Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Misc.

Goodness gracious sakes alive.

I can't wait until I feel well enough to tell you all that's been transpiring around here.
I met the grandson of the man that built this house.
I have his photo - he stopped by here on Monday, and there's such a story to tell.
He's 86, named Clarence.

Aaron twisted his ankle on a curb in Chicago, and is in an air cast and on crutches, but still went to school today - he's such a rock star.  I hope he gets good sympathy tips today. 
He told me 'I have to go!  I have appointments!'.
Love. him. to. death.

I need to tell you the story of the mysterious demise of Stubbs and the Vietnamese woman.

But first, and foremost - I'm going to ask you to pray for my friend's son.
I met Mirjana through this blog - she's a local reader.
She's battling for her life as well - the blasted C word.

Her son is presently in the ICU, fighting for his life.
Please pray.  Pray hard.
For both of them.
His name is David.

Photo: Please, please pray for my friend's son David....he's in the hospital on life support.  Pray too for his mother Mirjana.  Please pray hard.  xo

And while you have His attention - say a prayer for me as well.

Yesterday, I went to the beach with was super glorious - but on the way to my friend's house - I had two near, and I mean near miss accidents.  Then, on the way home - again, another near miss, AND I felt very confused on how to get home. My head is useless.  I'm so dizzy and disoriented.

I've been bedridden since, diarrhea, and I'm absolutely unable to move my head the slightest bit without my whole world spinning. I'm crying a lot on and off.  I'm presently parked on the front porch with my legs up - Glen's waiting on me hand and hoof, and I'm just reading up all of my library books, enjoying the breeze.  If this clanging in my head would just stop - it's as if someone is holding a staple gun up to my noggin and shooting blanks on it every few seconds.  My ears are ringing so loudly that it's maddening!

I'm on day three of absolutely no Effexor in my body.
If by Monday, I'm not better - I'm going to go to the Dr. and get the Prozac to do the 'Prozac Bridge' that I've been reading about on forums.

This too shall pass.


  1. Miss Jayme....I'm so sorry! I know this will pass....but it's hell in the midst! Praying for peace over your body and mind dear one. Hugs.

  2. Praying for everyone, Jayme. Feel better.

  3. Oh, dear! I'm praying for everyone too! My heart breaks to see a young man on life support! Thanks for posting! You are loved!

  4. Prayers for all.
    Such agony you are in. Hope Doc helps asap!
    Now what about the chicken and the lady?

  5. So Much - So Very Much
    Okay - Making Sure We Have "HIS" Attention - looking for a Great Outcome in All these stories.

    Love & Love,

  6. Said prayers for the 4 of you in Jesus name; divine healing for your friend and her son David and then swift withdrawals for you and healing for Aaron's ankle.

    I too was out yesterday and had one psychotic person that kept trying to run me off the road or into oncoming traffic. My cell phone was dead so I could not call the police. Finally he left me alone but by then I was so addled I had a near miss when I tried to pull out of a side street onto a main thoroughfare.

    If GOD is on our side then who is against us.

    God keep you all safe and hope you feel better.

  7. Prayers for everyone. I'm so sorry about that damn effexor. I would get the bridge medicine no matter what. I'm hoping you are doing better soon. Want to hear all about the former people of your blessed home. Thanks to Glen for taking such good care of you. Hugs!

  8. It's so weird. I was on Effexor years ago and had no withdrawal when I went off of it other than feeling really sad.

  9. Jayme, Praying for you, your son, and your friend and her son. God be all of you. The more I read of this medicine(Effexer) it seems it should be removed from the market...too scary. Thank God glen can help you. xoxo,Susie

  10. Praying for you Jayme, your friend, her son and Aaron...Jeez Louise! That "C" word is sister just came through a year of treatment...and my dad has bone cancer...and mom has demention. I think we all need to be spending more time on our knees! God Bless you all...and can't wait to hear your stories...they are always a hoot!
    Take Care,

  11. Prayers, prayers and more prayers!

  12. ...for all these needs Jayme; united with everyone in prayer.

    Sent with care.....

    God Bless,

  13. Oh gosh Jayme. So much going on. Pray for your friends and you. I hate the blasted C word. H.A.T.E. it

    Cindy Bee

  14. Oh what a post. So sad for your friend and her son. Prayers will be said. On the Jayme front, oh my gosh, that Effexor is wicked. Oh no, having visions going on in my head of you on the road. Ugh! I'm not even on Effexor and I don't travel well on the interstate. The whole on and off of the ramps, but other than that I'd be at the Michigan beaches every other weekend. Love the beach..I mean LOVE. Poor Aaron. Never a dull moment for you girl. Well when you can focus and your head stops spinning, do tell us sbout the history of your home. Keep us posted, as I know you will. Prayers for all....


  15. I'm thinking whiplash or a concussion,hope not but be careful. I can't claim either as an excuse on my recent trip to Joplin for my Uncle's funeral. Missed my exit to 44 in St. Louis and ended up taking a really nice detour through the country. I will have to get lost again when I have more time. Herman, Mo. looks like an antique shop heaven. Your experience with getting off your meds made me think that may be my Mom's problem. I had a talk with her. Thinking of you Jayme. Peg from Decatur

  16. Prayers sent up for everyone, I've been absent so read back several posts to catch up. Oh my, you have been on a roller coaster ride. Hope you are feeling better and yes, I know that fear all to well of when they find something. That waiting time is the worst and then if you're lucky you finally get the good news that everything is ok and you breathe a huge sigh of relief. Sad to say not everyone hears good news, my cousin now has had cancer come back- now in her bones and lungs. She is fighting like crazy, she's not giving up. Mom passed in April and I can't find it in my heart to go back to the blog. I just stay busy and that's not a problem since I simply moved my inlaws to the front burner now and rarely have a spare moment. Miss my bloggy friends...

  17. These symptoms sound like possibly more than just stopping the Effexor, especially since you withdrew so carefully and gradually. I'd have a serious talk with your physician to make sure that there isn't something else going on. It's easy to connect a cause-and-effect, but do make sure that these symptoms aren't coming from something else that's being overlooked. Be well!

  18. Do. Not. Drive. Have Glenco take you to the doctor. I am slap worried to death about thee and thine.


  19. Sound like you are having a hard time. Hopefully all will be better soon!

  20. Holy hell, I'm going to make sure none of us ever goes on that drug. Jeez, sounds absolutely awful. Thank you for sharing your experience.. I know that took courage but for sure you are doing us all a big service. And you know prayers were sent, and will again -

  21. Surely sending prayers up for Mirjana and her son, God be with them through this tough time. . . Jaymster, this too shall pass, lots I believe is menopausal, the effexor didn't help, but just one day at a time. . . you need a beach day!! Love Aarons determination. . . what a kiddo!

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