Monday, October 10, 2011

The Last Thing I Should Be Doing....

Is blogging.
For real.

It's 4:44am, I've been up for well over an hour.
Got Glenco off to work, got my house chores done - but I'm supposed to roll out of here in 5ish hours for camping with Ms. Fox, and I've not lifted a finger to get ready.

I mean, I need to prepare all my food, pack clothes, pack down the camper, tend the birds, water the containers, winterize the bees, clean out my emails, pack eBay sales, etc, etc, before I leave - and here I sit blogging!

I just couldn't leave town with a farewell post....
I'm so out of the loop with y'all.

So here ya go.

It's been a ridiculous flurry of activity around the coop of late.
I meet myself coming as I'm going.
Again, I feel compelled to talk to the person in charge of making my schedule.
She's a task master!
I don't have a free day until October 30th.

Recapping the week -
not only am I cooking with gas, I'm now heating with it too.
I do find cooking with natural gas different than it was with propane.
Glenco tells me propane burns hotter.
I can't really get my mind around that - I mean to me, fire is fire.
Apparently not?

My day with the BoyChild.
I love that kid.
I made the mistake of asking HIM what he wanted to do - instead of just controlling the situation.
I wanted to hike, bike, and eat a picnic near the lake.
Homeboy did not.
Homeboy wanted to go to resale shops in Chicago.

He's all about the resale now since finding a few awesome pieces of clothing for $1.
He recently went to homecoming and these are the pics I get.
There's nothing traditional about Aaron.

I wasn't too hot on the idea of going to Chicago and quickly squelched his dreams, er - I mean talked him out of it.
We decided to do that in November, when a friend of mine well versed in the thrift mecca stores of Chicago can go -
so we stayed local.

Remember me talking about food addiction?
I might have another addiction - and that would be thrift stores.
Especially lately.
I have so many pairs of  jeans now that I feel guilty.
(Never paying over $3 a pair mind you)
My drawers are bursting at the seams.
And then I bought these.

This purchase alerted me to the fact that I might have a problem.

Plastic pilgrims.
Oh - and they light up.
They are rather horrid aren't they?

But dadgum it - I'm celebrating Thanksgiving!
I'm putting these hard plastic figures out on the front porch and I'm lighting their butts.

I'll be doggoned if we'll overlook Thanksgiving like everyone else does! 
AND I'm keeping them up well into the first week of December.
So let it be written, so let it be done!

Other treasures included..

A vintage paint by numbers - $4

Family of owl trivets - a mere $1
(this purchase concerns me a little too-but not as much as the pilgrims)

Several outfits - can you see the size on that shirt?

The best purchase of the day, didn't get photographed.
It was a brand new - and I do mean brand new - LL Bean tan quilted jacket with an awesome plaid liner.
It was a large, and I just assumed I would need a large, and in my excitement I threw it in my buggy with visions of me on the cover of Martha Stewart Living, wearing that coat, with my cheeks red from the fall air, holding a bushel basket full of apples.

Alas, I got it home, and it was too big.
A pox upon me.

Yesterday - I found a home for the coat!
Carissa, a local reader of my blog (with a lovely blog of her own!) came by to get some honey.

You know what I think?
I think the people that read my blog are some of the most incredible people that walk the earth.
Carissa is a gem.
The coat fit her, and I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo.
She indeed should be on the cover of Martha's mag wearing that coat.
It was hers all along.

She totally has the fall vibe going on.

I fell in love with her children and asked her four year old daughter to start calling me grandma - which seemed to confuse her quite a bit.
I still tend to frighten children, even though I mean well.

Here's a comment from Carissa after meeting me yesterday...

I HAD to come by and say a quick hello. You are all that your blog represents and more!!!

A true beam of sunshine!!!!

Sweet inside and out and just the type of person who can leave an imprint on my soul in the short 47 minutes that we were able to chat!! :-)

Thank you so much for the lovely tour of your beeyoutiful home and for answering the million in a half questions from my children (and myself).

What kind of person lets a four year old that she has never met before go straight into her bedroom and look under her bed for the cat? Gives a total stranger a fabulous fall coat and sweater?? Gives countless hugs and lights up the room with her smile???

Jayme Does!!!!

Thank you for your kind hospitality!

Love Carissa
PS Thank you for your time too!! I know you have a lot on your plate for the next few days!!

Filled my heart right up, that comment did.

How I wish I could meet each and every one of you!

OK, I HAVE to go.
Janie - if you are reading this - please don't keep me up late tonight.

Let the shenanigans begin!
Please wish me luck pulling the camper by myself, and finding the campground, and leveling the camper, and sleeping, and getting home in one piece.
Thank you and amen.


  1. You'll get everything done with time to spare, Jayme, because you're a whirlwind of energy once you get started! Have a great time on your trip. Can't wait to hear the wonderful stories when you get back!

    : )

  2. Jayme, I hope you have a wonderful, fun filled camping trip! I just love your positive energy and the fact that you took the time to blog when you were really supposed to be getting ready. The pilgrims are a bit creepy, but I can't wait to see them on your porch with their butts lit up.;-)

  3. I know that you will have a great time. Love the tacky pilgrims we do tend to forget thanksgiving.I would light their asses up.
    I love the paint by number. I remember my mother doing those.
    the kids with their clothes are styling.
    have fun

  4. I know that you will have a great time. Love the tacky pilgrims we do tend to forget thanksgiving.I would light their asses up.
    I love the paint by number. I remember my mother doing those.
    the kids with their clothes are styling.
    have fun

  5. hey pal I am dog tired too...but I fear the gift of gab will keep us up. And, I may street fight you for those pilgrims. And, I am so tired I first typed penguins. Either way, they want to live with me. See you soon buddy. we come!!

  6. Love your window lights and decorations, and I would put those plastic pilgrims front and center cuz they are so danged cute!!
    Have fun camping!

  7. Boy child is so cute with those swinging hips. Kiss! Kiss!
    and that camper with those patio lights. I love them, makes me want some for my Casita camper!
    Safe travels!

  8. Good luck! And oooh I do covet that camper.

  9. Ooooo still laughing about those pilgrims! Love boychild's rockin' attitude! I know you will have a fabulous time camping--it's an amazing time of year!! And a medium T! Wow!
    xo Cait

  10. Have a great time!!! jan

  11. Those pictures from homecoming ooze it! I must say that the pilgrims are so bad that they are fantastic! I feel the same way about gets lost and overlooked and I always feel sorry for it. What a lovely comment from Carissa...she sounds like a new friend. Have a great adventure and stay safe.

  12. Light their butts! That made me literally lol!!

  13. That Aaron! Boy Child looks all grown up -- great homecoming pics! I'm jonesing the plastic illuminated Pilgrims, the paint by number piece, and the owls. Dang!! Well, *I* have a light-up Santy *and* a donkey too.. so neener, neener. LoL :D
    Happy and safe trails, Jayme! -Tammy

  14. You will have a blast and wonder why you didn't do it more often this summer. I know about those 'do it yourself' jitters (I got a trailer this summer).

    Love your son's attitude for the prom...cute picture! They both look so sweet.

    I love hearing that someone else is collecting the weird (old people) stuff....and can't understand the

  15. I got so dizzy reading all that you have been up too and doing, you are a whirlwind of activity.

    Aaron is quite the dresser, I think he has style!!

    Wish we all could gather for a retreat and we all could meet but for now reading your blog will have to do.

    Have a safe and wonderful trip with Squirrel.

    GOD keep you safe!!

    OH the pilgrim lights. GO FOR IT!!! I think they are spiffy!

  16. Oh my I loved this post...from the fear inducing pilgrims to visions of you on the cover of Martha Stewart Living. That Janie is a lucky duck to get to hang with you...and you are a lucky duck too!

  17. I couldn't agree more with Carissa. In fact, I do believe I envy Carissa, with her 47 minutes of you.

    I want to go re-saleing with you'ns.

    Please be safe in the Squirrel. Foxy has my digits and an order to text any/all relevant updates.


  18. 1. This is my favorite post.

    2. Every post is my favorite post.

    3. My birthday is October 21st.

    4. I love those owl trivets. (See above comment.

    5. My birthday is October 21st.

    6. I love thee. Kiss Janie and tell her we're friends.

  19. I think that Small Town Joy needs the Owl trivets. She will care for them, use them, love them, and not be weirded out by them- besides, her birthday is coming up.

    You've influenced me so 'badly' I almost drove 3 hours to look at a trailer without my husband (he was pushing for it too, so that was really weird), I want a squirrel II

    Lovin' having you back to 'normal'. Just missing your recipes on facebook.

  20. I love, love, love the Squirrel and have been looking for my own! I also love the owl trivets. I used to collect turtles, but lately I am into owls! I tried to convince my hubby that we REALLY NEEDED to buy this owl-mirror-wall-hanging-thingy while we were at a thrift store in WI over the weekend, but alas it did not come home with us. It was kind of tacky, but in a good way (or so I thought). Enjoy camping and have a safe trip!

  21. Okay, so I think the pilgrims are a bit creepy, but Thanksgiving is horribly overlooked!! So I say go for it--'cuz only you can get away with it. And sweet Carissa, well I am hear to tell you that-- I went to high school with her and she has ALWAYS been that way. Like Sugah!! Jodi

  22. Jayme,
    You do have a cult following because you are just so fabulously interesting and funny and well funny, and intelligent, and creative and did I say funny well I say it aging you are just so funny and yes a beam of sunshine.

    If any one can pull off your camping trip, pulling and leveling and all the other camping tasks, you can.

    Have a blast with Janie. I just wish I was comin' along with ya'll.


  23. I love everything about this post!! Love clothes especially when they are a GREAT deal:)

  24. I love, in no particular order,

    -thrift stores
    -your house lit up at night
    -that Holly Hobbie lunch box
    -this post

    And oh my, the thought of all those re-sale shops in Chicago makes my mind go blank. I think I'd need me own camper to get everything home!

  25. I'm always so cheerful after I read one of your posts!!
    Loving your Thanksgiving commitment! I assume a photo will be provided???
    So excited for your camping'll do just fine pulling the squirrel. Have fun!!

  26. call me when you get home, and I think I'd like to meet Janie. She sounds way fun. Ra

  27. The plastic pilgrims are waaaaay cool, let me know if you ever want to part with them!!!!!

  28. You are a delight!!!
    Hope you get lots of hugs of your own and have a wonderful time. Love your posts!
    I have to get back to posting regularly... after the wedding?


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