Monday, December 19, 2011

Five Words That Broke My Heart

I'm sitting here bleary eyed and snotty nosed.
Oh I just had a good cry.
A good one.
Tears of utter joy.

What made the CoopKeeper cry, you ask?

These five words texted to me from the boy I love the most:

"dad got me a cake"

Today is Aaron's 16th birthday.
Oh that rat.
Growing up without my permission.

I didn't want Aaron to know I was crying like a baby after he texted me that, so I returned his message asking him if he'd mind if I rolled in his cake naked.

To which he replied - no he didn't mind - he wanted to too.

He's on winter break now and will be here for two weeks - probably not everyday - but as many as I can steal him away for.

I insisted he do a guest blog post - he's up for it.
He said he needed to do a very descriptive blog post of the cheesecake he ate at the Cheesecake Factory.

Whatever dude.

I'll follow that one with a very descriptive post on broccoli.

I planned on baking Aaron a Heath Bar Cheesecake today - it's what he wants every year.
The boy loves cheesecake.

But this year - Dad took care of it.

Aaron's got a dad.

I'm crying once again.


  1. Now I'm crying! Thanks for sharing this Jayme! Aaron's got a Dad...(tears).


  2. Is his dad a recent addition to his life?

    I know you fear him pulling away, Jayme ...but rest easy. He ADORES you and he LISTENS to you. He is well-grounded and his affection and respect for you will not change no matter who comes into his life.

    Hugs, Sweetie dry your tears and go make that Heath Bar Cheesecake ...and some broccoli!

    : )

  3. I sure hope he is a deserving Dad, because
    Aaron one special young man, who deserves only the best of dads.

  4. This has me all teary too. You are NEVER to old for a dad to come into your life.

  5. Jayme, now you've got me all teary eyed too. What a wonderful blessing!

  6. a great big awesome ...plain and simple. Today is me Maggie's birthday. She is 25 and I am shocked how fast it happened.

  7. Happy 16th Aaron!!! Hope you have an awesome day, sounds like it is off to a great start!!

    Hang in there Jayme, your boychild is a growin up!!

  8. crying right along with you Jayme girl. It's's's a ...miracle??? for Christmas??? YES! Hugs to you and Happy Happy Birthday to Aaron...and ooooooo what a delish cake... cry your skinny little self silly with happiness and giddiness and cheer.... and then dote on him the rest of the week. Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours sister!
    Yuletide hug coming your way. xoxoxoxoxoxxo :-)

  9. PS.......I LOVE Charlie Brown Christmas trees...because it is like rescuing a sad little tree and giving it a little love...seeing the spirit and beauty of Christmas transform that little rag-tag into the most beautiful message of Christmas ever! xoxo

  10. Praise the Lord,Dad stepped up to the plate. It melts my heart. Tell my handsome friend Happy Birthday!!
    Also I took your cue and bought hot cocoa for the Salvation bell ringers at Wal Mart the other night. Random acts of kindness.....thanks for the reminder!!! Merry Christmas my friend to you, Glenco, Aaron, and all the creatures great and small.

  11. Oh, how sweet! The Boy/Man/Child will always remember that his Dad got him a cake for his 16th birthday! Totally awesome!

  12. Seems like I have been watching him grow up in your pictures on the blog.. 16 where has the time gone!! So glad he has a cake on his 16th Birthday and a Father. Your post made my day!!

  13. I love the cake story, but I also love it that Aaron's mommy has a new hubby. That really is a great present for Aaron too, his mom has her other half. I'm happy for the whole fam. I can't wait to meet him. Love you all, me

  14. The great thing about moms is...they do more than show up for the party with the cake, they usually PREPARE for the party, ORGANIZE the party, and CLEAN UP after the party!! Enjoy the break and let the dad handle the cake!! Sixteen is an amazing age, I hope he enjoys every second and savors the cake!


  15. How sweet! I LOVE that "dad got me a cake." That sentiment is sweeter than ANY cake!
    PS LOVE the apron I got!

  16. This is a tear jerker for sure! So happy for Aaron ;-)

  17. Happy 16th Birthday Aaron!
    And the Greatest Gift of All is
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & blessings~~

  18. What a wonderful birthday present...a Dad. I hope that is permanent! A definite tear jerker!

  19. Is this a new Dad or a Dad who came back into his life? Or should I just shut up right here.

    If your tears are those of joy, then it's all good :-)

    I do love me some cheesecake... that one looks divine!

  20. That cheesecake is killing me... and to think I bought a coconut cream pie today... GAH... not sure which I would want to roll around in more...

  21. Jayme, that is so sweet! I'm getting all teary. Your brother in law must be a wonderful man.

  22. Dad's are good. Especially for young, growing up in the blink of an eye men.

    He's got a dad and the best aunt in the world (beside me of of course).

    Happy Birthday Aaron.

  23. Happy Birthday Aaron...excellent that your dad has a BD cake for you!

    I love cheesecake is my all time favorite dessert!

    It'll be OK Jayme!

  24. Good Dad!! startin' on the right path from the very beginning! So happy for Aaron! and also for you Jayme - that your heart can feel light just knowing the love that's there for your Aaron!
    Merry Christmas!

  25. I'm looking forward to Aaron's guest post about cheesecake. I hope he includes lots of photos! Happy Sweet 16, Aaron!

  26. What a joy! Happy for all of y'all.

  27. That is a beautiful thing indeed and a wonderful birthday gift.

  28. Just catching up.... heaven's sake but you look awesome in your latest photos. And if you can walk in 5" heels then my hat's off to you! I just teeter along like a drunk when I get over about 3".
    A belly ring! And I thought I was being daring with my crackle nail polish!
    I bet being Aaron's dad will be as much a blessing for your new brother in law as for Aaron. Good for them!!

  29. Jayme, that's awesome!!! I'm so happy for Aaron. :-)

  30. He looks great!!! jan

  31. Aw, so sweet, Jayme. Glad ole dad stepped in. I'm hoping that relationship can be repaired and grow. Good for Aaron, and Happy Birthday to your nephew-kid!

  32. me too, baby, me too! (crying, that is.) That Man Cub is growing up fast, isn't he? and now he has another someone wonderful to help guide him around some of life's big potholes.

    Okay, I gotta know, who is the baby that Aaron is holding in your post on the 20th?


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