Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some Things Ya Oughta Know

It's cold here.
Drizzly to boot.
A high of 54 today.
Here is a real time photo of my clothesline.

The Towels Remain the Same.

I'm thinking of leaving them up there for the entire year, just to give the neighbors something to talk about.

Something else you should know....garlic chives are delicious in scrambled eggs.

I was planning on mulching my finally planted vegetable garden, but due to the inclement weather and the fact that I'm a wimp, I may sew today instead.

I need to start the flannel rag quilt I'm making my mother-in-law for her birthday.
Considering yesterday was her birthday, I think today is a fitting day to start it.

I've started a bit of a detox/cleanse as well.

Behold the Flax Berry Banana Rice Protein Smoothie.
Due to manic gardening, I've indulged in foods that I haven't eaten in a while, and foods that I should eat.
Sisters, I have paid for it.

I know how maddening this whole weight/food issue is - trust me - I seriously do.

This is me on wheat/dairy/sugar:

This is me on fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and lean proteins:

Any questions?

Last but not least - I had to bring the baby chicks in off the porch because it's stinking cold out.
Of course, the cats wouldn't give them a minute of peace, so I covered them with a towel.

I hope I don't burn the house down.  
This reminds me of a story.
I was about 14, maybe 15.  I was babysitting on New Year's Eve for three young boys.
I put them on to bed, and one was scared of the dark, so I turned on the plastic mushroom lamp in his room.  Remember those?

Well, that mushroom lamp had a wig on it for some reason.
I didn't think anything of it.
I wasn't acquainted with wigs, and the fact that they were flammable.
I was fourteen, but should have had a little more sense I suppose.

A half an hour later, the child began to wail.
I entered the smoke filled room and pulled off the smoldering Dorothy Hamil wedge wig and put it in the bathtub and ran water over it.

The mushroom lamp was melted.
The wig was ruined.

I still got paid for babysitting.
: -)

Make it a great day!


  1. Too funny...scattered thoughts today...I feel the same way. It is drizzly here too and a bit cold, mid thirties last night. Where is the sun?

    I feel off my game too, even though I am still working out and eating right...just need a punch in my get along, I guess. This weather is so depressing.

  2. I probably did a lot of stupid things at that age as well... but then I got so stoned that to this day I have no clue what stupid things I did. LOL JUST KIDDING.... kind of.

  3. Oh THANK YOU!!! I had eaten . . well, you know . . . and - am paying for it -
    I wish I'd provided myself with a cleansing beverage as beautiful as yours - mine??? yucky - but will suffice.

    I am meeting a lady very early tomorrow morning - and, since she is making time for me - I offered to buy breakfast . . . I hope i behave myself in public.

    It's rainy & chilly here, too - Tomorrow is suppose to be perfection.

    I once was hired to watch after some horrid children - as soon as their parents left they poured chocolate sauce and popcorn all over the kitchen floor - and, well, basically behaved as if chimpanzees had been let loose in the suburbs . . Then, their parents were hours late . . . I had school the next morning - so, once the house was clean and quiet i stretched out on the sofa - and, the parents were banging on their front window trying to wake me up to let them in . . . I was THRILLED to never return . . .

    Sure enjoy your blog. -g-

  4. I am the same way on dairy and wheat.
    But you put the perfect pictures with it. :)

  5. I always laugh when I see that picture of him... DUDE, that really was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.

    I do much better without wheat and dairy and sugar too, and darn it all if I don't go back and do it again and a friggin-gain. that is to a word. Just split up the again, the way I typed now say it out loud.. see? it works. :-)

  6. Years ago some guy I knew said that every time he passed our house I had clothes on the line. Little did he know, I never took them down. Ha! As for that drink. I would be up all night sitting on the toilet if I drank that. Is that what it is supposed to do?

  7. Yikes, you were a red hot babysitter.:):) I have worn those shoes Jayme. When we are young, hey what did we really know. Poor Nick Nolte...he used to be so handsome. Hope your chickens and cats learn to get along.LOL. xoxo,Susie

  8. Ha, you're too funny!

    Isn't it something that it's so cold at the END of May that you have to bring the chicks in?! Ker-aaaa-zy weather I tell ya.

    I feel like triple-dog-daring ya to leave the towels up all year. Bahahaha!

    We've been laying off the wheat and cutting WAY back on sugar. We've had to for my Hubby's health plus it's just a good way to eat... Whole, natural foods. Which reminds me... I'm going to have to search your blog for your breakfast sausage recipe. I made one out of pork but it was dry and I didn't care for the seasonings it called for. I remember reading your recipe a while back and it sounded good. So now, I just have to find it!

    Have a nice evening and stay dry?

  9. Perfect read before bed...I like going to sleep with a smile on my face!!
    I can relate to the food thing too...why do I keep going back to what I know is wrong? I need my home to be free of food, and a chef to just drop off my three squares. That would work I think. Maybe he'd clean house too...and exercise for me.
    Oh my.

  10. Maybe I better try your diet. Always wanted to be more like Gandhi...hehe hugs...


  11. OMG. I had one of those mushroom lamps. They certainly did heat up! Thanks for the blast from the past!!

  12. I cannot say enough how much I love your blog. I look at pics of your yard and home and think I am going to pack my bags and come stay at your place! Oh, the weight and the food issue. Who does not seem to struggle with that? I recently just have started eating less, and just remembering how awful I feel after eating any kind of junk, and I have felt better in the last few days than in a long time. Do you have any good book recommendations for peace and contentment and inspiration that you have read? I am always on the lookout for those.

  13. Love the laundry line pic. Quit trying to defy Mother Nature and just throw them in the dryer girl. My neighbor has always put her towels out too. I have to be honest, I always put mine in the dryer, unless they are the big beach ones we use for the pool. I like mine fluffy. I do love to put a warm one on my lap as I fold the rest, when just out of the dryer. Oh, those baby chicks, they are so lucky to have you as their Coop Keeper for sure. So darn chilly that I have my little black stove space heater going tonight as I sit here in my chair, checking in on some of my favorite blogs. Isn't this weather crazy? I will take some cool though, I just don't want a repeat of last summer.



  14. I adore you . . . cheer me up and I know I have met someone filled with truth and authentic, plus I get to laugh too!


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