Monday, October 25, 2010


Lord have mercy - I sure didn't intend on taking a blogging break - it just happened, and then once I get out of the rhythm of blogging, it's hard to get back to it.

I've been busy gallivanting about Northern Indiana.

Gallivanting - to wander about seeking pleasure or diversion

Isn't the photo above divine?
It's my wallpaper.
You can snatch it here.

I had the privilege of spending a few days with some familiar faces.

Shannan is a warm cup of tea and a bowl of salsa and chips.
I feel the need to tell her every thought that passes through my head.
I love the look on her face at times.
I'm so glad I know her.

I finally made it to Cindy's Cottage, and I'm ever so glad I did.
I'm trying to get her to buy the house next door to me.
Her husband could use The Squirrel to stay in the parking lot at work during the week, returning home on the weekends.
Cindy - I beg you to consider this!

Did you ever have one of those days that you just felt was ordained by God?
I felt that when I was with Cindy.
The things we talked about, the things she shared with me - I so needed it all.
I got to sleep in what I call 'The Magic Bed'

Readers - I can't say enough about this bed.  You can read all about the room redo here, as well as see all the fabulousness that is Cindy's home.
Lately, I've been a notoriously bad sleeper.
Can't fall asleep - and when I do - I can't stay there.
That night - within five minutes of laying my head on the pillow - I was dreaming of dancing wedges of cheese.  I woke up only long enough to be confused about seeing cheese wedges dancing down my street - only to smile and sink back in the feather pillow realizing I was sleeping.  Oh sweet divine sleep - how you elude me at times.  I knew nothing until morning.

I must confess that I've been feeling quite introspective lately, and that always leads to a lack of blogging.
You see - I'm still struggling somewhat with my new found freedom.
I'm not one that likes to squander time in an unproductive way.
I feel the need for a purpose, a goal, a schedule.

Raise your hand if you're tired of fighting yourself.
*raises hand*

Did ya ever think that if you fight yourself so much to be a different way - maybe you are just meant to be the way you are?


Sometimes the road between who we are and who we want to be is a long one.
Oftentimes, that road needs to be travelled, because who we want to be is a worthy endeavor, and the changes are required.
Other times, you just need to stay put, set up house and enjoy who you are.

Do you know how often I struggle to make a short little cohesive post?
It's not in the cards my friends.
It's what I do.
I'm a Type A personality that is obsessive, compulsive, enjoys cleaning, collecting chickens, and sharing all of my random thoughts on the Internet with strangers. I try to cram way too much stuff in one day. I dream of cheese.
Is that a crime?

Cindy was anxious for me to meet a friend of hers named Clara.
I liked her before I met her - I mean, with a name like Clara - really?  Do I need to go on?

Her home was very small - and I'm all about that right now.  The smaller the better.  I'm ready to move into a shed -
What struck such a chord with me-was even that her home was so small - she still found the space for what she loved. 

She loves entertaining, and therefore - has a table for 14 set up in her living room.
Sounds ridiculous doesn't it!?
She used the family room in the back for couches.
I'm so tired of following rules when it comes to decorating!

She has a room - just for dishes.
I almost hyperventilated going in it.

If you look up the word organized in the dictionary - you'll see Clara.

I was really inspired.
It seems rare to meet someone that truly knows themselves, and then reflects that knowledge in their home.
It was beautiful.
I'm going to be making some changes around this old place - my home.
The useless wicker furniture on the front porch is going, and I'm going to replace it with an old farm table and a lot of chairs!
I've started working on the upstairs bedroom again.
I'm purging, organizing, and posting on Craig's List.
I'm flea marketing and antiquing.
I'm making changes on my personal house as well.
I'm trying to stay true to the list I made a couple of weeks ago - spending my time on what is important to me.
I'm signing up to do a half marathon (walking) in May of 2011.
I'm dressing myself - everyday.
Nothing fancy.
But I am wearing pants.  With buttons and zippers.

Change is sometimes hard.
I think it's worth it.
I feel like life has been a bit too easy lately.
I'm ready for hard.


  1. Now... who's like a warm cup of coffee??

    I love your drivel (as you say)... your warmth...your honesty...your heart comes through...your bluntness... your list for's like coming home.

    It's all so refreshing.

    BTW: I love that photo too. I have one of their cookbooks with that photo on it's cover. Talk about drooling....

    It's Awesome.

  2. I feel like you speak FOR me many thank you for your drivel...please continue;>) It's funny because yesterday my post was about cleaning out and organizing and re-doing. I am in the mood...and, being raised on a farm, I am work obsessed...figuring I can relax when I am dead.;>D So, thank you for saying what you state so eloquently. I love coming here to "visit" with you- xxoo Diana

  3. Jayme, can I just thank you again for sharing yourself with all of us? I love that you are so willing to give us a peek into your world of nephews and chickens, gardens and bloggers, personal insights and struggles... just thanks. :o)

  4. I can so relate to you...I was not working for about two years, my choice. But it was hard because I did not feel productive until I met an "an older than me" woman in the church and we started painting class rooms, sewing curtains and we even did a bathroom re-model with the help of some of the men in the church. When we finished
    all of that I found a Job-quite by accident. Now I work 7 months out of the year...summers off and I am Happy! You will find out exactly what you want to do and it will be your choice, how fun! I like your post and especially about organization...I crave more of it in my life!
    Have a sweet week!

  5. Lord have mercy! It's good to see another Cheese Queen! I could eat a whole block of cheese by myself. Swear.

    Missed you!

  6. I have to say a big thank you for sharing your life and times with us. You are a treasure and I look forward to I just know we would be friends if we met.

    You are a blessing!

  7. Oh, Law! Now the secret is out that I wear mismatched t-shirts, don't wear make-up and don't do my hair. (Get thou behind me, forehead!)

    OK - I be up and so happy for the wonderful time you had with Cindy. It sounds like it done your heart good.

    As for Clara? Well, I need some of her in my life. That dish room. Holy Mother.

    Your drivel inspires, so keep on with your bad self.

    ps- Buttons and zippers? Reeeally? Boo.

  8. You say what so many of us have on our minds. Yep...I'm obsessive as well & I have a to-do list no human could possibly wipe clean in a day. However, I keep plugging away at it...can't seem to sit still. There are so many things I want to be when I "grow up." As always, we appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

    And yes, that's a lovely book. I was lucky enough to write the copy for it...a joy to work with such creative folks. Ahhh, but that was indeed a lifetime ago!

  9. Be careful what you wish for!!!!

    I would like Clara's phone#. I will be sending her a plane ticket with an open return date so that she has unlimited time to rearrange and organize my home. Could you come with her please??? We'll go thrifting and wandering and let Clara decide where everything should go!!

    Drivel?? Never!!!1

  10. Do Hard Things...Do Hard Things...seems to be a mantra in some circles now. And people would think surface things...ya mean like run a marathon??? uh...set goals...keep my house cleaner??
    I think it means to stretch yourself beyond just the acceptable. just what is enough to "get by"... don't just hover and hang out in my "comfort zone"... we hear >that's the way it's always been, why change a good thing...if it ain't broke...don't fix it - type of mentality, ya know what I mean, jelly-bean? :-)***
    Doing Hard Things to me always comes from introspection...pondering...discerning that something is really not my "best".... I may be settling for the easier choice, instead of facing the unknown, and striking out on a harder, more difficult looking path. So you go girl.
    Sometimes we do need to sit down and say ...YES...this is who I am and what I do. It's the fabric of what makes my life what it is. Other times we need to step back and say, there is more to me than this....I need to grab hold of something bigger than me here in this area....Life is an adventure.
    It is also what we make of it. And I for one, am glad that as I ponder, and read that you are pondering....that there is ONE who is in control and absolutely gives us direction as we look at the goals and choices that are handed to us or offered. Look for the golden ones, but never overlook the ones less chosen because they don't shine. We can be deceived!!!!
    Hugs to you my bloggy sister. Love visiting.

  11. Oh golly I enjoy your drival my dear. I babble you see. It would be interesting to sit across the table with you lol! I know the feeling or possible phase some educated person would call it. We all need sunshine blown up our dress er or pants some days, ya know? Jist realize you are special and use that silverware for everyday and enjoy life. Your post got me on yer band wagon, so we're we headed? Oh ya, work hard um ahh first I need another cup of coffee ;-)

  12. Once in love with Clara.. always in love with Clara... don't mind me, I just like setting things to music. She does look like a person who I would like immediately.

    About that not being able to sleep thing... I've had the same thing going on for the past week. Can't sleep at night, but sure can nap like crazy during daylight hours. Driving me batty!


  13. Come leave some more tire tracks in my yard will ya?

    Thanks for not showing us scarfing candy in that store.

    Loves yer drivel. And your cheesy potato soup a la the farm chicks.


  14. I am impressed with Clara's organization! What an inspiration! Glad you're back....I was getting a tad worried. Adore your drivel!

  15. What you call drivel I think of as an insightful post and thoughts that we all should be thinking about ourselves. My timer went off 15 minutes ago. Funny how reading your post reminds me I need to put blogging behind me for the day.

  16. I haven't minded that you've been blogging a little less lateley. That just means I've been on the computer less too! Which is good for homeschool! And my kitchen redo.
    I just appriciate the motivation you give to keep my home beautiful, keep busy, and enjoy my friends and family.
    Thankyou for the time you are able to give. Whatever amount that is.

    Tiffany in the Quad Cities

  17. I would kill for a room to put my dishes in.. Loved it!!!!!

  18. I brought home a wedge of Brie and I cannot wait to pop it in the oven and warm it up, spread on crackers..with a few grapes on the side. I don't dream about it, but I sure love it.

    I enjoy your drivel, so keep at it, ok?

  19. Oooh this is glorious drivel today. I love everything about Clara and her awesome house and dish room. Love the idea of walking a half marathon!

  20. Just found your blog and LOVE IT, you are such a fun person!!! :) I fight with the same thing i just cant slow down and smell the roses and when i catch myself doing it I jump up! LOL gotta work on that :) Lauren

  21. My grandmother's name was Clara,,she was so wonderul..and loved it when I came for a visit.
    I love your blog...keep it up~!
    you are tiggeriffic~!~!

  22. You can just load that old wicker furniture into the back of my pickup truck when I leave. LOL! I'll make it work!

  23. Selah indeed. Wishing you many happy visions of cheese. It made me happy just typing that last sentence.

  24. That's lovely Jayme and I think I like Clara too! A whole room just for dishes. I love it!

  25. Clara, Clara, Clara! Love the dish room! Oh and Jayme after all that drivel, did I see the words 1/2 marathon? You go girl!

  26. just found you! the gooseberry patch pic is very inviting! wow, clara is an inspiration...would love for you amble on over and visit our brand new blog. looking forward in following you!

  27. I am so glad that you are able to spend time with others, Jayme dear. Isn't fellowship with others just the greatest?

    I have to say that I would love to have a room just for my dishes. Seriously! I could fill a small room with all that I have. It would bring me great joy to have them all in one place.

    Thanks for stopping by this evening. I love fall cleaning (especially on rainy days like today) because it takes care of that "nesting" feeling I get every fall. :0

  28. It sounds like you've been having a really good time "gallavantin"... good for you!

    I'd love to have someone come and organize my things like Clara's. Her shelves of matching, perfection, color matching, beauty put anything I've attempted to SHAME! I think she could start herself a business!

    Glad to have you "back",

  29. How can one woman's drivel inspire so many? I'm glad you had a good galivant. That's important in life. I ADORE your idea of the big farm table on the porch! Perfect! Miss you.

  30. I don't know about you and that last statement! Haha

    Wouldn't it be great if our houses all looked that organized?! It takes a talent (and some dough). I think I'm lacking in both areas :)

  31. I would love to meet Shannan. I love her writing so much (yours too :)
    Clara!!!! Good grief!!! Start a blog!!! Have me over for dinner :)
    (don't mean to be so bossy btw...)

  32. Jamie...first time commenter, long time reader. Well, not really that long, but long enough. Love you ten times. I found you via FPFG whom I also love ten times. I think you might end up loving me ten times too. For starters, I have a family milk cow and I sorta look like that woman's photo you have somewhere on your blog who is milking a cow. For seconds, I live on a real life farm. For thirds, my hubby is a real farmer. For fourths, I homeschool. So, what do you think? Like me?

    Anyway, I HAD to laugh when I saw Shannan's shirt that said Tallahassee varsity something ruther. I live 45 min from Tallahasse. So I thought that was really funny. I'm easily amused. I'm gonna tell her about that.

    Come over and read my blog sometime.

  33. Clara looks awesome. How small is her house? I am wanting to get me a small house up in IN. I do mean small. But I am intrigued with how she loves to entertain and made it happen. I want to meet her too. Will you promise to take me with you sometime to meet Cindy..and Clara?
    Oh I can't wait. I'll be up there soon Miss Jayme.


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