Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Decision

Are you good at making them?
I'm sure the heck not.

I think any 'good' decision I've ever made was pure luck.
I vacillate.
I think out loud and it makes me sound bi-polar.
I ask anybody, and their brother - 'what should I do?'
Then I'm further confused by everyone's opinions.

Case in point.
I have a job interview tomorrow.
I know.

But first - let me say this - I had a job interview lined up at Macy's in the cosmetic department, and then I cancelled it.

When I applied for the job - I was thinking:
This winter - I might need to get out.
I want to wear a white jacket and have a flawless face and play with lipstick.
I want deep discounts on skincare.
I like people.

I wasn't thinking:
I have to be there when they tell me to.
I have to try to push credit cards.
I have to be there when they tell me to.
I have to be there when they tell me to.

Get my drift?

This job - well, it kind of fell in my lap.
Part time at a gym.

This is what I'm thinking:
Oh!  I could wear cute workout outfits!
Oh!  I could have access to personal trainers!
Oh!  They have a SAUNA!
Oh!  I would be so focused and motivated!
Oh!  I could inspire someone to change their life!
Oh!  Maybe I could work at the smoothie bar!
Oh!  Oh!

This is what I'm not thinking:

They open at 5:30am.
Indiana winters are C O L D.
I have to be there when they tell me.
I'll save the typing - just say that six times.

Not about the money - I don't really WANT a job - but this one? 
It sounds fun.
But what if it's not fun in two weeks?

SO -
What should I do?
Hilary was right - it takes a village to raise a child...or an idiot apparently.


  1. Go for it; worse case you don't loke it and can quit, nobody is going to make you keep working if you don't want to but it won't hurt you to try and if you do like it - great. Good luch which ever way you chose. But what do I know. I choose to stay home (and I'm bored a lot)

  2. Is the withdrawal from that drug over? I would make sure you would be able physically to handle it before accepting. What if you can't even drive to get there?

  3. I've not been working for 18 months and I'm not sure I ever want to work for someone else again. "I have to be there when they want me there." What if I don't feel like getting up that morning, or if I didn't sleep very good last night and I'm a bitch when I don't get my sleep, what if, what if. Other people always have expectations of you. You can always go to centers where there are people and mingle with them if that is what you are looking for. And, you need to be sure that these drugs are out and done with and you are back to where you should be. I hope you give yourself some time to heal and take on one thing at a time, not a million!

  4. this I know- You will rock the interview and you would forever change the landscape there!!! I say do for it--- but it's your decision!

  5. Tough call. Me personally? I wouldn't want to be there when they wanted me there and more importantly I don't like to get dressed and go anywhere especially when it's cold outside, brrrr! I want to stay at home in my sweats and drink hot tea, read good books and crochet!

    Definitely not an easy decision but I wish you luck!

  6. I am a rep for the reasons you listed. I don't have to be anywhere at a particular time as long as I finish my work. I used to work in an antique store which was my idea of heaven. Playing with makeup would also fit that definition of heaven.

  7. I'm not sure but you have listed pros and cons ... the pros you have listed once BUT the con "i have to be there when they want me" seems to be a starred point over and over again. Dig deep down ... you will get the answer that works for you. With that said - it seems like a mighty fun job with lots of perks and yes you might be able to make a difference in someones life.

    Good luck with the decision.

  8. I went back to the workplace after 2-1/2 years at home doing exactly what I loved (taking care of my home and family) was the hardest thing I have done in a very long time. If I had the opportunity to be at home, that is where you would find me. As Barbara mentioned above, that phrase "have to be there when they want me" sounds like a big stumbling block. All that being said, I would not be terribly surprised to find you working at the gym in a couple of weeks!

  9. Really, are we gonna chase that rainbow again???? you love being home in winter!

  10. I retired in May after 24 years working with juvenile offenders. It was the best thing I ever did for myself! Then I got to thinking recently what if I could make a little added money? I got a job at Macy's in the processing dept.(no customers, no nights, no weekends and I get to see all the new stuff when it comes in.) I love it. No pressure since I don't depend on the money for income and I only work 10-15 hours a week. They said I may be asked to work 5 days closer to Christmas but I said I'm retired I don't do 5 days. If it becomes a "job" I will move on but as long as I enjoy it and talking and meeting new people it's a win win. Try it you may love it and not mind going out a little in the winter, just don't let it become a stress point. Take care, good luck!

  11. BAH... working for others is s downer. I say if you know a craft or how to sew then make something and open a store of your own on Etsy where you are the boss and set the hours. I was let go from a job in 2002, tried a few interviews by youngsters that totally annoyed me and said, "no way Jose" am I going to work for a child. Stay home... you'll figure out something to do from home.

  12. Go for it. The worst that can happen is that you hate it and then you quit. But you could end up really liking it and you could make new friends as a bonus.

  13. Jayme, I hate the thought of going out in winter for minimum wage...or less. Stay home and take care of yourself. If you are clever on the could work from home. blessings to you. xoxo,Susie

  14. I'd go for the interview although be prepared for them to offer the job right then . . . saying yes today doesn't mean you can't say no some other day . . . Wishing you the best decision it can be, for you!

  15. I think because you are such a people person and have dramatically changed your lifestyle it is great way to share your experience and encourage others. :) I think the pros outweigh the cons. ;)

  16. Hum, maybe you need to make sure your withdrawals are over or did you take a Prozac? Need to wait and make sure all is okay before jumping in. It does sound good but you do have a lot on your plate taking care of your farm and if Aaron comes to visit and you have to work... what then. If it’s not about the money then look at all you have to do there at your house first? If you can spare the time out several times a week then it does sound good. But... give it a few more weeks to totally get off all meds. If you apply, take the position then quit in a few weeks, this does not look good on your work record should the need come that you have to hold down a full time job because you need the money.

    Just thinking... I am one that looks at things in the long run, every detail is analyzed.

  17. Hi Jayme, this is my first visit to your blog :) But I TOTALLY know what you mean by a job, and ALL of that. I have been back and forth for years. Since it was never about the money for me too, I finally found a perfect solution for me. There is a vintage furniture shop that I LOVE just down the road from me, I spent so much time just hanging out in there because it's inspirational and fun, and the people that come in have the same interests, etc. Finally, one day I asked if I could volunteer. They jumped on it and I am happier than ever. They appreciate the help, I get out and meet new people and if something comes up, they are so good about it. Trust your heart, you will know when and if its the right time :) PS So proud of you on the weight loss, I'll be looking at that blog too! I have a bunch to lose!!

  18. I agree with quite a few here. Be sure you are giving yourself enough time to be with out side effects. It might be fun for you to be at a gym. Your definately an inspiration and testimony to weight loss. The decision might be finalized by what they will require in hours needed and also you will have to weigh the hourly wage and if it will be worth it. I just quit my job a little over a month ago. I have always worked part time for the last 26 yrs, while raising my four children. As I miss the money slightly, I have no regrets. I had worked retail almost half of that. I think you'd dislike it. Its great when its busy, but when it isn't, the time crawls. Too many weekends too. Will the gym require weekends? I also worked in a medical office the other half, and as I liked it and the patients, it was very intense and after 14 years there and a second office being thrust into ours (downsizing) well, The workload was greatly effected. No pay increases either. That was the deciding factor to retire early. I love being on my own schedule and I have plenty of projects. Good luck, whatever you decide.


  19. 'To thine own self be true' ~~ Will Shakespeare & that dude knew his stuff Jayme.

    (In my most gentle & kind typed voice I'd ask: if you boldly took authority over what decision to make Jayme would your first instinct be 'Y or N'.)


  20. Jayme, I say take it!
    I felt the same way, I was out of work for 6 years, and I couldn't imagine HAVING to be somewhere, I loved the freedom of controlling my own life.
    Well this job comes along about a year ago, I take it, and let me tell you it was the best thing I ever did. . . I love my job, I'm around people, I'm a banquet server, I bring laughter to the crew, we have fun, I am so appreciated there. . .I thought that being home was the ultimate happiness, but this job helped me, at a time when I needed it, my only child moved away and I don't hear from her as much as I'd like to, and it really could blow your world. . . well I'm so glad I took this job, it helps me to not think about what is wrong with my life, and think about what is good.. . not to mention being on my feet for so many hours serving, I have lost weight and inches, sometimes I feel like I should pay them to work there. . . this job came to you for a reason, believe it!

  21. Long time reader here delurking to say 2 words - Seriously, Jayme?

    Love ya!

  22. JUST BREATHE and stay in the moment. Good Luck

  23. I laughed when you kept saying "I have to be there when they tell me". I have not gone to work outside my home (I have done things here to make $ and do plenty of volunteer work). Once my kids were gone from the house and I no longer was needed to care for my granddaughter:(, I thought about a job like that--thought it would be fun to wear cute clothes, etc. I remember telling my husband I thought I would like a job but......I wanted to be able to go when I wanted. He laughed. He said that is what jobs are--you have to go when they say. I never got one. And a heads up---my daughter was the head of cosmetics at Macy's for a few years. Very high pressure job. I got lots of sample make up though:).

  24. I wish I knew how to help you make that decision. I'm going through a tough decision right now too and have NO IDEA how to make up my mind. One minute I'm fine with the change, the next, nope...can't do it! Something has to give, but I don't know how to figure out what. I'd love to hear how you figure out your decision. :-)

  25. Jayme, you could write a book. You have told so many hilarious stories on this blog, they would make a great book. Your sense of humor is infectious. You could do that during our Indiana winters and do a book tour in the Spring and Summer. There, solved. You would be your own boss and decide when you work.

  26. If you don't like it in 2 weeks, could you quit?


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