Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daily Drivel Digest #326

I survived my day out among the English.
Survived, and maybe even thrived a little.

All I have to say, is that Vickie - you were right when you left the comment about it being good I was among candles, potpourri and room spray.

My cauliflower/cannelini bean conconction was in full swing, and at times I was doubled over with cramps.

Luckily, for me - and all of the customers, I wasn't behind the counter - but I was walking the floor - so I could leave the scene of the crime easily - and swiftly - and I did.
I have a real live name tag on my work apron - even though I've not a  clue what I'm doing.
I can fake it til I make it though - since I was a manager there a few years ago.
It's MUCH more fun walking around playing with dinner plates, and fluffing pillows than it is hammering out a schedule, making bank runs and actually being responsible for things!
I was lightly begged to work more than two days a month.
I declined.
Saying yes to that, means saying no to other things that I'm not willing to say no to right now.
Like being home.

The day was perfectly orchestrated time wise, and you woulda thunk I actually planned it - I swear I did get every green light and arrow, even at the fabric store, it seemed like they were just waiting for me to arrive.
What's with the fleece? there was buying scads of it.
I'm thinking it's for those no sew blankets.
I'll let you in on a little secret.
I diss the fleece.
I do diss it.
Why, you ask?
It gives me the chills, similiar to cotton balls, and it makes me feel like I need to go to the eye doctor to look at it - it's all blurred.
I'm dizzy and covered in chills now, just thinking of it.

what I think I look like with contacts - I'm sorry Courtney
My eye doctor appointment went well.
It was like riding a bike - popping those hard little blue lenses in me eyes.
Two minutes later, I looked like my dog died, or something else horrible happened.
I told the eye doctor that he should hand out buttons that say 'I'm not stoned - I just got contacts!'
Two hours in me eyes yesterday, four today.
Glenco tells me last night - after over 10 years of me wearing glasses that he likes me better without glasses.
I feel like I have too much face showing now - and I feel vulnerable.
It's hard to explain.

Today is Wednesday, thus the BoyChild shall be picked up at school.
I'll let you in on another secret.
We are celebrating his birthday today, although it's not actually his birthday just yet.
We are celebrating by going to a tattoo parlor and having extremely sharp hollow needles rammed through various parts of our body.
Is there a better way to bond with someone you love?
My belly, his nose.
No tattoos!
(added this after a few thought I was getting inked. : -)

You are shocked aren't you?
You should be.

And I'll let you in on yet ANOTHER secret.
He's not going to school tomorrow so he can help me decorate the house for Christmas and we can do our ornament shopping tradition.
Memories are more important than World History and Health class.
Don't hate.

And now, for something completely different.
This morning at about 4:15am, I woke up because the cat bounded off the bed, and my ears were ringing loudly.
And somehow, I have no idea why - it reminded me of a comment I got here a while back asking me if my house was haunted, and how would you know - if you were wanting to buy an old house if it were haunted or not.

I'm sorry I haven't answered that sooner - and I'm sorry for all the questions that go unanswered here, and I'm sorry for the way things are in China - oh wait, that's a John Denver song.

I like to think that I have a good 'knower'.  I feel a lot of things, I sense things.  I have 'forebodings' as I like to call them, and sometimes I just know things.  Everyone  that I have known that has been diagnosed with cancer - I've known from the minute I find out - whether or not they will survive it.
I've been right every single time.

So I would say I'm sensitive to things - but - and again - don't hate - I'm not sure I believe in ghosts.
It could explain the missing pillow if I did.
I believe in spirits - but not ghosts.
Does that make sense?

All of that to say - my house is haunted.
It's haunted with happiness, and beautiful memories of days gone by.
It's haunted with children's laughter, tears over hard decisions, lives lost, lives begun.

After 143 years - I do believe this house has seen it all.
But I've never felt anything but sheer peace and joy in this house.
People do remark on it when they enter.
I'm glad they don't remark that it smells like a moldy basement or a cat box.

I think - if you are hankering for an old house - and you want to start shopping for an old house - you will just 'know' if that house is for you.
It will feel right from the moment you walk in.
If it doesn't?

Colossians 3:15 says that peace should be our umpire.

 “Let the peace (soul harmony which comes) from Christ rule (act as an umpire continually) in your hearts [deciding and settling with finality all questions that arise in your minds]…” (Colossians 3:15 AMP).
(thanks Terry - I needed to clarify that!)
Oh my - imagine if we all lived that way - only doing things that brought us peace.
We wouldn't be nearly as busy as we are, now would we?
Think about that.


  1. There's always a lot to think about in your posts. I cannot believe you are getting a tattoo.

  2. your a mess! I am excited about your tattoo.. can't wait to see it!

    i got my apron in the mail just yesterday.. I am gonna have to loose some weight so I can get it around my little tummy! It is gorgeous! Thanks!

  3. Good lord people. When you post a comment it would be nice if you took the time to actually read what was written. She is not getting a tattoo! Which you would know if you read her post! Jayme's writings are awesome, and fun. I just recently found her blog, and I very much enjoy it. It is a shame you can not give her the time she deserves after pouring her soul in her blog. It just saddens me.

    I hope you have a good Christmas Jayme!

  4. Sorry, no wanting to criticize, but is "umpire" really the word you meant to use?

  5. I'm with you about making memories. I always say a few days of school missed will not be the difference between a brain surgeon or a dishwasher! It's wonderful to keep traditions alive.

  6. Jayme -- I am excited to hear all about your belly piercing -- very brave girl you are!! I have considered a little tattoo -- was supposed to do it for my 50th - turned 51 in September and still haven't done *it* - maybe I never will, lol.

    Oh, and I know exactly what you are saying about your old house -- I have lived in several in my life - my old farmhouse in Minnesota was an 1850's house and I always felt it had it's own spirit and it was a happy one -- funny thing is my son was at a Halloween party once and someone was telling a story about a haunted house -- it was OUR house, lol! My old 1920's bungalow has a sweet spirit to it :)

    Take care and keep writing -- I enjoy your musings :)

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  7. Enjoyed your post...I was a married woman with a kid when I went home once to visit the parents...(I'd recently had my ears pierced) Dad was sitting across from me at the breakfast table...he did a double take and then said, "you've got HOLES in your ears"...heaven forbid what he would have said if I'd had my navel pierced...I don't think I'd have told him ;-) Love the Christmas tree in the bedroom, and your home "haunted" with happiness.

    A good Wednesday to you and yours!

  8. Love that boy/man/child will be decorating with you tomorrow. What a fun day that should be and memories are more important than one day of school!

  9. Hi Jayme!!!
    How I've enjoyed reading your blog the last few always bring such a smile to my face and more often than not, a few chuckles...sometimes a downright belly laugh (I started to type "roll" which is also accurate!) and I read you, out loud, to my family too!!
    I can only imagine what the house says about you...cheerful, caring, memory maker, lover of all things must be so happy that you live there!
    Enjoy your time with Aaron...can't wait to hear all about it!
    You are pure sunshine and twinkly lights!!
    Have a great day!

  10. Early Happy Birthday to the man child! 16? Time flys when you are having fun. Love to all!

  11. You very brave woman, you!!! Getting your belly button pierced!!! I wouldn't let anyone see mine (if I had one) because it would be under a roll or two!!! And I love it that you're keeping Aaron from school! How awesome to be able to spend the day with his aunt decorating her house!! Can you come over and do mine too? Maybe this weekend I will get something done. Have a great time!!

  12. So many changes going on with you Jayme. I know exactly what you mean about the house. I think some houses are just happy. I know this one is. Have a wonderful day with the boy tomorrow. We all need a break sometimes! I took Emma out one day last year and took her to a musical. That was much more valuable than being in school all day!

  13. Making memories and having good people skills are, I think, more important than missing a few classes. I think he must have got the people skills from you and the memories too. Have fun at the parlor. Ouch!

  14. oh, dear. I do loves your bedroom so.
    Happy almost birthday to the boy-child turning man-cub.

    Good luck with the contacts. Me? I'm not so brave. I feel glasses add character and I don't want to put things in my eyes. You can call me "four-eyes" like they did in the 5th grade.
    xo, Cheryl

  15. I agree with several of your readers: I think it's great to take a day off sometimes to do things together. Special memories that help build strong relationships!

    PS - You are a brave girl to get a belly piercing! Even the thought of getting another ear piercing has me shivering!

  16. Well it'd be nice to do by doing things that only bring us peace. But then, I'd not be visiting my MIL at the nursing home while she recovers from a broken hip. Because Lord knows she does not bring me peace. But if I didn't go, people'd think I'm as mean as her daughters who don't visit. And then who'd do all the running around for the wrong house slippers and such. And who'd go to Wal-Mart 17 days before CHristmas...where I don't even go EVAH...Law...Jayme....Peace?....I think it's done gone down the drain with the carrots.

    Cindy Bee

    Here's a health lesson you can teach the boyo-child so he won't miss out on any schooling. You don't get colds and such from the weather. You get them from germ-y people spreading at the Wal-Mart, after leaving nursing homes.

  17. I understand what you mean about your house being "haunted" with the things that happened to it in the 143 years it has been standing. My sister and her family lived in a house in Michigan for a while that was over 150 yrs old. You could almost feel the stop of men's boots and hear the rustle of ladies' skirts. You are so blessed to live in a house like that. And you have NO judgement from me for keeping the boy child home. There would be times I would keep the boys home but the hubby thinks that they should ALWAYS be in school unless they are sick, and really sick at that.

  18. i sure hope you will take a picture of your tat for your blogging friends here. i can't wait to see it. how exciting for you!! what a great idea!! (:

  19. I've come for my therapy session and so glad I did, I feel better now! You're lucky you didn't blow up from all that fiber! We had cornbread and beans last night, plus half a sweet potato each so it was a noisy night here! Have fun celebrating Aaron's pre-Birthday, Christmas shopping and the bondage piercing, I mean bonding piercing! You, not me!

  20. I love this post, Jayme. You are just so REAL- starting with the cauliflower and bean sounds I almost

    I am glad The Boy is skipping school to spend a day with you-his most treasured person. You will be blessed by him.

    I am a "knower" too...sometimes that is good...and sometimes that is bad...but it is always what it is.

    I hope you have a wonderful night! Sure you don't want to work an extra 100 days between now and Christmas? xo Diana

  21. We used to let our kids miss a day of school each year and take them to the Fair. Some people thought it was bad parenting, but our kids are grown now and it's one of their fondest memories. Go for it!

    happy Birthday to your son!!

  22. That's about the same schedule I had at the Gapkids many years ago. Just enough hours to keep my discount!
    Sounds like you and the boychild have some good times ahead of you. You're a wild woman Jaymes!

  23. Have you considered writing a book? You write so beautifully..witty...I am always enthralled. Your 'not so little man' must love you to him what he really wants (and joining him) and a day off from are over the top!

    I love the blessing that is upon your home...I have a loving house too.


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