Sunday, October 17, 2010

Diary of a Mad White Woman

My name is Jayme.
I blog here.
Miss me?

Lord have mercy.

It's becoming harder and harder to blog without my camera.
I get it back on Wednesday.
I promise.

Friday morning - I woke up feeling off - tired - sore.
Seems that it took me half the day to get me chores done.
When Glenny got home from work - we took off to get all the vittles for our 'Oktoberfest' celebration that we were going to have the following night.
Right before we left - I became unwell.

Let me explain 'unwell'.
It happens to us womenfolk once a month.
It's what my aunts and mom called it.
The same wonderful women that brought us 'aye law'.
According to my ancestors - a woman is not to cook, bathe or do anything when she is unwell.
They believed they could die if they washed their hair, and if they cooked, it would spoil.

By the time we got to the grocery store - I was - well - um....not in a good mood.  Ya, that's it.  I wasn't in a good mood.  If there's one thing I've learned whilst being unwell, in a bad mood - keep yer yap shut.  Tight.  I don't feel that hormones are an excuse for bad behavior, so I keep my yap shut.
Or I try too.
Glenco loves, and I mean loves to torture me when he knows I'm like this.
In fact - I think he tries to get me to lose it.
We had a big discourse in the grocery store about sausages.
He was adamant that there couldn't be an Oktoberfest celebration without bratwurst.
I tried calmly explaining to him that indeed, we could have an Octoberfest without bratwurst, and we were indeed not going to have bratwurst. 
My jaw was aching at this point.

We went to every local library in Lake County Indiana to find a German Folk Music CD.
Glenny felt the need to talk loudly in the library, and sing a little song that he's just made up that was sung to the tune of 'Love Machine', but he'd changed to the words to "Washing Machine".  I could see the look of sheer delight on his face as he knew he was not only embarrassing me, but that my dam of restraint was about to break.  The library is a holy place.  You just don't mess in the library.  You don't.


It took me a good three hours to return to my sunny self.

Saturday morning we awoke to chicken carnage.

Fifi is gone ya'll.
I'm so sad - she was one of my first girls.
She survived the first raccoon attack - only to be killed by one a year and a half later.
God rest her sweet soul.
My favorite banty rooster was taken, as well as a young poult that had no name.
It's a long story as to why these birds in particular were vulnerable.
I'm not kidding when I say that all the birds were quiet yesterday.  There was no clucking and cackling as usual.

Our Oktoberfest was a smashing success, even without bratwurst.
A new obsession:
German desserts.

I'm still not on the computer much - and I really have to say, I'm not missing it all that much.
I really do plan on continuing to blog -
no despair necessary.


  1. Your Glenny sounds like a very funny man. Whatever gets you through the bouts of unwell is what I always say.
    (Well I've never actually said that before.. but I should.)
    So sorry about your chickens. We don't have raccoons here.
    Very happy to hear that you are continuing blogging.
    Bless you.

  2. Jayme,
    I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your chickens. Darn racoons! Love the term "unwell", it's the perfect word to describe that time of the month!
    Hope you have a great week!

  3. Oh...I am so sorry to hear about Fifi. I does take a bit of the life out of us when we lose our pets.

    I hope you are feeling WELL soon! I think most men should be drop kicked about a mile every once in a while just for the fun of it...but that's just me! Hugs-Diana

  4. Sorry to hear about Fifi and the others, Jayme dear.

    I'm intrigued by your new obsession with the German desserts. I'm hoping that you are obsessed to the point of sharing recipes.

    Glad your Oktoberfest was a success...but I am afraid I'd have to agree with Glenny...really should have had bratwurst. :-)

  5. How dare you taunt me late into the eve'n about Ritaless anything! Not to mention the apple torte.

  6. Ahhhh, German desserts. We fell in love with them while we were in Berlin last month. The apple streudel about killed me with deliciousness. While waiting for a train in the Berlin train station, we drooled over the spectacular-looking desserts several vendors were selling there, pastries that made us swoon. But which vendor had the longest line, stretching out the door??? Dunkin Donuts. I had to go in, to see what all those Germans were buying, and it wasn't coffee, it was donuts, bags and bags of 'em. And at about $10 a dozen! I guess the grass is always greener......

    So sorry about your chickens. :( Time to get out that shotgun again.

  7. We lived in Germany for 3 years, oddly we never went to an Oktoberfest. But I will agree those German desserts can be mighty good!
    My heart is breaking for your chicken situation. I just love my feathered friends so much!

  8. Such sorrow over your chicks... Raccoons once murdered my baby rabbits and I haven't forgotten. Glenco sounds like a hoot! Too funny. However, I don't feel unwell anymore since I am an old lady of 51.
    I am in love with any dessert, nationality is never a concern :/
    Glad you will continue to blog. I will continue to read!

  9. So sorry about your Fifi :( And the others too, of course. I'm trying not to be overly confident that nothing like this could happen in our Fort Knox Chicken Coop & Pen. YES, it could happen here too.. yikes. Hugs!! -Tammy

  10. Oh, your poor chicks! I'm so sorry. I think your hubby and mine could be friends, can't they be annoying at the worst times! Hope you're feeling better.

  11. So sorry, there is nothing like the sadness of finding our Cockadoodle doo's not doodling....You are a brave woman, I could not handle the loss and had to pin them, and wrangle the dogs...I hear ya sista, it is a full time your blog....

  12. Oh Jayme, I'm sorry but you do crack me up! Have you ever read "The Red Tent?" If not, dash out and get it and let me know how much you love it, because you will LOVE IT! But your tale makes me think of that book.
    Your Glenny sounds like my duggles. TORMENTS me until I am MAD! Like a teen-age boy! BRAT.
    Sorry about your chickie-poos! That STINKS.
    xo, Cheryl

  13. Oh no'! Not Fifi!!! Eegads, I don't think I have the emotional stamina to ever raise chickens. I'm so attached to yours, I get sick in my tummy when I learn of one of them passing on to the Great Coop in the Sky....

    Even German chocolate can't soothe the grief.

  14. Not Fifi! So sorry Jayme.

    And so sorry you have been unwell. That is my new word now. And my sweet hubby tends to do the same thing right before I get unwell and it is all I can do not to knock him into tomorrow. Or at least until I am well again.

  15. Oh, this cracks me up! I did not used to be moody when I was "unwell." But let me tell ya...don't MESS with me during the week before I'm "unwell." I'm just a b...nevermind, not pleasant, during this week...and I know I'm not...I just can't help myself. Hubby refers to me as Hagatha during this week.

  16. I'm so sorry about your chickens, what a sad thing to happen.
    So what kind of German desserts did you have? And did you have big pretzels at your Oktoberfest? Those are definitely a must.

  17. Those poor chickens... what a horrible death. Just had a FB entry by my sissy. She is having to rename a couple of her girls from Gladys and Muriel and come up with boy names... What a surprise!


  18. Oh Jaym! I'm so sorry about your chickens. Does it feel like losing a pet?

    I'm with you on keeping yer yap shut. That Glenny is a stinker of the highest order though and would have deserved any tongue lashing he received!

  19. Oh I'm so sorry about your chooks. I had a loss this week too. I never knew racoons would kill chickens..... derr! we don't have those critters here, phew.

    Glad to hear you're passed your 'unwell' phase..... same time next month?

  20. Oh I so agree with you Libraries are the holiest of holy places ... I am so sorry about you chickens.

  21. Love yer pic!! Even if you are mad!

  22. So sorry about the loss of feathered friends. Keeping my girls pretty much under lock and key because I think I would perish at this point if Florence should be harmed. I do let them out once in a while when I can stay outside with them. Glad you are not leaving bloggy land!

  23. so so sorry about loosing you Fifi. that is so sad. i can understand the quietness in the chicken yard.

    fun octoberfest at you house. love it.

    enjoy your evening.

  24. Jayme sorry but your picture reminded me of the rescued miners before they were rescured are you sure you were not there? My interpretation of the word Law is that it actually stands for "Lord" I am still researching. Please keep up the blog you are a ray of sunshine in my otherwise dreary life.

  25. Jayme sorry but your picture reminded me of the rescued miners before they were rescured are you sure you were not there? My interpretation of the word Law is that it actually stands for "Lord" I am still researching. Please keep up the blog you are a ray of sunshine in my otherwise dreary life.

  26. Jayme sorry but your picture reminded me of the rescued miners before they were rescured are you sure you were not there? My interpretation of the word Law is that it actually stands for "Lord" I am still researching. Please keep up the blog you are a ray of sunshine in my otherwise dreary life.

  27. I have a 1973 Oktoberfest Hamm's beer stein that was Glen's back in the day. Asked a couple years back if he wanted it, but no go. Here's a pic of it. Hope da link works.

  28. Jayme, I'm so sorry about Fifi.

    Since you've been "unwell", have the flashes stopped? ;-)


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