Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Job

I wish I had the time to give you every detail, and I do hope to soon - about being 45 minutes late to the interview.

I was still offered the job.
I'm that fabulous.
: -)

I turned down the job.
Again - details to come.

It's just that it's 5am, and there's a cool breeze and a full moon outside and the moonlight is casting magical shadows on the pumpkin leaves, and I don't want to miss it.

I am Effexor free.
Nearly two weeks.
I can't get over how fabulous I feel.
I feel like I'm alive again.

It's supposed to be in the 90's the next few days.
I'll make sure I get back up in here when it's too hot to be outside and fill in all the blanks for you.



  1. I was sitting with my coworkers at lunch last week trying to explain why I only worked part-time (without hurting the nurses' feelings who worked full-time). That little saying at the beginning pretty much sums it all up! I love it! And I am so glad you are feeling better!

  2. So happy you are "feeling free and alive" again! A decision is only good when it works personally . . . Enjoy your time in the gardens . . .

  3. YAY YOU! Stay home and be happy and prescription drug free for as long as possible. Old age will bring on the necessity for nasty medications one day so do without for as many years as possible. XOX

  4. OH GIRL! Early morning wake up here too. Took the dogs out and breathed in the cool air yet holding. I so wanted to paint today. I am just getting over the flu. Ugh! This is August not January. Geez.....I think it traveled from my daughter and son in law as thy just had it and handling the twins. Yep, 90's today will bring time by the pool or maybe just staying in and cruzing somemore blogs for catch up. I checked yesterday, but no post from you. I am in shock. I thought you'd for sure take it. Ya Hoo..I love this opening share. I say well said!! Like I stated in your last post, I quit/resigned from my job. I have cut back a bit and am still going through a bit of guilt of not bringing home (some bacon). I think it is a moment of self worth issue to work through, but I am so much more at peace now. Oh do post again..I am so curious why you declined. You were 45 minutes late for the interview? There has to be a good story yet to be told. I'm glad for you. Do post on girl...waiting...


  5. HURRAY FOR NOT TAKING THE JOB!!!! Not every woman in America needs to work outside the home. We've forgotten that according to the bible a woman's first priority is to her home.

  6. I think you are weird but in a really, really good way :) and that is what makes you so interesting. Can't wait for your full post.

  7. I know that was a tough decision for you to make. And even though you had a personal goal of being totally 'fit' I think you have done a fabulous job with your health and weight issues and should bask in those victories! You go girl! Keep working in those gardens and you'll be 'fit' soon enough in a very satisfying way!

  8. I absolutely love the words on the photo today. And I'm so happy for you that you feel wonderful. Life is grand.

  9. Jayme, I'm so glad you decided against the job. Stay home and housekeep, beekeep, gardenkeep, Boy and Glencokeep. But most of all Jaymekeep. Take good care. Hedy

  10. Jayme- I am glad that you made a decision based on YOUR needs. Can't wait to hear the details- xo Diana

  11. I love the intensity of waiting to hear all of what will fill those blanks :)

  12. I'm happy for you! I love the quote. That's me. Just a simple woman.

    Beth K.

  13. Great quote and as usual, you're inspirational!

  14. Cheers to the return of healthy days and decisions made Jayme!

  15. That is just awfully early to start work, and anyway, you would be way too tired to blog, just sayin. . . Do you know how many people you help right here. . . I mean really help. . .just by sharing your life. . . you inspire, you change peoples lives, you make us laugh, you are the reason I eat clean. . .how HUGE is that! xo

  16. i'm so glad the effexor is out of your system and that it didn't take too long! yay!
    take care

  17. This is exactly my life! and I'm sure others.
    Doing the best we can and some times or most times it sucks! Hang on to the good. And hope it will get better.


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