Sunday, September 25, 2011

Golden Nectar! Limited Quantity

Visit my Etsy shop today if you'd like to order some honey -

Very limited quantity!

Sorry that I don't have more to share - perhaps next month I will - and next year - I'm hoping to add more hives.

You won't be disappointed.


  1. How beautiful! There's nothing like local honey! I just bought a pint at our local farmers market and it is just delicious!

    Your photo's are fantastic!

  2. Hi Jayme,

    I live locally in Crown Point. if I came and picked it up or we met (Whatever you feel comfortable with), would that change the price any? Also, how big are the jars, ounces?

    Thank you for your time.


  3. Jayme - what beautiful packaging you present your honey in. It makes me want to have a teaspoon. Like Ocean Breezes above, I just bought some locally trying to support our market. It's all about the bees! You do a beautiful job.

  4. 2 jars for me, please!! Pretty tickled I could get a taste of your region and I LOVE ETSY! Ordered and confirmed just now, and having it delivered to my office so I get to taste first thing it arrives. What a wonderful opportunity and like I said ....Over the top with excitement to taste a spoonful!


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