Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Pot - The Recipe - Some News

The Pot

I just want to prepare you.
I'm going to talk about the pot - a lot.
It's up in the house.
I felt the need for a cigarette after I opened it and placed it on the stove for the first time.
I've been talking to it.
Caressing it.
Cooking in it.
I have to make sure the Lodge symbol on the knob is perfectly lined up with the handles.
I say good night to it.
And good morning.
I'll have my camera back next week, and I'll be taking pictures of the pot, and the food that's in it.

I may blog about this pot as often as the Pioneer Woman blogs about Charlie.
Prepare thyself.

The first thing to cook in the pot was bacon.  It seemed fitting.  I was making Spicy Collard Greens to go along with the Fried Green Tomato recipe I'll be sharing in a minute. Tonight I'll be having Farmhouse Pork Chops and Cabbage up in the pot.
Law - I love that pot.

The Recipe

When I found this recipe, there was a note attached to it that read:

Dear Jayme:
Give this recipe a try.  I made it up just for you, cause you are my favorite.
Divinely yours,

That is the only explanation for the fabulosity of this recipe.  There are no words for it.  You are going to need to make up some words when you eat it.

Please don't be put off by the recipe - it seems a little daunting, when you read it at first, but it goes together so quickly.  I've had leftover sauce and cheese here, so all I've had to do is fry the tomatoes and we've had dinner in a heartbeat.

I know it will be one of your favorites.

I swear one day, Glenny is going to come home to find that I've exploded.
Life just seems to wonderful at times.
It feels that my body can't contain it.
I pray that I implode - it wouldn't be so messy.
And y'all  (I'm sorry Shab) know I don't like a mess.

I've been enjoying my time away from the Internet.

I had the immense pleasure of spending the day with her yesterday.
It was almost too much to bear - there were knitting shops, cupcakes and scooters involved.

The News

I'm going to begin teaching baking classes.
Pie making.
Mastering the Art of Cookies
Breads, Muffins, Scones

Class size will be limited to four.
A snack will be served.

Please email me if you are local and would like to sign up for a class.
I haven't the exact dates picked out - when you do email me - can you let me know what days and times would be good for you?


  1. The recipe sounds sooo delicious. Wish I lived near you as I would be first in line to be in your class!

  2. Let's see if I moved to Windsor, that would shave three hours off the drive, I could probably be there in under 8 hours...and it would be worth it.


  3. why don't you start TRAVELING baking classes!? Load up the squirrel and travel all around the country teaching your adoring blog fans!!! I wish. Seriously.

  4. You always make me laugh...I love your blog and of your course your new pot.

  5. oh Jayme you are gonna love that pot more and more and more each day. I sear there are days I can use mine every single day of the week. You start thinking of ways to use it more. After a short time you just don't know how you ever lived without it!!! I have even bought them now for my sons who love to cook since they actually wanted to borrow mine but I couldn't dare let mine out of my sight. nancy settel

  6. I'm so glad that you finally got the pot! That was very funny, 'felt like smoking a cigarette'.
    I wish I had a pot like that!

  7. Videos of the class would be much appreciated, and PUHLEEEZE don't do anything as often as the pioneer lady does... ugh. IF you do, at least leave out all the butter scenes.

  8. wish I was closer and I'd be taking that class!!! So, do you think that recipe is worth a try even for non tomato-ites like myself???

  9. A pot of bacon?
    You're speaking my language baby.
    I had bacon for breakfast. You know what goes good with bacon? More Bacon.

    Have you seen the Jim Gafagan stand up schtick about bacon?
    It's like pixie dust for food.

  10. At least it's the kind of pot that won't get you in trouble with the police. lol
    Happy cooking!!!

  11. I know exactly how you feel about that pot! I wrote a post about mine too. Enjoy! Wish I could go to your cooking class, what fun.

  12. Jayme, love the pot, as for the cooking classes international flights and acommodation are gonna take a while to organize how I wish

  13. Is 6 hours away local? B.

  14. How about 6 hours by plane? If you do all the classes in one week maybe I could come and stay in the squirrel and we could become life-long real friends (not just bloggy friends)!!
    Have I told you about Lynden?? Maybe you could move here? I have the perfect spot for the squirrel. you could bring the girls and you and Glenco could have the upstairs!!!
    I love this idea!

  15. are amazing. glad you love you new bright red pot.

    the grass is never going to grow under your feet. cooking classes. what fun.

  16. Baking classes? I've never in my life thought about living in Indiana, but the thought actually crossed my mind when I read you'll be teaching classes in pies,cupcakes & breads. YUM-ME!!!

  17. I'll have to sample your green tomato stack with "shudder" goat cheese, when I make it up your way. If you can make goat cheese taste good, then you truly are a master cook. I would rather eat mustard out of a cottonbowl with a mannequin as my chaperone, than eat goat cheese. Hope you don't have nightmares over that last comment....:)

  18. Jayme, you weren't in Nashville, IN last Saturday, were you? I was working at Papertrix, and there was a woman that looked a lot like you.
    You would tell me if it were you, wouldn't you?

  19. I have a Lodge pot that's it, love it! Made a big pot of chili in it tonight. Enjoy your pot!!!

  20. Hi Jayme!
    I sure wish that I lived nearby, those cooking classes will be a blast! Oh well, we'll all just have to enjoy them through your blog posts. If you do ever decide to take them on the road, those of us in North Georgia would welcome you with open arms!

  21. Am I blind? I can't see the recipe or any links to it?


    *and jealous of your FAB pot!!*

    ps: who takes all those amazing photos?

  22. I have pot envy ... BAD! Looked at them at TJ Maxx and resisted. I am not sure how long I can hold out. Wish I was a local yokel and I'd be there for the snack!

  23. I live between 2 and 3 hours away over by Fort Wayne. Is that local enough? I desperately need to learn to make an ediblle pie crust. Right now my pie recipes all come from Marie Callendar or Sara Lee - I'm pretty sure my grandma is rolling over in her grave for the shame of it.

  24. Oh how I long to reserve a spot in each and every class! I went to use my pot tonight when I realized I was missing half the ingredients for my recipe so her day will not come until Friday now. Unless I can find a good pork chop recipe and then she will be standing at the ready tomorrow.

  25. Is the house next door still for sale?
    We could share red pot stories, and I could take your baking classes.

  26. You've gotta try the "Glorious One Pot Meals" cookbook. It isn't like anything I've ever had from a cast iron pot before.

  27. OMG....I will so drive to Crown Point for a cooking lesson ...Whats your Email?
    Oh well you know ...I am game..All your food looks deeeelish, and i could also take a look at that Squirrel. Now about your Pot.........Puuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....

  28. I am lusting after this pot too. Ha.

    Saw what you and Jen times.
    I want you both to take me to lunch if we come up there. oh please?? ha.

    Pray for us today dear Jayme...a decision must be made today. I want my husband to be confident in his own heart about it.

    Happy cooking! How far would Connersville be from you???


  29. This is a wonderful idea! I could use some pie baking lessons. I make great pies, well everything that goes in them taste great but the crust comes from the Pillsbury dough boy. No one complains and loves my pies but I feel like a cheat.

  30. Not only do I have "A Pot" but I have "MY knives" No one and I mean no one in my house is allowed to use my knives. Though I am the first to show my gal pals how "The big one" slices through a melon, rind and all, as easy as tearing a piece of wet paper. Baking classes sound like fun! Good luck with that. I would be there in a flash if I could.

  31. I bought a huge Le Creuset pot in orange the last time orange was a popular color.... a long time ago. I wouldn't know how to cook without it. A real investment, but worth every penny. Makes the best pot roast in the world. Brag on! I understand.

  32. I'm a little jealous of that red pot!! Not close enough for the class but I hope you'll share tidbits and recipes !!

  33. Oh my word!! cooking classes!! This is the first time I have ever thought about moving back to Lowell! :)) Best of luck to you and congratulations to all your lucky students! You're a sweet one, that's for sure!!

  34. Sign me up! Oops, for a moment, I forgot.. I'm not local :( What an awesome idea, and I do hope the pot is involved :) -Tammy

  35. TECHNODOLL: To view the recipe you just click on the recipe's title (note it's a different color than her blog post).

  36. We have been talking about wanting to move. I can just imagine the look if I explain we have to move now so I can attend Jayme's baking classes. Can you just hear the "sure, dear"?

  37. i just adore when i see or hear someone who is sooooo excited. it's catching. i like that! yay!

    say *hello* to the pot for me. :))

  38. WAIT!! WAIT!! Which pot is that?? XXOO, Damaris

  39. Oh MY! I'm just tickled pink for you. Love to hear how wonderful life away from internet has been for you. CONGRATS on your newest adventure TEACHING!!! So wish I lived closer, but I SERIOUSLY second the idea of taking the classes on the road! Have you seen the RV picassa etc. tech couple??? You would have a HUGE following. What fun. We just junked our old camper but I'd support hubby's wish for a new one IF I could meet up with you in some scenic campground. But I'd be a tad messy I fear... Still, I could sit guard against serial killers. Whaddya say?

  40. Nice pot indeed... Oh, cooking class, sounds like fun. Hope, you'll share some video's with us.

    You may have people running out to find that handy dandy pot to cook with.

  41. Thought of you last night while working at CVS, saw the cutest new magazine called "Chickens" from Hobby Farm Home. Had all kinds of info on care and types. Miss your daily blogs!! Kinda of like calling a girlfriend to find out she is not home. Take care! Oh, if you have your classes on a Sat or Sun, let us all know, I am an hour away.

  42. Do-du-do-du... Do-du-do-du...

    Jayme two things:

    First thing... I think we must have secretly been twins who were separated at birth. Add another thing to the ever growing list of things we are alike in ~ the color green. As a color I like it because it reminds me of nature and growth. Leaves and grasses, trees and forests and favorite green smells like pine needles and Hop vine flowers mmmmmmmm...

    Do-du-do-du... (ok, leaving the Twilight Zone)

    Second thing... We are now entering area 5*. I was afraid of that number as an AGE. My dad died of cancer at that age. I am now 56 so I guess I passed the test huh? We can let ourselves be freaked out about a lot of things, but really we work it out and get through it in the end. I liked your happier thoughts on the number, that at becoming that age you will have the greatest year of your life!

    What a great thing to look forward to!

  43. let me know when you are doing an online class, I would love this! Unfortunately, northern Ontario, Canada (just south of the tree-line) isn't close enough to attend personally. Good luck with this Jayme.


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