Saturday, November 12, 2011

Chicken Chat - Your Daily Drivel

We interrupt your regularly scheduled weekend to give you your daily dose of drivel.

The pilgrim's butts are lit up and the happy couple are resting comfortably on the back porch.

My ridiculously large lunch was photo worthy. 
Mountains of broccoli, valleys of peas, and plains of a turkey meatloaf.

Remember this nightmare?
I'm still working on it.
I feel like cutting the front porch off the front of the house and burning it.
I still want this photo -
I think.

This is what the porch looks like of now.
It may change before I post this blog post.
I already know the orange flowers are history.
I have no idea why I'm struggling with this so.
Instead of painting the table, I put a burlap piece over it - that I got from my beans for coffee roasting.

I'd found this rug in the trash years ago.
The floor color still needs to change.
Law - it's a PORCH Jayme -
but it's just gotta 'feel right' to me -

And the juiciest bit of drivel for the day -
this punk is coming today and spending a week with me.
A week!
His momma done be gone up on her honeymoon.
He has no idea what he's in for - it's gonna be a bit like rehab for him - early mornings - early bedtimes - lots of vegetables - and very little TV.
Oh the horror!
way back in the day - when we were young and homeschooled - those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end.


  1. I really like the burlap cover on the table, and the rug ties in nicely with the pillows. It looks like an inviting room to me!

    Enjoy your week with the Boy Child. I am sure you will have some adventures to share with us!

  2. Very inviting . I hear it Calling" Come sit and chat" I love it.. Nice job girl.

  3. I don't know, girl…. i klnda like how it's lookin'! that rug and burlap add some punch to it.

    have fun with the boy… and congrats to your sister!

  4. I like how it's looking. I love the rocker. Hope it sits good. A good place to read a book. Have fun with the week guest. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love the rockers and their cushions! I think it's looking mighty fine!

  6. Listen punk...{i can call you that b/c you are younger than I!}...the porch looks dingdang good. Leave the orange flower. A sunburst clock!!! That's what you're waiting for...I just KNOW IT! Still love the picture, but not diggin' the purple frame. But you do what you want...b/c you can! I think you might stumble across something in the next couple months a P.1 that is juts PERFECT. And tell that tan punk hello from the ol' laty! Dont get in any trouble/! ;)

  7. I really like the newly decorated porch. It looks great! Have a good week with your buddy.

  8. The porch is only missing one thing.... ME!

    I love it. I think the orange flower can go.

    The burlap was sheer genius.

    Aaron makes me jealous.

    I love thee.


  9. Love the pilgrams. She's holding carrots and I think he's holding a dead critter or something! The sunroom makeover is like night and day. I would be sitting out there curled up with a good read and my plate of lunch that you made. Looks very nice.

  10. The only thing missing from that porch are two friends drinking coffee and gossiping, all wrapped in QUILTS!!! It looks fabulous.

  11. I kinda like the porch the way it is... warm and cozy! But, I'm like you... it's got to feel just right! You'll get there!

    Have a great week with the BoyChild!

  12. I am so glad the boyo is coming for a visit. I think you need that. I know what an adjustment it was for you when he went off to school. And his Momma got married? I hope Stepdaddy loves that boy!

    Your porch is looking pretty good to me..but you just fuss with it until you get it right- xo Diana

  13. Why, I have never seen a pair of plastic Pilgrims, perfectly tacky! Here is my two cents in regards to your porch, paint the bricks a lovely shade of pumpkin. Greetings from Maine.

  14. I actually liked your porch with the brown wicker chairs...I thought it had a richer contrast. Very nice and elegant, yet welcoming.


  15. Only thing I'd change is the lamp: shorter with a warmer "glow." Maybe a candle. Unless, of course you're trying to read vs. ambience. Then I guess you'd need a flashlight.

  16. Pilgrim's lookin mighty fine with their butts lit up.
    Lunch lookin very yummy!
    Porch lookin mighty cozy. I do like the picture. It is different, makes you think.
    I'm sure Aaron is lookin forward to a week with you. Oh what fun you two will get into together for a week!!!

  17. Your porch looks very charming and welcoming. Don't overthink it-enjoy it.Hope you have a wonderful week, and don't forget to keep blogging.

  18. love the "punks" cat hat! I'm staying away from the porch issue...

  19. I liked the wall color better when the chairs were a lighter color. The porch looks dark now. I would lighten up the walls.

  20. Please give my best wishes to the Punk's Mama and husband!

  21. The porch looks inviting just the way it is!...wish I had a porch!
    and I love the boy's cat-skin hat!

  22. Come come now, is there a reason the "Happy Butt-Lite" couple is on the back proch?

    Love the porch like it is, the burlap touch is ideal.

    You will have loads of laughter when he comes... laughter is a great tummy tightner and good for the soul.

    Have a blessed week! I know you will...

  23. The pilgrims are a just a tiny bit creepy... ;-)
    I think your porch looks very inviting. The chairs and the rug look really nice. I also spy "Coop" on the table. I enjoyed that book, how about you?
    Have a great week with Aaron, I'm sure you'll do all kinds of fun stuff together.

  24. The porch looks so inviting!!! I love it!! Always wanted an enclosed porch. Maybe some day. Enjoy your time with Aaron....I'm sure we'll hear some great stories!

  25. I try to treasure these homeschool days! jan

  26. I think the porch looks really great with those floral pillows and that rug! The burlap on the table is a perfect touch. I would leave it alone now. Looks so good!

  27. beautiful photos. look at the food plate ... just delicious looking. yummy. (:

  28. I really like the porch also, just adding a few things really makes it look so lovely.

  29. to each their own , but I LOVE the colors on your porch ! I say leave it be girl..... then again ,it is your porch and you have to love it :)



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