Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inquiring Minds - Installment IV

First things first.
I bought the pot.
It wasn't $35 - but I got it for $57 and free shipping.
I feel complete.
I'm going to kiss the UPS man and make banners to put out in the yard.
Instead of saying 'It's a Boy' - It'll say 'It's a Lodge!' and 'It's Red!'
No one can say 'she doesn't have a pot to pee in' now!

In other serious news - there is a killer on the loose in the area.
Three men were shot, one died, one in critical condition.
The gunman then shot a farmer four times just down the road from Aaron's house.
He survived.
He's still on the loose.
This isn't supposed to happen out here.
I feel afraid to hang out my laundry today.
I'm taking the shotgun out with me as soon as it's daylight to check The Squirrel and let the chickens out.
Here I sit - in the dark with my laptop - afraid to turn lights on this morning - you know me and my goofy serial killer phobia - and now there is a killer.   Here.  In my hood.
Surprisingly I slept well.
Despite there being a madman on the loose in the area, I only dreamt of painting trees.  I had a big spray gun, and I was getting ready to paint the big maple tree in the yard, cause the shade of green wasn't right.
Aaron and Glen were giving me a really hard time - telling me that the leaves would be gone soon.
They just so don't get it.
And then there was something about cantaloupes, but I don't remember.

Let's get back to the questions shall we?

Question #32
Delena asks:
Have you ever been to Canada? No we don't all speak French....I love your honesty and your sense of humor. Is Glenco funny too?

I have never been to Canada.  When I first got my drivers license and a car, I decided I'd drive from Chicago to Canada to get a gallon of milk, cause I'd heard that they came in plastic bags (is this true?).  I wish this story wasn't true - but it is.  I got all the way to Kalamazoo, Michigan before I tired of driving and realized I was a goofball.  I want to go to Canada.  I have a friend I'd love to visit.  I want to see Prince Edward Island.  I want milk!   Glenco is a stitch - and it's one of the reasons I married him.  I couldn't be married to a fuddy dud.  You just gots to  have a sense of humor!

Question #33
Jen of The Cottage Nest asks:

This is getting weird. I've been planning a similar post. Now everyone will think I'm just a coop copy cat. Do you think we might have been separated at birth? That's not my question. My real question is What are your favorite and least favorite chores around the house.

I'm sorry I keep stealing all of your ideas.  Perhaps you should consult me before posting?  Or I you?  Great minds think alike!  My favorite chores?  Law - now you'll think I'm silly - I really like them all - well, the cat box, I don't cotton to that too much - but I love my kitty and I like knowing I'm making it a nice place to potty in.  I don't like washing pots and pans much.  You know my love of vacuuming, so I guess I'd have to say that I LOVE vacuuming, and that it's my favorite chore.  It's equivalent in my mind of dressing and putting on perfume.  It's that final touch that makes it all seem right in my mind.  I love seeing little giblets on the floor getting sucked up.  I'm mad.

Question # 34
From Beyond my Kitchen Window asks:

What household chore do you dread doing? For me it's all my bathrooms.

Please see above answer.  All your bathrooms?  Girl!  How many do you have?  I only have one.  See - I really DID need that pot!

Question #35
Jensamom23 asks:
I'm JUST beginning to raise chickies...what breeds are your favorite and why?

I'm no expert by any means - but I do have a little experience with me birds.  I like them all - I do - there are so many fancy birds that I'd like to have - but they aren't too winter hardy.  I'm a bit worried about the little banties this winter - they will require the heat lamp 24/7.  I would have to say that the Buff Orpington would seriously be one of my favorites.  I just like saying Orpington - plus they are a nice dual purpose bird - should you ever get hungry - they lay nice big brown eggs, they are of a gentle demeanor - they are lovely to behold and they knit well.  Could you find a better bird?  I think not!  I have a hen, she's a Production Red, Stubs - and that girl is a laying machine.  The Black Australorps are lovely, a heavy breed, good for overwintering.  The Americana that I have - Fifi - she is a pretty bird, but I'm not too fond of her comb - and I can't look at her for long without getting the heebie jeebs.
Hope all that helps!

Question #36
Taking Heart asks:

Do you have any banty chickens? I had a few when I
was young and called them my little midgets chickens... my mom bought two thinking we'd have baby bantys... but they were both boys...

I do - I have Phyllis - who came here with six baby banties.
I adore them.
These are the chickens I refer to as the Italian Mob.
They are just so shiny and showy and bossy.
I have three roosters and three hens - not a good thing - but so far, there isn't too much mayhem in the yard.
If I notice one of the  hens being  - how do you say this nicely - overused? - I will have to separate them, or get more hens - cause I shan't be getting rid of the roosters!

Question #37
Lisa asks:

Do you collect anything special? Is there something that you have looked and looked for that you have wanted for your house or outside but have been unable to find?

Great question Lisa!  I collect vintage alarm clocks.  I don't care if they work or not, I just like them.  I collect chickens and cats.  Well - not really- just seems that way.  I guess I don't 'collect' anything else.  I do try hard to collect memories.  They don't take up much room and don't require dusting.  As far as looking for something I haven't been able to find....hmmm....I'm afraid I don't have the vision for that.  I usually really don't know what I'm looking for - but when I see something, I can usually thing 'oh, that would be great there' - so I guess the answer is no -

Question #38
Debbie asks:

In one of your posts you mentioned buying a Silpat AFTER you got out of debt. My question is what did you do and how long did it take you to get out of debt? and how do you like the Silpat? :)

This might be a lengthy answer - it might not be.  I went on the Dave Ramsey system a while back - using cash - envelopes,etc.  I think MOST people are familiar with him - if not - Google him - it shall change your life.  We got completely out of debt, house and all - for a while I was so militant - I wouldn't buy anything that I didn't absolutely need.  I'm that way now some what, until I have fifty people telling me to buy the pot!    I think I would say that I'm much more conscious of my purchases now.  I really TRY to think them through and not be so impulsive.  I do not have one credit card to my name.  That took so much adjusting - it's cash or nothing baby. I would always look at Silpats and long for them.  I love them!  I want a couple more.  Would you like me to talk more about Dave Ramsey and getting out of debt?  I'm staring to think I should - since I was a terrible credit card abuser, and got myself into $20K of credit card debt.  What a lesson learned.  Once you are debt free - you will never, and I mean NEVER want to owe anyone a dime again. 

Question #39
Jamie asks:

Is Glenco camera-shy? You sound like the most WONDERFUL aunt!Do your other nephews and nieces get jealous of Aaron? Love your posts!

No, I wouldn't say he's camera shy - do you ask cause he's not on the blog much?  Hmm...I'll have to remedy that.  I do know he's worried about his receding hairline.  I can photoshop that though.  :-)
I AM a wonderful Aunt!  Thanks for noticing!  I don't know that my other nieces and nephews are jealous.  Sadly - I don't see them very much at all - and would have to say, that I don't have a very close relationship with them.  I only have one other niece on my side of the family - and she is in her 30's and lives a few hours away.  Glen's side of the family gifted us with lots of nieces and nephews - but his family is not very close, and barely even gets together around the holidays.  It's always made me sad that it's that way - and I try to get the family together at least once a year.

Question #40
Anne asks:

Jayme, I see you have lots of questions but I am going to ask one. Do you love living out this way and do you often go sighting see in our lovely town here just for the heck of it and act like you are a tourist.
I do enjoy reading your blog and one of these days would love to meet up with you in town for a cup of coffee or something especially since we are practically neighbors. Have to say I passed your house the other day and it is looking so pretty my dear.

Anne- I would love to meet you someday soon!  I would say to stop on over - but I fear you might catch me nude, in the middle of a hot flash!  Ha!  I do love it out here - love it.  Coming from the streets of Chicago, this was such a refreshing change.  I don't feel like I can breathe now when I get in a busy town or city, I need my open spaces.  I can't say that I feel like a tourist - but often, I feel so thankful and grateful that I thank God as I'm driving down the 9 mile stretch, and I see the freshly harvested fields, and I feel so happy, and at home.  When you passed the house - did you notice the awesome yellow chair that I got at the flea market?  Did you notice the grapevine that Glenco put around the outside of the door?  Love fall!  Hey - are YOU the one that stopped asking to buy pumpkins!?

Question #41
Janie Fox asks:

How much wood can woodchuck chuck? Nah, just kidding. Do you have a favorite scripture?

Well Janie - given that a wood chuck could chuck wood - I'm not really sure how much it could chuck.  Depends on it's work ethic and the soundness of it's teeth, dontcha think?  My favorite scripture - law -that would be a doozy of a question.  So many come to mind quickly - it's awfully hard to pick a FAVORITE - like - golly - let me think - I would have to say it's the scripture in Matthew where Jesus says 'my yoke is easy, and my burden is light'.  I think we all get so religious, and caught up in works, trying to earn our own salvation - and it's something I have to constantly guard my heart from.

Question #42
Das Flower Patch Farm Girl asks:

Minnie Mart, you shan't be watching up the BL tonight, not with 50+ questions to answer. And it's only 8 o'clock! You done shot your fool self in the foot, sho 'nuff. Here's my question: If you had to choose between chickens and your vacuum clean, which would you choose?

Law girl - don't you know how to get right to the heart o the matter.  I cain't choose  -  I just cain't.  Given that the chickens be like vacuum cleaners on the outside - do it make them one and the same?
I cain't choose, and I won't.  I won't I tell ya!

OK friends - that's all for now.  That last question has me so riled up that I can't think straight - that and it's daylight.  The Coop Keeper don't cotton to burning daylight up on the computer.  There's laundry to hang, vittles to cook, and critters to tend.

Please pray for the safety of our town today, and pray for the man in critical condition from a gunshot wound to the head.  May we all realize the fragility of life, and live our lives accordingly. 


  1. Speaking of woodchucks chucking wood...have you seen that Geico commericial? Hilarious! Ok...totally threadjacked that.

  2. Love starting my day off with Tales from the Coop Keeper!

  3. OK Jayme, I do think we might be related...remember I have relatives in your Mother is a house cleaning finatic (did I spell that right?). I wish I were more obsessive about cleaning, but other things, such as blogging, knitting, beekeeping and such get in the way. And, the weird dreams, I have them all the time. Woke my husband up a couple of weeks ago because I was yelling in my sleep. Can't remember why? And here is my idea for the sleeping naked thing. Because yes, there are times I do that too. I have to. Haven't even turned the heat on yet and it's been in the 30's at night. My idea--I'm going to make pj's out of sheets so it will feel like I'm naked, and just under a sheet. I'm serious. I have the my basement...just waiting...I don't live in the country like you. Not yet. So I need to cover up. The neighbor boy almost saw my ta ta's the other day. He'd be ruined for life! And that pot! Well, my Mom put a similar one in her garage sale pile! Law-I took it right out and put it in my basement with all the other things I have to have but haven't used yet! I'm gonna use it though, this winter, I am. Amen.


  4. Yes'm, our milk comes in plastic bags, tho' don't ask me why. It's a crying shame. You should make another attempt at coming to Canada, I think you would enjoy yourself right nicely.

  5. Sorry to hear about the violence. You stay safe now! I've been reading your blog for awhile and love it. I have a vintage Shasta trailer so I especially enjoy your Squirrel stories. I wish I had room to use mine for a guest room like you do - I've always wanted to do that!
    Austin, TX

    PS - you did the right thing buying that pot!

  6. In 1978 my family/parents/myself/my daughter moved to Arizona City, AZ. Gary Tison and his sons and a man named Randy Greenwalt broke out of the Florence State Prison and went on a killing rampage around Arizona. He had threatened that if he ever got out of prison he would kill a relative of his who lived not far from my parent's house. We could not go in or out of town without having the Sheriff's dept stop every car, have us open our trunks while aiming a shotgun into it and doing a search. It was frightening.

    So..... I completely understand your fear.


  7. I'm glad to hear that you have a shotgun ready! Be careful and stay armed.

  8. Dang Jayme...sounds serious...we have that go on every so often here in our neck of the woods in Charlotte. Shoot, it happens all over Charlotte. It's why I'm not opposed to moving to Iowa!! Been wanting to get out of here for a while. YOU ....BE.... CAREFUL! Keep that gun handy. I always put so much trust in the fact that I have 3 dawgs that will bark their crazy heads off if anyone is even showing himself around our yard.. (poor UPS and FED-EX).
    I would have to agree with you that the Buff Orpington is right up there. One of the most domesticated birds we had. So fluffy with their big bustles..Our gal was Buffy. She laid nice eggs. :-) Have a great and safe day girl! Hugs!!

  9. I've been keeping up with the chaos your way from a friend in Lowell. She said school was closed today!! Hope they find this man soon. I cannot begin to understand the total lack of compassion and respect for life these days! Stay safe! Or you can scoot on down to Benton County for the day! I will even let you run my vacuum!

  10. oh how I love my vacuums... that''s right 2 of them both Dysons! I had one I loved so dearly, then fell washing windows, broke me shoulder, surgery, down and out. Stu man had to vacuum and had to carry the one up and down. He said we need 2 bc you have no business carrying that thing up and down. Well who could argue with that! He is a good man all around - plus he loves bacon!:)

  11. Oh and we had a convict loose here once and I was scared to leave the house! Be safe woman. Put those Italian chickens to work!

  12. Okay, now I'm really worried about you, Jayme! I think you should get out of town....go get your camera at the FPFG's house and Fox Room it till this guy is locked up!

  13. How terrifying to have one of your worst fears happen in your own neighborhood. Hope they catch this monster soon. Stay safe.
    On a lighter note, I am so glad you ordered THE POT, and yes, I would like to hear more about your Dave Ramsey experience.

  14. Oh and I forgot to add, I love this:

    I guess I don't 'collect' anything else. I do try hard to collect memories. They don't take up much room and don't require dusting.

    Have a great day!

  15. I so love your blog. I don't have one of my own, but look so forward to reading yours!

    Like you, I've a love of cleaning and my favorite is vacuuming. So sad, but it brings joy to me and instant gratification. There was dirt on the floor, now there isn't!

    Prayers to your town and to the man who has been injured.

    Please never lose your sense of humor. It keeps a smile on your readers faces!

  16. It's been a ball to read all the questions and your answers. What we all love about you is you're honest, sensitive, and just down right a hoot...all rolled into one!
    Okay, I may be behind on all the fun, but I just stumbled on your blog article in Grit. Do you plan to do more articles for them? I was a book editor in a past life and I'm curious about dipping my toes into that area...any tips?

  17. There's a horrific home invasion/murder trial going on in Connecticut right now that is making national headlines. I was home alone when the murders were committed, my husband and children backpacking and off the grid in Glacier National Park. I thought I should do a safety drill and see if I could remember the combination to the gun safe. I could, but realized my eyesight had gotten so bad, I had to go find my reading glasses to see the numbers. True story. Now I know that if someone breaks in, I have to call a time-out so I can go find my cheaters. It probably won't happen though. Probably.

  18. Everytime I leave your blog I want to talk with an accent! Would it be weird if this Philly native started blogging with a different accent??? I want to say things like "Law" and "shant" and sound cute, not creepy! Probably won't work. Anyway, I have a phobia of criminals on the loose as well. I can't even watch the news!

  19. Oh, sweetie, you only have to go as far as Wisconsin to get some milk in a bag!

  20. I am crazy fearfull of serial killers too, and kidnappers of my babies. Prayers your way girl, keep the gun loaded! And by the way, should you ever ever go to Prince Edward Island, I AM going with you. You simply can't go without me. No, I'm serious. We're going. :)

  21. Milk in a bag?
    Don'tcha know that it comes out of a bag in the first place? Just go have a talk with a neighbor cow, she'll tell ya all about it.
    Love you and your blog. Giggles every day. Need giggles.

  22. Oh Jayme you s h o u l d come to Canada! In the west we don't have milk in a bag, I don't like milk in a bag anyway. It tastes funny.
    You would be safe from the killers here. We have mountains!
    I love your almost to Canada story and I'm so happy to hear that your Glenco is no fuddy duddy, I can't imagine that he would be.
    I am praying for you and the serial killer situation. Stay strong!

  23. Hello! I'm sorta new to your blog and love you! You are too funny - can't remember if I've commented before or not.... but I found you through FPFG. (I Love her, too).

    So, your a daily dose of laughs for this "Cooped Up" stay-at-home mom and as I was reading your post today I wondered something about you (not sure if your still taking questions or not).

    So, off-line, are you just as funny in real life? Obviously, I don't know you... but I know people who are naturally shy - it's those quiet ones you've got to look out for- and you give them an audiance - they take you for a ride...they're so funny.

    Oh! and AMEN to your answer to question # 38. Amen and Amen!!!!!

  24. Are you still taking questions Jaym?....I got many ounces in a cup of're my baking guru, so i ask you...XOXOXOXOX from me and XXXXX (super slobbery and babyrific) from Dylan

  25. Craaazy world..hope he doesn't smell your bees? Not funny, I know. I did go out today to get the mail. It felt odd like waiting for something to happen?! Everyone is at work but me, something wrong with that picture? Jake works after school for the corp. and they called and asked if he was coming in to work today. Hmmm. you did call school off? Why does my boy have to go? No, I'm okay with it, really!
    Have a safe day

  26. Just wanted to say...I oogle silpats.
    I am glad I am not alone.

    Still haven't bought one, not much of a cookie maker...maybe if I had a silpat, I'd change.

    Having just moved house, I'm reluctant to acquire anything for a little bit. Just happy to oogle.

  27. Did they catch the killer yet? How scary!!

    I read that you collect vintage alarm clocks. I found one at a garage sale a while back. It a little yellow one that winds up. I think if you look in my archives under "Garage Sale Finds" you can see a picture of it, if you are so inclined. Have a great evening :)

  28. Question: Law. How was the pot you bought from Amazon that you got for $57 and free shipping? Maybe that's what's making you paranoid about serial killers. Amen.

    Your Friend,

  29. Oh Jayme, please stay safe. What a horrible thing to happen.
    In Canada we do have milk in plastic bags and I don't know why. I never buy it that way. 'taint proper. Please come to Prince Edward Island because I live right next door and you could stop and see me on the way!

  30. I hope they've caught the nut! Stay safe and be ready with that shotgun! :)

  31. to be honest, I'm a tad overwhelmed by this post. I'm going to have to come back when I have more time and more brain...I'll be back, Lord willing and if'n the creeks don't rise...

  32. We don't have chickens yet but when we get them first on my list is a Buff Orpington. And for the same reason you give. I LOVE saying Buff Orpington, Buff Orpington.

  33. If I don't check in with you daily missy, why you have killers running around town and I didn't even know it until I logged on and read a day back. What is this world coming to that you have anything like this going on in your neck of the woods? Stay inside or go to work with Glenco...

  34. I'm loving that I shut'er down. :)

    If ever there was a Sophie's Choice dilemma, I knew it'd be this. I just knew you wouldn't/couldn't choose.


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