Monday, December 26, 2011

The Party's Over

Thanks to all of you that went over to my Coach's blog and spread some love. 
I SO appreciate it!
So does he.
Everyone needs some love.
Even when you have guns like those.

It's over girls.
I have half my decorations down.
I never got out of my pajamas or put a bra on today.
Got up - started taking stuff down and deep cleaning in it's wake.
It's what I love to do at this time of year.
It was 7pm tonight and I was on my hands and knees washing my bedroom woodwork - as happy as a lark - when I thought -
"I may need professional help - this is my idea of a good time!"

I'm so ding danged excited to get 2012 underway.

I'm still grieving Jinksie.
I think I have an the beginnings of an abscess tooth on my lower right jaw.
The molar is still broken in half on the upper right jaw.
I go to the dentist this week - until then Vicodin is my BPF (best pharmaceutical forever).
Please forgive me if this blog post makes no sense.

I got the Poppy perfume for Christmas.
My sister doesn't read my blog apparently.

There are no Christmas cookies left up in the house.
All problem food for me is gone.
I have much to say about that.

I LOVE Christmas - but for some reason, I'm just a bit glad to see it go this year.



  1. Well WOW you've already tidied away Christmas...I take it down like I put it up a little at the time! ;-) I'll probably finish sometime the first week of January (when I was a kid my Mom once left our Christmas tree up till her birthday the middle of January)! Happy the problem food is gone...I never had any since I don't bake anymore...and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family!

  2. I threw out all the food yesterday or took it to Stu's fridge in the barn. Back to the grind. Decor has to stay up thru weekend until the last Christmas shindig ends...then it is outta here. Undecorating for Mom on Thursday. Miss you pal. What;s the plan for the birthday??

  3. Your're not the only one that got rid of all the Christmas stuff - ours was taken down yesterday. I won't say it's officially put up though until it's all back in the attic. I don't know why, but I missed my family in Germany terribly this year. Maybe that's why I couldn't wait to get the house "back to normal". Good luck at the dentist!!

  4. I have a cat named Jinksie.........I am so sorry for your loss.
    Years ago, my cat Stanley just died right in front of me, and he wasn't old either........he moaned, and was gone, in an instant.
    sometimes life is hard.

  5. Came over from "This Old House 2." My tree is down too! I'm also happy to put 2011 behind me and looking forward to a fantastic 2012!!!

    This post made me smile, especially the cleaning part! Happy New Year!


  6. Yeah, sometimes I clean for therapy but our tree is still up probably till Friday. I like to go into the new year free of clutter! So hard to lose our little loved ones--I feel for you! xo

  7. Oh Jayme - SO sorry to hear about your Jinksie! How sad! I'm so glad he didn't suffer, tho I hate that you're suffering over him...

    Just now got to see your Helene videos. I'll bet you had just as much fun making those as we did watching them! Didja make those with Aaron? They are a hoot - I'm looking forward to more of those coming out! Who knows, you may get syndicated!

  8. When I see that Coach I am instantly remoreseful for all the candies, cookies, and such that I have eaten...I am nursing a bad tooth too. Hoping it will "go down" and I can put the dentist off a while longer.

  9. Jayme- You are as inspiring as always. I did so good on my food intake during Christmas this year and did not once break with my self-imposed rules of no sugar and no white flour. Getting through each day makes it easier and easier.

    I am waiting until after New Year's Day to do what you are doing...and I, too, will be glad to be "cleaned up" this year! xo Diana

  10. how much vicodin are you on? that was more randomness than usual;) have you seen MEet The PArents? the cat is named Jinxsy is the cat on it...funny story with it! i was tempted to start your trainer's thing, but way too steep for my budget right now:( maybe yoou should just call me and yell at me? ya, that'll work! also? my decorations are down too. ready for spring!


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