Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Hey it's good to be back home again -
This old farm feels like a long lost friend..
hey, it's good - to be back home again.
John Denver

Did you know I was a John Denver freak when I was 13?
I do mean freak.
I remember my sister and her boyfriend at the time bought me tickets to see John Denver in concert.
She came in the bathroom whilst I was bathing to tell me.
I can still see me in that tub bawling like a baby.

This post will be a bit random - like the photographs.
I'll add captions where necessary - but most of these photos are from my Missouri trip.
It was such a good trip!

I feel like I've come back to the land of the living.
I've felt so 'quiet' for the last several months - I'm sure it had/has something to do with the weight loss.
71 lbs down since February - 111 down total.
Isn't that ridiculous?
This photo was taken for the sole reason that I thought my thighs looked thinnish.

Do you know I dream of eating cake almost every night?
'Tis true, 'tis true.
Sometimes when it's in my mouth, I'm upset - and surprised - like 'how did this get in my mouth!? I don't want this!' - and other nights it's like 'oh ya, I'm eating cake'.
Last night I also dreamt that I peed in a garbage can at Pier One Imports.
What is that all about?

My best buddy - Jimmy.
I start working at Pier One Imports next week!
I'm sure it had something to do with that.
I'll just be there a couple of days a month for the holidays.
I used to work there before, as an Asst. Manager.

a blurry photo of our Oktoberfest
 I also dreamt that I was looking for murder victims remains in a filing cabinet.
The other night I dreamt I was at a children's death camp in India preparing children for burial.
Is there even such a thing?
The children were very happy as I wrapped them in brightly colored linen robes.
I like my cake dreams so much better.

Me and the G Force
 The following are a few of my cousin Jim's paintings.
My photos truly don't do justice to them.

What's that you say?
Yes!  I know!

Good looks and talent run in the family.

I was beginning to worry that I no longer had anything to say, and needed to stop blogging.
I thank each and everyone of you for sticking around during my 'dry phase'.
This is just a warning that it might not be completely over.
I hope to be funny again soon.

In a weird way, I feel like getting thinner was losing a part of me.
I wasn't sure 'who I was' anymore.
If I'm not the chubby gal baking muffins daily - who am I?

I realized yesterday - I'm the slim gal who bakes muffins occasionally.
And that's OK.
I do believe I'm the new and improved Jayme.
Yesterday the AT & T repair man stopped by cause we've had a horrible buzzing noise on our line.
I answered the door in my apron with a mop in my hand, the smell of fresh apple muffins in the air.
I offered him a warm muffin, as I went out to hang sheets on the line.
That's who I am baby.

And I like it.

And now - for something weird.
Who wants some size 12 pants?
I have a couple of pair of Tommy Hilfiger size 12 jeans that are too big.
They seem too good to cut up for rugs.
And I hate to just donate them to strangers...I'd much rather give them to one of you's guys!
Is that weird?

If you'd like my pants - I ask you do the following....

Follow me.
Tweet about it.
Facebook about it.
Blog about it.
If you don't have a blog, you'll need to start one, so you can blog about it.
Take an ad out in your local paper talking about me giving away my pants.
Rent a local billboard, preferably on a busy Interstate, advertising my pants giveaway.
Call ten friends and tell them about this.

Please let me know when you do the above....


Just send me an email.  : -)
First come, first served!

(As of 8:30am the jeans are gone - don't despair - there'll be plenty more!)


  1. Oh don't you worry you're still funny! I almost fell out of my chair, rent a billboard. HA HA!!

  2. Love the photos. Congrats on losing all of this weight. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. You is funny!
    (Just sayin' so you won't forget!)
    Better yet, I'd say, DELIGHTFUL!
    I will 'Pass the Word' on the Tommy pants!

  4. You crazy thang! You'll always be funny, believe me. I have read that people who have lost a lot of weight do feel that they have lost their identity somehow. You'll find out who the 'new' Jayme is and you'll like her a lot, I'm sure.

  5. Now that picture of your thighs is great...funny!! My weight loss is at 5.4 pounds. I just started three weeks ago. I'm hoping to lose 10 by my trip to Florida (in a month). And then I'll set another goal. You're funny...don't ever forget that. Love the pic of the black bird.

    Amy B

  6. I was just passing by and thought id stop to say hello. I'm checking new blogs today, and i hope you folks are enjoying the fall weather like we are having here in Pennsylvania. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.

  7. I love the crow. He is amazing. Your dreams sound like mine. Last night I had camped at The Frat Pack"s and had made a sand mess in her tub and was panicked about it then got lost trying to get back into her upstairs and was at the neighbor's dinner party in a robe. Law. We share a brain girl.

  8. Aw bummer, I need some size 12's to carry me through to the 10's...I will be back into my 10s again!

    BTW you don't have to be funny to be loved by us!!! Or anyone for that matter. Just be are creating a new person..or at least getting into contact with the real you!

  9. You've lost more pounds than I weigh, an amazing thought. So it seems that would definitely qualify as you being a different person. Congratulations, and enjoy. It's about how good it feels for you to be free of all that extra baggage. It's worth much more than the taste of cake.


  10. Jayme -- your weightloss is AMAZING!! I am so close to my 100lb loss mark and hope to get there by the end of the year -- I just keep swimming (my favorite :)

    Loved the photos of your trip :)


  11. John Denver was my favorite! My kids look at me like I am nuts when I break into one of his songs...seriously. Your weight loss is truly inspirational, girl! Is is interesting how we define who we are...glad you are rediscovering yourself!

  12. you are such a funny lady. i wish i lived closer to you. you make me laugh & i bet you are real ball to be around. those people you work with are really lucky. or maybe you are the lucky one. ha. (:

  13. It must be the moon, I'm in a dry spell too. The new and improved jayme will recover just like that old tree you have posted. Whatever caused the blip in it's growth, it recovered nicely, thank you! Resilient, with apple flavoring... that's Jayme!

  14. Jayme, come on over to my blog today , turn up the volume and reminise about the days of old...

  15. Congratulations on not being able to fit into a size 12 anymore! I'm working on it. Dreams are often so bizarre...who can explain them!

  16. I had a dream last night that I had a big dog and he had to be confined to a room and we forgot about him. He lost a bunch of weight when he came out of the room a few days later but I was so sad that we forgot about him, then I woke up! What was that about? And I don't have a job at the kennel or anything else, but maybe I'm gonna get one. I asked a couple of friends to meet me for coffee tomorrow because I need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I always thought I'd be one of those people you describe, but I'm not doing a very good job at it. I'm on this dang computer too much I I'm gonna go now. Bye

    Cindy Bee

    PS - I have a bunch of size 12's I could give away and they aren't too big :-(

    PSS - I loved John Denver - still do. I remember when I left his album on my record player and it warped because the sun was shining in the window right on that album. The things these kids won't experience! John Denver and warped albums.

    PSSS - You and RJ..tsk need to go 'sailing' with me.

  17. You look amazing, dahling! Truly amazing. Some weird dreams you had there, missy. And what up with Janie Fox's dream she mentioned in the comments?

  18. John Denver, huh? I just bought that guitar book for my 13 year old. I was having a nostalgic 70's moment and thought she should be introduced to him. She's even going to dress 70's style for her recital! I sang several of his songs in a camp choir back in 74... I'm really dating myself here! Any way, it's good to hear Country Roads, Annie's Song (my favorite), and Leaving on a Jet Plane every day. And BTW... we love you just the way you are, every single day!

  19. You know what, on my next giveaway I am going to make people come and tell you how cool your are for an entry. That would be so fun!

  20. I love to hear John Denver sing.
    When I worked at TG&Y in the 70's they played him all the time.
    I hear a John Denver, and I completely relax. I'm insanely jealous of your wonderful weight loss. LoL
    I hope you are doing well.

  21. I'm glad you're back. I have creepy weird dreams too. Do not fret, I'm as normal as they come...wait...uh....

  22. p.s. I got a comment from Amish Richard too...and I thought Amish people didn't, ahem, use the computer for social media purposes...weird.

  23. HOly Crow, 111 lbs. That's incredible. I'm thinking the weight loss issue gave you a focus, a mission. You've accomplished something tremendous!... and so you're probably feeling something like... now what?..

    How about breathe it all in and enjoy. :-)

  24. You are definitely still funny! You are just going through some major changes physically and emotionally I'm sure! You look great! So just relax and enjoy your accomplishments! We will still read ya if you get boring well maybe not. JK! Traci

  25. Great Pictures....interesting thoughts and congrats on giving away the old you!

  26. how can it be a 'dry phase' when you're peeing in trashcans?! :) you have given me inspiration jayme! i see my size 8s coming back next spring....

  27. Oh- I love you, you old waste can peeing, cake eating chicken keeper! You done good, girl, you done good. You made good use of your time and your talents..and you have the new booty to prove it!

    Good luck on your first day back at work. xo Diana

  28. Glad your back!! jan

  29. 1) congrats on the 111 lbs
    2) glad you are back
    3) his paintings are terrific - talent does run in the family ;)
    4) that flat rock is really cool
    5) I have a SIL whose 51 had lost around 100 lbs & was on her way...then BIG shocker got pregnant with her little guy 4 years ago & has not been able to get back on a roll since. This weekend at a wedding she said something that really pulled at my heart strings. 'My boys (she has 4 other kids all in their 20's) don't know what to do with a skinny Mom!' Her excuse for NOT losing NOT feeling comfortable at the smaller size. Sad! I wanna take her by the hand & drag her along with us! Ha!
    Or at least drag her to your blog. Her idenity rests in baking & humor too!

  30. PS ~ side-tracked...the short people ganged up on me!

    6) I kept waiting for you to make the dreaded threat....mail 10 friends or something BAD will happen to you in 5 days! Ha!

    There now I'm done! Good day!


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