Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skin Serum Sale!

Fixed the shipping charges on Etsy!
Thanks for bringing that to my attention....

I'm awfully confused on the shipping, and how to set it right - because for a Medium Priority box at $10.95 you can get two jars of honey, a skin serum and probably an apron all shipped for $10.95!

If you place an order, and the shipping is all cattywompus - I will fix it, refunding you a difference via Paypal - before I ship it ok?

Cattywompus is a woefully underused word.
So is cockamamie, gallavanting - and actually - woeful.

I've deleted the coupon code and just lowered the price by 20% for the next few days just to add to the confusion here.

There's plenty of honey left at the moment - so go get it before it's gone.
Hard to believe it'll be next summer before I pull anymore frames.

The skin serum is on sale now!
$12.95 a bottle!
Stock up!
I'm not sure I'll ever be able to sell it at this price again.
(that's not a real chicken - fyi - no chicken was harmed in the making of the serum)

I'm getting so many fabulous testimonials about the skin serum.
I have one customer who's Doctor kept remarking about her skin, saying what a difference he's noticed - so much that he ordered a bottle for himself!

I do believe with the amount of weight I've lost recently, that my face would be rather saggy without it.

I couldn't go a day without it - I couldn't. I wouldn't.  I won't.

If you are already a serum user, I'd love to hear your comments!

Hurry up and order yours today - cause chances are I will actually remember to change the price back to the original $19.95 some day.

Just click on my Etsy store right over there --------->


  1. I use sunscreen instead of a moisturizer...Neutrogena. I wonder if I'd need to use the serum under that? hmmmmm

  2. I just ordered my first bottle!
    I want to look like a Spring Chicken!

  3. I just ordered my first bottle!
    I want to look like a Spring Chicken!

  4. I am going to order two bottles right now if I can figure out how to do it using PayPal. You are such a good soul, Jayme! xo Diana

  5. YEAAAA for me! I did it! This not-much-of-a-computer-figuerer outer-did it! I was able to access my PayPal and the order should be at your shop! Can't wait to get it! xo Diana

  6. Jayme, Thank You for fixing the Shipping...I have ordered 2 jars of honey to be sent to my daughter ( address in notes on Etsy) as A Wonderful Holiday Gift!!!!
    Thank You!!!

  7. Yay, another gal who actually uses the word cattywompus...must be a Midwest thing! Can't wait to see your've been quite the busy bee. -Mary

  8. Not certain but I ordered a serum (shipping $4.00) and a beak balm (shipping $.50)... was the shipping right???? Can't wait to get this!!!! So EXCITED!!!!! Not too worried about the shipping... the coop keeper has to make a living at this here "JOB"!! Chalk it up to a bonus for giving us all a good "bargin" early!!! Thanks Jamie can't wait to get my goodies- Have a feeling I will be watching my mail like a 'cockamamie' LOL

  9. I just ordered 2 jars of honey and a skin serum! Can't wait to get them!

    And, thanks for fixing the shipping problem!

  10. Cattywompus! It's been years since I've run into that word. Very glad to see an old friend from my childhood. I have a chicken something like yours... but your chicken is much more of a dandy than mine. Mine is supposed to crow, but he hasn't ever even made a peep.


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