Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why I Left Facebook....

I'm not sure if you'll notice me gone - but I am.
There one minute.
Gone the next.

It had nothing to do with the recent changes - I wasn't too happy with them - but I never did understand all the hoo ha about it - my take on it?
Get over it.

I left because I've been feeling socially overwhelmed lately.
It's all been a bit too much.
'Real Life' social stuff.
I'm finding myself shunning people at the moment.
I don't think it's healthy.

I felt that Facebook was promoting a lot of very superficial relationships in my life, and I didn't like it.

I felt like my brain was being cluttered with every one's opinions, complaints, dinner choices, and ailments.

I felt like I was checking in with Facebook much too often, and using it to procrastinate at times.

When leaving - I did feel a bit scared.

There are some measurable merits to having a Facebook account.

It was easy to share when I did a blog post.

Easy to share photos.

Easy to share information with the masses using one touch of a button.

I felt scared that "I'd lose touch" with some of the friendships I had.

I felt the fear and did it anyway.

My brain already feels quieter.

I like it.

But there's no button to press to tell you that.

: -)

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  1. I can totally relate to every word you said! I quit FB a year ago with much the same feelings! I saved the email addresses of people I really wanted to stay in touch with & moved on. It felt good!

    Then, ironicly enough I started blogging! Go figure! BUT strangely enough the relationships I'm building with complete strangers seem more REAL than the superficial ones I had with people I already knew!

    Sometimes I wonder how people do it? FB, twitter, blogging, pinterest.....

    Congrats on lightening your load!!! ;)

  2. FB? The weird changes have been good for me- I was starting to spend too much time there, the changes bug me, and time is too precious to spend on the internet all of the time! I started on FB about in about March- I had resisted for so long, for some very good reasons. I do like that I can get a little peek in to the lives of some friends that I would have very little touch with otherwise- and the real reason that I joined-- to see a lot more pictures of my grand babies- is still there, so I don't think that I will quit checking in, but I'm not there so much. Every other day is more than enough, if not still too much, to see any new pictures of the babies, and to see if a far away friend has had something exciting happen. I don't understand the point of a lot of the changes that FB is making. I'm glad to see you here! I feel more connection with you here.

    And eating clean? I'm happy to say that I've been off sugar and milk for a week now and last night I had a peach for dessert- and it was so sweet I could only eat half- the other half must be for tonight! I'm cooking some plum jam right now and looking forward to that sweet goodness this winter.

  3. OMG (so to speak) I could have written this post myself.

  4. Kudos for taking the plunge. Love everything doing with honey bees. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  5. Second person tonight that has announced they are leaving facebook. Wondering if it wasn't facebook's intentions to begin with. hmmmmmmm

  6. I totally agree with you...I have always felt this way about facebook...what is the big deal!

  7. I just posted tonight I am not going to be on because I am not liking the new format...too much stuff. I am only posting my blog there and doing my cousins page. We have a whole descendant page where we keep touch. Life is too busy for everything. I'll email you. 2 weeks!!!

  8. Good decision. I quit last spring, haven't been back. I was spending way too much time on it too, and really, I haven't missed it hardly at all. I figure if people want to talk to me, they can email me. It was nice to catch up, but, life goes on. I do miss the pics, but I guess it's a small price to pay. There's always Flickr. :0)

  9. I hear you! In my real life(not blog life) I am cautious who I friend. My friends know me and love me. They know I am in and out of the facebook world. It really can all be a bit much. I really love it to keep up on my nieces and nephews who live hours away. It is a great way to keep up with them. Other than that I can really leave it. It is overwhelming and can get in the way of living in the real world.

    As for my blog, I am on the QT. I like it that way. I blog cause I like to write and I am trying to find my writing voice. I don't want friends or family commenting also, how else could I blog about my bat sh!t crazy mother in law.

    I love your blog and you are the blog that inspired me to start blogging. I was looking for chicken info and found you. Thank you!

  10. I understand. I quit too. Now I hear crickets and birds and (insert happy music here) loving life and will probably write longer blog posts :-/ go figure. I bet your honey is the best.

  11. as long as you stay sweet, crazy, chicken lady jayme we're good;) but where are we gonna send you british movie ideas and silly lional richie posters now?:D

  12. I know you have a sense of humor, so I hope you don't mind my saying that the juxtaposition of the message of your post and the PS made me chuckle.

  13. Awesome! It's a breath of fresh air to get off an easily overwhelming site. I've been on FB for a while but I'm famous for long periods of "deactivation" - I found this worked best for me as I knew I could come back to it (if I wanted) but if I didn't, it would remain until the point came that I did want to return. I don't miss it when I'm gone. The friendships we "hold" onto via the internet aren't always true or healthy so if anything it's nice to step away and have social reality check - the ones you want close will call you, etc. I commend you - it can be hard to pull away from such a guilty pleasure but the productivity that comes from not devoting so much time to something "meaningless" will be priceless :)

  14. Oh, I'm bu-hind again... You be gone? Aibie, I'm hardly ever over there anymore and I don't mind saying one bit that I do not appreciate the changes. Bad business is what it is.

    Enjoy your hiatus, however long it be. As long as I know where to find thee, it's all good.

  15. I feel the same about Facebook, and only use it to keep in touch with my family over in the UK, me being now in France. Even then, I tend to feel the need to keep checking to see if any of the family have made a posting. Also the same with emails, checking frequently. It is a tiresome habit, and it is nice to know someone else finds it the same.

  16. Good for you, Jayme! My 31yo son went off facebook and he is feeling more peaceful!! I rarely say anything on it and agree--it is totally a time sucker for the most part! And who cares about most of the stuff anyway??? Love your blog, however! And your sense of humor! xo

  17. I had never jumped on the Facebook band wagon, and felt a bit left out of it. Seems everyone was on it or Twitter, or texting constantly. However, when I saw a gal texting during a funeral last week, I knew some things were just way out of hand. Blogging gives you a lot of creative fun...we're so glad you didn't close this account in favor of Facebook!

  18. True friends are a treasure! jsn

  19. I am not too far behind you.

    Thinking of going down to just far away family and friends. Ready to enjoy real life instead of a computer one.

  20. I gave up FB for Lent, and never saw much reason to go back. It liberated a lot of misused time, and there seems to be so much less unecessary drama :).

  21. This is exactly why I left FB a year and a half ago. I found I was tired of "talking" all the time and frankly, couldn't have cared less about the random comments posted - "sitting in traffic", "at the grocery" etc... good grief!

    I love my quiet little life...

  22. Glad before you you jumped ship that I got info on the Potatoes not Prozac Doc! That book is very interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how it changes my life and for that I am thankful you were on for a short period of time!

  23. My first visit to your blog. Very nice to meet you.

    I understand completely what you are saying. I quit facebook about 5 weeks ago and I have not missed it at all. I love all the "extra" time!


    Mrs Georgina

  24. I saw where you said you were going to leave, then just now I looked for you and you were gone. But I too totally understand you doing that. I have thought about it many times, if it weren't for the fact that's how I stay in touch with my kiddoes. I am trying to not spend all my time there for sure.
    Hey, I was driving up I65 today and saw two exits with the sign to "Crown Point"--oh, it made my heart jump! I wanted to pull over and look for you. Ha.
    I went to visit my High School friend you know where, then came over to Goshen to my parents. So I sit here with them. Will plan to go home tomorrow.

    Next time I decide to head up I will try to connect with you.

    I was totally amazed at all of those windmills on I65. wow, that is an awesome sight for sure!!!


  25. Good for you! I opted not to do FB either and everyone thinks I am nuts- so now you KNOW you are in good company- or not....xo Diana

  26. I'm hardly on facebook anymore. I just use it to check on family and friends who are far away and that's about it. I think we get caught up in all this stuff like sheep or something. I definitely don't tweet either, what a complete waste of time!

  27. I loved gettting the new blog posts but thats ok Ill just come by your blog to get my daily Jayme fix :) your so funny and inspiring I look forward to your new posts so much!! but I totally understand leaving facebook. After myspace I was pretty strict about who I accept on FB only family, close friends and a couple of extras and I only check it in the morning while I drink my coffee :)

  28. I quit FB about 1 yr or more ago! Have fun with the extra time!

  29. Good for you! I agree on all of your FB comments.

  30. I totally get this... barely any time to read any blogs lately, much less anything else! But it was so nice to stop in and see you today! I was craving a little laughter and fun!

  31. Congratulations on leaving facebook. I've never had a facebook account and never did understand the fascination of it all. The social media sites are too overwhelming for me to have that kind of stimulation all the time. So I get why you left.
    You will feel more at peace as time goes by and as for all your friends just cause you leave facebook doesn't mean you'll loose touch. You'll figure out more meaningful ways to stay connected.

    Good luck and enjoy all that extra time.


  32. Oh me too! And I'm glad. Mostly. I've been toying with the idea for ages and it was just time. I'm really wanting to simplify and this was just a step in that direction.

  33. Deactivated my FB acct. also. Far too much activity to keep up with and some was with people I don't even like!! That's right.. News Flash. I don't like everybody.

  34. I *did* notice you were missing on FB and I had to come here to make sure you were OK!

    Miss your posts and inspiring Clean Eating ideas...

    But you have to do what feels right for you.

    If you ever come back... I shall cheer! :)

    PS: I've done the opposite and left blogland...

  35. I respect your decision to leave the superficial FB world. Sometimes it makes me feel depressed. I'm blogging more, facebooking less. Stop by my blog and say hi. I'd love to stay in touch with you!

  36. I just found your blog today, and have spent quite a bit of time reading it...and am enjoying it...just wanted to let you know...I will be inspire me to get back on my program, similar to yours. Thanks!

  37. I quit FB a few weeks ago and I haven't regretted it at all! I think you made a great choice.


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