Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Planting Day

Today's blog will be quick - probably not funny - and no pearls of wisdom.
Hey - it's 5:30am and I've been up for 2 hours!

Today is planting day....I'll be spending my day in the above patch of dirt.
I have bags of hopes and dreams (seeds, onion sets, potatoes, shallots), and flats of happiness (tomato and pepper plants).

Thankfully, I think we'll see a high of just 82.

Here are my helpers...

Boo - the feline matriarch of our little place.
She looks all sweet and innocent...don't let it fool you - if you try to pet her past her neck, she is 'moody'.

Enough said.

And of course - Stubbs.
Today will be Stubbs last day out.  I hope she enjoys it.  I feel guilty locking her up - but even with her little stump feet, she could unearth the seeds, and dustbathe in the mulch - and well - it ain't happenin'.  She has more than enough room in her run - but I will still feel a twinge of guilt every time I look at her beak.

Thanks for all of your awesome comments yesterday!  I wanted to address a few...

Glad to know we've got some Lowe's lovers.  Our hometown Home Depot (I actually worked there over 10 years ago) is a hot mess.  I call it Home Dumpo - and Glenco calls it Home Peehole.
True story.

Beth - thanks for mentioning the D3.  I actually had some blood work done a month or so ago, and found out that my D levels were low - and I've been taking a chewable 2000mg D3 and wow - I did notice a difference.  I think my bone tiredness was from how I push myself...coupled with some seasonal allergies.  I've been Claritin clear for three days now!

Joy - honey will keep forever.  It's true.  It's the only food source that never eva goes bad.

Lisa - my 'loungewear' looks like Glenco's plain pj bottoms (pictured above with the coffee) that are about two sizes too big, and a worn out Life is Good hoodie.  My unkempt humidity frizzed hair completes the outfit.

A few of you mentioned about having my cousin make the beehives.
Law - that would be too much to ask, and he'd say no..: -)...they are a lot of work, the innards of the boxes are very elaborate.  
Pam, you are in the wrong business!  I have visions of making hives, and selling bees and hives.
One day - maybe when I'm 87. mentioned that I don't mention Glenco much.  I must remedy that.  I'd be working at the local five and dime without him.  He's pretty much the glue that holds everything together around here, and I'd not be able to do half of what I do without him.  I tease that he's kind of like Dolly Parton's husband. Ya, she's married!  Who knew?


Ok, y'all - It's now 5:42 in the am - there's a nice cool breeze a blowin', and I have a basket of wet laundry waiting for the line.  It's now light enough out to hang it, so I must take my leave of you.

So...we've talked about the birds, the bees...this post was about the didn't get that did you?  
: -)
Tomorrow...we'll talk about the trees....


  1. I LOVE much so that one of the homemade gifts I'm giving the ladies in our family for Christmas this year will be an apron that I've made just for them! The really fun ones to make will be for my little granddaughters! ;-) Happy Planting!

  2. 80 - something degrees???.... can you believe we've had FROST again?...I had to put pillow cases and blankets over anything I could cover... and it might get to a high of about 60 today. weird weather lately. *sigh*

    Have a great gardening day - and why are you up so early?.. probably same reason as I - no good one at all... usually around 4:30 5-am. and I TRY to stay in bed till 5:30-six, but that's boring.

  3. 3:30 wake up, hope bedtime was before nine last night . . .happy planting day, better be wearing some sun screen!

  4. You have begun my day in JOY!!!
    I'm off to Wednesday Morning Story Time - (13 years & counting - who knew?)
    I Thought i was going to visit the Botanical garden today - BUT, "best laid plans . . " (sigh)

    STILL what i do is happy-making . . .
    I sure enjoy visiting you . . .

  5. I always love planting day! Just being outside in warm weather with my hands in the dirt...happiness! Jean

  6. Poor Stubbs! You're right though, she'll undo all your hard work in no time flat. Maybe one day you'll be able to put a little picket fence around your garden then Stubbs can play outside again.

    Happy planting!

  7. Happy Planting. Here, it has already hit the 100 degree F mark. We are in for a HOT summer I do believe. Thanks for the joy of reading your blog. It always brings a smile. Hugs.

  8. I love the bags of hopes and flats of happiness. Keep on blogging.

  9. Jayme: I will be researching bee hives... maybe we can start a new business: I'll be the worker and you can be the expert consultant. And we'll have our annual meetings at the Squirrel.

    Oh, how I would love to be there helping you plant. I love gardening. I picture myself as that crazy old lady who talks to herself and has the most beautiful garden in the neighborhood. You gotta have goals, dontcha know.

    Pam (Colorado)

  10. I am heading out to Lowe's in a bit to get my gardening goodies. Finally out of the 100's so I have a planting window that I must not miss. I am so very late in starting this year.

  11. And then the moon up above and a thing called love?

  12. And then the moon up above and a thing called love?

  13. My husband is also the glue in this house. Love that feeling, you know... like he's the big strong man and I the weaker sex. LOL Hey. It works for us!

  14. OH, golly. Well, I just wouldn't be me if I didn't cringe when you mentioned the big box gardening places...there are so many fabulous mom and pop gardens shops in our great state!

    Yes, in the big cities and the small towns. :)

  15. Thanks for the honey update. I am so glad to know that. It doesn't last long at my house but every once in a while there's the jar that was pushed back too far in the cupboard.

    Happy planting!

  16. Great post! Our garden is a month ahead of schedule due to unseasonably weird weather here in the California mountains. Still more to plant tho, just waiting on my hubby to till another spot.

  17. Men's pajama bottoms, a worn out hoodie, AND frizzy I know we're kindred spirits! I hope the planting went well. If you want to, send Stubbs our way for a little vacay, and he can hang out with the rogue male peacock that is stalking our neighborhood. Stubbs and his stump feet would fit right in, and the two of them can roam around the streets to their hearts content! Pasadena has peacocks and The Rose Parade! Glory be! Enjoy your day. I'm going to enjoy some not as good as yours I'm sure honey on a piece of wheat bread!


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