Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cuban Pork Tacos with The BoyChild

The BoyChild is mine!  All mine!
Seven glorious days of love and laughter.
I'm sitting at the gym with him now - while he's doing his gymnastics practice.
Doesn't this pic make you hurt?
It does me.

Aaron helped me stretch the other day.
It's just a good thing I'm too old to birth babies because I do believe
 he's permanently relocated my uterus.
I think it's where my lungs were.

One of my favorite things to do is to feed the BoyChild.
He's an adventurous eater - much more than I am.
He'll try anything once.  If I don't like the look of it, the smell of it, or the name of it - I won't.
I love that about him - he loves food and loves to try new things.
He was all up and over these Cuban Pork Tacos tonight.

Clean eating or not - these were so delicious they were 'ridickerous'.
The picture really doesn't do them justice.

Click HERE for the recipe.

The fresh pineapple salsa?
Forget it.
I couldn't believe the flavor!
It's my fault that I've been eating rather plain for months - it's just been easier - or maybe I've been lazy.

This recipe looked a bit involved at first - but it wasn't.

Now - here's the kicker for me - I didn't do the whole avocado thing - or the corn tortilla thing.
I'm not a fan of the avocado.
What's up with the texture of it?
I react to it almost as much as the dreaded cotton ball.

I steamed some cauliflower -
chopped it up rrrreeaallll fine like and faked myself into thinking I was eating rice.
I just put the meat and salsa over it.

It's pretty danged spicy - so if you aren't the spicy loving kind - I'd suggest that you cut the cayenne and red pepper down some.

I may be singing 'Ring of Fire' tomorrow.


  1. How fun that the boy child got there and you can feed him. I'm with you, though, not all that crazy about going out on a limb for something I'm not sure of. Enjoy every moment. Maybe you can squeeze your neck and force your uterus out of your lungs? just a thought....xo Diana

  2. Law, that Boy Child you'll soon be callin' a Man Child! He's growin' up, Auntie! When he smiles, his whole face smiles! Have fun with him!

  3. Whoa, that's some impressive stretching. I am pretty limber for a 46 year old. I can still do a decent front to back leg split, but I could never do that kind of split!OUCH. Good Luck with that unterus!

  4. "ring of fire"... LOL!!
    I just read the amount of red pepper and cayenne in that recipe and have determined that you have no respect for your colon. You're gonna be a boomin' flame thrower tomorrow and might have to wear a helmet. >giggle<
    Aaron is one handsome dude, by the way.
    Enjoy your time with him.

  5. sweetie let me tell you something you may not know. eating hot stuff rev's up the metabolism. sure at first you may want a firehouse to douse the burning ring of fire. but it really does kick up the metabolism. also i live in eastern IN and still have jalapeno's growing inside the house. very pretty plant and if you let the stay on the plant long enough they will be red and festive for the holiday coming up in december. i eat pico de gallo as often as possible as it is loaded with vitamin c and good to fend off colds and such. aaron is a handsome young man and what a lucky guy to have such a wonderful auntie!

  6. oops i meant to write fire HOSE and not firehouse! my bad.

  7. Did you know that Preparation H seriously wanted to use Johnny Cash's song Ring of Fire? Seriously. I hope you aren't singing it tomorrow.

  8. Oh, those tacos look fabulous, complete WITH the avacado and corn tortillas. But, I would go a bit easier on the cayenne. That's a lotta heat there.

    Glad you and Aaron are enjoying the stay.

  9. Gotta agree, "ouch" is my first thought too! Have a ball this week...don't post, don't take any calls, don't answer the door. Just have a great time making memories and enjoying every minute!

  10. I'll take tacos any day... except fish tacos.. yours look so darned yummy! Glad you and the boy child have had this time together... laughter abounds I'm sure!

  11. Oh man!!! Just looking at that stretch makes my crotch and hips ache!!! And he makes it look so effortless!! Even in my younger years I couldn't do that!!! It's like you have your own personal trainer!!! Go Jayme, go!! (I guess that's suppose to be me as the cheerleader...)

  12. Ouch, looking at Aaron doing that makes my legs hurt. I could do that at one time but not now.

    The toco's look fab!

  13. ring of fire! ha! haha!

    ooh this one sounds really good!
    i do the boring & lazy!

  14. These were good! jan


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