Tuesday, November 8, 2011


....all my troubles seemed so....
right up in my face.

And then along came you.

I'ma thankin' you from the bottom of my bottomless heart.
For realz.
Each and every comment was like a love note straight to me heart.

It appears that some crazy hormonal woman hacked my blog yesterday and started talking about not blogging and going to work full time.
Like that would happen.
I'd burst a blood vessel if I couldn't talk.

I just needed a bit of encouragement, a bit of 'you are on the right path', a bit of 'you are loved'.
And don't we all?

Yesterday was a day, m'goodness it was.
Gloomy as heck.
After I posted my blog post I got the house chores done, planned dinner (Chicken Breasts with a balsamic glaze, sweet potatoes and broccoli)
 and decided to head to the gym to do my back, triceps and cardio.
I like saying 'today is back and tris'
Makes me feel cool.

Right before I left for the gym, I wrangled myself into my compression stockings.
I started wearing these a few months ago because I was experiencing leg cramps, leg heaviness, and honestly?  I thought it might squeeze the fat out of my legs somehow.
Come to find out - from being a tub most of my life, I've veinous insufficiency in my legs, causing me to have low blood pressure - the stockings do milk my legs and help my blood pressure stay in the normal range.  Helps me not pass out when I stand up.  I appreciate that.

Milk my legs?
That makes me gag a little.
No more leg cramps and I must say that my legs feel more energetic.
Oh they are heavenly.
And they are expensive.

And I put a big ole run in a brand new pair yesterday.

photo from honeyrunfarm.blogspot.com

And then - I had ONE frame of honey left to extract, and I really thought I oughta do that before I went to the gym.

Procrastinate much?

Glenco made me this contraption.
Oh it's a Jerry-rigged contraption if you've ever seen one.
It's a honey extractor of sorts - still in it's infant stages - still tweaking to be done -
and little did I know - it should not be, or I should say 'I should not be' operating it without adult (Glenco) supervision.

Long story short - I suffered a deep puncture wound in my hand.
It's ok now! Very sore, a tad swollen.

It's right about then when I lost it.
Law - I boohooed for 10 minutes.

"I should have gone to college!"
"Why didn't I birth no babies!?"
"If I had a high powered important job I wouldn't be puncturing myself on a homemade honey extractor!"
"Why didn't my parents get me braces!?"

It was right about then I realized I was dealing with a 'brotha from anotha motha'.
The 'H' word.

And then I started giggling a little and I dried my tears and tended my wounded hand and went to the gym.

(this is getting kinda long - sorry - hormonal ramblings do that to a girl - you might want a refill on whatever it is you're drinking)

When I got to the gym there was a really large young man sweating all over the cable row machine I needed.  He finished up, cleaned the machine off and we started chatting a bit.  I could tell he was extremely nervous in my presence (I do have that effect on people) and he was very chatty, not in a creepy way - but a self conscious way - I told him how I'd lost over a 100lbs, and he could too - to never give up - and to come and talk to me anytime he sees me in the gym, and needs encouragement.

Whilst I was doing my cable back rows, with perfect form by the way - it hit me - is that what I was like when I was heavy(er)?  Is that why people think I'm so peaceful now?  I no longer feel self conscious - I no longer care what people are thinking about me.

It felt good to get a good workout in.
You know - even when you don't know 'the big picture' for your life at times, you always know the little picture.  You still need to do the things that need to be done.  Workout, chores, cook dinner, dress yourself!! 

The thrift store happened to be opening as I left the gym - and I stopped in and found an awesome pink cashmere cardigan for a dolla!
I found a sweet knit skirt and gray sweater - a great fall outfit - for two dollas!

And just when you thought life couldn't get any better -
(hormonal swing much?)
I went to the library and found a few fabulous books -
"Pretty Little Potholders" was one - (gotta start Christmas gifts!)

Last night - as I went to bed - I felt tremendously blessed.
I snapped this photo right before I jumped in bed.
I started singing "People Who Need People" loudly in my best Barbara Streisand voice.
Glenco wasn't too amused cause he'd bedded down 10 minutes earlier, and unbeknownst to me had already fallen asleep.


  1. Jayme, I love your blog and you make me smile! My blog is kinda boring and I need to jazz it up, so you are my inspiration! You ROCK!!!

  2. my dearest neighbor- you never cease to make me smile. you give me strength i didn know i had. specially now when i truly feel like i cant get anything done. it may take my wobbly self all freakin day- but i get things done. and when i get my sewing machine back- potholders were my main chritsmas idea too! thats kinda crazy.....

  3. I was gonna go there yesterday, warn you that you're the age that you are gonna feel like the sky is coming down on your head, but I didn't think it was what you needed to hear. Hormones, they rule a woman's life for so many years. Pre-teen to mid-fifties we are driven by the hormone bus to crazy woman town where we partake of a big serving of ups and downs...

  4. Betcha can't wait to be an old woman like I am so those hormones will leave you alone.. bwa ha ha ha...

    Love the photos, especially of the squirrel, and would love to see a pic of you in that sweater and skirt you bought!

  5. I smiled the whole way through your blog because I identified with so much of it...well, except for the cut my hand on a honey extractor part!

    You are such a positive support and influence here in blogland, Jayme. I didn't see that troll post that was made in your blog yesterday. I'd say it is someone that is just plain old jealous- OF YOU! Kinda makes you feel good in an odd sort of way, doesn't it?

    Love to you- I have worn a light duty support hose since I was 20-when my first son was born. There is a history of varicose veins in my family and I have never suffered at all because of being proactive.

    There are several sites that sell "seconds" if you are going to wear them long term. The 2nd's usually have wonky looking toes, or the top band isn't perfect-nothing you will know about once you have them on. xo Diana

  6. We have all been there with the hormones. If Hitler would have had an army of hormonal women, he could have won. haha With our personality types, we make decisions VERY quickly, which can be a blessing and a curse. Thankfully, God gives us time to think about them and then we realize that not all of them are good decisions. Hang in there!

  7. Gotta love those hormones. NOT. At least you ended up swinging on the good side yesterday!

  8. You go, girl! And know you'd be awful sorely missed here in blogland if your hormones ever git the best of ya. I've been thru the "change" a few years back, but I am still one to say..."Is it hot in here or is it just me?" The answer...as always is..."It's just you." So what? Call me hot blooded...

    Love ya, sista,

  9. Coop? You're a keeper.
    Have I said that one before?
    Poor Glenco. Just trying to get some Z's and along comes Babs.
    Too funny.

  10. I had missed your last post and had to go back and catch up. I am still trying to loose those 60 lbs., but I am unemployed right now and I'm having the same types of feelings about going back to work. I feel like I really need to and I also know what it does to me. Add to that, menopause and yikes! What's a girl to do?

  11. We all need a bit of blog-hugs from time to time and to know we matter in this world. Seems you are blessed beyond measures. GOOD you are feeling better today.

    The gym: See, the lord is using you to help others, you have been in their shoes... you know what they are feeling.

    OH, braces on the teeth... I had them twice and my teeth still have a mind of their own. About no babies? I too did not have them and wondered what kind of mom I would have made... I know from my step boys, I am pretty good... You know from Aaron.. you are fantastic.

    Dont go thinking of taking a full time job, we would miss you even more.

    Leg cramps, have you had your calcium levels checked? I did not know that low levels can cause cramps.. I found out the hard way.

    Love your pictuers, your chickens and SQUIRREL!! I love The Squirrel.

    GOD bless you gal, You are loved by many and our heavenly father too.

  12. Excellent...enjoyed your post today!

  13. Oh Jayme....you make me laugh. You do! Wish there was a video of you singing that Babs song!

  14. Oh Jayme....I'm sitting in a classroom reading this and chuckling OUT LOUD....the kids must think I'm nuts!!! (No, I'm not a teacher so it's okay I'm blogging).

    I went to dinner with four of the six of my high school friends that still get together. (mind you, high school was thirty-seven years ago!! ) and we talk about pretty much the same stuff. Dinner with them is always a grounding feeling for me. I know I'm not the only nut out there. And see...now you know too!! We're all nuts in a loving happy way!! You're not alone, Girlfriend!!

    Oh...LOVED THE PIC OF THE LITTLE SQUIRREL...why is it that a little thing like that can make my day?!?!

    Have a super day!

  15. Now THIS is the Jayme with the positive attitude!! And really, chicken photos are so important on a blog:-) Yours are lovelies.

  16. I am so glad that you are feeling better today. Hormones...I would say who needs them, but obviously we do! Sorry I didn't get to add my comments to yesterdays post. I was busy becoming a grandma for the second time. We now have Asher Thomas and his big sister Amelia. Blessings upon blessings.

    To answer your question: I love it all. Each post has been wonderful. Lots of laughs and some tears. Thank you for sharing your life. Please don't stop blogging. I missed you when you slowed down writing, don't think I could take you not writing at all!

  17. I still vote for the pig to liven things up :)

  18. thank you so much for your inspiration, I'm not sure how this popped up , but I'm glad it , you diffently put a smile on this face, after reading your blog I am ready to get out of my pj's,and get back to my life, maybe even go to the gym today..since I have a membership and haven't been in months..... Miss Clairol has been sitting in my bathroom for three days now, so I guess I'll do that too...I wish I had the energy you have! I love the pic of your house, I'm sure I've seen before, I am from the country and really miss it, even though it's been yrs since I was there,so thanks again for your blog, you actually got me to get up and do something, I blame it on menopause, I know thats just an excuse, and it needs to stop NOW!!!! looking forward to your next blog. take care of your hand.

  19. YAY! I'm glad you're feeling better. Hormones are a...you know.
    Also that chicken is GORGEOUS. She's really the most beautiful chicken I've ever seen. Seriously.

  20. I so enjoyed reading your blog this a.m. I can relate to it all save for the stockings. I may be there one day though. I love the picture of the chicken...she is colored so pretty browns. I'm going to the mail today. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Keep smiling...they'll wonder what you are up to!

  21. Whew, now I can relax...knowing you're not going anywhere. ;)

  22. OK You made me laugh again. It was the singing that did me in.
    Sorry about your hand. You have my interest piqued with the stockings, does it really help with low blood pressure? And in my estimation, a trip to the thrift store and the library is pretty much guaranteed to perk me up!

  23. Every time I come here I learn something new about something. And you just crack me up, love your sense of humor. OK, enough blowing smoke up it...lol...

    Have a great day, Jayme - and don't ya know I'm humming that tune now?....

    ... are the luckiest people...

    aw shucks.

  24. I love the color of your rooster, or is that a chicken?
    Love the blog today! You are so funny.

  25. Hi Jayme~
    I don't think I've ever commented before but love reading your blog. I am on a somewhat similar (in a round about way-ha!) life journey that you are on. Anyway, it just struck me as I was reading this at what a fantastic personal trainer you would be! Not only do you have the perfect personality for this, you also get to set your own hours etc. I don't know anything about being a personal trainer, but the idea struck me so hard while reading this, I felt like I just had to comment.

    Anyway, I hope you never quit blogging. Even when you feel like you have nothing important to say, you are speaking to many of us that love to hear it anyway!:)

  26. Jayme ~
    of all the interesting and heartfelt lines in your post, I'm sorry to say that what jumped out at me was the photo of your chickens. Not that I don't love me some Jayme - cuz I do! Your weight and work out regimen are inspirational. Just allow me to ask though - what in God's lovely creation is the name of that chick with those beautiful graphic, black markings about her body? OMG!
    Abundant Picnic

  27. thrift stores, singing, new books with that library smell, and a bit of sweat often reminds my hormones who is in charge too!

    way to kick your bad day!

  28. LUV the last two posts,,,mainly cuz I am right there with ya sister, stride for stride...am 51, put my homeschooler high schoolers in school as planned, tried to do some volunteer work but it does not keep me busy enuf....do i get a JOB to validate my existance??? I am agitated, irritated, and crying...gotta luv the hormones...I can hardly wait a few days so they CHANGE and leave me alone for awhile!!! Dang I hate this. And my parents didnt get me braces either....

  29. SwEEEEEEEEEEEEEttt & Spicy Jayme, We Love You!
    (Not in a creepy way..a friendship way..)
    You will find your way..you are your own drummer and WE Love reading about your day...
    Keep on Keepin On My Friend!
    ~~Peace & Love & Healing & Blessings!!

  30. Sweet lady, your blog is the first one I read on the e-mail. Keep pouring your heart out to us and we appreciate it. God bless.

  31. Jayme, please you must post peekchurs of this fearsome extractor in which Glenco rigged :) Sounds SO much like Mr. W and I. bless ya, Girl.. I couldn't go on without your bloggy posts :) I have that potholder book, and OCD that I am.. the vintage fabric I found just like the pics. Lo and behold, have not sewn any of them.. yet. Although, they would make fab Christmas gifts! -Tammy

  32. Love your blog..I read in one of your earlier blogs you were stressed about thinking you need a full time job. not feeling like your life is fullfilled.. This is what I did.. I'm retired and I go to the school and do volunteer work with the 2nd grade teacher.. Oh she was overwhelmed when I showed up one day in her classroom and said "I'm here to help you if you want"... She cried and said that I was a gift that God had sent her.
    So twice a week I go and help her out and it's a wonderful feeling.
    Have a great day ~ love your blog~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  33. I was gigglin' so hard by the end I almost peed my pants- which would NOT have been a good thing as I am at work!!
    I can relate to the "dark cloud" days that just blessedly lift at the most absurd moments- so glad the sun is shining again for you!

  34. Jayme, dear Jayme, dare I think what blogland would be without the coopkeeper! The thought brings a tear to my eye. Lady, you are looking so hot, and no I don't mean from the hormones. BTW, I have to ask, were you holding in your stomach while the last photo was being shot? No, I didn't think so. Walking my five miles in the morning. Blessings from Maine, Julie.

  35. Woman, you are on a roll here with the posts!! I love this one more than the last! I've been wracked with the job dilemma for the last couple of months...doubting all I've ever done in life. I love your crazy blubbering when you were attacked by your honey frame. Your digression is exactly what I would have done! I was laughing my head off with that one! Would that we could have a cuppa together...

  36. You make my day so sweet.


  37. Is that a real chicken? Seriously That is a beautiful chicken. Who knew?

    You teach me stuff ;)

  38. I been there and done that with the hormonal thing! NOT a pretty picture! Wish that I could stay at home and be a homemaker again but the kids are grown and the husband left and since I don't want another one I bring home the bacon :)
    That is one beautiful chicken in the foreground of the photo of the house!

  39. I'm so relieved to hear that it was just a crazy hacker who wrote all that stuff yesterday! I would miss your blog so much if you decided to pull the plug, so to speak. Anything you write about is entertaining, and often informative. And the more garden/chicken pics the better!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  40. Oh shoot dang...that pic of the squirrel had me almost to tearing. You can sing to me while I sleep any day...or kiss my forehead. Whatever.

  41. I have only left a message once, when I received my beautiful little chicks on September 22. You have inspired me to do and try things I would never have on my own. Well, today I checked my girls and they were all dead. You can't imagine the pain and sorrow I felt. I feel like I let those sweet little things down.

    But I thought about what you would have done, so I cried, then I cleaned the coop, fixed the spot where the intruder got in, and called a neighbor who also has chickens. She was so kind and sent her husband over with 2 hens and 2
    roosters. So thank you, for being you and inspiring so many women.

  42. Jayme,

    I have been reading for a while now, but I dont think I have ever left a comment... I love your perspective, your words, your heart... Thank you for making me smile,a nd keeping it REAL. You are such a blessing, sweet friend.

  43. Yikes! I have those days, weeks...months. Then I realize all the answers at once and feel tremendous. Crazy isn't it? Keep blogging and maybe drink less coffee...Ha...I kid..thats what they tell me. Gosh I hate that!! and on the photo of that gorgeous brown/black hen? She is absolutely stunning!!

  44. Can I just say how thankful I am to have found your blog?! It makes me smile and laugh and dream every time I read it.
    I burst out laughing at the leg-milking comment and my teenage boy thought that was gross ~ which means you REALLY made a funny joke.
    I am entering that crying phase, too, and I sometimes cry about not having birthed no babies (we adopted), I never got braces, I never finished college, I should get a job that counts and not LONG for chickens who don't come with any sort of sheepskin to frame on the wall ....... and I also laugh at the end of my sad moments and remember that it's "the 'mones" and curse everything endocrine.

    I have a very weird question for you, though!
    My husband is about to be transferred out of state. I am deeply wanting a home similar to yours where I can do much of the same things you do. I've wanted this for over 10 years, and NOW is the time. Here's my question... did it ever worry you that your older home might be haunted? Don't laugh. I can hear you giggling. I think I've seen too many haunting shows on DirecTV. Did that ever worry you when you bought your home??
    Your weird fan,

  45. You crazy girl. I loves ya so much. SO sweet of you to tell the guy to come to you whenever he needs encouragement.
    I think you should have given us a video of your doing Bab's People Who Need People...
    I'm just sayin.
    xo, Cheryl

  46. seriously.....we're supposed to pick out 1 thing & squeeze it into this little tiny box! ;)

    you are the 'Keeper' alright! the Keeper of the joy & laughter!

  47. I hardly ever comment. But I read your blog every day (yes sometimes more often than you post). No I promise I'm not crazy or a stalker. I just love to hear you talk. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You make me laugh. And inspire me.

  48. Jayme, how crazy is life? But think on this girl. If you hadn't been hormonal and hadn't decided to procrastinate about the gym and hadn't hurt your hand, you wouldn't have been at the gym at the perfect time. Just in time to give a suffering human a kind and encouraging word. As bad as your day seemed, it was meant to be so that you could help a young man. I'm thinking it was probably a very, very good day for that young man. You gotta love the way God works, eh?
    Jackie from PA

  49. Loved this post. You still got it. I (too) often wake The Farmer as I sing bout my blessings. But it's not 9:09pm! Maybe 11:09, as I sigh deeply, sink into bed n count my many blessings. YOU are one. Thanks!
    ps- thanks to you again, I may soon take extra Roos to local auction. Praying no hungry Asian men are there. ;-)

  50. You're a hoot and I'm glad that the hacker didn't shut down your blog! :)
    I had awful leg aching and varicose swellings only mine was cause of being pregnant.... at least I'll blame it on that!..... the old veins just couldn't keep their shape! Funny thing was that it mostly only bothered me right before and the first days of a period. So a hidden bonus of the "power surges" aka menopause was that my leg throbbing stopped!!

  51. Law, I adore thee.
    I adore thine oddities and thine randomness and mostly tonight, because of my own hormonal visitor, I adore thine heart that doth tell the sweaty nervous rowing man to come talk to you. Mine eyes did gloss at that. I wouldst like to hear thou sing People Who Need People. Glenco be danged.


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