Sunday, May 6, 2012

Back with a Giveaway!

I'm back.
Miss me?

In my screen-free week I've been doing a lot of pondering, weeding, mulching, beekeeping, chicken rearing, weight training, cleaning, letting go, creating, entertaining, keeping Aaron in line, scheming and sitting about and doing nothing for ten minutes a day.  I'm getting really good at it too!

I also dyed my hair completely too blonde.

I got to thinking about you guys, and I just wanted to say 'thank you'.
Thank you for being here, and reading my drivel.
Thank you for all of your encouragement, all of your humor, advice and wisdom.

I so appreciate each and every one of you.
I've got something to giveaway to thank you.

Remember my chicken drawings?
I decided to try one in a stitchery, and I just love how it turned out.
It's wool felt.
I've been a stitchin' fool.
It's cuter in 'real life'.
It's about 7 x 7.

I wish I could make one of these for everyone - but one of ya will get one.
Just leave me a comment telling me what's on your summer bucket list.

I'll announce the winner by week's end.

Thank you - again.


  1. 10 km race. Totally inspired at a half marathon my husband raced in only to get over my injury and get training for a personal best :)

  2. Well, that is just too stinkin' cute! My Summer bucket list is to spend time riding my new horse with my very bestest friend and her horse. And that's about all, besides all my usual stuff.

  3. I am so happy that you are back. Really missed your writings.
    Your little chick is adorable and I'd love for it to be mine.
    I look forward to warm summer mornings when I can get up and put on shorts and a baggy t-shirt and work bare foot in my house. Plan to enjoy my new screened in porch and spend family times at the lake. Hope your summer is super.

  4. Of course we missed you! Busy you are and lookin really fit too. I love the hair color on you. You look like ah young chick!

  5. cute chick, the stitched one too. my big thing coming up is to go to my hometown and walk in a 3.7 mile memorial walk on the one year anniversary of the Joplin tornado. Have not been back yet but this walk is making it seem like a positive experience. Hope I can make it the whole way in the Missouri heat. Wish me luck.

    Peg from Decatur

  6. Gory...what's not on my summer bucket list?! I want to learn to make soap...good goat's milk/lavender soap, get the blackberry jam made, finish the myriad of rugs I have on the back burner, finish the little Christmas pin keeps I started in December, learn to dye roving without felting it!, garden, can, plant a perennial garden, do yoga, paint my front door (it's purple, not colonial red), spin more wool for the Etsy shop....I could go on, but I'll spare you! Please enter me in your giveaway!

  7. You are so the chicken!!
    If I could only accomplish a fraction of what you do I'd be one happy camper!
    Plans are to drop off my little grandson in a few weeks, visit the kids in FL...then come home to some alone time with the man, and finish up our projects here at the house. Oh my, we so need to get this done so it doesn't consume us any longer!!

    Love ya...((hugs))

  8. Stayin' alive and keepin' my head above water.

  9. I love your chicken stitchery. It gets my creative juices going . . . would love to be a giveaway winner and happy for whoever is the winner if I am not . . .

    Wow! did that make sense . . .

    Being honest here . . . like the blond but more of the brown better. It is a fine line I walk every six weeks or so and being a garden girl in the sun . . . the sun brings the blond out big time . . .

    You look smashing hot . . . I am thrilled for you as a new you!

  10. Having a baby. Except the due date's in November. Not sure that counts for summer, but bucket for sure.

  11. Like Libby, I am having a baby... LMAO. no NO NO! Just kidding. Do love the chicken and if I win it I would mail it to my sissy who LOVES chickens! Oh, and as for bucket list. Ummmm...

  12. That's is just adorable, Jayme!!! Well, for my summer, I am trying to have a CoopKeeper worthy garden!! Been planting and weeding my fingers to the bone!!
    Have a great week. Blonds have more it should be a fabulous one for you!!

  13. That little chicken is so cute. You look so natural as a blonde so just keep it and enjoy. I'm having a house build this summer, Jayme. I'm getting really excited about this. Hugs, Deb

  14. so happy to hear you have been so super busy. love your hair. so cute!! we are planning lots of camping adventures. can't wait to take some great pics. working out in our yard. anything being outdoors enjoying the fresh air. being with friends & family. i love the chicken so cute!! so creative. you should put it on your etsy ... i know you would sell a bunch. awesome!! (:

  15. first, we missed you during screen free week, so glad your back! summer bucket list includes gardening (we doubled the size this year)...raising organice meat chickens (25 in all, some for us, some for my folks and some to donate to needy family), some kayaking and camping in our little pop up. Lots of family time!...that little chicken sure would look cute next to my computer while I work (I work from home 30 hours a week on my computer for an insurance company)...yep, sure would be cute! Peace to you, Jayme! ~Vonnie, NH

  16. my summer will hopefully be filled with my husband getting better each day.

  17. Hi Jayme,
    Just told my husband this, I want to rent a convertible and drive around all day with no where to go.

    Oh, and I want to go to Maine.

    Hey, maybe I could go to Maine in a convertible! :)

  18. My husband and I are going to bike the entire Blue Ridge Parkway--490 miles and 43,000 feet of elevation gain. I love having a goal to inspire me to work out.
    p.s. Love your blog--not only are you funny as heck, you've also become quite an inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  19. Get organized! After 30 years of marriage, 5 kids, and caring for ailing parents, I am in the process of going through my stuff and my mom's stuff that I have put off for years. Wish me luck! I am looking forward to a lighter life! Mona

  20. #1 on my Summer Bucket List: Be Fully Present.


    Deep breath... whew! SO glad you are back.


  21. A trip to visit in-laws in Germany/Paris and maybe a trip to the beach. Otherwise, ice tea, books, and some naps!

  22. Jamie, i follow you thru 'crazy as a loom' and you are one of my Shero's... I soooo want this work of art that you did with your very own hands. I will treasure it because i find you crazy funny and love your tales and your videos... I beseech you to pick me. Lois

  23. I colored my hair by myself ONCE. Now I have it done. It was plum purple. And the way I handled the situation was to get it all cut off! It was SHORT.
    My summer bucket list?
    PARIS in nine days...
    and to North Carolina to see my son.
    xo, Cheryl

  24. My bucket list has lots of things but my major goal is to be a part of every moment with my kids! I seem to rush through things just to get them done instead of enjoying them! My boys are 3 and chaos follows them everywhere...its easy to get lost!

  25. Hey Jayme,

    I don't comment very often but I love reading your drivel and have for going on two years now. :) Glad your screen-free week was refreshing!

    My summer bucket list is mainly focused on enjoying this last summer before my only child starts kindergarten. (Waahhh!! How have 5 years gone by so quickly?!) This will hopefully include spending much time at the swimming pool and eating popsicles.

    I'll also feel accomplished if I can so some landscaping around the house, finish my craft room, and keep up my sq. ft. garden.

    Thanks for the chance to win your adorable chicken. I tried embroidery for the first time on Friday night (if you don't include counted cross-stitch when I was 8) and guess what the subject was? A little red hen! :) You can check her out here, if you'd like:

    Take care,
    Carolina Country Living

  26. I need to lose 30 lbs this summer before my son's wedding in October. You are my inspiration! I know I can do it. So enjoy reading your posts!

    The Way Grandmama Does It

  27. That is so cute! How clever you are!
    And, I love reading your drivel!
    Unfortunately I don't qualify for the giveaway, as over here we are heading into Winter. But reading about all your summery goings-on will sustain me until Summer returns!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  28. I NEED that! My bucket list...well, I DID the garage sale, so that's over! I'm still that's ongoing. I AM going to lose 10 lbs. in the next 2 months. That's a promise. I AM going to read Wheat Belly after the first 9 people return it to the library. I AM going pick blueberries. I am praying that my hubby will be well...and that's my bucket list. the end. and you're cute blond. Let me know if you have more fun! :)

  29. I really love, love, love your little chicken so much! On my summer bucket list is a vacation to Victoria, British Columbia where I want to have scones and tea with my hubby at our favorite little tea shop and watch the boats in the harbor.

  30. Time in the garden watching my little one and watching chicken TV.

  31. Hi Jayme,
    I'm taking a table at the local farmers' market later this summer. I'll be selling breadboards. Hopefully, people like what they see. Otherwise, for years, family will be getting wood for birthdays, christmas, labour day, sick days, TGIF days - any occasion. Cute chicken!
    Mary G.

  32. I would love to have your little
    chicken...I also have trouble sitting
    still...I can think of so many things
    to mind in always in motion.
    I hope to enjoy my yard and plants
    and my living room in progress. Georgeann

  33. Bucket List..!!
    Hummmmm......not go crazy at work.
    Love the Chick!

  34. Bucket list.... let's see.....Mine includes reading more this summer. I now have access to more books to expand my horizons, thanks to my new Kindle. Also I can let go of books on the shelf knowing I can download them if I ever really need to read them again.

    Have a great summer!

  35. I'd love to squeeze that chicken but I fear he'd squawk a bit

    So I'll put him on my computer screen and stare at him a bit

    My list for summer's not too long as life has flown so fast

    Thank you, Jayme, for helping me to joyfully reflect the past

    Three grandmas gone, a friend left too, my soul was weary from tears

    But to honor them this summertime, I think I'll ponder those dears-

    I'll read and plant my garden,and send my friends some mail

    Be an encourager to others and watch the grief set sail.

    Thanking God for you, Jayme, for being so real and sharing your life with us. Your writing has helped me through some tough spots this year. Praying for you to be blessed! Laura

  36. Oh Jayme, of course you couldn't make one for each of us, but I'm glad you are having the giveaway to give us all a chance! My bucket list has a trip to DC on it and will happen in early July! My friend and I are still working on the details, but we want to make it through Paducha to the quilt museum too. (We'll have to see whose back gives out first on that one though!!!)
    So count me in on this little gem and I hope I win!

  37. My summer bucket list - build my yard - a meditation garden, a clubhouse for kids, raised beds with lots of vegetables, a butterfly garden, my grandma's peonies- and start living the way we did when I was a kid - back in the day, y'all.


  38. So cute, Jayme! You are amazing and so generous. Just love it.


  39. I love it! I'm still waiting for your 2013 calendar of chicken drawings. This one could be "November" or maybe "January".
    On my bucket list? Definitely doing a little more of... nothing. Playing with my kids. Enjoying the simple things. Contentment.

  40. How cute! You should make some and put them in your etsy shop. Bucket list for summer, I really want to see the movie Dark Shadows! I use to watch the series after school, and looking for the paperbacks which are really hard to find!! Glad you are back!

  41. We have a job jar that is huge and now we just have to reach in that job jar.

  42. My chicks aren't so chick-looking anymore, so finishing the run is top of my list!

  43. To completely overhaul how my husband and I eat. My husband had a heart attack last September. At his 6 month checkup he was taken off one of his medicines because he was doing so good. The doctor told him if he could adjust his diet and eat mainly vegetarian, some chicken and fish, and when he eats, EAT CLEAN, he could be off almost, if not all, of his meds on his 1-year checkup!
    Thanks to your posts about clean eating, I subscribed to the clean eating magazine last summer. Oh how handy that has been! The doctor was also impressed that I knew what 'clean eating' meant! Thank you Jayme...for making me smart! :) And for your posts that inspire and help us all in our own journeys!

    The little chicken is so cute! I love all your chicken drawings though, they make me smile!

  44. Garden, finish crafts for the craft sale, bond some more with my grandbaby, garden, relax and exercise!!

  45. my bucket list
    New barn completed
    New bathroom off my bedroom completed.
    and Mama sitting with her feet up enjoying plenty of sunsets

  46. I don't know that I have a bucket list this summer because it will be like none other I've had: oldest child getting married, youngest child going off to college (wah!) So I'm planning on enjoying my children and their significant others as much as is humanly possible.
    Nancy T.

  47. Hey girl, Haven't heard from you in foreva. I'm hoping to get lots more camping in this year.Take care.

  48. Hey Jayme, The top of my list will be my first grandchild born Sat!!! That would be so cute in Maya June's room! Also visiting Colo.for the first time to see sweet daughter and new SIL! Whew! And steering a teenage boy in all the right directions. And raising lots and lots of wonderful produce! Well that's the TOP of the list! Angela

  49. Adorable. I want to get the garden around my chicken coop put in. Then I want to put the ashes of my Springer spaniel i had to put down in there. He loved chasing the chickens around. Seems like the appropriate place to let him rest.

  50. A trip to Victoria, British Columbia over the Memorial Day weekend!

    The chicken is adorable! I love the "expression"!

  51. haven't been here in forever! missed ya! you look fabulous, btw :) what's on my summer bucket list? to look fabulous before summer is over.. lol! :) love your chicken art! -Tammy

  52. How cute. I love it. :) Wow. I really had to think. I guess I don't quite have a summer bucket list. I'll say a weekend trip to watch my Cincinnati Reds!! ;)

  53. My bucket list is growing a big garden, canning and freezing, Grandma's camps, walking every day and swimming as much as I can.

  54. An entire weekend of trout fishing with my husband in central Oregon!

    I LOVE the wool stitchery- would "tickle me pink" if I won!

  55. Hey Dame Jayme! My bucket list....getting the basement finished in that dang house we're building so we can move in, so I can forget about keeping two places going and then I'll have time to be still, sit and stitch. And the room I'll be living in...yes ROOM, will be quick to clean!!! WOOHOO!

    Cindy Bee

    (I leave for ITaly tomorrow morning - say a little prayer for me!)

  56. This is awesome Jayme! Love it! You are awesome and you look awesome too! ;)

  57. I have missed you! What a perfect stitchery for me "Be Quiet". What I want for myself and my husband is absolutely no "drama" for the summer. I want to just enjoy "quiet time".


  58. Love your blog and the chicken stichery is adorable! Boy, I have a whole list in my bucket but the top things are stick with Weight Watchers, get organized, exercise more, keep the garden looking good and most importantly, give some undivided attention to my 12 year old!

  59. My bucket list:
    Daily: Give out free smiles, enjoy the life around me.
    Nightly: Lay on top of the picnic table, be still and soak up all the stars.

    Your stitchery is just beautiful. I think you aced the no screen week!!

  60. My bucket list this summer is to get my greenhouse built, get my creative space moved and organized and to teach a canning class in August at church. The greenhouse was bought at a moving sale I stopped at after church. It was in the box and I got it for $10, retails for $525!

  61. On my bucket list is finally getting the yard really, really cleaned up. Actually, it's on my pre-summer bucket list since my son is graduating from high school and I need to get it done before then. Now I have to think of something fun for the list!

  62. Love your chicken drawings - so cute!!!
    I want to finally get my gardens in order and spend time with my family. Maybe they'll help me out!!

  63. I love your chicken drawings ... they have such character and spunk! I especially love the "Be still" message on this one. So simple, yet so profound.

    Summer bucket list ... I plan to have all of the roses planted in my two new gardens by summer's end. It's going to be a big job, but I am determined not to put it off any longer. AND, this is the hard part for me, I will ask for AND accept help doing this.

    A fun bucket list item is that The Husband and I are going on a cruise to Alaska with four of our closest friends. It will involve 7 days on ship and 7 more days on land ... including a dip of our toes in the Arctic Ocean! So excited!!

  64. Hey Miss Jayme....This summer I will be recovering from knee replacement surgery. I'm seven weeks out and feeling pretty good! So, now I'm planning on losing the 20 pounds I've gained and get back to walking!! This will be known as the "summer of Cindy"

  65. Jayme, I am so excited, this year we're planning on going to Manali, India, about two hours from Delhi, yak skiing!! yak skiing!!!

    If you haven't heard of it, it involves standing at the bottom of a large slope wearing skis and attached to a rope. Attached to the other end is a domesticated yak via a pulley attached to a tree

    I've always wanted to do this. . .
    You hold a bucket of pony nuts as a treat for the yak, you shake the bucket to attract its attention and then you drop it as they are catapulted up the hill at a super fast speed on your skis by the two-ton hairy behemoth on the other end of the rope.

    Domesticated yaks are gentle creatures, which, as everyone in Manali knows, they love ponynuts. When tempted by their favorite treat, very little will stop them and heaven help you if you get in their way.

    The only piece of advice given by the owner of the herd is, “Never shake the bucket before you’re tied to the Yak rope.” duh. . .

    ok, I'm not really doing that, but did I win, did I win, I love that felted chicken, I would treasure it, honest. . .

    no wait, no wait. . . I"m going Volcano Boarding, yes, that's exactly what I'm doing, I'm going to slide down a 1600 Ft. Slope of Cerro Negro. . .

    no wait, no wait. . .reallly I'mmm

  66. A treasure from you? What could be better? Okay, a visit, but this is close!!!!
    My summer....Well, it's been a difficult winter/spring so far. Had my achilles repaired in Dec., total couch for 2 mos.. Finally walking, but developed a stress fracture in same foot. It hurts Jayme!!!! but I'm still walking on it to get back in business! Then, skin cancer right in the middle of my nose. After surgery to remove it I had to have plastic surgery to repair it.( Why couldn't it have been a big mole on my belly I ask?!) Same day as diagnosis, hubby lost his job of 24 years!
    But we're happy! Cancer free, walking on both feet, healthy, job offer and acceptance, a little sunshine, the garden is getting planted and tomorrow I'm heading out for a day of junkin' with my girlfriends! Woo hoo!!!!!
    Friends are such a blessing and I count you as one of mine!
    Love you to pieces and can't wait to see photos of the mud run.
    I know you and Fi will be getting two are tough cookies!!
    Happy Auntie's Day this Sunday!!!

  67. That chicken is just too cute. On my summer bucket list is camping with the kids and husband in PA.


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