Saturday, October 15, 2011

Breaking News....

Click this link!


  1. Totally wish I could do the challenge but finances won't allow. I am plodding away and my clothes are getting progressively loose so I am pleased as all get out.

    Just had to tell you how FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC you look! If video adds 10lbs you have to look like such a skinny minny in person. Have a great week!!

  2. My phone won't let me watch the video, but I assume you are on it? :)

    Say what????? No weight loss after Thanksgiving! Well...I'll show him! I intend to lose 8 to 10 lbs at that time! ;)

    Hope you are enjoying your trip!

    I'm down 18 POUNDS! 3rd double batch of turkey sausage goin in the mixer when I'm done typing! :)
    Stay STRONG on that diet while you're away!!!!! YOU are WORTH it!!!

  3. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just went back over there & clicked on the little success stories tab!

    I think that you should score extra points for all of the pounds being dropped by those living vicariously through you ~ our fearless leader! ;)

  4. It was so good to catch up on your blog today! I always feel like I've visited my sister or something when I finish reading.
    That marathon and your fitness goals being realized is pretty exciting. Keep up the good work!
    Oh and I love your camper!

  5. OMG!!! You look so beautiful!!! jan

  6. i probably can't do it fromt he finacial view, but you look awesome jayme! love that you held us all to your cleaveage in a big hug at the end BAAAHAAAAAAAHA.


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