Monday, May 21, 2012

The Change

The seasons change.
Our moods change.
We as women, go 'through the change'.
We want to change.
Our President promised 'Change'.
We try to change - we beat ourselves up over the things we do that we don't want to do, and the things we want to do that we don't.

Are you as exhausted over it all as I am?

I'm trying to love myself to change.
I'm not even sure what that means at this point - it's a new thought to me.
When I think of change - I think of taking up arms - fighting the good fight - forcing - discipline - lists - and a general boot camp type mentality.

Getting this last ten pounds off has been tough.
Not physically tough - but mentally tough.
I'm trying to love it off of me.
If I ever figure out what I'm even talking about - I'll fill you in.
I'm trying to change alot at once - maybe that's why I'm pooped.
That's why I'm going to therapy for now - for some accountability.
My homework for the last two weeks was to take one day for myself and do what I wanted to do.
I haven't done it yet!

I read all of your comments and absolutely agreed with each one.
Yep, yep and yep.
What we put ourselves through, eh?
I know that change is more than possible - and if we really focus on changing - it happens.
And that my friends is the key - focusing on it.

The list of what I want to change is long - but right now I'm focusing on not expecting so much of myself.  I set the standard way too high for myself - and even my Coach said 'you try to bat 1000'.

Here's my "To Do List" today.
Try not to laugh -

It's in no order - just wrote it all down as it came to my mind at 5 this morning over tea.

Make egg rolls for cooking club
tend the chickens - morning, afternoon
feed cats
finish garden section C
go to the Poultry Auction (Phyllis needs a man)
Cooking Club 12pm at Terry's
Call Terry
Upper body weight training
one hour cardio
do laundry
finish deep cleaning the kitchen
do coaching reviews
write a blog post
make dinner
get Aaron to ALC at 5pm
plan my week
take a jar of honey to Debby
pay cell phone bill
varnish the kitchen floor
Paula's Birthday!
call re: pavilion rental for the beekeeper's picnic
go to Sunrise Farms after Cooking Club and pick up rest of annuals

I'll be quite frustrated with myself if all of these aren't checked off.

Six of them already are.

As you can see I have no time to blog - and really shouldn't even be here.
In my mind - each and everyone of those if the most important thing to do.  I have trouble prioritizing - my mind says "get all the little things done first - and then you'll have time to focus on the big ones - but that's just bass ackwards - I have to get the big important things done first!

Like - making the egg rolls!
I gotta go!

I just wanted to let you know the winner of the serum!

Tracy said...
For today...I have once again found myself thinking I MUST have everything perfect before an event...and then I am so exhausted that I don't have the great time I should. That is where I am today. If everyone would please just say out loud to the universe, "Tracy- it's all good, stop already!", I'll be able to really enjoy the Coop Tour and share my love of chickens! Jamie- you look amazing- and are such an inspiration!!
May 16, 2012 12:47 PM

Tracy - email me your address ok?
And Jan?  Yes, you can stop by and get some - email me, k?

We ain't done talking about this.
It's important.


  1. Jayme, you just wear me out reading that list! Where do you get the energy? I love you girl!

  2. *falling out of chair from exhaustion* upon reading your list. Sounds like you put too much pressure on yourself. Hope you can figure out why and realize that you really don't have to do so much each day. Relax a bit. Enjoy your life. Stop and breathe and smell the roses today. No one is judging your for not completing your list... well, at least I'm not.

  3. I have a similar list. Over and out pal!

  4. Really needed to hear this today, thanks! Change is going on here, the kind that's forced on you. Btw, when I read tge intro. To your list, I thought "try not to laugh" was the list. LOL. I wondered why the heck would you say that. Love to you today. I wisg I could join you for the list, it sounds like fun to me!

  5. are you drinking Lipton's brisk tea? lol slow down and enjoy life. Love you and it was good to see you at church, tell the cooking club I said hello. Hugs sweet girl. xoxoxo

  6. I, personally, would probably not varnish my floor and deep clean the kitchen on a day that I needed to bake and be out of the house. Are you sure you want to do this to yourself? If you take 1, 2 or 3 things off that list, you could sit and have a mini date with Glenco instead!

  7. Heavens to Betsy...I couldn't get all that done in a week, let alone a day! =P Good luck! :) Change is good. I don't think we are ever at "our absolute best" that we could be mentally, physically and spiritually so we should be striving in a healthy way to be our best. Especially spiritually speaking. :) Therein lies the peace. :) Also, I love egg rolls and hope you share your recipe. ;)

  8. My lists are like that too, but I've learned that it really isn't important that I get it ALL done, atleast not the things that no one is waiting on... because it only matters if I say it does, and then it can drive you nuts. Who's the boss of YOU?...

  9. What will you do the rest of the week? Sleep?

  10. Umm. . . Jayme, I did not notice be still for 10 minutes on your list. . . just sayin

    Loved your post. . . we are all in the same boat. . .my list can go on and on also, it overwhelms me sew that I pretty much do nothing, I get very little accomplished in a day and I struggle with that.

    In my next life I want to be a dog. . . yup, imagine, no "to do" list or a man Ü

  11. Congrats to Tracy, you will LOVE the serum, and it will LOVE you back! Jayme, on your list put sticky notes, but not just any sticky notes. I found some at Target last year that are 2"X2". Half the size of regular sticky notes they allow only for the most important "To-Do's." If you can't fit it on the 2x2 square, then your plate is too full for any given day and you need to cross through the stuff that's not important. You can do it girl, you have a plan and now you have a coach to help you! Keep on the path...

  12. Thank you Miss Jayme!! I'm so excited to try the serum! And yep- your list is a long one- think I have to agree with the baking and deep cleaning the kitchen on the same day comment...just sayin'

  13. "but right now I'm focusing on not expecting so much of myself." Preach it, Marty.

    Missed you today. Calvin's done with school in three days. Soon, you'll find us at the doorstep.

    So let it be written.

    ps - Is the squirrel up and running? Or will it be at some point? He would die a thousand deaths for a squirrel sleep.

    pss - Is it weird that I'm writing you an email in your comments??

    psss - I do believe it is.

  14. You are worse than me! I have finally found someone that demands more of their self than I demand of me. Bless you, you crazy chick! xo Diana

  15. I was tired just reading all the stuff. Where do you find the time and energy. I must be in those delicious eggs. Have a great day.

  16. WOW!!! What a list. Some people I know think THEY have it bad well let me send them here! Lol! Just please RELAX. For one day......or maybe a few! I promise it will help! Oh and I LOVED this:

    Go to the poultry auction(Phyllis needs a man)

    OMG I LOVED THAT!!!!!:) have a good day!! Remember: you are beautiful!!!(:

  17. Wow, did you get it all finished? I won't laugh that's for sure. I feel like a complete loser after reading that list. I mean I don't get that much done in a week let alone a day! Wow, I feel so lazy!

  18. Hey, your cooking club sounds so fun. How did it get started? If people were coming over for cooking club it might motivate me to be a better housekeeper--haha!

  19. Only two pounds to go? Amazing. Congratulations. You are looking very glamorous these days!

  20. Hi love your blog! Just found it thanks to Granny Mountain! I have been wanting to loose 45 pounds and you may give me the boost I need (or kick in the butt)! I will have a lot to catch on. Love your before and now picture!
    Thanks Kim

  21. AUGHHH My name in your blog!!! How exciting!!!! You are one amazing woman!!! Change, yes, I jumped into major changes with both feet and struggled. And you dear lady have been motivation! jan


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