Monday, November 28, 2011

Apron Up!

Well girls - it's Monday.
I like me some Monday.
For me - it's the day of the week to get after it again - restore order - plan and scheme - cook - clean - and kick some butt in general.

I don't know about you - but I don't feel properly prepared for a Monday unless I'm aproned up.

I did it girls.
I actually sewed up 9 aprons and put them on Etsy.
Why do I feel all nervous?
: -)
Hands to the Spindle, Hearts to God over here.
I'm staying home if'n it's the last thing I do.

Can't thank you enough for your support!  Thanks SO much for your serum and honey orders.
Ya done blessed me real good.

If you want to order an apron, and you've already ordered honey, or serum - please go ahead and know that I'll be adjusting the shipping costs before I do ship your order and giving you a refund.

This will be the last day that the serum and honey are at the sale price!
Don't miss it!
It will also be the last day I'm pimping out my blog!
: -)

Many thanks to my wonderful friend Renee for letting me borrow her dummy.  I've had fun posing this dummy by the ironing board, and having her do assorted chores. I've gotten quite attached to her actually!  I keep trying to talk Glenco into getting some actual sister wives. 

Imagine how much could get done with a few more women in the house!

(As of 2pm CST - all the aprons have sold! Oh my!  I can't believe it!  Thank you all so very, very much)


  1. Adorable apron:) I ordered your serum yesterday, can't wait to try it and start looking like a spring chicken:D Have a great day!

  2. Nice choice of fabrics for your aprons! They should sell quickly.

  3. Love that orange apron...I want me a manikin with a head! Happy wash day!

  4. oh, man ... i'm so sad i wanted the apron with the lady on her scooter ... so cute. but they are all sold out. boo hoo. guess i will have to wait. so ultra cute!! guess there are lots of people out there that love them as well. (:

  5. I love how your aprons due up at the back! Buttons! Easy-peasy-fabulous!

    And on the subject of under-used words: kerfuffle, discombobuated and chesterfield. ;)

  6. You done good!!... where do you get all that energy??....

    PS. The chicken whisperer has gotten too big for his britches, me thinks. And.. my chickens have stick-tight fleas, if you could ever imagine such a thing. They are being treated. :-)

  7. Oh Piffle!!!!!
    I wanted an apron! Guess if I had been home cyber shopping instead agonizing over colors at the Sherwin Williams store, I'd have snagged one.

    Drat and darn!

  8. Whoo HOO! That's AWESOME!!!

    I went to look and they. are. GONE.

  9. Love that apron! I can see my great Aunt wearing that apron busy in the kitchen getting Sunday chicken dinner cooked. When I get my finances in order I'm looking forward to ordering some of that beautiful honey. Have you seen this hive of the future...
    Gee, now you can watch your bees make that great honey in the comfort of your kitchen?

  10. Well shoot, I didn't even get to see them!

  11. Congratulations on your Etsy shop. I keep thinking about opening an Etsy shop but I worry it is technically difficult and I can barely keep up with what I do now!
    Nancy H.


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