Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Latest Buzzzzzzz

Here's a tale about the beehives that involves no nudity.
A family friendly story if you will.
Sorry to disappoint!

Well, here they are - the beehives.  Painted lilac, all lined up in a very unlevel row.
It is what it is.
I was going to put those stones in front of the hives, for really no reason, since I don't stand on them - but I've decided against it, and have removed them - it would be a mowing nightmare.

As soon as we got the beehives moved a couple of weeks ago - the enormous fiasco that it was, I realized that I didn't like them where I'd put them.
Stubbs even called it a Fuster Cluck.
True story.

But what's a girl to do?
She drags her poor husband out on a dusky, rainy night - he endures a hellacious beehive move because his wife is undiagnosed bi-polar - and a week later she wants them moved again?


She did what any loving, intelligent wife would do - she didn't tell him.
I went to Lowe's - probably my favorite store eva - and picked up this 'Purple Hill' paint.
I'm a sucker for lilac.
I had a couple of empty hives - such as this one on the right - it has no bottom board yet, since it's empty - I just bought a new one, and have to paint it.

I started painting the hives late one morning last week - and as I would get them painted, I would move the empty ones over to the new area - which is almost exactly where they were before - another reason - we aren't telling Glenco.


Now, to appreciate them now - you must look back on how they were before....
Here's when I had two...

They look purplish in the above photo, but they are not...they are brownish, as you can see in this photo below...

My hillbilly bee yard.  Mercy - that was an embarrassment!
It's called - the bees are swarming - quick!  Get them in a box.

So.....here I am, out back, painting beehives a lovely lilac - and Glenco arrives home from work.
I didn't know if we were going to have a confrontation or not - I mean, a man can only take so much.
Move the beehives AGAIN?
You bought paint when we have about 28 gallons down in the basement?

So, he meanders in the back and says - 'oh, that is a really pretty color' - and then he sees where I'm moving them, and says 'oh, ya - that's way better'.
Whew!  Dodged a bullet there.

He willingly helped me move the hives the next day, and it went off without a hitch, since we actually did it the right way.  No flailing, no stinging, no drama.

I now feel like my bees are organized, and that makes a happy CoopKeeper.
I have to interject something here....

Is this what I ULTIMATELY wanted?  No - not really.
I would have loved to make awesome hives like this...

Friends - it's not in the cards for me.
Numero uno - these hives are $400 a pop from Williams and Sonoma.
Second - I have no wood shop, nor the time or money to set one up and start making hives - even as much as I would like to.
I am seriously going to have to live to be 100 if I'm to accomplish half of what I'd like to.

I gotta tell ya - that's beekeeper's porn right there.
I think it's really important to do the best you can, and be happy with it.
If you aren't careful, you'll breed discontent in your heart, and sistas, that's a weed that will take root and be hard to pull out.

So - the beehives are lilac, in a charming little crooked row, and they have been inspected and the gals are happy, healthy and bursting with busyness.  We pulled six gallons of surplus honey off of the hives.
Many beekeepers will pull what I think is too much honey off of the hives in the fall, and then have to supplement feed the bees with sugar, or these fondant patties.  T'aint natural if you ask me.
I leave them more than enough, and take it in the Spring if there is a surplus.

We sold quite a bit by word of mouth - but still had a lot left over, so Glenco made this sign for me....

Isn't it adorable?
I want to plant some flowers around it.
We have sold 10 quarts and a pint in a couple of days since the sign went up!
I just have to remember to be dressed.
The first customer caught me in my 'loungewear'.

I really do enjoy beekeeping - even though I've been stung more times than I can count this Spring.  I think it was some rite of passage the bees were putting me through.  Truth be told - 99% of the stings were really my fault - just not being careful, or being in too much of a rush.

One bit of advice, if a bee ever gets tangled in your hair - do not, in any circumstance, bend over at the waist - and flail your head wildly while running your hands through your hair...
well, unless you like the feeling of a flaming hammer coming down on your head.

The bees continue to fascinate me, teach me, scare me, entertain me and keep me busy.
I'd say they're keepers.


  1. I think your posts are the best ever . . . like reading an early morning short story picture book . . . tickling my tummy with lilac visions and wishing I was looking at that perfect HONEY sign in person!
    The BEST . . .

  2. First, I have to say I think the lilac hives are the coolest thing I've seen in a long time! All I've ever seen are white and I just thought that it was the white that attracted the bees! (I guess you can tell I didn't research that bit of information. :-) ) That hive from William Sonoma is to die for...and at the price of $400+ dollars that is what I'd have to do..die! Love the sign that Glen made for you...it is just SO cute! I'm glad you are enjoying beekeeping. We have two hives at the present time and probably won't go beyond that...just keep adding supers to what we have. We are doing it for our own use. At one time we had 15 hives...but that was back when we were selling it. Nothing like being able to have your own honey! When our son was here recently he was talking about the great "entertainment" his dad and I provided when we worked the bees when he was a kid. :-) Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  3. awwwww, you husband is too sweet. love that sign!! super cool!! ( :

    will you ship your honey. ha. ha!! that was funny... did you get my joke??!

  4. What a great hubby to make you that really cute sign! And to not say a word about moving the hives again.

    If you don't mind me asking, what's a quart of natural honey go for? Our neighbors give us honey all th time and I always want to pay them, but they won't let me. I'm thinking about leaving an anonymous gift on their front porch. :-)

  5. I'd say Glenco is a keeper too!!

    I bought some of your raw unfiltered honey in the past when you were selling it on etsy. It was the best honey I have ever tasted. I hope you will be selling some online again. Love the lilac boxes! If you want the fancier boxes, maybe your cousin the cabinetmaker could make some for you.

  6. Yay Glencoe for being so understanding about the hives color and placement, woohoo! And AWESOME job on the sign... I absolutely adore it!

    You're right about being content with what you have and staying within your means. I needed that reminder.

    Have an awesome day!

  7. Love the color of the hives!!! We have a Home Depot and a Menards 5 minutes from my house but I will drive 20 minutes to Lowes because it is always my first choice. Always.

  8. Hey Girl, loving your blog as we travel!!! You haven't answered my last email, so I may try to call again. I have lots of questions about blogs for you.

  9. well.. I have a story. When I was a young-un, we had a bees nest out in the front bushes near the walk. I didn't know it. Until I decided to swat the bush with a stick for no smart reason at all. Then they came out in droves, and I had three stuck in my hair in no time. I flailed, I flopped, I yelled, I swatted.. and ooooh did it hurt like more than heck. To this day, when I see bees, talk about bees, think about bees... like right now for instance, my whole scalp tingles, I kid you not. So, while I admire bees and beekeepers and I sure appreciate what they do for us, I will never be a bee keeper, ever. Lest I become fond of the tingling scalp sensation. I have PTSD .... Post Traumatic Sting Disorder, for sure.

  10. oh, and PS... LOVE THAT SIGN!! What to go Glenco.

  11. um, that would be WAY. Sigh.. see what the thought of bees do to me?

  12. Great post today... fabulous and very creative sign your husband made.

  13. I loved your comment about discontent-that seems to be me these days. Definately something I need to think about and work on. Thanks for your wisdom.

  14. Those are some pretty swanky hives...what fun! Forget the $400 hives, they have nothing on yours! If someday you still hanker for one of those copper-topped hives, check out the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm website...they have a darling English Garden Hive set for $130. You'd need a few more supers...but, with 6 hives already, you may not want to tackle number 7!

  15. Fantastic, loved reading your post. Nice sign, Hubby made!

  16. I think the lilac is just lovely. Glenco is quite a trooper, isn't he? I'm always wanting to buy more of your honey, so please let me know when it's for sale again.

  17. That sign is adorable. Question? How long does honey keep in a jar if unopened? I always wonder.

  18. Sounds just like me any my hens :D

    Your sign is adorable, well done Glenco! xxxx

  19. $400?! I am in the wrong business. I need to do some research, but i may be in the wrong business! The heck with people furniture... I need to get into bee furniture.

    Your new sign is adorable and your hubby is a gem. AND I love how green it is there. Happy days - Pam (Colorado)

  20. You have a wonderful husband and he has a fun-loving and endearing wife!
    Thanks for bringing me smiles this morning!

  21. Great story even without the nudity! Maybe you and your cousin the cabinetmaker can custom build bee hives when you are up in his neck of the woods. The extra money will allow you to buy more paint!!! Glenco's sign is stellar, and planting flowers around it is sure to attract more customers. What does your loungewear look like exactly? Mine looks like pajamas, and I wore them while eating dinner with a bunch of teenagers last night...

  22. What a drool post! That first picture is so beautiful. Those adorable purple hives in their crooked splendor, to that gorgeous blossoming tree and pond. Is that pond on your property? Even if not, you and Glenco have such a sweet home. I would so stop by and not only buy honey, but want to sit a spell. You and Glenco would be about turning the lights off and turning in, and asking each other, "Has she left yet?". Ha! Glenco surely loves all the Jayme moments, as we do too! His life is surely not dull. Nice work Glenco! That sign is frick'n adorable. Next, it will be a little roadside stand? Oh, what did I just say?? I better not give you anymore ideas, but not that you haven't probably thought of it, with those gorgeous garden plans awhile back. You are going to have one busy summer.

  23. You should have asked your cousin the cabinet maker to make the beehives you really want. I love the lilac color and I do believe I like that they are in a crooked line than a straight and perfect one.

  24. Love the lilac beehives!! And I love your stories! Glenco's sign is awesome too! :) I so agree with you about breeding discontent. We really have to be on guard with so much out there in blog land and Pinterest. :)

  25. This is great! I love the color. I have read your blog periodically and this is the first time your main squeeze was mentioned...or that I caught it.
    Good luck with the bees.

  26. Great fun color for the hives. And that sign is adorable...would make me slam on the brakes for some honey!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  27. That sign is awesome! I wish I could stop by and buy some honey but honeys way low on the list when bills are past due :( Will settle for driving by and admiring your husbands artistry and your gardening talent, albeit at 50 mph as my hubby never slows down for anything! I love your beehives, I was to go to a masters beekeeping class but broke out in hives (oh the irony) the day of.

  28. Awesome colored bee hives. Loved the stories. The sign is a great one. Have a great week.

  29. Love your style lady!! Great color for the hives. Give Glenco kudos on an awesome sign. My favorite quote from this post; "If you aren't careful, you'll breed discontent in your heart and sistas, that's a weed that will take root and be hard to pull out." like it!!

  30. Ok, Cabeeni Green!! WAY TOO FUNNY!!! Only a Northwestern In or Chicagoland person would get that one. You crack me up! Jodi


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