Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Nipples....

Hey gals!
I am just blown away by your support of my Etsy shop yesterday.
I hope to make some more aprons soon - but right now I'm knee deep in packaging papers
skin oil.

Here's a post I did a few years ago - wanted to bring it back up to the top so that you can get busy making some Santa Nipples - or Reindeer Nipples - or Elf Nipples....
or you could just call them Nipple Rings.
The possibilities are endless!

Just wanted to show you a super quick, super tasty little treat to make for the holidays.

I call these Nipples.

I think it's funny. Glenco just rolls his eyes.

These would be Turkey Nipples.

I also make Reindeer Nipples, Leprechaun Nipples, Cupid's Nipples....
I think you get the idea.

I was going to name this post 'Everyone Loves My Nipples'
Aren'tcha glad I didn't?

All you need are some round pretzels, Hershey kisses and M&M's.
The M&M's should reflect whatever holiday it is that you are celebrating.

Of course, the day before Thanksgiving, it's impossible to find any fall colored M&M's, so I had to buy a regular bag and sort them out myself.

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Using a Silpat or parchement paper, line a cookie sheet (I like using a jelly roll so they don't fall off going in and out of the oven, trust me on that one)

"Kiss your pretzels"

Put them in the oven for about two to three minutes, until thoroughly softened and shiny, but not melted and running.

Now all you have to do is 'nipple' them!

Chill them until they firm up. These make great snacks. They pack well and can be put in tins or jars and given as gifts. Kids especially like these.

Hoping you all have a wonderful, and Happy Thanksgiving!

PS House post still planned for sometime later tonight!


  1. Salty and sweet! I love this little recipe and am going to try it myself.

  2. The hardest thing about this recipe is finding the pretzel rings and not eating all the m&ms! Isn't it a shame you have all those blue, green, and red ones leftover?
    Happy Thanksgiving Jayme

  3. Those look so delicious! Love the pretzel chocolate combination! I'll have to try and make them, much nicer than my usual salty and sweet treat. Normally I just stand there with a handful of pretzels and dip them in nutella. Doesn't make a nice gift either...

  4. OMG. NIPPLES????? Roaring over here...can you hear me? Could you do Jesus Nipples for Easter? Er, I guess those would be Bunny Nipples.

    *snort* I need to get control of myself.

  5. Love the recipe -I will give it a try for Christmas-These will be fun to make with my Grandson Connor who is 6. I will have to censor the name! I Love recipes that are fun and easy!
    Thanks for my daily fun and for a good laugh!

  6. I can't stop giggling over this one! So cute. I especially like the portion of the recipe that says 'chill them until they firm up' but maybe i'm just easily amused? :) I will try these! Thank ya. -Tammy

  7. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving! So glad to have found you and so thankful for all my wonderful blog friends.


  8. Oh yummers.. I can see this with pecans or cashews or.. almonds or.. just about anything! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing!


  9. will I be seeing those nipples tomorrow for thanksgiving lol :D

  10. I'm going to WMart right this second. I will be asking some poor girl behind a register, "Can you tell me where you keep the Nipple Fixing Ingredients?" Will take camera with me.
    P.S. I always, always be sure my poor ole 53 y/o bladder is empty before I read your blog.

  11. Well, there goes my entire morning!! Found your blog from Howdy From Cowtown and read the entire thing....very cute..

  12. Love the idea. Love the name even more. I am laughing so hard I can't see!!

  13. Oh, girl!!!!!!!! I will go to the grocery store tomorrow for pretzels, choc kisses and m&ms!!!! Wow, my mouth is so watering.

    Happy Thanksgiving day.

    Looking forward to your next post on that famous house of yours.

  14. My mom made something similar today. She had pretzels and then she melted candy Roll-O's on them and topped them with a pecan. So you had pretzel, chocolate, and carmel. Delicious!

  15. Hey Girls! Glad you like the recipe! You can dress these up in lots of ways, using caramel or peanut butter kisses too. The plain simple ones are my favorite though....gotta love that sweet and salty together!

    Aldi has the pretzel rings here....hope they do for you too.

  16. aw Jaym I do miss your nipples so! I wonder if the turkey nipples would work with reeses peices? They're the right colors, and the peanut butter taste mixed might be kinda tastey...just kills me to think of your poor fingers sorting out allll those m&ms!

    1. Our house preferred them with the Reese's Piecesfor Thanksgiving! I usually do the mint chocolate m&m's for Christmas.

  17. Listen. Hear the ticker tape machine going?
    We interupt this blog for a Turkey Nipple Update: Couldn't find the O pretzels so I bought mini regular shaped ones. It worked just fine! I called them Reconstructed Nipples. Num.
    P.S. They were all gone by dinner.

  18. These are so cute! I am definitlely gonna make these for the kids after school one day! TFS!

  19. You guys cracked me up with your comments!!

    Yes, the 'nipple rings' can be hard to find, but I found them at Aldi this year, so I was one excited girl. The possibilities are endless with this...using different kisses...nuts, or M&M's.

    They look so cute bagged up with a bow for gifts AND you can make them quite ahead and not have to worry that they'll get stale!

  20. They look wonderful! Thanks!

  21. Well, my dear, I think I just may give these a try for Christmas. I found a recipe for pretzels, white chocolate and bits of candy canes that I want to try this time, too! I think both would be a welcome break from all of the "sweetness" of the cookies, etc. at Christmas.

  22. I think this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  23. oy, you are funny! I once made those pb cookies that have a hershey kiss in the middle...except the peanut butter base spread out a lot, so there was all this space, so I thought, well...there is room for 2 hershey kisses. My husband called them boob cookies. 2 Hershey kisses side by side look kinda racy, is all I am sayin'.

  24. Ahahaha! You are too funny :)
    I do like the salty & sweet part though.

  25. Love it!!! Again..people wonder what I am laughing out loud at while I'm reading!!! Hey Jayme, are you out of the Spring Chicken Serum? I tried to order it, but it says it is no longer available. I couldn't get back on the computer last night as I went to my step-daughters and she is 1 1/2 hours away, so it was a long night. I was having problems with getting my ETSY thing to work at school (hm.....could they have something blocked?!) Anyway, I loved your UTUBE about the serum and thought maybe I would check it out on my 'neck waddle'. Let me know, Dear!! Thanks!! And yes, I will be making my own nipples for Christmas this year!! That sounds so funny!!!

  26. Candy kisses and turkey nipples! Quite a combination!

  27. LOVE your NIPPLES, baby! If I made those, I would eat every last one!
    xo, Cheryl

  28. I make these using hugs instead of kisses, I like the stripe. I've also used the peppermint hugs for red stripes

  29. I'm back tracking and catching up on blogs. This was a scream and I'm rolling reading it. I'm going to get "nipple rings" TONIGHT!!

  30. I do the Rolo's in the middle with pecans, YUM!!!! Hub ate 15, son ate 15 and I ate 6! All things in moderation, yeah whatever!

  31. Recess pieces are fall colores!

  32. I've never seen pretzel rings :( But, when I find some, I'm going to make these :)

  33. I just put the third batch it! I couldn't find the pretzel rings so I just bought waffle pretzels and it worked just fine. They taste wonderful. Bringing them to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow so everyone has a yummy snack to eat!

  34. I can't wait to try this. I'm gonna use peanut butter m& ms


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