Monday, May 7, 2012

'Twas Just a Garden in the Rain'

Rained out - or rained in - depends on how you look at it.

The chickens aren't happy.

The ducks are.

One bird's trash is another bird's treasure, so ya can say.

Rained out of laundry -

rained out of gardening -

rained out of hive inspections...

It's all good.  I tackled a desk full of papers and things that have been waiting for attention.
A rogue $90 bill for a recent pap smear that they insisted I owed.
The rain finally gave me a chance to call the insurance company.
I was right, I didn't owe it!

I also took some pictures.

It felt good - I've taken my camera out in the yard in quite a while.

What looks like a hot mess in 'real life' can be transformed with a little editing magic to look quite enchanting.

Why it almost looks like all the weeds in the bricks just belong there, doesn't it?

After Aaron worked his editing magic on this one - I exclaimed 'Oh I just want to live there!' - and then I realized - I did.

You have to be careful when you read some blogs.
Sometimes, everything can just be a bit too perfect, and it ya ain't careful - you compare the parts of your mundane life to the highlight shots of other people's blogs.
And you start to feel like you are missing something,
or that the grass is really greener on the other side.

Hopefully you don't feel that way here - cause I've got bucket loads of mundane going on.
There's a river running through my basement as I type this.
There's no shirtless Brad Pitt here cleaning it up either.

Right beyond this lovely shot of the roses climbing up the sculpture is a lovely sculpture that I didn't photograph.
Erected to fix the roof.

There's a 16 year old punk that won't work on his math.

I can assure you, it's the most ordinary of days here.
And I'm extraordinarily grateful for it.

It's going on right now in all of it's mundane glory, all of it's 'Johnny has a fever' and the toilet is clogged.
The basement's wet and I'm still in my pajamas at 3:42pm.
It's Monday.
It's raining.
It's life.
I say it's glorious.
I love it.
As soon as I post this, I'm going to clean the meat off of a turkey carcass and make soup.
Riveting isn't it?


  1. I love a girl who knows how to appreciate real life. That's why I love thee and thou.


  2. I'm riveted to every thing you say and do. That sixteen year old is some cutie!

  3. Yes, your writing is riviting. Your pictures turned out great. Lucky you-you do live there.Enjoy!

  4. Oh happy rainy day - thanks for sharing the pictures

  5. It's raining here too. Beautiful day - for the ducks! No sarcasm at all...I'm serious. In fact, I just woke up from a twenty minute nap - after having read an old Johnny Appleseed story to the children... and I realized how much it is really raining. It's so cozy me every single drop of it. Of the the rain and your post.

  6. The garden looks really good I think..

    And yes...blogging can be all about "The Vignette". Carefully edited snippets of little parts of life, even more carefully crafted to resemble the big picture.

    Love your blog..very refreshing.

  7. no Brad Pitt in your basement .. what are you kidding me? you so let me down there. i thought for sure you would. hilarious you are!! love you! i just got off the phone with some losers from a certain company that really made me angry... you fight that bill like nobody's business. i know i will calm down in a minute but i furious for the moment. i'll be ok ... i'm breathing. big hugs. enjoy your views. i am. (:

  8.'s a wonderful life! Just loving your garden photos.. ESPECIALLY the chicken in the weedy walk.. beautiful!

  9. I love the perfect photos on blogs, but would much rather hear the mundane than that a person's life is perfect.... I know better... LOL

  10. mundane? no way!! Its beautiful around your little spot!

  11. I love it! Edited and unedited I truly loved this post. It hit me where I live, you know?

  12. Why Jamie, these are the purtiest pictures I ever did see! Love the clothes line and the duck in the pathway. One woman's mundane is another woman's perfect pond. After a heap of trouble in my life that is all I asked for...a peaceful pond with no rings from no rocks bein' thrown in. Sounds like you may have a pond, but it is peaceful. Perfect. xo, Cheryl

  13. You know, I love days like that! I can't remember the last time I was in pjs past 7am....long time!

    I agree- it is so easy in blog world to think that everyone else has the perfect life, the perfect mate, the perfect job...yeah...itjustain'tso,alice!

    You just keep on being your real, mundane, beautiful self and I will just keep tagging along here- xo Diana

  14. I enjoy ah true slice of life. I'll have mine on rye ;-)

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  16. I see that cute little squirrel hiding out in the background. I want one!

    Aaron - do your Math kid. You're gonna need it. I hate when I go to the beauty shop and say, "take off an inch" and half hour later four inches are gone. It's because they don't know their Math. You gotta know your Math.

    You are SO RIGHT about the blogger world and real life. And you really are a Dame with that blond hair woman!

    Cindy Bee

  17. I live for ordinary and mundane. :) I'm pretty sure your flower garden is better than mine. ;) Love the pictures.

  18. The mundane is what makes our lives wonderful. The editing in the pics is beautiful, too!

  19. Ugh! It IS riveting isn't it? You are SO right about looking at other's blogs and wanting more. Some are just too perfect and it is so easy to fall into the trap of the grass is greener. Hope you are well!

  20. Loved the brick path, and all the dewy photos! So glad you took us out into the garden and a few shots of the girls! Someone once wrote things are perfect in blogland, not so. We have bills and weeds and worries but we tackle them one at a time. We don't let the weeds get too high or the bills buried too far under... this my girl is as good as it gets! A roof over our head and soup in the pot! Thankful for both...

  21. Loved the journey you took us on. I would love to see some rain around here so I could also enjoy the mundane. Math....wasn't my best subject either! Thanks for sharing.

  22. I love your laughing ducks! Wonderful. Thanks, Blondie.

  23. Love the photos - especially the flowers! What program do you use to edit your photos?

  24. Thank you Jayme! I need remindin' every once in a while that my life is just what it is supposed to be, and it is NOT SMALL, just mine :)

  25. Mundane is good! and I love the rain... I'm weird that way. Good thing too, cause it rains here in the Northwest a lot!

  26. Sounds good to me. I love rainy days when I have to stay inside. The mundane things are just as important as the glorious things in our lives. It's what we do with them that counts.

  27. I just love, love, love your flowers and plants (i really love your whole blog but right now would almost kill to have a backyard like yours). My backyard is one big blob of grass. I would love for you to write about your tips and techniques. Any budget friendly tips for getting plants and flowers? Thank you so much!!!
    Cindy B.

  28. Jayme,

    Beautiful words and beautiful images from a beautiful blogger.
    I especially like that little duckling 'laughing' in the rain! Priceless.



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