Thursday, September 29, 2011

all the news worth printing...

It's been a busy week here at the coop.

Glenco has been off all week as we work to convert the house from propane to natural gas....

This is the state of my front yard as I type this....

I was too shy to actually go out and photograph them working.
: -)
Yes, I am shy - I know you can't imagine that.

So really, that's been the week.
Home centers, new hot water heaters, conversion kits and
Season Three of Damages.

My pelvic pain is still quite annoying - and I was told by the Dr. that I had an ovarian cyst that apparently ruptured.  I go for an ultrasound tomorrow.

My weight is moving down nicely again as I continue to face the demons of food addiction, and how and why life seems incomplete without taffy apples and pumpkin scones.

I'm feeling rather quiet of late - and I'm sure it's reflected here.
Rest assured all is well -
I will possibly be gone the next two weeks or so...won't know until later today -

Missouri is calling - and a camping trip with Janie Fox is planned.
Can you imagine?
Lucy and Ethel - no joke!

I leave you with a great idea for a window box.

Swiss chard.
For real.
Isn't it glorious?

(Kelly - if you are reading this, please email me again!  Somehow I no longer have your email address!)


  1. I miss you. I love the window box treatment. LOVE it! I am soooo going to copy that. Mine looks pitiful out of my kitchen window at the moment!


  2. First shy, why does that surprise me? ;)
    I can relate. I keep wanting to snap a pic of a (amish) buggy from my porch, just to prove that I live in a former amish house I guess, but have been to shy to do so. I mean it would be ok cause I wouldn't actually be photographing them!

    Praying you will be pain free soon!

    Lastly, thank you for the inspiration & the blessing that you are!!! I'm down 13.2 lbs & feel great! Thanks to the BEST diet I've been on!!!

  3. How will I survive without my Coop Keeper fix? Love your blog. Enjoy your camping trip-know you will have lots of fun stories to tell when you get back. You and Jamie Fox-what a pair. Wish I could go too.

  4. Your window box is beautiful!! Swiss chard? Who would have thought? (Mine are in sad shape indeed!).

    BTW, you'll be so glad you switched from propane to NG. We did this two years ago and the savings was incredible. The conversion will pay for itself in no time!

    Hope you get some relief from the pain. I've had that, too, and so I can totally empathize with you. (Seriously, what have I NOT had? Never mind... I don't need another unusual illness, bite, rash, allergic reaction, etc.)

  5. I hope your cyst pain goes away soon. I had one a few years ago. It didn't rupture, just went away. But it hurt like crazy!

    A camping trip sounds wonderful! Have a good time.

  6. which one am I Lucy or Ethel? I think we might be a combination of the two. I am getting excited. Hope you feel better soon.
    PS Love the window box!

  7. The Lucy & Ethel camping hopefully isn't as severe as Thelma & Louise in the bar scene..:) any who.... received the liquid gold in the mail yesterday and " OMG" girlfriend that is by far the best tasting honey this girl has ever tasted...Good Lord, came at right time as allergies have made for a sore throat and the honey is killing what ails me..:) NO, Joke!
    ~~Peace & Love & Blessings~~

  8. I'm always a little jealous when I hear that you are meeting another one of your blog readers, but I have to admit that I am just not that into camping. But camping with Lucy and Ethel just might be worth it! Will really miss my tales from the coop keeper... can't you find some free internet somewhere and keep us in the loop. Oh wait, that may be the idea of camping to get away from the about you take lots of pictures to show us when you are back. I am sure there will be lots of stories!

  9. You know what, I think a lot of bloggers are shy! I know I am! Wish I was joining ya'll for that camping trip. For realz.

  10. Lucy an Ethel on ah camping trip....whaddah hoot that should be!! Roasting (fill in what food) over the campfire an telling spooky stories. Best take ah baseball bat alone for protection, jist say'in. I hope it all works out and visit wonderful Missouri. I live above the hollars and beautiful weather right now. Glad you got gas, natural gas er you know what I mean!!

  11. I hope you get that cyst looked after real soon. Take care!

  12. I hope you have a ball with your friend...Let me guess...YOU are Lucy? lol Let us know (before you go if you can) what the ultrasound shows. I hope everything is okay!

    Sometimes a bit of quiet is good for the soul. xo Diana

  13. The window box is beautiful! And, I have suffered the ovarian cyst woes... they are extremely painful especially when they rupture. I was finally put on Seasonale and I no longer have them. They got to be a monthly occurence!.

    caramel apples and pumpkin muffins are a weakness of mine...

  14. Quiet can be invigorating. Enjoy yourself, whether you travel or not.

  15. oh Jayme i can empathize with you. I have the same situation a few years ago. Cysts on my ovaries got so big and painful that my doctor recommend I have both ovaries taken out. the surgery (microscopic) was so minimally invasive i was up and doing mild to moderate chores the next day. I've never regretted having them taken out. now i don't have to worry any longer if the cysts will turn cancerous. i hope you get some relief. i know cysts can be painful.
    on a lighter note the fall window box looks wonderful and you certainly have a terrific eye for design.

    be well


  16. My sister emailed me this moments ago..I needed it. Thought maybe you did too! "You is kind. You is smart. You is important." Hope you feel better soon!

  17. a fall camping trip, just the girls...heavenly!!! Sorry to hear about your pain, hope you get some answers and help soon!
    The Swiss chard is going to have to stay in the garden. Just don't have it in me to plant anything else!!

  18. Jayme, I received the honey today and it is FABULOUS! Tastes delicious and it's sooooo pretty. My own honey also tasted it and gave it a thumbs up. He and I have a cup of tea every day and this is going in mine.

  19. Aibie AND Janie up in the same Squirrel? Say it aint so!! Oh, to be a fly...

    I do love your chard. And I be sorry about your yard.

    Off to find a recipe that you listed last year...but I deign admit to the name of it.....

  20. Glad you can get off the propane habit... wish I could!

    How did I miss that you were not feeling well? Sorry to hear it and hope you will be on the mend soon!

    And no, I would have never thought of Rainbow Swiss Chard as a window box element, but it is working beautifully! I will have to try this one next year!

    Have fun camping!
    XO, ":<>

  21. Jayme,

    Hope you feel better soon. Have a safe journey and wonderful time visiting Missouri. I heard they love company. :)

    Your Friend,

  22. Have a wonderful time! I adore Swiss Chard and their colorful stems...great idea for a window box. Will miss you and look forward to hearing about the shenanigans that will be plentiful!

  23. Makes me INSANE to have my yard wrecked like that!
    Hope your pain gets better!
    xo, Cheryl

  24. Thank You for the Honey:
    ~~Peace & Love & Blessings~~

  25. I wish I could switch from propane to natural gas - it would be much cheaper and no worries about running out in January when the snow is two feet deep in the driveway.

    Swiss chard makes such a lovely, colorful window box.

    I'm trying to lose weight, too, and am thaking my stars that there is almost two months before that pumpkin pie temptation.


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