Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Squirrel, Foxes, and Hens

Finally I have rested me olde bones long enough to sit and do a blog post.

I'm in Missouri now, and getting ready to go to the apple orchard and on a very rugged hiking trail.
My cousin, a body builder - worked me out so hard yesterday, I fear I may need to be carried everywhere today.
Why did he think I could bench press 60lbs?

Where to begin?

My solo Flying Squirrel mission went off without a hitch - well, thankfully it WAS hitched, and remained hitched the entire way there and back.  I did have visions of pulling into Turkey Run State Park and realizing the Squirrel wasn't with me.

I was able to set the Squirrel up single-handed, and sister - I gotta tell you - it makes me feel empowered and free!
Imagine the places I can go now!

It was SO good to see Janie again.
I feel a bit disappointed to tell you that we didn't do too much tomfoolery, and there wasn't an abundance of shenanigans.

Although, we did end up in the slammer temporarily -

The charges?
Being boring!
We were so dadgumed relaxed and laid back the entire time.
One meal bled into another -

the food I packed for camping - nary a smore in sight

We slept late, ate late, did dishes in slow motion -

I even showered once, which is unheard of when I camp.
I don't mind being cold -
or naked -
or wet -
I can even tolerate two at the same time - but I refuse to experience all three simultaneously!

Janie found out first hand how 'active' I am at night.
I have no recollection of patting her head and kissing her on the forehead.
I suppose she should consider herself lucky that's all I did!

Two nights ago Glen said I stood up out of the bed, grabbed the cat and started shaking it, asking in desperation 'What is this??' -

We thought we'd take 'Senior Pictures' since we are almost seniors.

I find Janie absolutely adorable.
She's also generous and one of the most sincere people I've met.
She's also a little inexperienced in camping - she showered everyday and wore too much bling...

We talked and walked and walked and talked.

Turkey Run State Park is a sight to behold.

I need to recant my 'I hate camping' statement, made in July of 2010.
I heart camping.
I do.
In October.

And you know what else I love?
My blog readers.
Seriously, you are some of the greatest people - eva!

Meet Kim (to the left of me), and Lisa (to the right).
Kim just came to protect Lisa, and knew nothing of me -
Lisa - knew all about me.
Uh oh.

These gals were SO much fun.
Do you know they both left their day jobs early to take me and Ms. Fox out to lunch and gave us a tour of the area?
I mean - who does that?
I felt like a celebrity!
Strangers, that you meet on the Internet.
Genuine sweethearts, these too.
Thank you so much Lisa and Kim!
So great meeting the both of you!

All in all, that few days away meant so much to me.
I was relaxed so much it was ridiculous.
I was empowered by pulling and setting up the Squirrel solo.
My friendship with Janie deepened, and I met two new friends.
I ate clean and came home 2lbs lighter.

Seriously - my list of blessings is getting so long, I've lost count.


  1. I have this feeling that if I ate those veggies and sat by a campfire with you and chatted up a storm and hiked and learned to set up my very own Squirrel I might just be able to nip this mid-life re-evalution in the bud.

  2. Hi Jayme- I am just finally catching up with you, too! It is so much fun to follow along on your travel here. Love that park and I am tickled pink (well almost pink) that you were able to pull The Squirrel and set up all by yourself. You go, girl!

    What fun to meet some bloggers along the way and to deepen a friendship that was only virtual before. How wonderful is that!?!

    Take good care and I hope your first few days home are good ones! xo Diana

  3. what great pictures. fall is such a wonderful time of the year to go camping. would love to visit there. just beautiful. (:

  4. Parke Co, Indiana is my favorite place on earth! My grandparents moved there in 1970 to pastor 3 Methodist churches, so I grew up visiting Parke Co from my earliest memories. Looks like you were at Turkey Run at the peak of the trees being beautiful. I didn't get to go to the Covered Bridge Festival this year (thanks to a huge vet bill) so I appreciate you sharing your gorgeous pictures. Are you still on facebook anymore? I haven't seen any posts in a while. I don't know if it is going to work out to go to the orchard together before the end of the season. When will you be back to Indiana? Let me know when you get back and I'll see what my schedule looks like.

  5. The only thing more beautiful than that scenery you took in is the woman who writes this blog.

    Don'cha' just LOVE autumn?!

    Your Friend,

  6. I heard Janie's side of the story, but now I've heard yours and all I can say is.. you're hiding something! The two of you together and no tomfoolery or shenanigans, don't believe it for a second! Gorgeous pictures, on my list of places to visit...

  7. Beautiful country. Friendship....the Gold of Life. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  8. You girls are an inspiration. Love an hugs to you all.

  9. 2 pounds!!! I'm SO proud of you! PROUD I say! I wanna go jump up & down on that bridge!

    Whoo hoo I'm down 19.2 pounds! Still NOT tired of turkey sausage! :)

  10. Hey Jayme, I cannot believe I didn't think of meeting you in Turkey Run. It's not that far from Kokomo. Not really. But the week I had last week pretty much sucked, and life was way too busy. Oh well....maybe next time.

    Cindy Bee

  11. I live about an hour away from Turkey Run and we go often. I just love your photos, it is such a beautiful place. Especially in the fall. I also love camping. I just love your little Squirrel, and would like to find something like it. Can you clone it? Thanks:)

  12. Thanks for the laughs! I especially love your middle of the night antics stories! Now I want a squirrel more than ever.

  13. It's so encouraging and refreshing to see someone break a bondage and LIVE life abundantly. :)

  14. Great photos! Looks like you gals had a really nice time. What a beautiful place to unwind and relax!

    Kudos to you for eating clean and losing weight while camping! I don't know why it is but camping always seems to bring out the worst in me when it comes to eating *sigh*!

  15. Jayme, All I can say is you look radiant! Soooo happy to see you so happy! Love, Penny

  16. I'm so glad you are back home and within blogging touch. I thought of you gals last week. The weather was so beautiful. Now you can get back to regular inspiring blogging.

  17. Dang this looks fun...bling and all.

  18. Law. The beauty of that place is indescribable!

    I miss thee. How is that possible?


  19. A dream vacation! Good for you all!

  20. I am home from Chicago and this made me miss you. Let's go back I need a good night's sleep in the Squirrel.
    Love ya friend. Your pictures are great. xoxo

  21. I saw a squirrel the other day and thought of you...

    You look like you've had a blast. Good for you!

  22. Thank you for sharing Jayme. I have to say that this camp spot is utterly amazing! So beautiful! I have been telling my husband that we need a little trailer like this...hard to find here in the NW as many people purchase them and use them for food carts! They are becoming very popular here in Portland Oregon.

    Thank you again for sharing..perfect scenery and weather.


  23. Showed my husband the squirrel and the camp spot...we are now on Craigslist finding many little trailers...how big is yours? Did you add the fridge? And do you have a propane tank or a generator that you use for the electricity. We will be saving up and hope to get one for us to enjoy..perfect way to travel through out Oregon. I love going to Bend, Or and told my husband that there are several camp grounds that we could stay at..I will sit and hand stitch or quilt and he can golf!

    Thank you!!


  24. Great pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous time, and what yummy food you packed, who needs smores?!

  25. LOVE Turkey Run! You make me want to go there...LOVE the blouse you have on in that pic. Love your little trailer and the shaking the cat story. Your food looks yummy! I'm proud of you for staying strong.
    xo, Cheryl

  26. I want a Squirrel! And those "senior" pictures are too funny. My daughter, a high senior, has been taking some of those for her friends. (Don't tell but some of them are a little silly.)

  27. High SCHOOL senior, not a "high" senior!!

  28. Ah, calmness, and nature. 2 lovely things amoung all the love.
    How lucky you are!

  29. I've got nothing but love for you, Aibie. You make me want to camp.

  30. Looks like so much fun.

    Love your little camper.

    Beautiful park.

  31. Your post.....what life should...and is all about!!! Loved it!!

  32. Wow, it is beautiful there! I'll have to look up "Turkey Run" state park. It sounds really familiar. I live in NE Kansas so it would be a doable trip ;)

  33. Jayme - Golly things have been so busy, so I'm catching up with you and I'm so glad I am. I have never laughed so much. You're a scream!! Love the squirrel! You are outrageous and so much fun. Love you, love fall days. Debi

  34. Glorious pictures. What a beautiful experience you shared!

  35. Oh what a fun trip you had!!! I love your comments on Janie's camping inexperience!!! too funny!!! I hear you on the cold, naked and wet thing though!!! The Squirrel looks right at home nestled amongst the leaves. Isn't October glorious??? Hubby and I just took a fall road trip, and oh my, what beautiful sights we saw! Not to mention 87 cute little trailers that we're sitting out in the elements! I'm going to have to retrace our steps, by myself, and knock on every door til someone sells me a trailer!!
    P.S. Your food looks divine!!!!!!!


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