Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Happy I Could Pee...

It's a bullet point kind of day.
But since I don't know how to do bullet points on Blogger - you get one liners....
I see the bullet point button up there, but it doesn't seem to work with centering text...ergo...the one liners.

At this moment, I feel that I could burst from contentment.

I feel like I could fill up a gratitude journal with one fell swoop of the pen.

I find myself muttering under my breath - 'thank you, thank you'

As I sit and type this, I'm wearing a size medium Life is Good pair of flannel pj bottoms and a cozy pair of Life is Good socks.

(I have on a t-shirt, but it's not Life is Good, and therefore not worth mentioning - and yet - I've mentioned it.)

Did I mention the pants were sized Medium?
Me - the Coop Keeper in medium pants. 
My insides are smiling.

When I'm not typing, my hands are wrapped around a warm cup of tea.

I have four new balls of yarn, and I'm going to play with them tonight while I finish up  Season Two of Damages.

The sky is so unbelievably fabulous - thoughts like 'if THIS is earth, what will heaven be like?' cross my I just stand in the driveway face toward the sky soaking the goodness in.

I swear the chickens were giddy today when I let them out - I've never seen a chicken skip until today.

I was told I was unusually beautiful today  -  by a 76 year old man - but it still counts.

I 'falled up' my porches and I'm so happy with it I could pee.

I talked to Aaron on the phone tonight and thanked my lucky stars that my nearly 16 yr old BoyChild nephew still wants to talk to me, tells me he loves me and he can't wait to see me again.

Stick a fork in me - I be done.

I'm not sure where all of this contentment comes from - I mean - I have a lot to be concerned with, downright worried about - and things to complain about in general -

I have no financial security.
Do any of us?
Our basement is a hot mess and if Mike Holmes from Holmes on Holmes saw it - he'd tear the place down.
I may never eat wheat again!
I think I have an ovarian cyst, or a kidney stone and started out to the ER not twice, but thrice in the last three days, because of excruciating pain.

It's a bit better now - and I'll see my Dr. this worries..

But - I just don't think of those things -


  1. I too am in this same season!! God is so amazing!

  2. Well I don't think I'm quite this happy, but I'm happy that you happy you could pee! Go get that 'pain' looked at and continue on the happy trail. Tis a good place to be.

    Cindy Bee

  3. I am so glad you are in happy mode. It is a good place to be! I've been wanting to get my fall and Halloween stuff out,but it is hard when it is still 101 degrees in the afternoon!
    This has been a very difficult beginning of school for me with some changes but no direction from the administrators. Those of us involved are slowly figuring it out for ourselves, but it has been rather stressful for me!

  4. Life IS Good and you know what? We've got it figured out. We aren't homeless, in fact we live in pretty comfy houses with plenty of food in the fridge and we know we will be buying more next week. Lots of folks can't say that. We are blessed. amen. That ovarian cyst thing is the pits, I spent the night in er with mine. After birthing two babies, it was the hardest labor of them all. Go to the doctor!

  5. My outsides are smiling as I read this! Love your attitude, Love your sky, Love your size med pants!!!
    So happy to see you reaping the harvest of ALL your hard work!!!


    ~down 11.4lbs & my pants are loose! Finished my last sausage this am...gotta make another pile :)

  6. I have a grin on my face and on the inside too for you. So good to know losing weight and eating healthy has given you such a glow that everyone sees it.
    Doing a happy dance right here in my chair.

    Even with finical security you cant place your happiness there as you will be worried it will vanish in a heartbeat as it CAN in the blink of an eye. We have to put our faith in the lord and trust him in all walks of our life. With him in our mind and heart, that is where true happiness begins and the rest falls into place.

    GOD bless your Aaron and hope you get to see him soon. He is like a ray of sunshine on the darkest of days and is medicine for the soul.

    I wish you more and more days of contentment and joy. Focus on the little simple things and keep the lord first and the rest, well that is icing on the cake...Sugar and wheat free that is.

    Have a blessed and safe coming week.

  7. MEDIUM!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!! (Lots of awesomeness, but...MEDIUM!!!!! YEE HAW!!!!!) Hope that pain stays away!!!!! MEDIUM!!!!!

  8. I am so happy for you - medium is beyond awesome. Wonderful!!! Lots to be thankful for. And I hope you get to the bottom of your pains soon (my motto is 'maybe it will just go away' - however that's probably not the best advice ;)). -Tammy p.s. our first honey will be extracted any day now. Happy ~honey~ dance!

  9. I wish I could be as happy as you are. Must be the wheat!

  10. Oh how I love thee and thou.


  11. Good for you, Jayme ...wearing a MEDIUM (even fun to say!) is the first of MANY happy milestones on your healthiness journey, I'm sure!

    I'm also sure that Aaron thanks his lucky stars for you too. You guys are a mutual blessing to each other, may it always be so!

    Keep the 'happy' Jayme. It looks great on you!

  12. You make me smile. I would have liked to sit on your back porch and sip tea with you while watching that sunset. Divine, sure enough.


  13. I am right there with you! So grateful, focus is on the grace of gifts.. yet I have things that I can be considered problematic.. don't we all? Go pee!

  14. You make me smile! So happy for you! I love being able to wear mediums too and easily button my size 10 jeans. Such a kick! I'm working on size 9 since I'm at the high end of my weight curve. Your photography is getting better and better! Stay happy!

  15. You are one hell of a lady and you must have worked hard to find that peacefulness inside of you!

  16. Ah yeah, the shirt was worth mentioning and thanks for doing so. I didn't think this was one of those "risky" blogs! :)

  17. That was adorable. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  18. As usual you makes me smile! Thanks!:+) ps those cysts are awful I've had 4 in 3 prayers be with ya!

  19. De-lurking to say GOOD FOR YOU!!!
    I came over a while ago from Flower Patch Farm Girl and have been following your weight loss journey.
    Love your positive attitude, your happiness and Life is Good!

  20. I'd be happy just down-sizing to a size large.. WAAAAHHHH

  21. I've said it're my hero! Keep up the good work and stay on the happy trail it suits you to a "medium" ! XO

  22. I feel happier just reading your list! Apparently happiness is contagious.

  23. I can feel the joy coming from this post. It is the small things that bring the most joy! I'm with you and I'm counting and enjoying every single 1 of my MANY blessings!

  24. I'm happy you're so happy you could pee!! And get that pain checked out!!!!!!!! Your picture of Aaron is a beautiful portrait. And Mike Holmes? I want him.

  25. Beautiful blessings, indeed! Take care of you!

  26. I have those days/moments and the feeling just overwhelms a person. I had one of those just the other morning on my drive to work. Beautiful morning and beautiful day it was shaping up to be...I was thinking of all the good things and then I thought of my late husband and gave him a scolding for missing this...when..all of a sudden in my quiet moment drive, a little recorded voice spoke. My 10yr old granddaughter had recorded a book for me, with her reading each page. It has several times that she says,,Grandma, I love you. And wouldn't you know it at that very moment driving to town...the book, which was closed..spoke to me. So my granddaughters voice spoke and said'Grandma, I Love you and Bye" Well, just hearing her voice was enough to rattle me, but when I leafed through the book to find that page that says that, I couldn't find it. How amazing..but..what timing. I still smile thinking about it! It was Perfect!

  27. Just reading this post makes me happy! Continued Blessings, Jayme!


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