Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Soggy Coop Report

I just snapped this photo of my gardening clogs.

It's been a soggy, gloomy, cozy, cool, wonderful weekend.
I had company a lot this weekend, and I'll be darned if I didn't get a single photo.

The quilt for my mom-in-law was finished.

Glenco did most of the clipping on this quilt.  He comes in awful handy.

So does Slinx.

She's gotta be right in the middle of everything.

In between raindrops and company I did accomplish a few things in the garden.  This year, gardening is different.  Different as in there is no gardening budget.
At first I was a bit heartbroken - how would I manage without my 50-75 4" annuals?
What in the world will I fill my crocks with?
Will it be splendiferous?
It has to be splendiforous!
That's when it comes in handy to be creative.
They say necessity is the mother of invention.

Behold my beautiful, rustic, whimsical, and best of all, free - pole bean tower.
I'm kinda digging it. I hope the Kentucky Wonder pole beans dig it - and grow well on it.  I really didn't want to have to put strings around it or anything, but I may have to as the beans grow.
I made a couple of them.

Empty spots in the garden will be filled with vegetables.  They are cheap, they are green, I get food - it works for me!

I'm relying heavily on seeds this year - and have planted a lot of my containers with nasturtium seeds.  

It's not as instantly gratifying as buying the plants, but good things come to those who wait - at least that's what 'they' say, who ever 'they' may be.

Another awfully clever thing I did - at least I think I'm pretty clever, and I'm quite pleased with myself over - 

I filled my bathroom window box with little starts of perennials around the garden.  
This fall, they'll be nice and big, and I can replant them in the garden.
I might be on to something here!
I'm a bit determined now to fill all of my containers with things that I can either eat, or replant in the garden this fall.

In the past, I was pretty bad about just pulling out things that I considered weeds....little hollyhock plants that had reseeded in places I didn't want them, oregano, lambs ear, even starts of raspberries that were unruly.
Off to the compost pile they would all go!

No more!  Now that I'm unemployed, they are gold!
I've been potting them up as I weed the beds.
Look at the booty!

We (Glenco and I) also increased the vegetable garden by 750 sq feet.  I needed more room for pumpkins.
Photos to come.
I was finally able to use an old wire fence that I had.  I'm so excited, I could pee.
No really, I could.

In other news, it's come to my attention that I have arthritis in my hands.  
What I'm about to show you ain't pretty.
I'm getting knobs on my knuckles.
My hands are stiff a lot and ache, and, well...ache.
I tried to pick up a pen yesterday and I dropped it.
The cool, damp weather makes it worse.

What do you get when you work your fingers to the bone?
Bony fingers.

I hope it doesn't get any worse.
I'm eating well, so that I don't increase inflammation in my body.

The BoyChild seemed awfully concerned that my hands were aching me so - he made me rest them yesterday with the heating pad.  Fussed at me when I'd get on the computer - saying I needed to rest my hands.  Refused to let me make him some muffins.

He made me lie on the couch and wrap my hands in the heating pad after he massaged them.
What a doll.

Well my friends, since it's a bit too soggy to dig, I suppose I'll go love on the birds a bit, and clean the old house.
The clothesline is empty, and I do believe it will stay that way today as well - I have a feeling my brassiere would hang out there a week before it dried!  
Looks like another soggy, humid week here in Indiana.

Have a swell day!


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  2. I'm so proud of the way you have handled the inability to go out and buy annuals, Sister! You've done a fantastic job of repurposing those plants! I especially loved seeing the strawberry plant in the bathroom window box. You've given me an idea! I'm really sorry to hear about your arthritic hands, Jayme. I truly can relate. xo

  3. The end joint of one of my little fingers is swollen and so painful I can barely touch it.
    Getting old is tough sometimes, but it sure beats the alternative.
    Hoping it will get better on its own. But I'm sure that all my fingers will eventually
    do the same at one time or another. I am determined though, to keep using them, knitting every day,
    and working at the studio, so they don't stiffen right up for good.

  4. i love the finger shot. you need to rest those fingers. have fun chilling. ( :

  5. Michael Kors? Really? Wow! ....ok..sorry...I'm on a plant budget too this year...it's really, really hard. No mulch either.....I can't stand the bare spots......broke is no joke!

  6. Is that the real MK above . . .
    Back to the gardens and budgets and stuff . . . Where there is a will there is a way. I plug my planters with "self starter stuff" and they too make for interesting containers and crocks. Like your Nasturtiums!

    Now on to "Arthur.". Not sure if it is hard work, but these hands and fingers of mine have been digging in dirt and muck for plenty of years, so maybe so. I have arthritis really bad. My pointer fingers are huge plus knots and bumps all over. Painful yes. The best medicine, keep them working . . . knitting, sewing, digging. A paraffin bath is heaven. Melting paraffin in an old pan and reusing it is much cheaper than purchasing one of those fancy electric ones. Massage and warmth helps a bunch so thanks to BoyChild for treating you kindly!

    I so enjoy your pics, places and posts . . .

  7. You know that saying "getting old ain't for sissies." My fingers are getting bumpy knuckles and hurt. I had rhuematic fever as a kid, I knew my hands would give me problems as I aged. I like that you are transplanting some of your garden things. I am going to be digging up some mums later and giving a couple clumps to my sister and some to my daughter. We are having nasty weather here in Indiana, aren't we? xoxo,Susie

  8. Oh send some rain back to us in So Calif. I am the say way with the garden. I start lots of plants from clippings and divide every year.

  9. I feel your pain, literally. I have arthritis too in my hands and knees courtesy of my grandmother and father. It affects my being able to really grab and use a shovel like I could a couple of years ago and also has changed what I can pick and carry.

  10. I'm right in the same boat as far as planting budget this year. I can't afford to buy all new plants, so instead I bought lots of seeds and tried to stick to lots of stuff I can eat. It will be an experiment, mostly of patience I think. I did breakdown and buy 5 geraniums to anchor some pots, which I supplemented with seeds. That was my compromise. I am also faced with repurposing my mother's garden. My dad just passed away in December and he had 6 large raised beds that he grew vegetables in. I had to take care of them the last 2 years, but at least he was there to water. My mother can't even handle the watering. So, I am seeding them with drought resistant perenials and wildflowers. I'll still have to go over an water them, but I am hoping they will grow and she will have some nice flowers to look at. And I planted a tomato and cucumbers in pots that are on her porch close to her backdoor. We'll see if it will work for her! I'll include yours, mine and her gardens in my daily garden prayer. Take care of those hands. Pam (Colorado)

  11. Guess arthritus in the hands is pretty common. I'm on the list too but I agree with that the best thing you can do is eat well to cut down on inflammation. I can tell a big difference when I have been "junking." Food not the good kind of "junking." ;)

  12. Please send us some rain. It is getting very very dry in Arizona and soon it will be HOT. Can't afford to go north for the summer so must endure the heat once again. Getting old does such cuz the heat bothers me more and more every year. My plants are about done save for the zinnias and salvia. I always do them by seed. No transplants in my area....the ground is too bad. Have a great week.

  13. Jayme, I would be glad to send you some seed, flower and vegetable.

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  15. Right there with you, green peppers planted around the patio instead of flowers.
    Your quilt is beautiful what a lucky mother in-law!! Bless the BoyChild's heart, what a sweetie he is!!

  16. We're wallowing in the mud here too... as usual some may say.

    But I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with that wire fencing!


  17. The timing on some of your posts are so right on. I was just saying to my husband that I am really going to have some adorable looking hands in a few years. My index fingers are the worst too. They hurt when you press on the joint. It was so nice that Glenco was helping with the quilt and that the Boy Child was so tenative to you. I can relate to the cutting back on flowers. I only do half of what I use to do. I did not go to the expensive greenhouses this year and instead only bought from Walmart, as they are the cheapest. I am still like a kid in a candy store when I walk through the gate to the nursery area. This year I lucked out. They had some flats of petunias, geraniums and impatients reduced right after Mothers Day. Not sure why. They were in great shape for the most part. 50% off. The geraniums just needed a little TLC. That was such a score. Good for you being so frugal. You have so much in your yard to work with. I just received 25 containers of hosta and lilly from my sister in law. Luckily got them in before the rain. Now waiting for things to dry out a bit. One way to look at the rain here in the midwest, is that it is "pacing" us? Enjoy your rest.


  18. Hi Jayme- I finally have a computer again and can visit. I've missed you! If you can get your hands on a wax machine for hands it is marvelous for arthritis. You dip your hands into the paraffin and it is amazing! Enjoy your gardening. Sometimes frugal gardens are the best ones- xo Diana

  19. I agree with the wax for your hands. Fantastic!
    I love the bean poles...really pretty!

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