Monday, August 12, 2013


A heartfelt thank you for your prayers and comments!

Lookie here:

So incredibly thankful and grateful that he is off of the life support.

Aaron is fine - walking around with a brace on - he's got a really big hard knot on his ankle.  The BoyChild really done did a good job on sprainin' it.

I'm ok.
Not 100% - but ok. 
I drove to the grocery store with no incident yesterday.
Actually - yesterday was a really good day - and today has been - up until now - now I'm a bit 
queasy, dizzy and just not myself again.
I'm doing the Prozac bridge.
It's really, really helping.

You know what?
I feel really vulnerable putting all of this out here - but, if it helps anyone - it's worth it.

I'm learning a lot during this, trial - shall we call it.
I'm learning more and more that I've always done, or tried to do, way, way too much.
I've learned that I kinda like being alone.
I've learned that I need to have someone in my corner, when I'm not feeling well, or thinking straight - that can do it for me.  That can help me make some choices.

When I was so anxious last year - and desperate for relief - I wish that I had the sense of mind to try some natural things before I took the Effexor.
Or at least I wish I had looked it up and read about it.
Nope.  I just took it.
Oh - it worked like a charm - but everything else it did to me - I don't think it was a good trade.
High blood pressure?
Sexual side effects?
And you know - I just felt like I've barely been able to write a good blog post since I started taking it - I felt as if I lost my personality a bit.

Anyhoo...just wanted to update y'all.
Onward and upward.

thank you again.

til soon.


  1. It's always so... I don't know... satisfying when prayers are answered. And heartwarming when the answers are acknowledged!

    I hope you are okay. These "drugs" are tough to deal with and they tend to be really hard on your body. Withdrawal is never an easy thing to do. Kind of scary.

    Be good to yourself and give yourself plenty of time.

    Pam (Colorado)

  2. So happy to see him and know that he will recover. You will recover as well though it will take some time. Maybe this is a good time for all that reflection and the quietness you need to learn that you cannot do everything. It took me a long time to learn that. Today, there are days when I don't do anything and that is all right with me. Don't care what anyone else thinks about it. It is what it is! Hugs.

  3. Loved that first photo of your friends' son sitting up with eyes open. Praise the Lord!

    As for you... still praying you will break through the withdrawals without too many more rough days.

    I have to agree that doctors are busy prescribing drugs they no nothing or very little about. They are putting bandaids on the problem rather than finding out why the problem exists in the first place. Also, many of these drugs are not properly tested before being put on the market. (Money talks.) It's truly a shame the number of people that have total trust in their doctors and don't question any treatment prescribed. When I was an EMT I couldn't tell you how many people were taking prescribed drugs and yet they knew nothing about them or even why they were taking them. Bags FULL of meds. (I would have to give them my little speech about why they need to know what they are taking and why.)

    I've emailed you and told you my story about Hubby's health issues with his heart and how we've been on a path to healing through foods and supplements.

    Thankfully, we have found a Naturopath Doctor in north Vegas and we have seen her a couple of times. She ordered some extra tests the next time he gets his blood drawn such as A1C levels, Vitamin D levels and thyroid. She says that insufficient Vitamin D can cause all sorts of chronic diseases. Wow... who knew! It confirms my theory that we truly are what we eat and that we need to feed our bodies with whole, natural foods so that it can thrive and survive.

    Keep hangin' in there.... (((hugs)))

  4. Jayme,
    I just want you to know how I appreciate you sharing your experience. I know I would never let anyone put me on it after reading about your experience. I hope you are back to being yourself soon and if nothing else, you seem to be learning something from the experience so maybe some good is coming from it!

  5. Dear Jayme -- truly an amazing turnabout for David and we thank God. We continue to ask for a healthy 'soon to be' time once again for Aaron and yourself Jayme..... I found a quiet strength in your words tonight and felt a healing direction to someone passing by this the end of it all Jayme we seem to discover that our pain has purpose even though we'd never wish it on ourselves or another.


  6. I missed the past couple of posts. So glad that David is out of danger and doing better. Sounds like you have found a bit of magic to ease you over your tough time and that is a good thing. Glad Aaron is doing alright, too. xo Diana

  7. His eye is on the sparrow and He watches over you!!


  8. You are amazing, I'm so glad you didn't fold the blog in, thank you, thank you for sharing your experience. We've discussed meds to help my daughter with OCD and anxiety, and this will NEVER enter her blood stream now, I'll see to it. Thank you.


  9. Boy, the lord sometimes moves very fast and we praise him for his mercy and blessings. Praise the lord David is breathing on his own; you are feeling better and Aaron too.

    I too felt numb when I was on that med and I was unable to cry too. Seem nothing stirred any emotions in me for the drug kept me feelingless. Keeping you in prayer and God knows what you need, call on Him, talk to Him, read your bible and he will direct you.

  10. Jayme...I'm 10 years your junior & already experiencing some of the same things...I'm in soo much trouble! Every time I see a doctor they want to dope me up on something that drives me a little more crazy. So...right now, no drugs for me. Trying very hard to stay off of all pharmas.

    I joined LLU because of you! Into week 3 and it's so hard for me! I hurt all over without even working out! I am having such a hard time planning meals. Going to spend sometime perusing your blog this week looking for inspiration.

    Take care lady. Stacy in Texas

  11. Jayme, Praising God that David is healing, you are healing, Aaron is healing. I know you were concerned about sharing such personal info regarding the Effexor, but you really helped me a lot. Having just gone through the hysterectomy and knowing a discussion could be coming with my doctor regarding menopause symptoms and issues, I am forewarned about Effexor as well as really conscious about being put on any meds for this. I may or may not be needing, or be given any, but if I am I will be fully aware that I should check it out fully BEFORE starting anything.
    Your blog blesses in so very many ways so very many people. Thank you so much for using your talents!

  12. Thank you Jayme for your honesty and openness about all this. I am contemplating going on either Prolia or Forteo for osteoporosis and am very nervous about the side effects. I'm only 51 so i would have many years on these drugs that are very new to the market. I am so hesitant to trust a doctor or pharma company to be honest about long term issues. and god forbid they should tell you there's a supplement to help you that's safer. We are really all on our own with these decisions. I really appreciate your stories and opinions. I think us ladies need to put all this info out there for each other.

  13. You've also apparently turned into a guy! SV


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