Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wellness Wednesday - A Nest of Empty Dreams

I'm sitting here watching the cursor blink before me.
Mentally, I'm all over the board - for reals.
Life is just absolutely too exciting for me at times, and I feel the need for tranquilizers.
I mean - really?
Gardens, farmstands, chickens, friends, events, cooking, fall looming before us, knitting, sweaters, hot tea....
I get so excited about it all at times I'm afraid I'll burn out my adrenal glands.
: -)
For the record, I do plan on talking about chickens again soon.

Particularly, this one.
Good ole Phyllis.
This bird teaches me many lessons.
The fool bird is up sitting on empty eggs yet again.
My heart can't take her persistence in the face of ultimate failure.
Monday I go to the Poultry Auction in search of a suitable mate.
Home girl needs some lovin' if those eggs ever be hatchin'.

I'm still riding the wave of joy over the Marathon.
THANK YOU for your kind words of encouragement!
I've read them all several times, and it means so much to me that you'd take the time to write a comment.
I'm a bit hooked.
I wear my medal often, I'm embarrassed to say.
I may turn into the old crazy chicken lady who talks about the Marathon til her dying day -
"I remember in 2011....."

I'm signing up to do a mini Triathlon in Chicago next summer.
I'm stoked!
I just need to learn to swim a little better now...

chicago triathlon

So what does this have to do with Wellness Wednesday and Phyllis?

Well you see folks - many many years ago - when I was nearly 300lbs, I had such a desire to be fit - to be able to do a Triathlon.
I actually read Triathlon magazines.
While I drank a 20oz. Coke and ate a king sized Snickers.

Now Glenco will tell you that I'm just in all of this for the gear - and he's partially right.
I mean - I love the gear.  The clothes, the shoes, the goo gels, and water bottles.

Much like Phyllis, sitting on a nest of empty eggs, I sat on a nest of empty dreams for many years.

Much like Phyllis, I needed my eggs fertilized, and had no way to fertilize them.

Finally, this year, finding the BootCamp and David Greenwalt - my dreams became fertilized.
I learned what I needed in order to hatch my eggs.

I think it's so important that our dreams come to fruition.
Sitting on empty eggs makes one weary.

Little by little, day by day - I'm realizing that it's easier to do the hard WORK of making our dreams and goals come true, than it is to sit on a nest of empty dreams.

I encourage each and every one of you to find the time in your life to think about your dreams, the ones that you feel that life would be incomplete without - and pursue them with all of your heart.  Find out what's keeping you from them. 
I think you'd be surprised to find out that it's you.


  1. You should write a book called "Sitting on Empty Eggs". You would inspire millions!

  2. You are such an inspiration and a hoot! Love you so much gal! I'm coming your way possibly next week. We need to talk!!!! xoxo

  3. It's good to have a 'fire in your belly' about something. I am all over the board with projects and ideas too, it's called Type A I think! Right now I want to make my voice heard to help those facing financial ruin as they enter the "Golden Years." A pension is out there to help our parents and in some cases, us. Please pass this along Jayme to anyone in need.

  4. Hey girl, I've been away too long. How much weight have you lost?? You are looking gooooo---oood! So is Phyllis.

  5. Yes! It is me. It's been 'me' all along!

    I have to thank you. So THANK YOU! I quit dieting 'my way!' The Slim Fast way. I'd been drinking Slim Fast for at least 10 years.
    Apparently, all I needed was a Mother (Hen) to set a few boundaries for me. I can't even tell you that I was upset about all the yummy stuff that I can't eat. Honestly, it was a relief. While food comforts it also causes anxiety & stress over what/when will I eat next. But, then you know that!!! :) Don't get me wrong...I know it won't be all sunshine & roses. There will be hills & valleys & battles. But I'm ready. Ready to fight for 'ME!'

    I've lost 7.6lbs since last Tuesday!!! 7.6lbs & I wasn't even starving. 7.6lbs!!!! Uh-huh!!! :)
    Also, made a double batch of your turkey sausage patties last night. The girlie loved them! They were good, but I think I need to get that breakfast seasoning! Of course, the oregano I used in place of the sage I was lacking may not have been the best choice in retrospect! ;)

    Thanks Again! I'm pumped!!!!!!!!

  6. Poignant, Jayme. You look fabulous. You should wear that medal every single day and never, ever take it off.

  7. I do miss your chickens. It's a good thing I have my own. Phyllis looks quite forlorn.

  8. What a nice message. And congratulations to you for completing the marathon and continuing to incubate and hatch more of your dreams! Many kudos. I'm working on mine. It's a biggin, and it's taking time, but reading your post made me feel a little lighter about it. :) Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. You are totally an inspiration!!! And if I had that medal I wouldn't take it off either!

  10. Congratulations. You are so inspiring! Perhaps a future inspirational speaker along with marathon/triathalon participant?

    You rock!

  11. Jayme, You are absolutely SKINNY!
    I am so freaking proud of you!
    xo, Cheryl

  12. You are just such an inspiration! I ate a peach today and thought, Jayme would approve! I have always been healthy + an exerciser, yet I still love these pep talks! I got a medal once in 2007 for running a 5k and coming in 1st in my age group and I wore it for days. I still put it on when I need some inspiration. I haven't run a race in almost 2 years, but I think you just convinced me to find one and sign up! I have fallen off the race wagon because I got caught up in trying to win something when the truth is, I am pretty slow. But who cares! I am faster than someone who is sitting on the couch, right?

  13. Wow! What a great comparison. I am sitting on an empty nest...have been my entire adult life. I have started and even gotten a good start at fulfilling the dream of being healthy and fit but always go back to bad habits (like a dog going back to its own vomit~it's Biblical.) You really are inspiring me though! It seems attainable now. You are proof. I love hearing how much better you feel and you look fabulous! You are an inspiration to me!!!! Keep it up! =D

  14. You are so right and are so courageous for facing these fears. You are absolutely too cute in your marathon shirt!!

  15. Girl, you look skinny! Where did you go? I've been busy packing and you went and got skinny!

  16. you is strong. you is good. you is kind. you is cute. you is an inspiration. you is my friend. i am blessed. xoxo

  17. Beautiful! So exciting and inspiring! Thanks for the motivation.

  18. What a great post Jayme! I love how you related the two topics! So true! (And if I had a medal like that I would be wearing it all the time too!) Great job!

    I am in the midst of pursuing my dream of having a hobby farm and being more self-sufficient! Little by little... one day at a time... but at least I'm moving and working on it! That's what it takes... not sitting around waiting for it to happen!

  19. Great post I know I have sat on many an empty egg. But you know who life creeps up behind you and wow another year or two has passed by. I try not to let my dreams sit on the back burner un hatched. But what I do find is my dreams are so much simpler then they were when I was younger. I always enjoy your post and thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Drop by my blog I am celegrating my 100th follower with a great giveaway. Kathy

  20. Congratulations Jayme on all your achievements...your blog is turning into a one man/woman reality show. But much more genuine than the ones we see on tv, not that I normally follow them! Your Phyllis analogy is great, plus it gives the opportunity for a gratuitous chicken photo.
    I think you are looking very youthful and full of vitality. Tell Glenco that you deserve to be rewarded with some designer gear!
    Kathy from Tas

  21. I love how wise you are becoming...wise and warm and wonderful...and thin! Jayme, You are thin!! I am so proud of you, girl...SOOO proud! You are my newest hero (or would that be heroess)...whatever...xo diana

  22. I like Nancy's comment. Ditto.

  23. It takes a strong person to make their dreams come true, and you are one of them. Well done for getting that meddle. I know what it means to you.

  24. I am struggling right now. I am not even sure what my dreams are at this point. I have lived so long taking care of others, have to find what is me. Make any sense? I am so happy for you!!! jan

  25. Jayme,

    Your friend Nancy said...

    "You should write a book called 'Sitting on Empty Eggs.' You would inspire millions!"

    I happen to wholeheartedly agree. Your writing is uplifting, humorous at times (irreverent sometimes LOL!) and always gets to the heart of the matter.

    You have a gift. Why not share it in a big way?

  26. You are such a joy to add to my day, but I definitely think Phyllis needs a baby, after pursuing her dreams for so long, a little help would sure make her one happy girl, Phyllis, I am pullin' for ya girl! Love to you both! xoxoxoxxo

  27. You are a wise woman who is inspiring others...thank you.

  28. You look fabulous! That medal suits the fire out of you!

  29. Jayme,
    Thank you for pouring out your heart and your thoughts.
    I'll start thinking about my dreams bc I never dream about what I want. Never. I guess I don't want to disappoint myself.
    Now I'll give it a try with you and Miss Phyllis in mind.
    LOVE your medal! LOVE IT, WEAR IT!

  30. OMG do you know how great of a post you have written!
    It's inspiring without being preachy and motivational without being naggy..... you nailed it.
    Way to go on the marathon!!!

  31. That last paragraph was exactly what I needed to hear today. Thanks for it!

  32. Jayme, I hope you know you are doing all of this for all of us! You are a true inspiration to the others who sit on empty eggs. Blessings on you, Girlie. Thank you.

  33. Beautiful!!! I wish I lived closer!! Ive got a little stud muffin of a banty roo that could get the deed done for Phyllis :) nothin is more pitiful than a banty with no hope of her eggs hatching :(

  34. oops ment to say broody :)

  35. Love this post... I was asked to join a boot camp this week... I'm going to do it. You are so inspirational!

  36. This is just the inspiration I needed. I am not going to be in a tri, but I have more personal goals that need to be tended to. You are such an inspiration and so funny! I always love reading your posts. Thanks for being there!

  37. Jayme, you just know how to say it.

  38. Wow! How'd I miss this post? Love that last line. So true. (as I wipe my sticky fingers from the rice krispie square I just ate, so I can type)

    Cindy Bee


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