Friday, October 28, 2011

Again with the Turkey Sausage....

After getting up at 4 and making sure that Glen was set for the day, I went back to bed.
I slept in til 6:30.
It was delicious.

A few of you commented that I needed the extra rest during the weight loss phase, and I think you are right.
I think I still do.

Trust me, sleep is one of my top three priorities in life - and I'm getting plenty of R & R inbetween.
I lead quite a balanced life.

In lieu of getting five emails this week about my turkey sausage recipe, I decided to do a video as soon as I woke up this morning showing you exactly how to make it.

Me in my pj's with bedhead.
I don't get no better.

Look Fabulous Turkey Sausage

1 lb of ground turkey BREAST
2 egg whites, or one whole egg and one white
1/4 chopped onion
1 t salt
1/2 t pepper
6 T oatmeal
pinch of red pepper
1 T fresh sage or 1 t rubbed sage

Mix it all up real good like.
Spray a bit of Pam in a skillet and cook on both sides til done.

Eat it.
Get healthy.
Look fabulous.



  1. eat it and weep ha! i adore thee.

  2. I felt like you were standing right in my kitchen with me! That was so fun.

    I am on a turkey sausage mission now.

    Thank you.


  3. Geeesh...I wish I looked that good when I get out of bed! Yummy receipe!!

  4. yummy! Eating clean is so worth it.

  5. Okay, Girls gotta back Jayme up here 'this sausage is GOOD stuff' & it works! Take it from a girl who's down 20 plus lbs since Sept. 6th!!! AND I have NOT been hungry! I credit the protein in the AM with that (not sure if that's accurate, but whatev it's workin' for me).

    Jayme that video was too stinkin' precious! Never watched one of your video's before. I LOVE you more!!! The mere fact that you made a video in your pj's while running late takes the cake! ;)

    PS ~ Oct. 28th all day, for reals!!! ;) least that's what my computer tells me! :)

  6. PS ~ i've been making mine into 5 patties also! didn't know 'bout the secret red pepper ingredient! MUST try it!!!

  7. thank you love...i know I was one of those emails..LOL....

    I can't wait to try it this weekend. You rock my LLU sister

  8. Making this tomorrow!!

    "eat it, weep.: LOL

    Thanks for sharing!
    love C

  9. Thank you Jayme! I've been trying to figure out how to get protein into my menopausal body every morning. What a great idea! Yeah for quick breakfasts!

  10. Thank you for sharing! I love your blog! You have the best personality.

  11. This sounds delicious, thank you for posting the video! I plan to make these, but I will substitute ground chicken for the turkey. I know my usual breakfasts are carb heavy, so these will add the protein I am lacking. Thank you again!

    By the way, you look beautiful! Keep up the great work. (and please send some good weight loss vibes my way!)

    Johanna, Bittersweet Cottage

  12. Have the ingredient ready to roll!

  13. Sounds good to me! I have not had any sugar, flour or wheat since July 18th! I am feeling so much better and am down 25 pounds! xo Diana

  14. Have never been a turkey fan before but I will try this just as you made it...thanks for taking the time to do a video!

  15. Well, look who's back!! I've been MIA in blogland too! You are looking fabulous! I need to roast coffee!!

  16. You can buy turkey bacon - for those who love bacon but not the side effects.

  17. I have been making these since you posted about them some time back. Would have never thought of it had I not seen your post. I make my own sausage blend seasoning from supplies from the farmers market and we get our turkey breast from there as well.

    I love them but hubby is kicking and screaming for the old pork stuff... NOT gonna' happen. I did add a bit of olive oil to give them a bit more moisture for him.

    YOU look awesome and the way you feel shines through too. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to make this video.

    I do believe you will make your goal and then some!

  18. Love it! Can't wait to eat it and weep.

  19. Hello, Jayme (what an adorable name)!

    New to your blog. I have had a great time perusing many of your posts and getting to know you a bit. Not sure how I stumble here but I am glad I did! Sweet place!

    This Turkey Sausage does look fabulous and a recipe I will try :)

    kindly, Lorraine

  20. LOOK wonderful Jayme -- I stick to a low carb diet so will trying it without the oats and eggs -- I love sausage :)


  21. Thanks for the are looking mahvalous!!

  22. I am definitely going to give this a try. YUM! and can I say it just one more time... even in your PJ's and bedhead, red... you look maaavelous.

  23. Just made this, soooo delish! I had to restrain myself from gobbling it all down in an instant. You should see how fabulous I look :)

  24. You. look. mahvahlous.
    And...your kitchen looks cozy!
    xo, Cheryl

  25. I finally made these for the family and everybody LOVED them even the kids!! regular sausage with all the mixed meat bits always had grossed me out lol I would love to try some more of your healthy recipes :) Thank you for sharing!! :)

  26. jayme… you. look. fabulous.
    congrats!! i seriously need to find your footsteps, so i can follow. :)


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