Friday, November 19, 2010

Chickens in the Bedroom

I loved reading all of your comments yesterday.
The cold still hasn't taken a full hold of me - and I did spend most of the day cleaning and organizing...
I have much to say about it - but today's post is about the Great Chicken Show of Columbus, Ohio and related shenanigans.

I met Lynda through blogging and we got to know each other a bit through Facebook.
Kindred spirits.
She has bees, chickens, geese, guineas, a big garden and she likes words as much as I do.
What's not to love?

Girlfriend had a long drive from Alabama to Indiana.
She talks about it a little bit here.
Not knowing her driving history, and given my history of being a road warrior - I thought it would be funny to pretend she was a lost traveler in my driveway -
Oh my goodness - I realize now how not funny that is for someone that has driven over 500 miles to stay with a virtual stranger - to arrive and be pranked.
I'm so sorry I made you cry Lynda!

I'm sure at this point she had no idea what she was in for.
I have a bit of a big personality.
You may or may not know that about me.
I've been told I enter a room mouth first.
I run over people sometimes.
I try to control myself, I do - but sometimes it's impossible - and I frighten people.
And here she was - stuck with me for five nights.

Long story short - Lynda befriended my childhood friend Peggy via Facebook.
Really - where else but the Internet?  Wonderful things happen on the Internet.
On Thursday, Peggy came to pay us both a visit.
I'd not seen Peggy in about 25 years.
It was a day to remember.
I heart Peggy.
I heart her hard.

She brought me this:

I feel the need to apologize to everyone that I own this and you don't. 
Yes - it's that fabulous.

Photo by Lynda Swink

We spent the late morning and early afternoon jawboning over a pot of odd tasting Stuffed Pepper Soup and Dutch oven bread.  Flourless Chocolate Cake and Cherry Pie.
Reliving old memories, and making new ones.
I felt like the richest girl in town.
Mid-afternoon we drove to town to the thrift and antique stores.
Peggy departed.
Lynda was all mine again.  Bwaa ha ha!

Friday morning we headed out to Columbus, Ohio.
I promised her I'd let her stop to go potty, etc.
It was a five hour drive.
And stop we did - Crawfordsville, Indiana and Richmond...I think it was Richmond.  Wonderful antique stores in Crawfordsville! A few more potty stops along the way.  I really wasn't in a rush.

I've already told you all about the Poultry Show.
Here's the last video I wanted to share with you.
It's a call duck.
Again, I'd never seen anything like it - with it's short little bill.
It's not short on attitude!

I know you can't believe I didn't bring anything home.  I can't believe it either.
Truth be told - I didn't think they'd be selling birds - I thought it was just a show.
I wasn't prepared!
By the time I got through the show I was losing my mind, I needed to hold a bird.
I found a lady holding a lovely rooster and I got to play with it's waddles a bit.
I almost bought a bird just to carry around for a little while.  That thought actually crossed my mind.
"I'll just play with it, and give it back."
I just wanted to rub VO5 on it.
I wanted to kiss it and hug it and play with it's feet.

The most beautifulest rooster I ever did see.  Amen.

 I finally got up the nerve just to ask someone if I could hold one of their birds.
Oh sweet mother.  It was the cutest thing ever.  A little banty hen.

I immediately felt satisfied.
That's when I saw the look in Lynda's eye. 
She was bringing some birds home!
I got to pick them out for her.
A rooster and a hen.
An arranged marriage.

I did come home with a few 'traysures'

This sign:

And a few decals for the car declaring my adoration of all things poultry.

Sunday, we spent a lazy morning here at the house listening to her new rooster crowing in the bedroom.
Yes, the bedroom!
You didn't think we would keep the chickens outside did you?

My sister and Aaron met up with us early in the afternoon and we took a trip to the Buckley Homestead and the Indiana Dunes.
I always bring guests to the Dunes.
It's just something you wouldn't think you'd see in Indiana.
Aaron and Lynda chatted up a storm about photography and cameras.

These photos taken by Aaron

We also took Lynda on a little side trip through Gary, Indiana.
Scary Gary as my pal Shannan likes to call it.
It was actually then that her little Calvin called me and made my day.
Calvin - wanted to talk to me.
Does it get better?
I think not.

Dusk was descending, so we didn't really take her on much of a tour, but at least she can say she visited the Murder Capital of the World - birthplace of Michael Jackson.  Hee hoo!  *grab crotch*

                             It was hard to believe that Lynda's trip was about to come to an end.
I may or may not have traumatized her on Sunday.
When Aaron and I are together - it's mayhem.
Utter mayhem.
I can't wait to read her take of me in the kitchen trying to do the splits before supper.
If the ladybug and box elder bug infestation from unseasonably warm weather didn't do her in, my behavior on Sunday may have.

Speaking of supper - I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed Lynda at my supper table.  Sunday night was extra special since Aaron and my sis were with us as well.
There aren't many things that make me as happy as a table full of friends and family breaking bread, sharing memories, laughing and enjoying each other's company.
It's a sacred time to me.

I'm so thankful to have met Lynda and know her now on a personal level.
She's an inspiration to me.
Her quest for knowledge, her intrepid spirit.
She's kind, funny, tender hearted, intelligent and insightful.
She'd make a mighty fine neighbor.

As I'm sitting here now - typing this to all of you - friends I know - friends I've met through blogging - family - 'virtual' friends that I email back and forth - friends that call me at 4:30am (Nancy - you know I just HAD to rib you about that one - please forgive yourself!) - and the friends I have yet to meet - it just seems so fitting that it's nearly Thanksgiving.

My heart is so full.
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
Thank you all so, so very much for reading my drivel - for leaving comments - for emailing me - for making me feel normal at times when I don't think I am - for challenging me to change - for laughing with me, and crying with me.

Thank you.


  1. I am a loud enter the room with your mouth girl! I would so try to do the splits with you. I recently tried cartwheels. Oh how I wish you lived closer. I would laugh at your antics, challenge you to a vacuum-off, hold your birds and eat your vittles! I am thankful for your drivel ... it always makes me happy :)

  2. Oh and I am so thankful that I found you here in blogland! You make ME laugh! You remind me a bit of me (minus the chickens)-lol I always read every word of your posts...something I don't always do (hanging my head in shame and slinking away)...but you hold me captive for you, too, are a wordsmith (is that one word or two-too lazy to look it up). Glad you had fun with your friend. Whodathought there would be sand dunes in Indiana? Not I-said the little red hen. Gotta go..I need sleep! Hugs-Diana

  3. Thank you, Jayme, for sharing your time with Lynda and Peggy and your sister and Aaron with us. Such fun times you've enjoyed! Grateful for you, my sweet friend.

  4. Hey Jayme-
    Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!


  5. What a wonderful 5 days you all had. I am so jealous I didn't get to go and meet the two of you. I love the birds Linda came home with and I love your sign! I can see you all breaking bread and laughing and laughing some more. I know you have a big personality and I just love it.
    You WV Virtual Friend, Amy :)

  6. Love those photos with chickens... I never thought I'd say that. Ever. Grew up with chickens and as I child I thought they were very, very dumb birds.

    But, for some reason... cough... ahem... yours seem so "endearing."

    Why is that you suppose?

  7. I just can't get over the happy camper necklace. I also can't get over the fact that I didn't find it first and give it to you myself. If ever there was a perfect gift for you, that is it!
    Glad you had a fun time with your friends!

  8. oh how i do wish youd visit meeeeeeeee. or i could visit you. :) emmett sir would like another playdate with you one day very soon. hes been begging.

  9. No, thank YOU Jayme for making my day every time I read your blog!

  10. Well Mrs. Coop Keeper looks as though you and your guests had a wonderful time. And those two chickens you picked out for your friend are the sweetest. Crawfordsville is one of the schools our basketball team played when I was in high school. Been there. Have a great weekend.

  11. I enjoyed this post so very much, and that picture of Lynda with her new chickens is just the sweetest! (Pssssst... I searched out that wonderful necklace and just bought one for a special buddy whose name I drew for Christmas. Perfect!).
    Thankful for you too, dear chicken blogger buddy ;) -Tammy

  12. Hey Jayme Girl,

    You had all perfect except for the part about making me cry... land sakes Girl, you had nothing to do with my tears.

    Blame those on King Kong!


  13. I just want to know if they serve chicken strips/nuggets at the Great Chicken Show of Columbus, Ohio?

    Your Friend,

  14. All I can say, is that someday, Lord-willing, it will be me visiting ( A big road trip on the itinerary for spring/summer 2012).
    I missed the last post. I read your blog when I have a free moment. I make time. I have no napkins, or fine linens, or folded laundry. I sacrifice things that need to get done, for things I WANT to do. find new games online that can pass for a days worth of homeschooling, take a batrh with a kid, get out of the bath and clean the poop out of the bath, take a shower with the kids to clean off the poop (all four peeps and one mama). Thats disgustinly raw... gross.

  15. Lovely post and birds. Caute necklace. I sure hope you take your show on the road to meet more of your blogging buds... When my dearest friend drove 10 hrs to meet me after a 3 yr internet friendship she got lost 4 times on my back roads... Finally I told her to stop at a marked intersection and we would come find her. We'd be the ones with a cold beer. She was crying when we finally met but I tell myself it was just the joy of a cold Corona after a looooong day! Or maybe I'm just that scary... ;-0

  16. Jayme, I know you and Lynda would have understood when I put my little aracauna in a tub of water to help her release an egg then wrapping her up in a bath towel and carrying her in the house so she could dry off where it was warm. She was a doll baby with just her pretty golden face peeking out from the towel. I loved holding her and she loved being held like a baby and me singing old show tunes to her. People don't understand what joy chickens bring. I'm thinking about a new coop. Any thoughts on the subject?

  17. get to meet the most interesting peeps! I hope braving IKEA will measure up to braving the chicken show. Prolly just as loud, but hopefully not as smelly.

    I loves ya.

  18. What a great visit, what a handsome rooster!... and now I must envy you with the deepest shade of green for owning that necklace..and even more because you have a camper to match.

  19. I always enjoy reading your blog. No need to say thank you, the pleasure has been all mine.

  20. Cindy--Ohhh I want to go to IKEA too! I want me some white dishes! did go by Connersville then if you went through Richmond...that would be about 1/2 hr away or so. Coolness.

    I am sorely afraid I won't measure up as fun as the bloggy friends you have already met. I do like to laugh though, so let's do lots of that!!


  21. Cute cute cute camper charm. How perfect is that for you? Just perfectomundo I'd say.

    I hope that Lynda is going to frame that last photo of her with her new pets. Hey, you could frame it and send it to her for Christmas. You'd like that, right, Lynda? *Lynda shakes head yes*


  22. Looks and sounds like you guys had a fantastic time together. It's kinda funny, after you posted about Lynda, I realized she lives a "stones throw" away from me. Small world...

  23. lets see now Jayme the big hand is on the 6 and the little hand is on the 5 here on the east coast so that means it isn't that time in Indiana??? Oh darn........ nancy

  24. Friends, it doesn't matter if we were 8 and 40 years have past or we met on a blog and bond over chickens and hot flashes and the angst of motherhood. It's still friendship, lasting friendship once we realize just how much we have in common. I'm a fan of social networking, call it blogs or Facebook, Twitter or email...I'm hooked on making new friends! You add to our life Jayme with your laughter and your down to Earth goodness. Mouth and all we adore you. We love your odd little quirks and outlandish splits in the kitchen! Wherever you go, we will go...wasn't that in our marriage vows? Well, I'm just sayin' it applies to blogging friends now!

  25. Oh Jayms! You're the best. This post made me miss you so much! You are such a sweet heart of a lady. Love you.

  26. I love you Jayme Mae.....simple as that

  27. Oh my, I gotta follow you. Can I send my hubby to a chicken show with you? LOL Ya'll would get along just great! (because of the chickens) Stop by and visit some time. I have been promising him I would post a piture of his chickens. Gotta show him your blog. Teresa

  28. I always read every word of your blog posts and sometimes go back and re-read to make sure I did not miss anything important. Yes, you do write about important thing sometimes...hehe.

    Love the photos. Sounds like fun girl-time.

    Oh, I love that necklace you received! So you...

    Hugs, Dogwood

  29. Sounds like a load of fun! And I'm thankful for you, too. I just have to say, you are one of the reasons we have hens now. Three sweet, feathered friends who will lay eggs one day... and I LOVE THEM. They are my new favorite hobby. Thanks for inspiring me to do this, my mom would be so proud :)
    Thanks for writing such funny, great stories. If you ever wonder if you are loved, well, YOU ARE!
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap

  30. I wish I was half as social as you are. You have a gift of hospitality you know. I love those little chickens. They are so cute.


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