Sunday, October 30, 2011

What I Learned from the Bees This Year

It's a lovely-ish Sunday morning here in Indiana.
The fields are ablaze - showing off before a frost kills them dead for good.
The trees are glowing with the glory of impending death.
It reminds me that even in the face of sure death - there is goodness and beauty.
It's the kind of cold morning where you are happy to be in the warm house looking out.

I'm not nearly as pensive as I sound!
In fact - I've been dancing to Dean Martin in my pajamas whilst I'm extracting honey.
And it just got me to thinking.

The bees have taught me a few good lessons this year.

And they are - in no particular order -

Your hive is worth losing your life over.
You should sting the heck out of anyone threatening your loved ones and the life you are creating.

There's always a Queen Bee.
Chances are - you ain't it.
Even if you happen to be it - don't act like it.

Sometimes - Benadryl fixes everything.

Busyness is good - when it's focused.
My girls have a purpose.
They leave the hive each morning with a purpose.

And perhaps the greatest lesson I've learned from my bees this year - is that the fruits of your labor are sweet.  That sometimes the most monumental task - the one with the most work involved - the daily exhausting at times work - where you feel that you are making little progress on - if you keep earnestly after it - gathering each pollen grain - one at a time - flower to flower - harvesting - storing - working -
yields a great, sweet to your soul harvest.

Live well my friends.


  1. Well said, Jayme the great philosopher!

  2. Great lessons! Love the look on your face in the beekeeper suit--pure happiness.

  3. What I have learned from your bees is that their honey tastes very good in my tea.

  4. Lessons for us all. Love the close-up of the bee!

  5. Great lessons. I am sure the bees are proud you paid

  6. Love this post!!!


    And so true!

    Love C

  7. To everything there is a season, darlin'...and sweet patience ~ ahh.....Love Dean Martin.

  8. Beautiful sentiment, Jayme! I hope you are enjoying your "new" job..and that there won't be any old "wasps" there to sting you! xo Diana

  9. Am do you keep the bees through the cold winter in northwest Indiana? Thanks for sharing.

  10. Well said Dame Jayme, Well said.


    Cindy Bee

  11. very thoughtful post. Good to remember.

  12. Love the vision of stinging anybody threatening the nest!

    ... just think if you hadn't lost that weight, the puffy hand could be what you'd be seeing all the time! :)

  13. Soooo... dear keeper of the nest.... does this mean there is a chance there will be honey for sale?????

  14. I have stumbled upon your blog recently and I want to be you if I ever grow up! GIGGLE! You have totally inspired me. I'm planning a move to a piece of property and would love to tackle a garden and maybe bee's! Thanks for all the smiles you bring to me! God Bless!

  15. So wonderful to have a source for fresh honey. We have Buffalo River Honey here in NW Arkansas and I enjoy it with my hot tea so much. They say that eating local honey improves your immune response to allergies. The different wildflowers really do flavor the honey.

  16. Thank you, Jayme! I love and adore your perspective on life! You are an angel sent from above to give us all encouragement!

  17. I've often had a longing to keep bees. My grandma did. I'm sometimes quite jealous of your life with the chickens and bees and garden. Thank you for sharing it.

  18. Beautiful Jayme, well said.

    And I could spot that queen easy peasy. Sure wish my own would give me a little wave now and then. : )

  19. Oh my goodness!!! Sooooo true! All of it!!! xo

  20. Second Harvest?! You rock! Wonderfully and beautifully said, as always. The sweetest of blessings to you and your hive(s) ;) -Tammy

  21. Bee serious now, will ya? :-)

    Did you know, a tbs of honey with a tsp. of apple cider vinegar mixed in hot water and drunk like tea is a great acid reflux remedy?

  22. Jayme,
    Great post! I love our little friends, the bees. Even though I am allergic to them!
    xo, Cheryl

  23. Hey Jayme, haven't checked in for a little while- it was so good to catch up with you. Thanks for the Turkey sausage recipe. You are looking so slim, I am really happy for you, I know you have worked really really hard for that. I'm happy to know that the inside of you isn't changing- only the outside!
    I have to tell you that I LOVED John Denver... I went to one of his concerts when I was 9 months pregnant. Sat a couple of rows back from the stage. The very first album I bought- when I was 13- was John Denver... and I bought em all, baby!
    And old houses, I have pictures of old empty houses from all over, People will ask about them and my husband will just shrug and say oh it is an old house she saw on our vacation (or whatever we were doing at the time).
    Anyway, glad you had fun camping, and visiting your cousin- and enjoying life with your sweet husband! I love learning from you.

  24. True Words!

    I don't know what you did to those last two pictures, but they are BEAUTIFUL! Plain dreamy!

  25. Och that what I look like when I get sting. ?Bad Bee


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