Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Friend Fi

I'm so excited to introduce you to my friend Fiona.

I call her FiFi, Baby, Gorgeous, or Darling.

She has no idea I'm doing this blog post, and it's the middle of the night in New Zealand so I can't text her and ask her if it's OK.

I don't think she'll mind.

I met Fiona through the awesome 'club' Leanness Lifestyle University, and my Coach, David Greenwalt.

We became fast friends.  She is a gift. 

Fiona and I have grown to be close friends ,Skyping with regularity, and we met face to face for the first time last July at the Bootcamp graduation party.

She's coming back to America for this year's party as well, and the exciting, awesome news is that she's going to stay with me from June 19th until July 1st.

It's gonna be like this - except without the gruesome ending.

I reckon I'll be Louise, since I'm older and all.
And I wear glasses, and have been known to sport a headscarf.

We have a camping trip planned to my favorite spot - Turkey Run State Park - and - on June 29th - get a load of this....

We are doing a 5K race called

It's a mud obstacle course.
I'm so excited - and nervous - I have nightmares that I get trampled in the mud, only to be found after it all dries up.
That or I get strangled on the rope wall.
Please pray.

I have all sorts of crafts lined up for us to do - stitching whilst drinking tea and listening to Clare de Lune - lots of working out - lots of vegetables, lots of laughs.

With Fiona - there are 'lots of' everything.
Laughs, love, deep thoughts, and shenanigans.
We might pierce something.
You never know what might happen!

Fiona and I are twins.  We weigh the same, we are the same height - we eat off on the same days, we start our periods on the same day.

We've both been struggling lately to reach our ultimate goal.  We both want to lose another 10 lbs, but have been a bit ambivalent about it.

There's something we do in the Leanness Lifestyle called 'leverages'.
Once a week we are to set a leverage - for instance - mine this week was -
'drink a half a gallon of water a day for the next six days out of seven - or you don't get to watch Mad Men'

My Coach recommends three 'takeaways' and then one 'reward'.

So - my leverage could be - 'drink a half a gallon of water for the next six days out of seven - and then get that green nail polish you've been eyeballing'
(I'm rather all about my nails right now - surprising, isn't it?)

Well guess what we've got going?
My stomach gets in knots just thinking about it.

We both must weigh 150 lbs by June 19th -
Fiona doesn't come to America.

I know alot of you are thinking 'that's RIDICULOUS'.
But ya know what?
It's knocked that ambivalence right out of me.
I'm working out more consistently - I'm eating cleaner -
and I WILL see my ultimate goal of losing 100lbs with my Coach, and weighing 150lbs.

Can you imagine if I let MY addiction or slack attitude cause Fiona to pay $2000 for a plane ticket that she can't use?

Can you imagine the disappointment of all the other Bootcampers that are anxiously waiting to meet Fiona?

Can you imagine the butt kicking I'd get from my Coach?

Me either.

Fiona is amazing, and I'm excited to share her visit with you.
For now - give this video a gander, and you're sure to fall in love with her, just like I did.
Fiona blogs occassionally at

I'm sure she'd love any encouragement you could offer her - we both have to lose 10ish pounds by June 19th.
I wouldn't mind a little encouragement too.


  1. Go, go, go... It sounds like the most worthwhile motivation. You two are like peas in a pod. And it should be so much fun to have her visit. Don't
    blow it!!!

  2. Kudos to the two of you for losing all that weight. I know that you will not disappoint her. I can't wait to see all the pictures that will be coming from this adventure. And, from Australia. How fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. A very wise women left me this message yesterday when I commented that I'd lost my mojo. "Suck it up!"

    Does that sound familiar Oh wise woman? LOL

    Wanda Lee

  4. Hooray!!!!! What an inspiration you two are. I can't WAIT for you to blog about Fiona and her visit. You can take off this final 10 pounds. YOU GO GIRL!!!! and to Fiona I say "Good On Ya!"

  5. You're both amazing, just that :-)

    and I am SOOOOO looking forward to the mudder

  6. What fun you two will have! Makes me smile just thinking about it!

  7. I know you can do this, Jayme! You have come so far and so has your beautiful friend. How wonderful to have a "soulside friend" that completely GETS IT. Blessings- xo Dina

  8. Im a friend of Fi from NZ and I can say AMEN to the awesome chick she is, so glad we met outside the shops with our babies 12 years ago!!!! An inspiration, so much fun, sexy, cool and down to earth!!! We are lucky to know this fab lass, and know I am cheering you both on from the sidelines, and will do my part to keep her on track when we see each other (-:

  9. Video will not play for moi. ACK Wishing you and Fiona all a successful 10 pound drop in weight!

  10. Thank you for sharing this, Jayme. I took in every word and I'm going to carry them in my heart. xo, Cheryl

  11. Hard work and the rewards are great! The last 10 pounds are the hardest they say, but the health rewards you've already met!

  12. Go Fiona!! :) I'm sure you're both so excited for her visit. :)

  13. Thank you for taking the time to write on this topic.

  14. I love her, and I love you Jayme, loved Fiona's story. . .I couldn't help but laugh thinking of the two of you together for a week, by the time she leaves you will be speaking with an accent Ü

    You both have inspired me!

    I know how much you loath exercise, I'm thinkin that's the ticket, that's exactly where you have to go for the next 10 lbs. .. you can do it girl don't stop moving!!

  15. Hi there!! Have not been here for a bit. Hope you are doing great. jan

  16. Thought maybe it would be easier to lose with a group...and I know no better group than us folks who follow your about leading is all to loose 10 pounds?!? I know I sure could use it as motivation to maybe lose more! You are an inspiration Jayme...maybe leading others to the same end might kick your rear in gear and we can all encourage each other!

  17. Fiona is my favorite name in the whole wide world, first of all.

    And good on both of your for holding each other accountable! I want to see lots of pics when she comes :)

  18. I just started reading your blogs and they're really entertaining and lots are hilarious! But OMG cannot WAIT until the mid pics!!! Post lots! And have fun! Tell Fiona she looks great from a person who reads your blogs:) lol Y'all both look amazing!! And you can do those final ten!! Go girls!! Lol:)

  19. Sorry it's me again I meant mud pix from the comment above! Typo:( sorry!


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