Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just So You Know...

Seems that I may have confused a few of you yesterday - so I'm just here to clarify -

Aaron is my nephew.

He's never met his biological father.

Neither have I for that matter.

My sister Cindy - Aaron's mother - just got married in October after a whirlwind romance - she married her very first boyfriend from our old neighborhood in Chicago.
They reconnected via Facebook.
Another social media love story.

I was over the moon happy that Aaron's dad bought him a cake.

He's a wonderful man, and made Aaron's birthday extra special in every way.

Tears of joy, baby.
Tears of joy.

I suppose my heart didn't really break - burst would be more accurate.


  1. Okay - THAT makes sense!!! I thought you raised your son all by yourself and then the dad showed up with a cake for his 16th. I am cracking up --- it sounds like your sister and brother-in-law are reaping the best kind of rewards from social media - HERE'S TO THEM!!

    And to the sweet cake that made his sweet 16 even better!!

    Hey, when you're over 40, you start taking things more literal, it saves time!! But, thanks for explaining!

  2. Real Dads step up and do the right thing. Wishing Aaron the happiest birthday ever and congratulations to your sister and new husband on finding each other again. Facebook can be a very good thing!

  3. I am loving this love story.. all the way'round.

  4. Aawww, that is just the sweetest! What a wonderful Dad he is!

  5. Now everytime you talk about Aaron you can link back to this & the world will be right again. ;)

    I was confussed about this too whan I first started reading, so I searched your archives & figured it out.

    As for you sister....sounds like a Cinderella story of the bestest kind!!!!!!!

  6. Brain, brain, brain o' mine why must you always auto-correct? 'Cause ya gotta get back on Coop Keeper's diet that's why! Meant to say your.

  7. I am sure that Aaron realizes what a lucky young man he is to have a new dad, a loving Mom and an awesome Aunt!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Belated happy 16th to Aaron. The cake story brought some tears of joy my way too. So happy for Aaron and his dad. Merry Christmas, Jayme, to you and yours.

  9. Ok, now it's all clear. Your sis's new hubby is NOT Aaron's natural father, but he must be one heckuva guy to take on that responsibility! Kudos to him and I'm so excited for your sister. Congrats are due all around!

  10. Aaron is a blessed young man!

  11. Love the story. Love you and the boy child. Wishing ALL your family the bestest Christmas EVER!

  12. I knew what you meant and I am SOOOO happy for the boy-o. I know he is the love of your life and it is always touching to see someone that loves, and tends, the heart of someone we love. God bless him- He has waited a long time to have some Dad Love! And I am so happy for your sister to have the love-of-her-life as a partner. xo Diana

    ps. Wanted you to know that my skin is the softest it has even been. I usually have 2 or 3 days of using something and then a reaction of some kind because I have such dry skin. Your Spring Chicken Serum is wonderful...thank you from this old gal! xo Diana

  13. Wonderful! A good man and a keeper! He's a true dad...and I'm happy for your sis to have found her true love!
    Happy Holidays to you all!

  14. A new Dad his 16th birthday and a precious cake too. Now I'm all misty.
    Happy Birthday manchild!

  15. This is a remarkable man! May he and Cindy and Aaron have long and happy lives together. God be with them all.

  16. Happy with tears of happiness too. Congratulations to all really. Happy 16th Aaron. Its an important one, and I am guessing will always be remembered.


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