Friday, October 1, 2010

Returning the Squirrel to it's Natural Habitat

Well, we are off for a few days.
Returning The Happy Squirrel to it's natural habitat.
Not bathing - please see above comment.
Eating well.
Not sleeping due to serial killer phobia.
Asking people to neaten up their campsites a wee bit.

I'll continue my Inquiring Mind series upon my return home and thawing.
Did I mention the temps are supposed to be in the low 30's at night?

Why is it so much work to leave?
Lining up house sitters.
Washing windows.
Did you know - that my mom washed her front windows whilst she was in labor with my sister Cindy - she didn't want to go to the hospital and come home to dirty windows.
It's genetic.
Why do I feel the need to clean cabinets and closets before I go anywhere that involves a night away?
Why am I not ready even though I'm unemployed and not homeschooling anymore??

Last time I went camping, all I did was complain about how hot it was.
God has a great sense of humor.
Low 30's.
At night.
As in Fahrenheit.



  1. Bundle up and have a wonderful time. My only adult camping experience was at Disney World. (Fancy camping)

    As a displaced Hoosier, I would love to live in a farmhouse, raise chickens and knead bread. Ok, in all honesty, I would probably let my bread maker do the kneading but I really long to have chickens. I think that might make me slightly weird or at the very least a little quirky. Thoughts?

  2. We are camping this weekend also. Take lots of warm quilts and snuggle up with your sweet hubby!

  3. Ooooo....sounds like fun to me! Ok, not really. I hate camping. Maybe if I had a Squirrel of my own I might hate it a bit less.

    Have fun, and after you've thawed out, git yer evah-lovin' rear to my place.

  4. Jayme, I LOVE "The Squirrel"--my first viewing of it. I am sure you will bundle up and have a great weekend. Have fun!
    Amy ~:>-

  5. If your camper doesn't have a heater get some Threma Care pain wraps for uyour lower back. Spread one in the lower part of your sleeping bag or bed and one in the upper part. They will keep your bed toasty for 10 hours. I sed to go backpacking with my boys and only like carrying a light fleece sleeping bag so I resorted to this. It works well and the back warmers are light and easy to carry. And - last winter when we were without power for 6 nights, I used them to keep my bed warm. With the fireplace we could get the house up to 40 degrees, but the bed was toasty at night. And - just for the info - the generic versions are a big disappointment. Get the REAL Therma Care warmers. They're for pain relief - but being cold is a pain.

  6. the cleaning comments cracked me up - esp. the one of your mom. well, consider it good practice in "letting go". hope you have a good time and don't end up complaining about the cold, ha ha.

  7. Jayme Girl, I can't believe you hate camping. I love camping! For our honeymoon, Bob and I went camping for two weeks and traveled through the Indian Lands and the Grand Canyon. We slept on the ground, and woke up to ice crystals on the inside of the tent roof each morning. My favorite memory is of listening to the coyotes yip and howl outside our little red haven in Chaco Canyon! ":<>

  8. Keep your bums warm!!
    I am not much of a camper myself but I sooo want a cute little vintage camper for kicks and giggles so I think I could learn to love it!!
    Everyone else makes it look like so much fun..maybe I am doing it wrong??!!
    I watch wayyy to much crime I am right there with ya on the serial killer phobia!! Used to live in Florida where there is one on every corner..yikes!!
    Girl I cleaned while in labor too!!! Now I am retired from such things!!!
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  9. Don't forget the graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate candy bars for s'mores. No camping trip is complete without it. Have a great time - I love camping so I'm totally jealous :-)

  10. Have a great weekend. Remember the plus side is:being cold burns more calories!! That means more smores!! (or snerbs as my granddaughter calls them)

  11. Wow, 30's! You must be a bit further north than we are. We're hitting low 40's lately. It's great.

    We've been toying with the idea of camping, but I have a bug phobia. I had some seriously disturbing encounters with insects in my childhood (one involving giant stag beetles and a bathing suit. But that's a long story). I you don't freeze!! Have fun.

  12. Geesh, I sound drunk. "I HOPE you don't freeze", Jayme.

  13. Enjoy! I envy people that enjoy camping. I just never caught that bug although my dad tried to instill it in us. Sorry, Dad.


  14. Enjoy your time away. Everything looks fresh n full of promise afterwards... I too always go crazy cleaning before a trip of any length. House, barns, coop, gardens... I do NOT keep it up in between. I should travel more. I think it's like having clean underwear if you end up in the hospital... If something ever happened to me I'd hate to hear what the neighbors whispered about the state of my farm!
    30's at night is waaay better than 90s! Use those darling quilts and handknit socks!
    ps- so glad you visited n didn't hate me. Thank you for the sweet comment.

  15. You are a VERY brave woman. Camping when the temps are that cold at night (though that may help relieve the hot flashes) :) Hope you have fun!

  16. As usual, and I know I have said this before but Jayme, we were separated at birth!

  17. I never got that camping bug. I never got the cleaning bug, either (you don't wanna know how many years it's been since I've washed windows.) Here in the Northeast it's WARM, near 80, but unfortunately, it's day 2 of biblical rain, with widespread flooding. Bring blankets and enjoy your weekend, Jayme!!

  18. i know you will have lots of fun. take lots of those woolies. love the squirrel. will be looking for your return to your blog.

  19. When I was in 10th grade in high school, I slept outside all winter long.. I lived in Ohio then.. at night I sould grab my cat, my socking cap and run for the tent. My hubby doesn't like camping so only time I get to do this is with my son, Rich.. If it's going to be cold at night I take along my emergency blanket. (it looks like alluminum foil and it's the size of the a twin sheet) You put it between you and the blanket on top of you.. It keeps one toasty warm.. even in sub zero temp's.. I found it in the first aid kit I bought for the car.. One thing about fall camping there are no mosquitos or bugs. One has to dress with warm clothes and jackets. Even mittens and hats & scarves, are good to take. Not too many people like fall camping so there are not a lot of people...
    Yes, it's a mother thing.. I always have to leave with my house cleaned and my windows washed.. What is that all about...something we learned from our mom's and gramma's I think.. Have a great Friday.. I LOVE that camper.. Wish I had one.. better than sleeping in the tent I have.

  20. You are so funny! Haul that Squirrel up my way. The temps are record high here for Oct. Try and have fun will you?!!

  21. Chill out, coupee! HA! Have a good weekend.....:)

  22. Take your heaviest quilts and it will feel as though you are tucked into clouds. My husband always tells me to lay still and not move around and you get warmer sooner. That is very hard for me because I toss until I get comfy but I have tried it and it is funny it works.

  23. Have a wonderful time Jayme. As with everything else, you're a better woman than I. There's NOTHING like my very own bed at day's end.
    Please, don't get caught fighting a "power surge" outside the squirrel in a lawn chair. :)

  24. I hate camping. I also hate being cold. But, this isn't about me, it's about you and having a camper that is button cute and ready for action.
    Have fun sweet cheeks.
    P.S. my friend had a tooth rupture (seriously) this week. Her face sorta resembled your camper. We called her squirrel. Because, that's what friends are for.
    The end.

  25. Jayme...We'll be here waiting for you when you quit squrreling around with the camper and come home! hugs-Diana

  26. Jayme have fun and stay warm! Maybe you should have a glass of wine (or two) before going to sleep, that way you wouldn't worry about the whole serial killer thing... ;-)

  27. Can you believe I have never been camping in my life. I think I'm a tad spoiled by the creature comforts of home. Hope you have fun though.

  28. Too funny...I was raised where you cleaned from top to bottom before you left to go started making us hate to go on a trip...I have to stop myself when I start the same thing. wouldn't it be nice if we could adjust easily...each of these life changes send me a curve ball?
    I hope you enjoyed your "cold" is in the 80's here!

  29. I washed my windows the rain. I was afraid I'd go into the winter with dirty windows. It's cold here!! Hope my plants don't freeze tonight...that means we're turning the corner on seasons!
    Have fun. Snuggle lots!

  30. Your camper is so cute. Sorry its so cold. We camped in VA one time in July and I thought I was going to freeze. Just piled on everything I could find to try to hold in the heat.

    But your post did make me laugh.

    Hope you are home and toasty warm soon.

  31. We went camping last week in TN! We don't have a cute little camper though, we rough it with a tent! It was my very first time! LOVED it, but I hate how my hair faintly smells like campfire still. We were surrounded by campers and I swear one of my thoughts were, "how cool would it be if the Coop Keeper rolled up in her cute camper and was our camping neighbor?!?" Seriously though, we made like 3 or 4 trips to Walmart. I was sorely disappointed though that they did not have one of those camping coffee pots. I bought a tea kettle and coffee bags, BLAH!


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