't had to strip down and sit outside in the lawn chair.

The campground is lovely, and very sparsely inhabited, which gives me peace.  There isn't too much of a mess going on.

The fishing has been iffy.

House sitter reports that the chickens are all well.
She warns me that she may steal all me banty chickens.
Law - she don't know what she's asking for.
They're all hoodlums.

Well friends - just wanted to let you know that the Coop Keeper is alive and well.
Having a very relaxing time.
Looking forward to coming home and bathing and sleeping.


  1. Nice view! ALWAYS take advantage of the freebies in life.


  2. Hope you continue to be blessed with good fall weather and delicious food. Enjoy!

  3. So glad you are enjoying you time away. We took a ride down the Muskegon River today on Brother in Laws Pontoon, it was cold but the sun was shining and it was very pretty. Not a lot of color yet but there were a few pretty spots.

  4. Oh my goodness! Your camping trip sounds absolutely, well, horrible. I not much for camping. Wish I were.

  5. Glad you are having a good time!

  6. I have to say that you are the sunshine in my day! You make me laugh and realize I am not alone in my struggles! We'd have so much fun together if only we lived in the same state! Please keep posting and I'll keep reading and laughing and pretending you are my friend! (that sounded a little stalkerish scary. Nonworries, I'm as sane as you are!)

  7. I have to say that you are the sunshine in my day! You make me laugh and realize I am not alone in my struggles! We'd have so much fun together if only we lived in the same state! Please keep posting and I'll keep reading and laughing and pretending you are my friend! (that sounded a little stalkerish scary. Nonworries, I'm as sane as you are!)

  8. Hope you are enjoying the break....we ALL need a break from our regular lives once in a while.

  9. I'm freezing in my house with slippers extra clothes and the heat on while you went camping. Crazy lady.

  10. Jayme,
    I am glad that you are enjoying yourself and having a good time...sleep well, my friend. I have weird dreams on an anti-inflammatory I take sometimes..Weird, isn't it?

    We used to have a house boat that we lived on in the summer. We put it in early on and then we'd be the last people out of the marina in the Fall. I LOVED camping on it in the Fall when it was dreary (or bright) warmish or cold...and we loved being the only people there-it was my own little slice of quiet Heaven.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay. Looking forward to you getting back to all those questions!>) Hugs- Diana

  11. You make me laugh Coop Keeper!!!
    I can soo related to the Benadryl dreams and Hot flashin'!
    Glad you and the boy are having some fun...I don't 'member liking camping too much((maybe I went with the wrong people)) but I DO 'member loving to eat 24/7!!

  12. Marshall IL dang you are gettin close to my neighborhood. Glad to hear you didn't have to sit naked outside at the campground. They frown on that here in IL!
    Visions of lime green extension cords.. you really crack me up!!
    The eating like king pigs sounds good , the no shower not so much! A weekend in a camper with the husband does sound pretty fun! :)

  13. The view is so beautiful~! Glad you are coping with the camping. I love that little camper you have.. just the right size for 2... We have a creek on the back 40 acres of our farm..That would be a great place to park that little beuty and walk down to the creek and stay there on the week=ends. Camp Fire~ listen to the frogs and watch the birds.. Oh my,,,that would be heaven. Have a great time camping...and glad you gave us an update on how you are doing...

  14. Marshall, IL you were not far from my neck of the wood either.

    Glad the squirrel and all it's occupants are enjoying themselves. Have a great end to the weekend!

  15. Glad your having a good trip and the photo is beautiful.
    Enjoy the sleep and the weird dreams.

  16. Just discovered your blog through another, you're a great writer!..

    I am coveting your little camper, how simply adorable.

  17. Yey! I'm camping vicariously though you, I love your updates :)

  18. did they notice you sitting outside the super 8 "borrowing" their wi-fi? How many times did you do it...that's when you can tell if you are really addicted to the Internet! Glad you are having a good time. It was a bit nippy here this morning in Arkansas..38 degrees. Had to turn on the furnace for the first time of the season. Oh well, I knew that little time window where we don't use AC or heat would be short lived. Hope the hoodlum chicks weren't too hard on the babysitter...

  19. Awesome. You's a funny girl. Miss you....

  20. Hey've had better weather there than here!! It rained off and on (mostly on!) all day yesterday!! ALL DAY I tell ya!

    Glad you're having fun! When you come back, the weather is supposed to be nice. You'll get home just in time to deadhead everything and put the gardens to bed for the winter! ha!

    Thanks for the updates!

  21. You be camping, I be staying in a beach front condo. We both be sucking up the FREE WiFi. Ha. Somethings are constant in life!!
    Glad you are enjoying your get away. I know I am!!

    I'll be up in IN very soon to enjoy the cold nights. brrrr.


  22. Glad all is well. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  23. I'm glad you said that about the Benadryl and strange dreams. I've been taking Benadryl at night (darn soy bean harvesters, how dare you?!) and I've been having some weirddddddddddd, baddddddddd dreams. I almost had to call my parents at 3 a.m. on Saturday to make sure they were ok, it was so bad. I want to go into an almost coma-like sleep for 8-9 straight hours with no dreams and wake up feeling like a million bucks. Is that so much to ask? :)

  24. Since I'm not a camper, ya gotta tell me: whaddya DO all day? It's too cold to after you take a walk in the woods, maybe fish a little, then what? And it's dark by 6:45 now, that's a loooong evening. I love going to the woods, or a lake, for a day, but I sure as shootin' don't want to sleep there. What am I missing?

  25. Have fun and get a good rest!

  26. Hey, you posted while camping? Crazy girl! Glad you had fun....I'm not a big camper, but I do remember the food tasting ten times better whilst in the woods. Enjoy your own bed tonight.

  27. I'm glad your weather hasn't been too bad. It rained almost all day and was freezing when we were up in your neck of the woods on Saturday!

  28. I never thought of taking Benadryl to help me sleep! What a great idea. I think I could enjoy camping if I had your cute little camper to sleep in. It's the whole tent sleeping that I can't stand. I just don't believe that those little zippers will keep out the critters.

  29. Steal the chickens? That's not so bad, you know the House Sitter would get the raw end of the deal on that one. (Okay I'm kidding!)

    Once when we left the neighbor threatened to put all his pail calves in our corral. Imagine coming home to THAT!!!


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