Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Job - Part 2

Look how big Baby Turkey is getting!

Here's a few more details about the job decision - for the inquiring minds.

First I want to preface this by saying - I wasn't looking for a job.
I'm never looking for anything - things come across my path - and they sound like fun.

My problem is that I want to do everything.
If it's fun - I want in.

Work at Starbucks? 
Macy's make up counter?
The garden center, the bookstore, the library?

When the health club job popped up - I thought ...ohhh, I can wear cute workout outfits and make smoothies for people and then I can use that money to pay for a personal trainer.

SO - I'm supposed to be there at 8:30am on Thursday morning (a week ago today) - so that I'd talk to him before the hardcore workout class.  I thought I'd look better.

Now...classic Jayme behavior - I do not look at the address of where I'm going, because I'm under the assumption - which I have no idea where I got that assumption - that this gym was near Home Depot, in the old Gold's Gym building.

I leave 45 minutes before the interview - it's a 20 minute drive.
I stop at a yard sale on the way - I've got plenty of time.

I get to the old Gold's Gym building, and it's completely abandoned.

Now - remember, I got rid of my cell phone?

So I see this guy loading a van and I ask for help.
He looks on HIS smart phone and gives me an address...I had no idea it was that far out!  I am going to have to hustle.

I hustle.
That's not it.
That's a gym called American Fitness - not BodyMaxx.
I stop at the farm stand next door and they tell me - oh that was BodyMaxx until recently.

I ask for a phone book.
Remember those?
It's not in there.

I'm now 10 minutes late for the interview, I have no phone, and I have no flipping clue where the gym is.
I get in my car...
it won't start.

I smile and say 'ok God, this is your answer'.

I start driving home - thinking I will call and apologize profusely to this man for wasting his time.
I decide to try ONE more time to find the place, and I pulled into the Dish Network office and found a super nice guy that looked it up on the internet, printed me out a map, and handed me a phone to call the guy.
He got a hug.

He still wanted to interview me, and laughed at my predicament.
I showed up 45 minutes late for the interview.
Great first impression...

"Um, I like totally don't know where your gym is at, and like, I don't have a cell phone".

We had a great conversation.
I told him - I don't want to work Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, or nights.
I need unlimited vacation time off.

He said...ok.

I felt excited and thought I would take the job, all weekend, that was my plan.
Then I found myself starting to feel anxious.
Sunday and Monday, Aaron is here.
Tues - Thurs I would be at the gym.
Fridays I clean for my neighbor.
That leaves Saturday.

It made me itchy inside.

I am very fortunate that I don't have to work, although, if you saw my bank account, you might disagree.

I am just happy with enough.
Enough to pay the bills, enough to buy food.
I'm not willing to trade my time for a sense false of security.
Trust me, the little I would make from a job certainly wouldn't offer any security.
It might offer steak instead of ground round.

Interestingly enough - I found myself being a lot freer with spending at the thought of working again.


But for whatever reason, I had the hardest time making a decision.   I kept fearing that I'd make the wrong one.  I had no peace with either decision at first.

I'll take the job.  Hmm....I don't doesn't feel right. Am I just scared? Have I become too comfortable at home?

I won't take the job....ooohhh, what if I'm missing a blessing?  I need to give back, blah blah.

Then I just starting thinking this:
I would be exchanging a good 18 hours of my time a week to work with a personal trainer for 3.

Not a good trade.
I finally felt peace.

I thanked him for my time, and declined the job.
Once a decision was made, and in stone...I really felt good.
I felt relieved.

I think it was the right decision for me.

Stay month I may join the military, start a new business or decide to take a solo sailing trip around the world...

Never a dang dull moment.


  1. You made the right decision. At least for now.

  2. Amazing how it all comes together and we know without a doubt we have made the right decision! I am happy for you Jayme . . .


  3. Jayme, dear.....Your decision is a sound weighed the pros and cons, and in my opinion made a decision that will benefit YOU and your family..too many of us make decisions for the wrong reasons. I hope and pray that more of us would come to realize what is really important in our time here on earth.

    Your words, and thoughts inspire , so keep it up!

  4. Gotta admire someone who knows what side of life their bread is buttered on Jayme........I think you're holding the key to what so many are on the hunt for Jayme.


    (lost, car won't start, job falls in lap, -- you've got a "fun-ness" about you that splashes all over your postings Jayme....'author' just might/perhaps be your next step into the unknown!) :o)

  5. Oh my! Only you, Jayme, only you could ALL that happen on the way to an interview, ha!

    I'm glad you're at peace with your decision. THAT is truly what is important and not the almighty dollar as you already know.

    Have a super awesome weekend!

  6. I once had an interview @ a mental health office in CP that was a major pain to get to and I ended up being majorly late for various reasons, turn round went home and called, they still wanted to see me so I tried again. Let me tell you you probably dodgef a bullet because by the end of the first day I quit cause it was a horrible, horrible place. Theres a reason for everything, and those crazy attempts to make stuff happen that go haywire is usually a warning!

  7. Jayme, sweetheart, I'm tired just reading this.

    Whatever brings you peace is the right decision.

  8. Which branch of the military? I think you should try the Air Force... you would be excellent at flying bombers. LOL

  9. You are so lucky to not have to work. I work to's exhausting. Cherish your freedom.

  10. Good for you! Working is overrated! Lol Have you thought about garden design? You have such a talent for it! :)

  11. Oh my girl, sounds like just getting to the interview turned into a scavenger hunt. I was glad to read that you chose not to take the job. You definately always seem to have enough happenings and burners burning, that your world is anything but dull. I agree that I think the trade off was not to your advantage. You made the right decision for now ...agreed. Now go outside, and grab up one of those hens, give her a hug, try not to get stung by a bee, check out your garden bounty and then take a cat nap in the squirrel for me please! You have such a lovely life Jaymes.




  12. Oops! Sorry for the triple Debra sign off. Sometimes, I am just too quick to hit the publish without checking..Ugh!

  13. I wish I didn't have to work! All I want to do is cook, garden, take care of my grandkids, instead I go to the office day in and day out. And I am always looking, but nothing has crossed my path yet. But my eyes are open! When something does cross my path, I'm going to grab it and RUN!!

  14. Sounds like the right decision! Oh...and that quote about having someone say they didn't give up because of did that for me, my dear.

  15. It's always tough going to work when it's not essential. But it sounds like you made the right choice, as Oprah always says, "When in doubt...don't!". Enjoy your time with Aaron.

  16. ...just so long as you take us along with you :-)

  17. There are women who would be so happy to not have to work. I don't have to either and I refuse to feel guilty about it. I feel very, very blessed, but I also feel I have earned this time after raising three children, taking care of our home and "keeping the home fires burning" while my husband worked. We did without many things so that I could stay home. Now we are reaping the reward of having time for ourselves and our grandchildren. Enjoy each day. It's a blessing and not having to get up on a frigid day in winter to scrape off the car windows and drive precariously to work is wonderful!

  18. Yep, you certainly made the right decision. I am without an official job for the first time in many years.. I had always "only" worked part-time. But still.. it's different. I think I like it? But then again.. guilt creeps in, and I'm not sure why.. lol. So! I understand your predicament. I want to do it all too! But, there's always a but :p Enjoy each and every day and I will TRY to do the same ♥ -Tammy

  19. I recently ran across the idea that every decision is a 'right' one. Whatever you decide will lead you down a particular path; a different decision, a different path. But every path leads to experience, and there are no mistakes. I found this comforting when going around and around about a decision!

  20. The guy that interviewed you....... he put up with a lot and was still willing to hire you. Do you think maybe he wanted in your pants?
    Sorry, just kidding. I'm trying to catch up with your posts and thought maybe you could use some humor. (Not that 'probly some guy wouldn't want in your pants, oh ugh this is coming out all wrong so I'll leave it here).
    The End


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