Friday, May 24, 2013

Meet Glenco - A Repost

It's come to my attention that many of you don't know I'm married, cause I don't talk about Glenco much of late.  I was looking through Ye Olde Blog Archives, and I found this from nearly three years ago, and thought that I would just repost it for my new readers.  I'll also repost the Meet Aaron blog that my new readers know he's my nephew, not my son, although I consider him my son...and his whole story.  Also, and update on Aaron is coming very soon!

Happy Friday!

Glenco isn't his real name.
It's Glen.
Glenco came about 20 years ago and stuck.
Double G is another nickname.
G Force

Would you look at those little arms?
Is it me, or does everyone wish they knew their husbands as little kids?
If we ever had a little boy, I bet he'd look just like that.

Glen is on the left here, holding a turtle.
I have so many cute pics of him as a kid like this, always up to something. I love his clothes in this picture. Those little socks and shoes.

Here is a picture of Glen when we first met. He was in a Christian rock band called 'The Risen Son' Band. He still loves music more than anything, and still fiddles with the guitar some. He feels as if he's missed his calling, he would have loved to have done something in the music industry. He was the church sound man for about 15 years. He drives a truck for a living now, delivering scaffolding and scissor lifts. He starts work at unGodly hours like 4 and 5am, but he's usually home around 1pm. Never complains.

We met in the spring of 1982 in a little Chicago church. I thought he was rather weird. I thought he was old. (He's nine years my senior). I don't know what happened, because within two weeks, I knew he'd be my husband.
He didn't get the memo and avoided me for months.
I started taking pictures of his band, and he said one day he looked at me, and just wanted to go with me when I was leaving.

We've been together since. Dated two weeks, and got engaged. Married within six months.
We were in a hurry. That's all I'm sayin' about that.

It's been a pretty easy road. We've had our share of bumps and turns, and still do at times.
Glen is like a rock. He's so steadfast, and mature. He's always in the same mood, which is usually a pretty good one. He's very quiet until you get to know him, and oftentimes he's thought of as aloof because of it.

He has the driest sense of humor I know.

A little story to explain how laid back this guy is. We are eating in a restaurant booth, facing each other. There is a man in the booth behind Glen. We thought he was laughing, pounding the table. Turns out the guy is choking. Seriously choking. Glen, never even putting his fork down, turns, whacks the guy in the back, the guy vomits on his table, sucks in a huge gulp of air, and is thanking Glen. Glen, still chewing, raises his fork in the air, smiles, and turns around and continues eating. Never missing a beat. That sums up Glen in a nutshell.

He single handedly re-built this old house.
I dream it, he builds it.
That's our motto.
There is nothing he can't fix.
My Kitchen Aid mixer bit the dust this weekend.
I may or may have not put on the meat grinder attachment correctly.
Within minutes, it was taken apart and the needed replacement parts ordered.
I'm incredibly spoiled by this, I know.

Glenco loves the sea. Loves fishing, boating and scuba diving.
He loves old cars even more.
He has a '64 Chevy right now, but really wants at '55 Chevy.

He gives me a lot of freedom to be me. He encourages me to do whatever it is I want, and go where ever it is I want to go. He seems to be happiest when he knows I'm happy.

He's always getting me out of messes. Remember the Tab soda, sink story I told you to not let me forget about? Well.....I just really don't know if I'm ready to divulge that one yet, but Glenco saved the day, as he does all the time, rescuing me from the cornfields I've accidently driven into, the snowbanks I find myself in, and when I'm hopelessly lost, I can call Glenco for directions. He never complains, but just shakes his head and smiles.

That's Glenco...the keeper of the Coop Keeper.


  1. Jayme, Who wouldn't love a beautiful man like that?? You are blessed. Me too. :):) I call my guy Teddy Bear. xoxo,Susie

  2. Yep....a keeper for sure! ;)

  3. Too bad guys like Glenco can't be cloned. I could use one just like him :)

  4. Jayme,
    I would also have loved to have known my husband as a little boy. His pictures as a little one capture a twinkle in his eye and mischief all over. He is a closet comedian and the consummate man for me. I am so blessed to have met him when I had given up entirely on men; he restored my faith in what a God-fearing, loving man can be and he proves it more every single day. We are so blessed to have men who love us and allow us freedom to explore, pursue our dreams, and love them to the moon and back.
    Have a great weekend. I am looking forward to finally getting a reprieve from rain and do some yard work.
    Susan from Mississippi

  5. Awww, how sweet! Loved this. :)

  6. I LOVE this! Thank you so much for reposting... I've often wondered how he handled some of your capers, lol! Sounds like you have an amazing man for sure!

  7. Thank you for re-posting this, Jayme. Glenco is a pretty good looking guy with amazingly golden innards. What a gem. You are both very blessed.

    Have a great weekend! Pam (Colorado)

  8. husband is like Glenco minus the repair stuff! :)

  9. You best be finding a way to get this man a '55 Chevy.....

  10. Having had the privilege of meeting Genco, I must agree with you 100%. He is a gem!

  11. I know I've read it before...but it is still as beautiful today as the first time I read it! Glenco is most definitely a keeper, Coop Keeper Jayme! xo

  12. It sounds like our hubbies are brothers from another mother...

    Love this!!

    Happy Weekend - you Coop Keepers!!!!!!!!

  13. Sounds like HE is a keeper. :)

  14. Sounds like a wonderful man. Hello to Mr. Glenco!

  15. What a fabulous man you married! The fixing stuff is what I love because I married a man like that too. Enjoy your week-end together no matter what it is you do. xox

  16. This was so nice, Jayme.. you certainly found a keeper there. I have one too. We are blessed! You and Glenco have a fabulous weekend! -Tammy

  17. Ah, Jayme. I like your Glenco.

  18. Sweet! What a great guy you have there! A keeper for the coop keeper fer shur!

  19. Nice. Glad you two are happy. He may blush when he sees this post. Deb

  20. Great post and a pleasure to see how many of us are so wondrously blessed. Mine is The World's Greatest Husband (TWGH) otherwise known as Mike.

  21. I, too, have been blessed - this time around. I count my lucky stars every day. Your Glenco sounds like a guy who'd be great to know, and even better to call a friend. Just like you. I just gotta say, Jayme, you sure wrote a most loving, touching tribute to him. Just perfect.

  22. Jayme.....I have been reading your blog for a few years now and have always thought we could be kindred spirits as our lives seem so alike, I have chickens and gardening (veggeis and flowers) and junking (antiquing) is my life, we live on five acres just outside a small town here in Northern Indiana in a 130+ yr old farmhouse......then I read this post and I just know we must be! I have a Glenco but his name is Mitch....he to is 10yrs my senior.....Glen and Mitch could be brothers! My Mitch is a gearhead deluxe and to has a dry sense of humor......he is my rock, my best friend, my everything.....I come up constantly with new projects, some inside, some out....right now he is building me a greenhouse! He just finished redoing a 1962 Chevy wagon for's my junking mobile!!!!
    I very much enjoy reading your blog! Denise

  23. I love the guy!! and I've never even met him. He's a handsome dude, too. I think you need an updated portrait of the two of you, standing in front of that beautiful house, gardens in full bloom.

    Jayme, I hear you are a dollhouse person among many other things, but when I search your site, I only come up with one dollhouse post (I probably don't know where to look). I'm redoing an old one I found at a junk store, and would love to see your accomplishment in that department. I want to make beadbord for my bathroom and haven't found how to do so. You should see my slate grouted kitchen floor, it's the bomb!

  24. Jayme, it sounds like you were a little bit of a papparazzi/stalker. Wow, you dated for two weeks, engaged, then married in 6 weeks. Man,that is fast. No messing around. Glenco loves all your spirit and fun, but it sounds like he is adventurous as well. Love that he has a vintage car and is a Mr Fix It! My husband has been with me since we met when I was sixteen. I think I stalked him a bit too, as he is 4 yrs older. What is it about older men? Love it! I am the visionary as well and he knows in the end when our project is done, that it was all worth it. We are definately blessed Jayme. P. S. Love the all the enduring names for Glen, I mean G FORCE? What was the moment that brought that nickname about? Your too much.

    Debra in Illinois

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  26. Happy Saturday Jayme. I don't know how long I've been following your blog, but it's been awhile. I never read this post before, but what you wrote is the exact story/script I would have "made up" had someone asked me to tell them about Glenco. He sounds dreamy. The corn for your cobb, tater to your tot, the bee to your honey....a match made in heaven. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hope you are doing something fun, Lisa

  27. Great post . . . You have a handsome Glenco man there! It would be fun to hear him strum a tune and for you to get a video of him.

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  29. So glad you and Glenco found each other. Such a wonderful love story.

    Cindy Bee

  30. That was an awesome post!! Congratulations on finding and keeping your soulmate!

  31. Will never forget his "hot cooters" statement way back in the day. We were having dinner at your beautiful home...about 1oo years ago! Love and miss you both. Anna Sandos

  32. Beautiful!! and such a man!!!


  33. What a wonderful post, Jayme. You're a lucky woman but it sounds to me that he's a lucky man, too.

  34. you husband sounds like a real rock & super cool!! love that. big hugs. ( :

  35. Lucky you..what a wonderful man, you deserve him! What a handsome guy!

  36. We all need an even Steven type of guy and it sounds like you hit the jackpot :) Glen was quite the looker in the first picture and he fact that he is still easy on the eyes probably doesn't hurt either.

  37. I would like to think that my wife would say something similar about me! Actually, Glen is my cousin and we lived a block apart back in the day. Although I cannot recall ever meeting him! Our families did not associate much.

  38. Wow...handsome!! You are a lucky lady...but Glenco is equally lucky because you are beautiful and seem like a very cool person.


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