Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nuts and Nipples

image from Google search
I'm in a weird place today.
I feel squirrely.
I'm going off my nut.
I can't focus.
I'm excited.
And hormonal.
I'm like a chicken with it's head cut off.
And I feel like I'm catching a cold.
There's much to do and I want to do it.
I want a pet squirrel and I still want a pet crow.
I have the afternoon free and my mind is racing on what to do first.
I have a feeling pies, laundry, dusting and chicken feces will be involved.

A few notes from yesterday's blog...

I wanted to tell Donna in MO that I bow to you and your ability to get from Joplin to Six Flags in under four hours.  I have no words.  I am much nicer to friends than I am family members when it comes to travel, so chances are, if you did go on a hell run with me, it wouldn't be too bad.  We could stop twice.

I also wanted to address the basket that y'all keep talking about.
Yes, I did make it.
I didn't make it that day however - it was a basket I made a few years back during my 'basket phase'.  I go through a lot of phases - you have to know this about me - if something can be done - I want to know how to do it.  I'd have my own steel mill here if I had the time.  I have this hunger to know how things are made, and then I want to make them.  I made a lot of baskets during my basket phase, most of them looked similiar to Longabergers.  This was the only basket I made out of collected materials from the wild.  I had to soak the branches to make them pliable.  It was hard - and I almost gave up, but I didn't.  It's a small, gnarly, cobbled up basket, but my cousin liked it, so I gave it to him and he usually keeps his garlic in it.  I'm sorry if this has burst your bubble of me flitting about in the woods weaving baskets on a whim.  I like that image too.

Something that has come to my recent attention.
The Googled word 'nipples' will bring you to my blog.
This is why.
And I'm really not sure how to feel about that.
Turkey Nipples
I'm quite sure whoever it is that Googles nipples is most disappointed to find these.


  1. Having the same kind of day ~ hormonal I believe ~ maybe ~ there still may be a bit of denial going on here.

    Your title definitely caught my attention ~ my what a surprise for those googling! Too funny

  2. Oh, I remember those wonderfully delicious nipples from last year. So so yummy.

    When I get to spinning around about what to do, I usually just grab the closest project and get moving.

    Happiness to you...

  3. Jayme, Must be something in the air! I just scoured my house from one end to the other and still need something more to do! I probably should jump in the shower.A pet squirrel huh? Not sure how that would work out but, they sure are cute I give ya that! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the wonderful comment! You made my day! I have admired you from afar for awhile now so I feel special! Thanks, Traci

  4. LOL!!! I saw the title to your post today,...and thought,...THIS is gonna be good....hehhehhehheh...
    As always you never ever disappoint. And the part about whoever googles nipples.{;-0 What the....??? Well they sure will get a good recipe, won't they????
    better than what they were searchin for ...orginally, I'm sure. The hard part would be having to tell people how they FOUND the delicious recipe ...mwahhahah. Be sure your secret moments will rise and come back to haunt you!...
    So it's one of those days...we all get 'em. ** I would LOVE to know what inspired or motivated you to want a pet crow. The only thing that came to mind was Uncle Billy in It's a Wonderful Life... And as for the squrrel, I figured you wanted the REAL thing to take with you in your little camper whenever you hit the the official mascot??? Making me laugh love you! Have a good "off-balance" day!!

  5. I tell you NO LIE!! You are a hoot.

    I love, love those yummy treats there on the bottom of your post. I make them often.

    BUT. I don't know that I can ever call them Nipples... but you know what?, now I'll have this "word" and Image in my mind from here on out. That's nuts....

  6. Think red and green for the Holidays... kids will love them.

  7. Your post title just slays me!

  8. You know... I was really wondering and alittle concerned at where you might be going with that post title. THose are some mighty fine looking ...uh... Turkey nipples?

  9. You know I love your nipples.

    And no, my child forgot to tell me you called. He's still locked in his room.

  10. Dog-Gonnit woman I just got this pesky eye to stop twitchin' and I done read your post, and now it won't stop...cause of sheer fits of laughter! This post right here is why I'm so fond of ya! I can't believe I'm gonna say this but, my nipples are caramel filled. There I said it...the secret is out!
    Oh My....too make this even more hilarious, my daughter just read my response all by it'self and is now scared for life.

  11. Whatever you call them... those are serious PMS treats. Salty and Sweet. I think we're going t have to make some of these!

  12. Lets be hookers!! {as in RUGS!} Now, GOOGLE THAT! Ha!

  13. Crows and squirrels are wild animals.
    Have you ever thought of starting a shelter type place where folks can bring injured or orphaned animals to you.
    You really shouldn't try to tame the wild healthy ones.
    Your basket is beautiful and so are you.
    Have you tried the progesterone cream yet? B.

  14. Ha love the nipple story... my husband calls neopolitan ice cream nipple-lean like Lay un he knows I find it hysterical! He is stupid in a good way!
    I wove baskets too, and sold Longaberger for a time... they are all in the top of the barn now.. I got over the clutter and the look. Guess I should give them away.
    I want to pet a squirrel but not a crow.... they seem a little scary!
    I am off to google nipples- I am brave like that.

  15. Hi Jayme!
    Just when I thought you couldn't be funnier, you proved me wrong! I really needed a good laugh tonight!

  16. Could you would you make nipples to order? Would you could you ship them in a stick bowl?

    You should.

    To me.

  17. Well, I was almost afraid to open your blog when I saw the header. I thought maybe you HAD gone off the deep end and I might be getting an eye full. Tomorrow is another day...a day to calm the hormones and make peace with your own unsquirrely self. Hugs-Diana

  18. Oh I shudder to think of the people who will be finding your blog now...nuts AND've almost covered everything.

    Send me some nipples too. Yum.

  19. I love making these candies. My neighbors love it when I make them with Rollo candy topped with an M&M. I buy my pretzel rings at Meijer. I've never heard them referred to as nipples until today. Gosh Jayme, I may never be able to get that vision out of my head now.

  20. A bit of relief here - your title had me flat out nervous, Jaymes. You're a hoot CK.

  21. You mean Aaron didn't take the squirrel photo? What's up with that, Aaron? I want to see a photo of a squirrel sitting in one of your Auntie's baskets eating a nipple next to a steel mill.

  22. Soooo Funny!!!

    I am definitely going to make some nipples for Thanksgiving!

    (I never dreamed in a million years that that statement would come out of my mouth.)

  23. Ok, what a great laugh to start the day. Now what I really want to know is it that you discovered that a Google search of Nipples would bring you to your blog????

  24. So, Turkey Nipples are now officially on my Thanksgiving menu this year. We are classy like that. A visit to your blog is a treat for my soul. Thanks for the chuckle.

  25. I am laughing... and decided to comment because you made my day!!! Hee hee hee!!

  26. I think we would get along great! hahaha I just had a good laugh over your Turkey Nipples!! hahaha Still chuckling! I am going to try your pie crust for Thanksgiving! I so relate to you on several things... continually battling my weight, and the fact that I have gone through almost every phase of crafts you can imagine along with the basket making! Have a good weekend!


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