Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scenes from a Mall

I sit here typing to you in my pj's - up on a Sunday morning, with a cup of breakfast tea cooling in me largest Starbucks mug.
I've no intention of dressing today - or doing anything - so this could be a very long blog post.
The pilgrims are STILL on the porch - lit - fyi.

Glenco and I have decided to take our Sunday's off completely.

Go get a drink - I'll wait.

Are you back?

I've been pinning.
Don't get me started.
I'm hooked - and if I actually do all of the ideas I've pinned - I will in fact deserve a reward.
In fact - I do believe I'm going to make a board that says "I DID this!"

Glenco's still in bed.
It's 9:36 in the ay em.
It's raining - and it's gloomy.
Which I suppose it's normal to be gloomy when it's raining -

You know my last post about being dark and twisty?
Well today I'm bright and straight.
I know what you are thinking - 'this gal needs meds'.
Nah, I just need to stop thinking so much.

But this post is about the mall -

Now this is a scene that you would NEVER see ever -

me, with girlfriends - smiling in the mall

This is more what you would see if you brought me in a mall

Terror - anxiety - and an all around 'let's get the heck out of here' mood.
Just the mention of 'the mall' aged me by 30 years!

YESTERDAY - a December Saturday - I went to the mall with the AlmostManChild.
I really should stop calling him the BoyChild - but it's hard.

I'm still in awe of how much I enjoyed the mall.
So much to look at!
So much to smell!
It was fantastic!
I was calm - not a care in the world.
I'm just so different now.
Not a smidge of anxiety since I'm wheat-free.
(more on that later - a lot more)

Oh the fun we had!
Aaron is some good company - I just have to tell you that.
There's never a moment of silence between us - there's laughing til we cry - and I can ask the AlmostManChild anything and he tells me the truth.

Case in point -
 I'm going to a lovely symphony concert in Wisconsin next weekend and I want to dress up.

I thought of an outfit like this:

Pinned Image

But my calves are still really chunky - and I'm self conscious.

Aaron told me it would be best if I didn't sport the pencil skirt.
His exact words "I'm not telling you this to hurt your feelings - but your legs still need some work - wear your black slacks"
I had asked Glenco the same question and he said "You need to dress for the weather - what if there's snow? Don't wear a skirt and heels".


Something has changed in Aaron in the last couple of weeks.
I can't put my finger on it - but it's like he's blossomed.

It might have something to do with this:

I ADORE my new brother-in-law.
Ah. Door.

Aaron's cutting all of his blue hair off (oh, you didn't know it was blue?) and going back to his natural hair color.
He's always been vibrant and full of life - but now - it's like he's glowing. 
He didn't meet a stranger in the mall - having conversations with the sales associates like they were his best friends.

Anything I needed - he was on it -
"we need these in a 9 1/2"
"excuse me - where are the gloves at ?"
"Marmie - you don't need those Elmo underwear"

Did you KNOW they had Elmo underwear?
I surely didn't.

I'm convinced the boy is going to take terrific care of me in my silver years.
In fact, I declare that he'll be going all Shirley MacClaine from "Terms of Endearment" if I ever end up in a hospital.
It makes me smile to think about it.
It makes me so happy to know that I'm healthy, and living a lifestyle that will insure that I get to spend as much time with him as possible.

He's growing up right before my eyes.
I have the best, deep down feeling inside my belly about his life.
He may be flunking algebra - but in the grand scheme of things -
he's on the Honor Roll of life.

I absolutely couldn't be prouder of him.


  1. I used to be a public school teacher, but I just tutor now. I couldn't agree with you more about the Honor Roll of Life, Jayme! My own children were affected by the pressures of school early on and it broke my heart.

    I want to hear more about not feeling anxious and connecting that to being wheat-free! I've only heard about the digestive ailments for gluten allergies...

  2. I just have to tell you...I enjoy your posts so much, I look forward to seeing a new one each time!
    a fellow 50-ish blogger, Hoosier (at least for the last 16 years), and weight watcher (watching it bounce up and down)...I am a pro at losing weight...congratulations on all of your weight loss! I've got you beat though...I've lost 100's of just so happens to be the same 10 or 20 over and over!
    Enjoy your Sunday off!

  3. i'm glad you're feeling better. this is such a sweet post :)

  4. I so look forward to your posts... in fact yesterday i must have checked your blog 100 times looking for a new post!! Great news to hear you and Aaron had some quality time together!! He is such a sweetie- I could just eat him up!! The Elmo underpants makes me laugh so hard I pee'd... maybe that is where the phrase "tickle me Elmo" came from LOL!! Hope you enjoy your day in your PJs and your Tea!!

  5. the mall can be fun. but when it's very busy i would rather hide out with a good book under some blankets. when i was young, my friends & i would go there every friday night to check the hottie guys. go to the movies. be kids. now ... not so much. (:

  6. I believe you enjoyed your day with AlmostManChild more than you did the mall...just guessing!!!!!

  7. LOL, you are too funny! I didn't know they made Elmo undies either but they are cute:O Have a great day and thanks for the giggles;)

  8. I don't want Elmo down there on me! Please tell me you did not buy Elmo undies... LMAO.

  9. Good for you. I'm thankful that your sense of humour didn't shrink!

  10. Yes...Yes...Yes. Algebra being a hardship and a challenge in the present...will radically pale into boring fodder in 10 years...Life is too full to have angst over math.

    "We recognize that there are no trivial occurrences in life if we get the right focus on them." (Mark Twain)


    Life is Hard. Life is Good. Life is Short. You are blessed. A GOOD man. An awesome nephew (who is blessed to have two mamas) A winning desire to have victory over your health and body, and SUCCESSFULLY captured and reined in that challenge. You go girl. You are my inspiration. Just do what my son Jonny (CPT) tells me. KEEP on DOING what you are DOING. DON'T STOP! ....ever... Thanks for the hug. Right backatcha. xoxoxo

  11. When did I ever use alegebra since HS? Never ever. Ever.


  12. Jayme, I'm relatively new to your blog, but just want to say that
    1. Aaron has the SWEETEST smile, ever!, and
    2. I've been inspired by your turkey sausage recipe, and may do some version of it on my lowly little blog (compared to yours, anyways!), called You would greatly honor me by paying a visit, some day!

  13. I'd have to travel 98+miles to visit a mall! It's been so long. Your heart shows in this post of your boy child. Having an ah som brother inlaw means your sis is very lucky like you are. Have ah sunny day inside whilst the rainy yukky outside.

  14. Another wonderful post, Jayme! I love that boy-o of yours. He sounds like a wonderful, wonderful young man. He makes your heart beam, doesn't he? I think you are closer to him than some birth mothers are to their children...what a blessing!

    I am so glad you like your new bil..and it appears HE is happy with Aaron, too...which makes it so much easier to welcome HIM into the family.

    I am not much of a mall shopper either..but will do so on occassion. AND...TA-DA....I have been wheat and sugar free since July 18th...down 35 pounds and feeling sooo much better.

    I am waiting to get your MAGIC SERUM in the mail!;>) Happy Day Of Rest To You-xo Diana

  15. The mall ... no comment on that. ManChild - Heavens, it is wonderful watching him grown into the person he is yet to be. Algebra - probably will never need it. We all have our weaknesses and strengths. Stay strong in your strengths as that is where you will find your desire for work. Now...Elmo OMG. I'm sure there are undies that represent anything.

  16. I have an honor roll of life son myself! He hated school and dropped out. Recently he took his GED and will go onto culinary school...but meanwhile, he works at a poshy restaurant in Boston. I'm proud too, but I choke up when I think of the boys as men...
    BTW I just weeded out all the pant that don't fit me...yuck! Wear the pencil skirt if it fits with black tights and boots!!

  17. Good for you, taking Sundays off. My hubby and I started doing that in the fall when we were worn out from summer fun, traveling, and company. Sometimes downtime is just the ticket we need to get back some balance. Bravo for you!

  18. Congratulations... in the Mall of Life you have the best pickings and even better you know it! Enjoy, Jayme!

  19. i think that you're cool. i love that you would rather raise chickens than go to the mall :) and you have a starbucks mug so we may be soul mates!

    haha, and i think you DID need the elmo underpants :)

  20. Aw, what a great time you had with Aaron. That is what it's all about!


  21. Hug that boy with the heart of gold for me. Love him and the way he loves you. Hey, when was the wedding. They look adorable. Love you pal.

  22. Oh what I would have given for your peaceful spirit in the throes of Target today...oy vey. I love the love you have for Aaron. He has a spirit that wasn't made for the confines of "normalcy" He's made for greater things. I had to take algebra 3 (3!!) college...but once I decided on a major that I loved I couldn't stay off the Dean's list. :)

  23. Hi Jayme!! Pinterest is so much fun, and saves me a fortune since I no longer need to buy a magazine. My house has been decorated for Christmas with so many ideas from Pinterest, and dinner time has been a snap to plan for using recipes that I've pinned. L O V E I T!!!!
    Being on the honor roll of life is way more important than algebra. You are blessed to have such a great young person in your life. I have one too :)

  24. LOVE Glenco's fashion advice! Men are so weird!!!!!!!!!!! Also, the thought of you + snow has me pining for the 2012 editions of SnowCam.

  25. So glad to read your post today Miss Jayme!

    Gotta tell you, I know they gotta grow up, and that man child is doing it well, but it is a bittersweet moment when they don't care about elmo underwear anymore... my littlest grandson would gladly wear the Elmo underwear his own self! ;)

    In defense of Glenco- at least he didn't' say you look 'fine'. I'm always asking my husband to define 'fine' for me... what does that REALLY mean?

  26. Wow... the no wheat = no anxiety thing really intrigues me. I should try that. But bread is soo good. You already knew that didn't you. I should follow your lead and just suck it up... or not suck it up, as the case may be.

    BTW, I found you on Pinterest, but I wasn't quite sure it was you since there wasn't a chicken board. But the pic looks so lovely and so much like you, it's gotta, even if it's the only part of your world that's chicken-less! ;)

  27. We had a gloomy rainy day here too. But after this year's drought, I will not complain about rain.
    I loved your video of making laundry detergent and of course the wonderful Twisty. What a great little hen.

  28. LOVED the post, Jayme. Aaron is indeed blessed to have not just one mama, but two! I'm sure he feels as deeply about Marmee as you do about him.

    So proud for your weight loss accomplishments. You truly are an inspiration to me!


  29. Lazy Sundays? Nothing better.
    Pinterest? I just discovered it recently and really have to be careful to limit my time there.
    Malls? Blech... Sorry, I just really don't like them. I do go occasionally since the girls like to go, but it's not something I live for.
    Your love for Aaron is absolutely priceless and amazing! You rock being an aunt!!!

  30. The mall is always better with someone we love.

  31. I need to remember that...honor roll of life. Love it.

  32. How do I "pin" you? I'm really unsure how to fully take advantage of Pinterest!

    Maybe one of your posts could include a tutorial on the advantages of Pinterest :)


  33. From one Pinterest junkie to another...there are worse things than flunking algebra or almost flunking algebra (thank you, Mr. Niflis, R.I.P.- my 10th grade algebra teacher who took me under his penguin wing).
    I despise the mall. Abhor the mall. ick. uck. mallsville=pukesville. are you with me, sister?
    xo, Cheryl


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