Monday, May 13, 2013

Let Me Tell Ya 'bout the Birds and the Bees.....

It's about 45 degrees here in Crown Point, Indiana, and I've decided to give m'self the day off.
You see - I'm exhausted.
Really I am.
Working day and night?
51 years old?
Probably a combo of them all.
I'm not sure - but all I know is I is tired.  I mean - bone tired.  I mean - I got nothing left to give tired - I mean - it hurts to type tired.

I awoke at 5:30 this am wishing I could be catheterized so I wouldn't have to get up and go to the bathroom.
I envisioned a breakfast tray coming into the bedroom, piled high with thick French toast, dripping with fresh maple syrup, piles of crisp bacon, a latte and a bouquet of lilacs.

Anna from Downton Abbey would tell me - 'M'Lady, you have nothing to do today, you have to stay in bed - you have a massage later and a pedicure - lunch will be served to you here as well'.

A girl can dream.
So - I'm off today.  No digging, no cleaning, no nothin'.  I'm gonna blog, answer emails, nap around, leisurely bathe, drink tea, read - or - start to feel guilty and do the laundry.
We'll see.

So - I need to tell you 'bout the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees...and a thing called lo-o-ve.
We've lots to catch up on around here.
Empty your bladders and fill your coffee cups...

The birds....

Stubbs is the only chicken I have left.
I'm sure you are. 
I haven't talked about this - but when I left for Missouri, I had three...two were 'taken' by something.
Glenco was most delighted that he came home and found nothing but a few feathers left of the rooster.

True story.
You see, he loathed that bird.
I can't sugar coat this - that bird was mean, cocky - evil - you couldn't turn your back on him.
Glenco still smirks when he tells the story of finding his tail feathers in the driveway one afternoon.
I'm sorry to burst your Glenco bubble.

Last fall I was faced with the decision of culling the flock.
The hens were getting old, not laying very much.  I would love to have things set up to where I could have just kept them all winter and not cared about the cost of feeding them - and I sort of planned on it - but then with the realization that I wanted another dozen or so fresh hens this year, well - where would I put them all?  The coop isn't big enough.  I don't have the funds to build another area to house the elderly birds - so unfortunately, they had to go. 
 I gave them to a gentleman who swore he was going to keep them as pets and entertainment for his grand kids.  I have to believe it to be so.

I couldn't part with Stubbs though - as you all know - she's a special needs bird, and such a story of strength and survival, I just had to keep her.  I felt it was ok with the other two birds, as she had some company - but now for the last month or so - she is solo - and I feel bad.
She's taken to her art again.

She follows me everywhere around the yard, and I stuff her craw full of worms and treats.  She practically sits on my fork when I'm digging in dirt, and has to know what I'm doing at all times.

Note to self - do not try prying paint lids off with the ends of paintbrushes.

She's taken to sitting at the back door waiting for me to come out now.

Jax and Slinx are intrigued.

Now, I have all my baby chicks coming from McMurray Hatchery a week from today - well, I think they'll be shipped a week from today.  I couldn't wait that long, and I realized that I hadn't ordered any Americauna hens, sooooo....

Jax and Slinx are intrigued.
: -)

I'm getting my chick fix with these three baby Americaunas.  They've all had their bra time, one at a time - I have one named Momo - no names for the others yet.

So there ya have it - the update on the birds....

Next up....update on 

We moved them....again.


  1. Jayme, Stubbs is gorgeous and your new babies are little darlings xxx

    I hope you enjoyed your day :)

  2. I still haven't watched Downton Abbey. For shame.

  3. And bees are all so important these days with the way so many are dropping dead and disappearing. Wishing you much luck with your wonderful bees, jayme!

  4. Just started watching Downton Abbey this weekend, and I love it! Looking forward to hearing about the bees! Jean

  5. I've wondered what I'm gonna do when my hens age beyond the laying of eggs. I have a coop big enough for about 8-10 chickens, no more. I will want the fresh eggs ofcourse. What to do... what to do. Ah, but not yet. There is the procrastination and another year of good laying.

  6. i love that song. reminds me of my childhood. enjoy your day relaxing & doing what you wish ... love it up. big big hugs. ( :
    can't wait to hear the bee story too... . . .

  7. I think that you are going to have one absolutely wonderful day! Enjoy!

  8. Bra time? I think I have missed something. Were my chicks deprived? Just asking.

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  10. So jealous of your weather Jayme!!! It's over 100 degrees here in southern California. UGH! 50 year olds don't like 100 degrees. Doesn't Mother Nature know that? I'm liking Glenco more and more...a neighbor had a rooster and it drove me crazy. I would have liked to see some feathers in the driveway. I hope you enjoyed your day. Lisa

    P.S. We now have peacocks. What would Glenco think of that????? XoXo

  11. Glad you are getting rest. You have been crazy busy. Sounds like your bra will be busy soon! Too funny! Can't wait to see the bees' new homes!

  12. Who needs a catheter; I 'bout peed my pants when I read that!! Oh how many mornings have I cursed my bladder for waking me so early! Thank you for being such a good guardian for Stubbs. Wow Glenco has a dark side....muwahahaha!

  13. I miss Stubbs, and would've been devastated if you'd let that poor bird go!

  14. Everyone needs a day of rest now and again. You take it, and DON'T feel guilty one bit! Your home just looks like peace and serenity. And I agree with you about Downton Abbey. When I started watching that show I thought, wow, wouldn't that be a nice way to live? Calm, peaceful. Being woken up with a tray of breakfast and someone to help you get dressed and fix your hair.

  15. Love your blog...have never posted...but wanted to offer this today: If you are not taking Vitamin D-3, you might want to start. I was feeling the same bone tiredness you describe and finally went to my nurse practitioner. She ran labs, including Vitamin D level. Everything was fine except the Vitamin D level was super low. I started taking D-3 and within 3 days, muscle aches were gone and energy was improved. After 2 weeks of taking it, I'm feeling back to normal. I had that bone tiredness but it's gone too. It's been amazing. With the long winter and since I do not eat dairy products, my Vitamin D level was basically depleted. Anyhow, the same thing just happened to another friend. She was having other symptoms too. She got tested and like me, is feeling so much better after taking it daily. I just wanted to reach out and maybe see if what helped me could help you. I was so relieved it was such a simple solution that worked. So, bless your heart and I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you for reminding us all of this important supplement! I've been feeling the same way and had conveniently forgotten I'd been diagnosed Vit. D deficient a few years ago (thyroid problems do that!). I'm off to stock up!

  16. We are down to no chickens now and that makes me sad. I am thinking that my husband can relate to your hubby's joy in finding feathers, though.


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